Martine and Jean-Pierre
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lonesome divorcee is sick of being alone and after a long period of being unloved finds someone nice...on a corner

I was lonely.

I was bored.

I was sick of being alone after my wife of 20 years left me. Only good thing was my kids had grown up and had moved out on their own for a while now.

So now I live in a tiny apartment, with my cat as company, and my music collection and my camera gear to entertain me at night.


So 4 years pass of days and endless nights like this and the pressure builds and builds. I am so tired of the solitude, and so unsure of my ability to attract anyone worth attracting. I mean I'm pushing 50, fat and only 5 foot 4 and too blind to drive. What pretty woman is going to be even interested in spending any kind of time with me.

I start spending my nights walking the neighbourhood, letting the dark shield the world from seeing my tear streaked face.

A solitary figure is standing at the corner. A definitive feminine contour to the lone shadow. I carry on walking. I get closer and closer. By now I see she is dark haired and rather petite. Barely 5 feet tall. Her raven tresses shine in the street lights. But she is watching the road. I walk by and she doesn't even look at me as I turn the corner and walk on. I catch a bare glimpse of a pretty face and slender fingers as I turn the corner.

My walk takes me around the next block and on a 3 block long round trip, I find myself approaching around the other way, back towards the intriguing shadow woman. This time she notices me, and says Hi.

"Hi, cold isn't it?"

"Yeah, really wintery."

"Yup, smells like it might even snow"

"Are you looking for some company tonight?" a classic question, from a classic enterprise. I have never encountered a "working girl" before.

"I'm always looking for company. I live alone, and nights are very hard for me."

"Yeah, I know what that's like. So where do you live?"

"Oh not far, just a few streets away."

"Ummmm, you aren't a cop, are you?" she looks at me askance, she has beautiful laughing eyes.

I laugh at the very idea that I could even hope to be a policeman, my fat tummy giggle as I snicker at the very idea. "You must be joking, Me a cop? Hahaha, No darlin', I'm just a regular working schmuck. That's very funny"

She smiles, and somehow the night is not so dark. "I'm Martine. So how much do you think you can spend on me, uhhh, what did you say you're name was."

"Jean - Pierre, JP for short, " I hesitated at this point, I hadn't even considered this option, but what the heck, If I was really dating someone, how much would it cost me to show my lady a good time, really a movie is like 20 bucks nowadays, and dinner is sure to be at least 50 or more, so if I pay someone for an hour or two, what's the diff? I convince my self. After some self examination of my budget and Martine's patient watching my facial expressions as I thought it over, I came up with a figure.

"Uhhhmmm, 40 bucks? I'm a bit short tonight."

"Oh for that I could give you a half and half, and I do great bj's, I guarantee, you'll be happy."

I look around, and look in her eyes and the big smile she is beaming at me, I wonder if I am doing the right thing and look at her pretty face again, and mentally throw my hands up.

"Ok, this way."


I feel a mite awkward and walk beside her as I explain that I am completely unsure at my ability to complete a performance, as my ex and I haven't been doing much even when she was with me. And I was starting to have a hard time getting "up"

"You let mamma take care of that, sweetie, I know what men like, you'll see."

Her attitude is refreshing and alluring. She exuded confidence and a strange innocence, I have yet to find in anyone else. We chatted aimlessly while we walked on. I told her about my cat, and asked what kind of music she liked. She told me how she loved cats and was fond of anything that didn't sound like heavy metal screeching guitars. I asked if she liked jazz.

"Ok here we are, now where is that key," I fumbled with the locks, and ushered her within my front room. She immediately took my striped tabby in he arms and stroked him to a loud purr.

"See he likes you, and who am I to argue."

"He is sooo cute, his fur is nice and soft, too, you take good care of him."

"Thanks, he's kind of my best friend."

"I trust you to pay me after, I think I like your place, too, kind of warm and homey"

"Yeah, but it's way too small, and they don't have enough closet space for my junk."

"You should see my place, my apartment is just a couple of blocks away. I'll give you my number after, if you like me, you can call me and we can have some more dates, anytime. With winter coming, I'd rather get regulars calling than stand on some corner getting frozen, or worse. The streets are full of crazies these days. My best friend was almost killed by some guy in a van last week."

"Man, that's awful, you don't have to worry, I'm a sweetheart, I could never hurt you, or anyone for that matter."

"I'm glad, I saw you had eyes when you walked by, i knew you'd be OK, I know the girls out there can be pretty un friendly sometimes."

"I'll take your word on that, I'm kind of a rookie." I admitted shyly.

"Really, well let's break you in, Izzat the bedroom?" I nodded. "OOOo I love that blanket, " She plopped herself down on my bed wrapping herself in the large fluffy blanket with the panther emblazoned in the black silky fur. "I love this material, so warm, I have one almost exactly like this one, but mine is orange."


"Do you want to start with the BJ? "

"Uhmmm I guess." I answered sheepishly.

"Ok then you better drop 'em, tiger, cant play in your pants you know."

"Oh, yeah."

I turned around embarrassed at dropping my gear in front of a woman in the subdued light of my bedroom, for the first time in 4 years.

"Ok then lie down and get comfy, and let me take this problem in hand, Ok?" She gently takes my mini member and starts to play with it. Her fingers are cold but somehow feel so wonderfully soft and her touch is soft and gentle, almost as if she were a puff of smoke enveloping my dick. I moan a little and stretch myself in response to her wisplike ministrations. Suddenly a new sensation is added, a soft wetness bathes my dick as she engulfs it with her luscious lips. She is licking me, running her tongue catlike at first over and over the head and shaft, and then she lowers her head completely onto me, and suction starts.

"OHHH GOoOD, My god, that's is sooo good, OOOunh ummh yeah."

No one has ever done that to me, I heard what it was like, even seen it being done to actors in the adult videos. But the ex NEVER NEVER would do me. This was in FUCKING wonderful. I arched my back, but fought the urge to hump at her face, as she hummed and ummmed into my crotch licking and sucking at my hardening joystick.

"I don't see any problems here, and I don't hear any complaints, eh?"

"No way, that's so fantastic."

"Do you want to try, and do something else."

"I think this will be fine, I think though, next time, I wanna return the favour."

Remembering that the one thing I knew I did good was lick the ex's pussy. I could make her scream with my tongue and mouth, even if she couldn't touch me, the bitch. "I'm kind of an odd duck I guess, I like to make sure my lady is happy. If she doesn't get over the top, than I can't either."

"MMMM I love getting eaten, Ok, but for tonight, you better get ready, big boy, mamma is taking you for a rocket ride."

She continues to lick and suck, "Can I do your balls too?"

"Darlin', you do whatever you want, down there, I'm lovin' it all"

'OOO Good, I love your taste, so yummy and warm."

She continues and is relentless in her attentions. The slurping sounds are non stop and the suction is terrific. Her tiny hands surround my cock as she works it up and down fast then slow, and then she slurps at me more "Ummm"ing the entire time. She was completely enjoying my reactions and was making me climb the walls higher and higher. The ultimate climax was inevitable and was growing and swelling. My hips started to hump involuntarily. The muscles in my groin and pelvic area tensed and I writhed all over the bed. Until, it happened, the eruption that I could only pray could happen. A huge ejaculation spurting and spasming white man juice into her waiting mouth. She sucked it all in never once stopping for a breath or a relaxation of her suction. She took it all, swallowed all of my cream in her hungry mouth. I was in awe. She never even stopped once the main jerks were done, and carried on, until my dick started to deflate in her warm orifice.

"Dear great gods of earth and sky, that was faaaaaantastic, Martine, you are simply maaarvelous!!" I reached down and pulled her up to me and kissed her, deeply, I cuddled her warmly and lovingly and she told me how much she loved my taste as she kissed me more, again explaining how much she adored being held and kissed all the time, sometimes even more than the full deal.

"Baby, you came to the right guy, cause I'm a very tactile lover, and I might have started a bit shy, but you wait, next time, you'll get your s back, BIG TIME!!" I promised and kissed her again and again.

We got up and chatted some more about our hobbies. She wrote poetry (Who could guess!) And I told her about my aspiration as a novelist, that I was also an amateur photographer. She gave me her phone number, and kissed me again and hugged me good night, with promises for the next time we met in hand, I fell back in bed and dreamed of small raven tressed ladies and soft lips and hands and how wonderful she must feel in those "other"places!

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