Abbey, Through the Window
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, MaleDom, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I watched over a period of time as my wife succumbed to a younger man from her past.

This is an account of an event that happened about two and a half years ago. I've kept it to myself simply because there was nobody to tell, as I certainly wasn't going to pass it on to family or friends. You can see why.

We live in a town that by New England standards is sizeable but would not be much more than a large village in the rest of the country. I am married to a very nice girl four years younger than me who, even though every body thinks is very pretty, is not in that category of "stunning." She looks very good to have two small children, more out of luck and genetics than from a concentrated effort to keep herself looking good. She keeps her hair short for convenience, is relatively short and is blessed with really nice breasts that stand out and seem to have permanently hard nipples. She teaches at the junior high level where her most difficult task is trying to keep the young boys with a crush on her at arms length. If they, or anybody else for that matter, knew what she wore under her clothes they really would be excited. Even though she dresses quite simply, she has an appetite for extremely provocative underwear. She also has an insatiable sex drive.

At the time, I was working as a line supervisor in a distribution company that had limited opportunities for advancement but was expanding to include starting a new evening shift. This new shift was to be an exact duplicate of the operation that I supervised during the day. They had a good man to run it but he would need training to get it started. After a long discussion with my wife, we made the difficult decision that I should volunteer to work that shift with him until he had it under control. Even though it meant us not being together at night for several months, it would be an excellent opportunity for me to step forward in the eyes of management. I did, and they were very pleased with my initiative.

Two weeks later my workday began at four in the afternoon and ended after midnight. In addition to not being home in the evening with her and the babies, it shoved most of our activities into the weekend, including sex. Even though this may seem like a nice arrangement for most, I was dealing with a woman who would sometimes walk out into the garage when I was leaving for work and open her robe for me to see what she was wearing under her clothes that day. Almost always, the garage door would go back down for a few minutes!!

It also screwed up our weekly Friday night card games with her older sister and brother-in-law. None of us had the money or child care to go out often so every Friday they came over about eight after we had put the children down for the night and played cards until eleven. Even though I was at work and didn't miss it, after two weeks it became apparent that she really missed the social part of it. I felt that she was already paying too big a price for my job, so I really urged both her and her sister not only to keep it up but to see if they could find a fourth person to fill in until I was back on schedule. Luckily, her brother-in-law had a super nice younger brother who was single, had just moved back into town, and had not regained his social life yet. Brian was about four years younger than Abbey and they had known each other all through childhood. Surprisingly, he was a fairly willing volunteer.

Even though things were going well at work I was starting to fall behind on some safety reports that were due on a regular basis. On the first Friday that the card game was to start again I decided to go into work early in the day to catch up and to have a chance to speak to my supervisor. By ten that night I was tired and decided to ease on home, giving the new guy a chance to take over without me being around and I thought I might surprise the group at home.

When I got home the driveway was blocked with two cars so I drove a block down and parked in an empty church parking lot until they left. As I walked back toward the house I started second guessing coming home early. Abbey was unaware that I had gone in early and maybe I might just be a clumsy "fifth" with a new partner already in place. I certainly didn't want him to feel uncomfortable and not want to come back.

Instead of walking in the front door unannounced, I went around the side of the house and through a very squeaky chain link fence gate. I cringed, wondering if they might have heard it. We live in a modest house in an older neighborhood and have the fence in place to keep the kids in. Our back patio faces directly into the kitchen and living room through a wall that is almost entirely glass, including a big sliding glass door, none of which we ever kept curtained and we routinely leave the windows open, which they were that night. Our house backed up to some woods so we were private. Right behind the patio not more than ten feet was a nice medal shed my Dad put there for the kids to use as a playhouse.

With it being dark, I could easily see in without them seeing me. We always played in the living room with a card table so that it would be cozy. I saw that Brian was sitting next to Abbey and everything seemed to be going well. I decided then that I was not going to intrude and would instead go have a cup of coffee somewhere and ride out the evening. But I stood for a while watching them first.

Abbey was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts. After a while, I started noticing that Brian was not only constantly touching her leg with his, but every now and then was putting his hand under the table and brushing her leg with it. She didn't seem to be paying any attention to it, apparently enjoying the night. With the windows open, I was close enough to actually follow their conversation, of which I had no interest. What did interest me and kept me from leaving was what was going on under the table.

My interest turned to anticipation as I continued to spy on them. How long had this been going on and was she going to make any move to stop it? Even as I stood there, his touches became more brazen. The "brushing" became lingering touches and became more frequent. Finally, he gently placed his hand on her knee and left it there. I suspect he had been encouraged by Abbey's lack of response to his touches. I know I would have been. This time, she acknowledged the intrusion and put her hand under the table, moving his hand away from her.

I was frozen with the events unfolding in front of me, all thoughts of leaving definitely gone. In a perverse way, I thought to myself, "What an opportunity! How often does a man get to see his unknowing wife's reaction to another man's advances"? And, being fair to the situation, Brian was a good-looking college grad with a nice personality. I think most women would appreciate the attention from a younger man. I felt my heart rate increase and I was breathing harder.

I'll give this to Brian; he didn't give up. Even as Abbey brushed his hand away, he casually continued to search for her under the table, never giving away his intent to the other two. She pushed his hand away a number of times before she moved her leg over a little to try to escape him. After a while, I guess she gave in a little and allowed his hand to stay on her knee. Even though he made no attempt to go any higher, I started to shake a little and I could definitely feel the beginning of an erection. Instead of being upset, I found it strangely exciting.

I was both relieved and disappointed when her sister looked at the clock and said they needed to break the game up. At this point we all normally go through a little clean up procedure before they leave, more out of courtesy than need. That night, however, Brian told them to go ahead and get out and he would stay to help. They left with no thoughts about it, I'm sure, leaving the two of them alone.

After everything was put away, Brian sat on the couch with his drink and they started to talk. I could hear perfectly as they spoke of things that had happened when they were children and teenagers. They had never been close since she was four years older, but they had known each other all through the years. Finally, after about twenty minutes of banter, they talked about old boyfriends and girlfriends, none of whom I knew. Then they got my interest.

"I guess you know I always had a huge crush on you," Brian said quietly.

Abbey seemed genuinely surprised. "You're kidding. No, I never had any idea." She was laughing.

"Oh, yeah. For years and years. You used to drive me crazy when you wore your cheerleader uniform."

Abbey just laughed again, but you could tell she was both embarrassed and pleased at the same time. I think anybody would feel the rush if a nice looking person much your junior professed a past love for you. The conversation went on between the two, each minute getting a little bit deeper as he told her of instances where she had done things that he still remembered. It may have been trivia, but she was overwhelmed with the attention.

Just as I was wondering where it might be going, he looked at his watch and said he had to go. The little feeling of disappointment that I felt surprised me. Had I expected this to go further? I gave it up as far as anything of interest happening after that. However, just as he was leaving, he stopped by the door and talked a little more, this time out of my earshot. He casually started touching her, just a brushing of the arm and lightly touching her face. Then he leaned over and gave her what appeared a goodnight kiss on the side of her face. She didn't turn away or try to avoid it. When it happened, a small thought shot through my mind; not turning away was the same as an invitation.

I was right. Instead of leaving, he made a little more small talk and slipped his hand down to her waist. Her arms were folded across her chest and didn't resist his touch. I almost predicted it as he suddenly leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She let it linger a short while before she pulled away, laughed nervously and gently nudged him out the door. When he left, she turned back facing where I was standing and leaned back against the door as if she needed the support. She shook her head and a small smile came on her face.

I backed off into the yard to make sure I wasn't detected before I could leave. She moved around the room a while before turning on the television and lying back on the couch. I moved back up to the window to watch her. She would watch the tube for a while as if she had no interest, then gaze out into space. Each time, she would shake her head a little and smile. I realized she was thinking about him and the attention he had given her! It was on her mind enough that she couldn't watch whatever was on.

Then it really got interesting. While she was in one of the "daydreaming" periods she reached up and started rubbing one of her nipples through her shirt. She kept it up for five minutes or so until there was a visible reaction from the rest of her. She started moving her hips slightly, her small gyrations making little circles. My cock abruptly came to full staff when her hand left her nipple to wander down her body. Hesitating at her hips, her fingers begin to slowly gather the bottom of her shorts.

She moved her hand under them, apparently making an adjustment which I assumed was her hand going under her panties. I was right. She opened her mouth slightly and a very audible moan came from her. She lost no time in trying to get her release, her fingers moving slowly at first then picking up speed. I couldn't hold it back, either, taking out my cock as I watched the performance. I had watched her do it before, but this changed it from being a performance for my entertainment to an erotic invasion of her privacy. The fact that another man was bringing on this orgasm seemed to only enhance my excitement.

Just as I thought I couldn't hold it any longer, I was startled to hear that old gate creak. I knew the sound and knew instantly that somebody was entering the yard. In a panic, I stepped back into the open door of the storage-shed right behind me. I had to leave the door open but I was definitely hidden in the darkness. It was after I was safe that I realized my wife was lying there on the couch in open view of the windows with her fingers up her pussy. I started to step back out when I picked up a person moving over to the window. I froze in place and watched helplessly.

The figure moved up to the window and started watching her. As close as I was, I could still see very well into the room. Abbey had her eyes closed and was lying on the couch with one leg off the side and her foot on the carpet. Her body was moving openly with the pleasure her fingers were providing, her hips lifting gently off the couch as she touched herself.

The man turned and I saw his face. It came as no surprise to see it was Brian! He looked around as if to see if he was all clear, taking out his already stiff cock to watch her performance. How strange. Here I was, hidden away, watching another man jack off as he watched my wife along with me. And I was doing the same thing. A masturbation triangle, so to speak. It didn't last long. When she increased her speed her mouth fell open and it was obvious she was about to come. He beat her to it and in the light coming from the window I could actually see the sperm as he came and it flew out of him. He continued to stroke himself for a short while as we both watched her come. Her head bobbed up and down as she lifted it off the coach and her legs lifted and spread wide, as they grew stiff. I couldn't hear her from where I was, but I'm sure he was treated to her moans.

She continued to rub herself but he put himself back together and left in a hurry. I'm sure once he had spent himself the fear of being caught overcame the need for excitement. I slipped back up out of the shadows and watched her for a long time as she continued to pleasure herself, coming to an orgasm again with a verbal outburst that was too bad Brian missed. Needless to say, my sperm joined his right there on the patio deck. That would have to be cleaned up first thing the next morning.

When she gave it up, I went back to my car and waited for fifteen minutes before I arrived home at the scheduled time. I didn't want to alert her to anything, already formulating something in my mind. When I walked in the door, I hardly got a snack before she pulled me into the bedroom and jumped me, screwing me for an hour as if I had been gone for a month. All during this time, a little unwanted chill went up my spine. I had just experienced an overpowering reaction watching my wife being looked at by another man. During this scene, he was jacking off in plain view of me. How much of my excitement had come from watching him? It was a little unsettling, but I brushed it aside.

The following days I couldn't think of anything else. There should have been at least some sensation of anger or jealously, but there wasn't. Instead, I was literally counting the days and hours until the next Friday night. Being alone during the day, I beat my meat every few hours in anticipation. My mind was churning, trying to figure out ways to enhance the experience if it did indeed happen again. I hid a small pair of powerful binoculars in the kids play shed so I would have them available and looked for any other way to capture the moment. At work, we had some old three-hour voice recorders with timers on it we used for security. I slipped one out of the office and hid it under the couch, setting it to automatically record at night, hoping I could record their conversations. I tested it several times during the week, catching her sounds as she masturbated on the couch. She seemed to come very easily that week.

Then there was Abbey herself. That previous weekend she had screwed me silly, but I wanted to make sure her libido stayed sky high through the week. I woke up each morning before she did so that I could do an "attitude adjustment" on her. I gently rubbed her pussy as she slept, coaxing her clit out and making it as hard as I could without waking her. She would start responding to me sometimes as much as ten minutes before she woke, always ending up in her constant, smooth pelvic motions reacting to my fingers. Just before she would wake, I would insert a couple of fingers in her to bring her really high then turn away from her to feign sleep and to hide my erection, which was always there. A couple of times she would pick up where I left off and I could feel her rubbing herself and hear the shortness of her breath.

But always, I would wait until I heard her in the shower then carefully open the bathroom door enough for me to listen. When I could hear her start to quietly moan, I knew she would have her eyes closed and opened the door enough to watch her through the glass shower door as she brought herself to a climax. Each time, she always used her right hand to make herself come and had her head resting on her arm as she leaned forward against the front of the shower, the hot water cascading down upon her.

I made arrangements with my supervisor to always start coming in early on Friday after that so that I could leave early. I waited with a rush to see if this was going to be a pattern or a fluke. I told myself that even if it was a bust, at least for one week it had caused an excitement within me that had never been there since before we were married. I was useless Friday night, the hands on the clock frozen. Finally, I left work and drove home with my heart pounding. Would I be disappointed or would my fantasy be fulfilled?

I wasn't disappointed!!

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