by Eros Alban

Copyright┬ę 2003 by Eros Alban

Sex Story: Micheal is coming to terms with his Bi-sexuality. One day he turns to his room mate and long time friend to help him

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Gay   BiSexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


Chapter 1

It had been a long, hot day for Michael, he was planning on going home to his apartment, drinking a couple beers and having a nice slow jerk-off session. After stopping at the local Liquor store, he went and rented some new porno vids, but as he pulled up to his apartment he spotted his roommates car. "Damn, he must have come back early from his trip. Shit!"

As he opened the door he braced himself for the argument that was about to happen since he had yet to clean the apartment since Alex left 5 days ago. But as he stepped inside he heard only silence with no roommate in sight. Michael proceeded to check for Alex and found him asleep on his bed. "Thank God, I can wank off now, I've been so fucking horny all day." So Michael went and put one of his new videos in the VCR.

For the last 6 months, Michael couldn't stop thinking of that one night. Alex' lover had waited outside the bathroom, as Michael showered. As he walked out James first ripped off his towel, then chased Michael throughout the apartment before tackling Michael into Alex' room. After tickling Michael into submission James than went down and gave Michael one of the best blowjobs of his life. He did all this as Alex looked on, stroking his hard 9-inch cock right in front of Michael's face. With the hot mouth on his cock and a hard cock about to be pushed into his mouth Michael became so excited he came within seconds, filling James' mouth faster than he could swallow. The extra cum ran down and both covered his balls and dripped down into his ass. As James started to lick the cum out of Michael's ass Michael became very sacred of what James and Alex were planning as quickly got up and left. Since then he kept thinking and fantasizing about what might have happened had he stayed, would Alex have pushed his huge cock into Michael's mouth. Would James have fucked him, loosening him up to allow Alex to than fuck his freshly devirginized ass? These questions had been filling his every waking hour, and it was all he dreamed about.

Michael was sitting on the couch, stroking his hard seven inch piece of meat though his now tight shorts. Finding the air suddenly very warm he pulled off his t-shirt reveling his hard body, with the beginning of a 6-pack. And while the slight cave in his chest (where he had heart surgery) used to bother him, it is now perfectly located to catch the huge spurts of cum that he had been shooting lately, so that he could then, easily scooped up and drink down the sweet cum before it cooled. He was about to pull out is hard cock, and finished himself off when he heard his roommate Alex walking down the hall. "Damn it." He thought, as he quickly zip up his fly.

"Hey there Michael. What cha doing." Alex said, with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey Alex your back early. How was your trip?" replied Michael not wanting to admit that he was about to jerk off.

"It was ok, but I just had enough of my brother fighting with my mother, so I just came home early." Said Alex as he walked into the kitchen. "Hey I see you got some more alcohol, do you want another drink?"

Having already finished off a complete six-pack of Budweiser plus 3 test tubes Michael knew he shouldn't, but not wanting to look like a light-weight he said "Sure, first I gotta drain the last couple."

He quickly ran into the bathroom hoping to finishing jerking off. "Damn" he though "I knew I sure have picked up all that junk in my room, I can't even go in there to wank it." Looking at his reflection in the mirror made him bone up to full mast again, but he quickly found that jerking off in a bathroom was not the most comfortable of things to do. After about 7 minutes he was getting close to cumming when there was a knock on the door.

"Hey Mike. You ok in there? You've been in there a while. Didn't fall in did ya?" Alex asked.

Afraid of being discovered Michael quickly stuffed his purple headed cock back in his boxers and zipped up his pants. However without his shirt on he could not hide the rather obvious and massive tent in his pants.

"Hopefully Alex won't notice." He thought to himself

Sitting down on the couch hid the big bulge some what, but he still saw the glimmer in Alex' eyes when he handed Michael his drink. Taking a big gulp Michael quickly realized that this was not beer but that is was some concoction that Alex made most likely, a Captain Coke but he was not completely sure. Not completely sure of what it was, nor what might be in it. But it tasted really good, so good in fact that before he knew it, he said drink the whole glass in one straight shot.

"Whoa Michael, thirsty are we?" Alex said handing him yet another drink.

"That's right" Mike thought to himself noticing that Alex was already looking quite smashed. "Ya don't want to be like Alex over there, so drunk ya can't remember anything in the morning. Or do you?" He thought realizing that this was a perfect opportunity to both get off and to live out some of those thoughts that had been consuming him the last 6 months.

After watching Alex quickly pass out again, Mike realized that his cock was harder than he could ever remember. He quietly crawled over to Alex's chair where he slowly opened Alex's jeans. As his large cock popped out it slapped Michel in the face. "Oh christ, it looks bigger than the last time." Mike thought to himself. He softly grabbed the massive fuck stick and gently began to jerk it. "Damn, its so hot and hard." Unable to hold himself, Mike had to quench his hunger and began to lick and suck.

"Fuck man, suck on my big dick." Alex said opening his eyes. Scared Mike tried to back off, but he hadn't noticed that Alex had grabbed his head and was pushing his mouth farther down Alex's 9 inch cock. "Yeah man, that mouth is so hot, its about to make me cum. Oh yeah Mike gonna fill hot hole before I fuck your other hole. Here it cums, I want you to drink it all." Alex shouted as the first spurt exploded out of his swollen balls. With Alex's hands holding his head Mike could do nothing but start to drink what turned out to be the sweetest tasting cream ever.

Chapter 2

Licking his lips, Michel said "Oh Alex, you taste so good, I could do that again."

"Well good Mike, cause you can plan on sucking me off everyday, both before and after I go to work. But right now I've got other plans for ya. Follow me." Said Alex as he put his pants back together.

Sheepishly Mike followed Alex into his room. "What are you going to do to me?" he ask. But Alex only responded by picking up a cord of soft rope. "Take off your clothes and lay down on the bed."

As Mike laid back, Alex began to tie his arms to the bed post. "Lift your legs so I can get them out of my way." Pushing Mike's legs back to tie his ankles left his hole perfectly exposed, allowing Mike to feel the fresh air blowing on him.

"Wait, your not planing on blindfolding me with that are you? No wait I want to see what your doing to me. Please Alex... please!!!" Mike said, starting to whimper slightly. SMACK. Alex gave a quick slap to Mike's raised ass, landing right on his newly exposed virgin hole. "Quiet, I don't like it when my bitches cry. And your about to become my bitch so shut up."

Alex's sudden unexpected forcefulness turned out to be quite a turn-on for Mike. His rock hard cock started to drip pre-cum. Seeing this, Alex continued to smack Mike's ass. With each slap Mike's cock throbbed and shot a small amount of pre-cum into Alex's other hand. After a few minutes he used the new large pool of jiz to lube up Mike's virgin hole.

"Oh yeah, play with my hole." Shouted Mike just moments before Alex shoved two fingers deep into Mike's ass. "Oh shit, take 'em out, take 'em out."

"Oh I would, except your cock just started pouring out a constant stream of juice. Here now try this." Alex said quickly shoving four fingers deep into his ass.

"Oh Jesus christ, oh god oh god oh god.!!! Oh I feel so full, o your stretching with your fingers. No, no, please leave them in, don't take them out." He said as Alex first pulled out his fingers and then began to slide a large anal plug in. Mike started thrashing side to side. "Oh I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." So Alex gave a good hard slap right on the head of his cock.

"Don't want you to cum just yet." Sliding a c-ring down to the base of Mike's cock. "This should hold you for a while. Oh yeah, don't want to forget the cream. This should open all the blood vessels in your dick, and make you gain an inch or two... plus it'll make your head and ass lips more sensitive." He said as rubbed this clear liquid onto both Mike's cock and into his hole around the plug. "I'll be right back, you just sit there for a few minute."

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