Hi my name is Tine!

by Danish Cuckold

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Desc: Sex Story: A fantasy comes true

I'm a married mother of 2 beautiful children and have been married to my husband Henrik through 9 years now, we have known each other right from school and I haven't been with another guy, I must admit I have been tempted several times.

Lately I have found some sites on the net where black guys fuck white girls, black guys with really large cocks, it excites me to see the pics of those well-hung black guys, their cocks are so much bigger than Henrik's, since I found out about that I have been very tempted every time I see a black guy with a nice bulge in his jeans, but no, a decent 36 year old married woman don't do things like that, but in my mind I know it would be fun - just to try such a monster only one time in my life and feel how it is to be stretched to the max.

Both Henrik and I love sex, and we have sex at least a couple of times a week, but he is not happy to use a condom as I demand, I'm convinced that it can be the husbands duty as well as the woman.

Lately I have been in a really stressful situation, we have taken over my daddy's company and it is not running too well, just enough to go around, but then this big deal come around, we got an offer for a business agreement with a large African company, most of the negotiations was done by mail and phone, but now the Africans would send 2 guys to close the deal, the deal that could mean survival of our company many years to come, I was really under pressure and have not been all that kind to my family, but I wanted to close that deal my self without any help, I wanted to prove to my dad I was the right one he let take over his life-work.

The day for the guys arrival had come, I had told them I would pick them up at the airport, after some searching and having them called over the speaker I found them, I was really surprised, the 2 guys was BLACK, I had suspected that leading persons even in Africa was white, maybe I was a bit of a racist?

I could not help it, my eyes focused for a second on their crotches and I saw to large bulges in their trousers, my cheeks felt warm by the thought of what their trousers concealed, I thought I better leave it at that, I wasn't here to get sex, I was here to close a very important contract, there must be nothing that would ruin that.

In delivered them at their hotel and told them I would be back and pick them up to have dinner in our home that night.

Rashid and Yasir made quite and entrance in our home, both our children made big eyes when they saw the 2 big and very muscular black guys. I had a nice dress on with a very low-cut shoving a lot of my breasts, Henrik was not happy with me showing too much to the black guys, I must admit I enjoyed the attention I got during the dinner, the two black guys stared at my breasts with no shame, I also must admit I got real hot, it sure was nice to be noticed.

After a nice long dinner and a lot of talk I drove them back to their hotel, Rashid offered me a drink at his room and we talked some more the tree of us, I have to admit I was getting so hot and if it hadn't been for that important contract I would have stripped in front of them asking them to fuck me, but I had no idea how they would react on something like that, would they negotiate with a business leader who have offered them sex that way? No I couldn't take that risk, the contract was more important.

We arranged for the meeting at our company the next day and I said goodnight to them both, when I drove home I realized that our "little" chat had taken hours, my god what would Henrik think, with that in my mind I drove home and had become a bit blushing, that I guess made him even more suspicious.

The following days I showed them around the company and the product they was here to by and the excellent quality!

Finally the big night came up, I had the final meeting in my office after closing time so we were alone in the building, Henrik was at home babysitting, or at least I thought he was.

Rashid the highest ranking of the two black guys began to sign the papers, but suddenly he stopped, he said: "I want something in return for this!"

I smiled at him and asked: "What do you want Rashid!"

I saw his smile became a naughty smile and then he said: "I want you Tine, you have twisted my mind with your low cut dress flashing half of your breasts, I want to see all of them and fuck you real good, that's my condition for signing the contract!"

I felt my cheeks blushing and felt my pussy became warm and soaking wet by the thought, this was what I have been fantasizing about, no I must be careful I could not be unprofessional, maybe it was a test?

I said to Rashid: "I can't do that, I'm a married woman with 2 kids, no Rashid not that!"

Rashid's smile became tense and he said: "That's OK Tine, no contract lets go home Yasir!"

T realized that Rashid wasn't joking, it was not a trap, I felt a thousands of butterflies take off in my belly when I heard my own voice far away say: "Wait a minute, I agree, but on the condition I have the signed contract FIRST, and one more thing, I'm not on the pill and in the peak of my cycle right now, so you have to wear a condom or pull out and deliver on my body, not inside me, is that OK!"

Rashid smiled and signed the rest of the papers and handed Yasir the contract to sign too.

Now Rashid waved a paper in front of me while he had the signed contract in his other hand he said: "You get the contract as soon as you sign this paper!"

He handed me the paper, on the paper was the following text: I Tine sign this paper to tell I will have sex with Rashid & Yasir and have no right to change my mind and have second thoughts and then the date today.

With shaking hand I signed the paper, I had become so hot and horny, my fantasy was to become true in a few minutes from now, and I exchanged the paper with the contact and placed the contact in our safe.

I turned around and saw Rashid taking off his clothes, Yasir came to me and caressed my body while he undressed me, I cry out loud of surprise: "Oh my god!" when I saw what Rashid's trousers have concealed, it was big, no it was enormous I remember saying: "I don't think I can manage that monster, my husband's is much much smaller!"

Rashid laughed and said: "Don't you worry Tine, we will be very gentle with you as a start!"

Yasir took of his clothes too; his cock was nearly as big as Rashid's, but OK nearly as big.

Rashid placed himself in front of me with his throbbing cock pressed firmly against my belly and Yasir behind me with his cock pressed against my back.

Rashid kissed me deeply and our tongues play with each other in my mouth, his hands was all over my hot shaking body, Yasir stood behind me rubbing his cock against me and kneaded my breasts, oh my god it was so good, I felt so hot and horny, every bit of doubt was blown away and I gave my self completely to the two black men and surrendered my self to their desire, I was no longer the boss in my own company, I was the horny slut of the two black men.

I felt Rashid push 2 fingers into my pussy and I moaned out loud of pure pleasure. Far away I heard his voice say: "My god Yasir she is soaking wet, she really want us, and by god she will need all that wetness when we fuck her!"

I was turned around and was pressed down on my knees in front of Yasir, Rashid's hands was resting heavily on my shoulders.

Yasir pressed his big black cock firmly against my mouth and hissed: "Suck my cock Tine, suck it like the white slut you are!"

I opened my mouth so vide it hurt and let him enter my mouth.

Rashid grabbed my hand and pressed it against his throbbing cock, I understood a hint and grabbed it and began stroking is gently, I continued doing that until I had Air's load down my throat in heavy squirts I began to cough and had a hard time getting some air.

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