A Day Off
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, BiSexual, Cheating, DomSub, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Beginning - This is a story about a bored housewife that becomes entangled with a dominant couple. It takes her to places she never thought of or dreampt were within her realm.

It sure is nice to have a day off from work and I'm going to do some shopping without the husband. He hates to shop but we do need some new furniture for the livingroom.

As I sit here with my coffee, I realize just how bored I am with my life, all we do is work, eat and sleep. Maybe on a Saturday afternoon the old fart will decide to make love to me before he takes his nap, but it's always the same old shit. I guess it's my own fault, because when we first got married he always wanted to try something new and different, but I was so dumb about sex I didn't want to because I thought it was wrong. Now all he does is make love to me once a week in the same old way. I now realize that as I've aged I want more, more excitement, more adventure and more loving.

Well, I guess there's no time like the present to make some changes in my life, there has to be more joy to life then what I'm seeing here.

As I take my shower I take inventory. The face hasn't changed that much over the past few years and I still look attractive, the boobs still look good. There is a little pot to my belly that I'll have to work on. The legs still look good and my ass is great the way it sticks out so round and firm. I guess my vagina is the same, can't really see it that well with all the hair. Maybe that is why my husband always wanted me to shave it, I wonder?

As I cut away my bush I begin to feel excited because I'm doing something new and different and it feels good. As the razor glides over my skin I feel more and more excited with what I am doing. As I look at my new bald vagina, I realize why my husband wanted me to do this years ago, it's pretty bald, and as I run my hand over the bare skin I can feel that it is a great deal more sensitive with all of the hair gone.

Now, what to wear? I think I'll go without a bra today to see how it feels to be out in public with my boobs bouncing and bobbing as I walk. Just this red button up blouse. I guess I might as well go all the way and wear these skimpy white lace panties my husband gave me last year for Xmas, which I refused to wear. Now for a skirt. This black pleated one should be alright, it does come to just above my knees.

Because it's so damned hot out in the afternoon I'm not going to wear pantyhose. I'll wear these low heels because they make my legs look better. Now to take a look in the mirror and see how we did. Not bad, not bad at all as long as my nipples don't get hard when I go into the air conditioned stores.

Well, off I go on a day with no one to bother me and no one to tell me where to go or what to do. Damn, it's only 11 o'clock and it's already hot, so we turn on the a/c. Ah, that's better. I'll just pull this skirt up a little and cool off down under a bit.

As I pass a big truck he blows his horn at me and it takes me a minute to realize he could see into the car and must have seen my legs. I don't understand why he got so worked up, my skirt is only about 4 or 5 inches above my knees. Some guys sure do get turned on awfully easy. I wonder what he would have done if it had been up so he could see my thighs or even the crotch of my panties.

Damn, the more I think about that truck driver looking at my legs the more excited I become. I can still see him in the rearview mirror trying to keep up with me. Ok fella, so you want another look at my legs, huh. I'll get back over in the left lane and slow down so he can pull up beside me and get another look, but this time I'll give him more to look at.

As I pull over into the left hand lane, I reach down and pull my skirt up to just a couple of inches below my crotch. This really should turn him on. Just the thought of what I am about to do is making me hornier than I have been in a long time, in fact I can feel my vagina begin to moisten.

Looking in the mirror I can see him gaining on me, it won't be long now. He is right beside me and I glance over at the truck, but I can't see the driver. I know he is looking though, because I feel my vagina is getting wetter, which is also a first for a long time. He blows his horn again, I guess to show his approval.

Shit, there's a car in front of me making a turn, so I have to slow down and he goes by me. To bad because I was really enjoying the feeling. I wonder if this feeling would get better if I let him see my panties? Would he be able to tell I shaved. Can I pull my skirt to my waist and let him see me?

Why not, he doesn't know who I am and I'll never see him again. As I pull my skirt up, I scoot down in the seat a bit and spread my legs some to give him a real good view. Only about 2 miles 'til the shopping center, so this will be a real quick look for him, but a new experience for me.

Here goes, the back of the trailer is beside me and I can see him in that big mirror of his, he has a big grin on his face. He is motioning me to come up closer with his hand out the window. Ok buddy, take a good look.

Shit, is this ever exciting. Here I am letting a complete stranger look at the crotch of my panties as I drive down the road, maybe next time I won't wear any at all and see how they like that. Oh shit, here's my exit. So long guy, it's been fun and I've got some wet panties to prove it.

After finding a parking spot, I sit awhile and try to compose myself. As I think about what I've done, I begin to think of other ways I can show my panties to strangers.

As I turn to get out of the car, I notice 3 teenage boys riding their bikes in the parking lot not to far from my car. I open the door and just sit there for a moment watching them. They see me and stop their bikes about 15 feet from me. I like the way they are looking at me and decide to give them a show. When I swing my legs out of the car, I make sure I do it one at a time, being sure to spread them real wide. Because my skirt is up high, I am sure that they are looking right at my panties, so, I just sit still for a little while before I stand up and let my skirt fall. The boys eyes are real big and their mouths are hanging open. I smile at them, turn and walk towards the stores.

The stores are almost empty of customers and I spend a lot of time looking but don't find anything I really like. I've spent almost 3 hours in these stores and my feet are tired, so I decide to head home.

As I pull out of the parking lot, I think of the truck driver and how turned on I got. I decide to stop and get a wine cooler at a convenience store and find it's cheaper to buy a four pack, so, I do. Because we have an open container law in our state, I pull into a park that my husband and I have been to in the past.

This park is the old remains of a mining operation and has a lot of water divided by roads and jetties. I choose a jetty that has a few trees with some shade and park the car. At this time there is no one around, so, I go down to find a tree, sit down, lean back and relax. I pop the top on a wine cooler and just think about all that I have done today. As I close my eyes and picture myself in the car, trying to think of the truck drivers reaction, I hear another car come down the jetty, but give it little thought.

When I open my eyes, I notice a couple walking towards the water about 20 feet in front of me. They are probably in their 30's and are both very attractive. He is in jeans and a sports shirt and she is in a skirt and blouse.

As they stand and look out over the water, I realize the way I am sitting. I am leaning against a tree with my knees up under my chin. I have my feet together, so, if he should turn around he won't be able to see much, I separate my feet about 12 or 14 inches, which should give him a good view of my panties, if he looks this way.

Damn it all, she just turned and looked at me, but he hasn't moved. I sure wish he would look. SHIT, she just turned and looked again, this time she took longer, maybe I should put my feet down so she don't get pissed.

Oh shit, she has turned and is coming this way. I quickly put my legs down on the ground. As she approaches, I smile and try to look innocent.

She walks right up in front of me and drops to her knees with a big smile on her face.

"Hi, my name is Susan."

"Hi, I'm Beth."

"Are you an exhibitionist?"

"I... Ah... I don't... I don't know what that is."

"I noticed the way you were sitting here and was able to see your pretty white panties."

"I... Ah... I."

"Were you by chance hoping that my husband would turn and look at your panties?"

"Ah... ah... ahhhhhhh... I guess so."

"I thought so, well, both my husband and I like very much to look up women's skirts. I hope you know that by putting your legs down you spoiled my view. I really came over here to get a closer look. Now, if you will be a sweetheart and pull your knees back up so I can get a real close look at those panties."

"But I've never..."

"I don't care if you have or not, just pull your knees up now."

"O... O... OK."

"Now that's a little better, but I want you to spread your legs apart more, so I can get a good look. That's good, now stay just like that while I go and tell my husband so he can see your pretty little panties too, that is what you wanted, isn't it?"


As I sit there with my knees up under my chin and about six inches apart, I begin to feel real confused. I don't understand why I did as she told me, without even a little hesitation. I can't understand why I am allowing her to look when all I wanted was her husband to see my panties. I've never had any thought of a relationship with a women, even though I am aware of lesbians because of the stuff my husband used to read and movies he's watched.

She is now talking to the man as they sit down and look out over the water. I wish I could hear what they are saying.

I'm thinking this is not a good idea. I am about to stand up and leave when they both turn and sort of lay on the ground and look at me. I see his face real good for the first time and any thought of leaving disappears.

They lay there, looking up my skirt for a long time, then she starts making motions with her hands. At first I don't understand what she's doing, then I realize she wants me to spread my legs more. I hesitate, then do it. I move my feet about two feet apart, then start opening my knees until they are almost touching the ground, but, by doing this my skirt has now fallen between my legs and is blocking their view.

I sit there like this for a moment, then realize that I am waiting for her to tell me what to do. What is coming over me? Why am I acting this way?

She's gesturing to me again with her hands. I think she wants me to pull my skirt up. I look around to be sure there is no one near and I pull it almost to my waist.

I sit like this for a few minutes, then she makes a motion for me to come down there. As I stand, I still can not believe I am doing everything this women is telling me.

I walk down and stand about two feet in front of them, again waiting for her to tell me what to do.

"Closer." I take another step.

"Closer," This time, I step right up to their heads and they are looking right up my skirt, but not for long as their necks must hurt this way. She rolls over onto her back and tells the guy to do the same. When he is on his back she moves her head next to his and they are both looking up my skirt.

"One more step please."

There is no place to step closer so I hesitate for a moment which is to long for her.

"Now bitch."

"But where," is all that I can say.

"Straddle our heads stupid."

I take a step forward and straddle their heads as she says, now they are looking straight up my skirt at my panties.

"Spread your legs more."

I do as she says.

"Now squat down closer so we can get a real close look.

I again do as I'm told.

"Beth, this is my husband Ted. Ted, this is Beth."

"Beth, I am very pleased to look at you." he says.

I have to bend over to say, "Hi."

"Beth, I want you to sit here in front of us, as close as you can and I want you to sit as you were, with your skirt up to your waist. I have a bet with Ted about what is under those panties."

As I sit down, I make sure my legs are open as far as I can get them, then I pull my skirt up. I watch as Ted looks right at my crotch and realize that my vagina has become real wet from all of this. I just sit there like this while they look at me.

"Beth, why is it that I can only see a wet spot and no dark shadow through your panties?", she says.

"I... I... I shaved this morning."

"What did you shave?", she asks.

"I... I... I shaved my crotch."

"That's not what I want to hear, be more specific please."

"I... I... I shaved my vagina."

"Is that the only name you know to call it."


"Then use another."

"Mmmmm... My... My pu... My pussy."

"That's better, from now on, you will always use dirty words when talking to us, do I make myself clear?" she says.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Beth, I want you to tell Ted and I about yourself."

I spend the next half hour telling them my life history and all of the problems I've had and am having with my husband. I even tell them about the trucker and the boys in the parking lot. I tell them I don't understand my feelings now nor do I know why I'm even here.

"Beth, I want you to unbutton your blouse and show us your tits, then make your nipples real hard." Ted says.

For some reason I don't move.

"Beth, are you going to do as Ted says?"

"I... I..."

"Beth, I am telling you to unbutton your blouse and pull it apart so we can see your tits." Susan says.

I reach down and begin to open the buttons on my blouse, then pull it out of my skirt and open it all the way, they can see my boobs, oops, tits completely exposed.

"Now Beth, I want you to take off your pretty panties so we can see your bald pussy." she says.

Without hesitation, I reach down to take them off, but find it very difficult, I have to do a lot of squirming to get them off, but finally manage. I hold them in my hand.

"Give them to Ted."

I hand them to Ted, he puts them up to his nose and smells of the crotch, then sticks his tongue out and starts to lick them.

"Mmmm good." he says.

"I just love the look of her bald pussy, don't you Ted?"

"Sure do, Hon."

"Look how wet her pussy is, a real flood, see how it runs right down the crack of her ass."


I am so embarrassed.

"Beth, it is getting late, Ted and I are going to go get something to eat and we are going to take you with us."

"But my husband."

"You can call him when we get there and give him some excuse for being real late tonight."

Susan and Ted stand and I begin to button my blouse when she slaps my hand away. I look at her with a questioning look.

"Leave it open," Susan says, "You wanted Ted to see your body and that's what he's going to do."

I get to my feet and start for my car. Ted walks up to me and stops me with a hand to my shoulder. As I stand there, he rolls up the windows, takes my keys and then locks the doors. Susan holds out her hand and Ted hands her the keys, which she puts in her purse.

"When we get done with you, we will bring you back to your car." she says.

With this said, we all head for their car, which is a big Mark. Ted goes around to the drivers side and Susan opens the passenger door and gestures for me to get in, which I do, then she gets in. As I sit between them, they look at each other and Susan reaches out and starts to pull my blouse off my shoulders. Ted sees what she is doing and pulls the other side down. They only pull it down to my elbows and in so doing have pinned my arms back. This leaves my tits exposed and pushes my chest out, which is what they intended to do, I guess.

As Ted starts the car, Susan takes my right leg and pulls it out and over her left leg, thus, entrapping it, Ted then takes my left leg and puts it over his right leg, spreading me out almost to a painful position.

I am unable to move about the way I am sitting, when Susan reaches down and pulls my skirt clear up to my waist, she kind of rolls it into the waistband. Now I am completely exposed at both ends and couldn't cover myself if I wanted to.

"Now both Ted and I can see all of you and if we get a chance to pass a truck the driver can see it all too."

We drive down the road for a ways, when Susan puts her hand on the inside of my thigh and starts to run her hand up and down. On each upward stroke, her fingers get closer and closer to my pussy. I am so horny I could just scream. Her hand goes up and she starts to touch my pussy lips, running her fingers in my juice. She then starts to suck the juice off her fingers and says "I'm going to love sucking on this bare puss."

As she continues to finger my pussy, she tells Ted to pull into the Hardee's that is up the street.

As he pulls into the lot I realize that he is going to go thru the drive-thru and I attempt to get my blouse back up and close my legs, but, they each lock my legs in place and Susan slaps my thigh. I stop moving.

"Please let me get decent."

"No, you will sit there just like you are, I thought you liked to have people look at your body. It turns you on."

"But the person at the window might be a girl or even a black."

"So what, that's the whole idea and I hope it's some young stud that gets a good look at your tits and bald pussy."

As Ted pulls up to the window, I am so embarrassed that I close my eyes so I don't see who or what is looking at me.

I hear the gasp of a female and look up to see a very cute little blonde looking right at my pussy with eyes as big as saucers and her mouth wide open. It seems to take forever for her to get our order out and Ted's change back to him, then we leave. My whole body must be bright red from the embarrassment I feel.

Susan looks at me with a smile and says, "Beth, I do believe you are blushing and I can see a tear in your eye, was it really that bad to have that cute little girl see you like this?"

"Yes Ma'am, it was very embarrassing and humiliating. I wish you wouldn't make me do that again."

"Oh yes, you had better get used to it because I intend for many people to see you like this and maybe even worse, I really get a charge out of seeing you turn red."

It only takes about 10 minutes before Ted pulls into the driveway of a real nice house. The houses here must be on 3 or 4 acre lots because they are kind of spread out. There must be 50 to 75 yards between them.

As Ted opens his door to get out Susan tells him to get the food and drinks and she will see to 'our guest'.

"Beth, before you get out of the car you will be naked. I want you to take all of your clothes off and walk very slowly to the door, if you don't do as I tell you I will be forced to punish you when I get you inside. Do you understand?"

I hesitate, then say, "Yes Ma'am."

She releases my leg and helps take my blouse off the rest of the way, then I bend forward and unfasten my skirt and take it off over my head. I am now naked and about to walk to the house this way, in broad daylight.

Ted has the door open when I get there. He stops me and says I must wait until Susan has entered. I stand there, bare ass naked.

When we get into the house Ted sets the food down on a coffee table, then sits on the couch. Susan also sits on the couch beside Ted. I stand there, not knowing what to do and feel real foolish.

"Beth, you will sit on the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table, be sure you sit on your heels with your knees as far apart as you can get them. After we eat, I will give you the rules and regulations that you will live by from now on, as well as, what will happen if you do not comply with them. Eat and enjoy."

As I sit on the floor, I realize that the table has a glass top and while sitting as instructed, my pussy will be wide open and they will be able to see how wet I am, but I do as I was told anyway, not yet understanding the power Susan has over me.

"Ted, will you look at that slut, the pussy juice is just running out of her, she's so turned on."

"Are you going to let me fuck her before we take her back tonight?"

"Sure, you can have her while she eats me."

I reach for some food, Susan slaps my hand and informs me to put my hands behind my back and Ted will feed me. We sit quietly eating for some time. Ted is very considerate while feeding me and all goes well. Then Susan tells Ted to clear away everything and instructs me to stand in front of her.

I move around the table and stand in front of her with the coffee table against the back of my legs and wait for her to tell me what to do.

Ted comes back into the room and Susan says, "Ted, move the table out of the way so our slut can sit down the way she was, only much closer." Ted moves the table to the other side of the room and comes over to sit beside Susan on the couch as I sit on the floor with my knees as far apart as I can get them.

"Beth, you will be called slut or slave or cunt from now on and will answer when addressed as such, you will no longer be Beth when you are with us. You are to be our fuck toy, to do with as we please. If you do not do as you are told, you will be punished. There are many forms of punishment you can be subjected to, spanking, whipping, nipple clamps, as well as many others that you will learn about as time passes. Do you understand?"

My mouth is hanging open, I've never heard of such a thing, but feel compelled to say, "Yes ma'am."

"Good, now for the rules you will live by:

  1. You will always keep your pussy shaved clean.

  2. You will never wear any underwear unless told.

  3. You will never wear pants, slacks or shorts.

  4. You will never wear pantyhose.

  5. You will never close your legs or cross them, there will always be at least 6 inches between your knees. You will either alter or purchase clothing that will make your body easy to get to in case we want to feel or fuck you at any time or any place.

Do you understand these rules so far?"

"Yes ma'am."

"There will be more rules as your training progresses, but for now this will do. Tomorrow we will send to your home some exercise equipment which you will use to get your body in shape and build up your stamina, as I'm sure you will need it to endure what I have planned for you. Ted will work out a regiment for you to follow that will get rid of the fat and build up the muscles you will need."

"Yes ma'am."

"When you get home tonight you will tell your husband about the neat couple you met today and that you have accepted an invitation from them to spend this coming weekend in the mountains at their cabin, he is also invited if he wishes to come but you are going anyway."

"Yes ma'am."

"Now Beth, we're going to have some fun with your body before we take you back to your car. Have you ever eaten pussy?"

"No." Slap!!!!!! My head rocks from the blow.

"No what slut?"

"No ma'am."

"That's better, and I'm glad to hear mine will be the first pussy you eat but by no means the last. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Sorry Ted, no cherry asshole for you."

"I really don't care if it's cherry or not as long as it's a tight asshole."

"Beth, you will do as I tell you. Lift my skirt. Good, now start licking my thighs and work your way up as Ted works on that asshole of yours. Aha yes, that's the way, now lick my pussy through my panties, yes very nice."

As I lick Susan's panties, I can taste her juices that have wet them, Ted lifts me to a kneeling position, then I feel his tongue working around my ass. He spreads my cheeks and starts licking my little asshole. I wanted something new and this sure will be new because I've never eaten pussy and been buttfucked at the same time.

"Take my panties off Beth and suck me off while Ted sticks his big dick up your ass."

I pull her panties down and get my first real taste of pussy. It really does taste good, I'm going to enjoy this more than I thought. Oh fuck, Ted just shoved his cock into my asshole and it hurts.

"Eat pussy slut and don't worry about your asshole because Ted is not going to stop until he shoots it full of cum, even if he tears you in half, now suck my cunt."

As I suck Susan's pussy, I can sense that she is getting ready to cum and at the same time, I realize there is no more pain in my asshole and it really feels good to have Ted's cock in there. Just as I begin to feel like I might be able to cum from this buttfuck, Ted's cock starts to jerk in my ass and I feel his cum shooting into my asshole. Susan is really going wild on my tongue and her moans tell me she is close, so I concentrate on her clit. It only takes a moment and I feel her juices fill my mouth as she cums. We all rest for a little while, coming down from THEIR orgasms. I suddenly realize my body was used for their satisfaction with no regard for me at all and I feel used.

"Ok Slut, that was not bad for your first suck job but you will have to improve to keep from being punished in the future. Ted will now take you back to your car. You will do as I have told you and be ready when we come to pick you up on Friday night."

I have no clothes to wear as Ted and I head out the door so I start to walk towards the car, Susan stops me, turns me toward her and kisses me on the lips. I have never kissed another women before but really enjoy the soft touch, then as I feel her tongue on my lips I part mine and let her tongue enter my mouth and revel in the pleasure of my first French kiss with a female.

When we get to the car, Ted opens my door and I get in while he goes around to get in. As he starts the car he says, "I want you to turn on the seat so you are facing me and place your foot up on the seat then play with your pussy 'til you cum."

I have never in my life touched myself in front of anyone before, but I am so horny, I do as he says and cum like never before. As I am coming down I realize that we are at my car and Ted tells me I can get dressed, he hands me my clothes from the back seat.

After Ted leaves, I just stand by the car dumbfounded by what has happened today. I wanted to do something new and different today and I most certainly did.

I drive home thinking about all that happened and really doubting that I would ever see these people again.

When I walk into the house, I find my husband asleep in his chair, I then go straight to the bedroom, undress, put on my nightgown and crawl into bed.

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