My Actress Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, White Couple, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sue has a chance to play in a local theater group. The part requires simulated fucking with the attractive male lead. This is the story of how Sue and her husband deal when pretend sex slips into deep and thrilling penetration.

I sat in the darkness toward the middle of the auditorium as the scene unfolded. The sounds had that hollow ring that you get in an empty theatre. The rehearsal lights cast unequal shadows on the characters on stage. The woman was tall and slim, her breasts crisply defined under the clinging dress. Her legs, long and shapely, towering up from high heels, were visible where the long skirt parted. Long, dark hair coiled high on her head, made her look even taller in the way of movie stars in the thirties. Her hand on her hip and her angled elbow gave the impression of casual confidence as the out-thrust leg parted the skirt.

She delivered her lines in a full, rich voice accustomed to the stage setting. At least, so it would have seemed to the casual observer. On the other hand, I was aware that she had been away from the stage for years. I hardly recognized her as my wife, so strong was the wanton image she projected. Nor would I have imagined her capable of doing this scene slowly easing her dress down from her shoulders before a virtual stranger. Not only that, but other cast members stood around gazing with rapt attention on the two lovers at center stage.

I felt like an intruder, that I should not be here observing the intimacy of the scene. A noticeable lump formed in my throat as the shimmering dress inched down bare arms exposing milk white shoulders marred only by white bra straps. She caught it there and looked at her lover, teasing him, tempting his eyes.

As he replied, she dropped the dress to her hips, stealing the scene with the appearance of lacy bra cups clinging to perky breasts. It was unfair. Not an eye in the theatre would notice that another actor was on the stage; not an ear would here his plaintive line. Even he stumbled over the line, distracted by the taut, lovely fullness of the bra cups, and the beauty of the curving underside of neat, perfect breasts.

Sue was in full command now. The dress clung seductively to her full hips as she delivered her line. The angle of her arms was as graceful as a Grecian statue as she released the catch of her bra. The cups seemed not to want to leave her breasts and hung until her hand stripped them from their position. She paused, holding the still shapely bra and then slowly released it onto the chaise behind her. Those pretty breasts that I had had to myself until now were displayed in their classic glory and seemed to pick up the light from overhead and make it warmer.

The actress shrugged slightly and the dress slipped down nylon-clad legs and pooled at her feet. Her tummy was a trim, graceful little bulge leading into a particularly prominent Venus mound truly reminiscent of the Venus de Milo.

The actor turned away, his hand to his head.

"Sorry... sorry... I need to break away a moment!" The entire crew laughed at his discomfort. I noticed him hitching his pants to ease the erection she had raised in him.

I slumped back into my seat, suddenly aware just how tense I had become craning forward over the seatback in front of me. My own erection was now fully obvious as it tugged at my pubic hair. I shifted my trousers a little to be less confining. I noticed a tiny bit of perspiration on my upper lip. Curiously, I felt a strange excitement knowing that the actor opposite my wide was lusting for her.

The director soon got everyone back in their places and the scene continued.

Standing in lace panties and stockings held up by a trim garter belt, she took his hand. She drew him to the chaise and then sat down. She raised her arms to invite him closer. My heart was pounding in my chest as I watched him kneel to kiss her. His hand moved up to her breast and hers trailed up to his neck. The kiss continued in the silent theatre. Slowly the two moved closer. Her legs parted and he moved between them, still kneeling on the floor.

I watched as Sue turned his head and pressed him to her breasts. Even from this distance, her pointed nipples jutted from the roundness of her breasts. Her nipples are quite prominent when she is aroused. They jut from the large, lighter-colored aureoles which cap her lovely breasts. We have always said they were her very best features.

I watched as his hand moved, cupping her, then again, as he captured the nipple in the crotch between thumb and forefinger. It was a truly erotic touch to add to the scene. It was not clear if he did it for effect or just for his own eager pleasure. Whatever his motivation, I found it extremely erotic to watch another man's hand play over my own wife's nipple; it was unexpectedly erotic.

"And blackout!" a voice boomed. "That was great Sue, and you to, Mike. A very good first run-through."

The director walked over to them and began his critique of their performance. Snapping out of my trance, I looked around the empty auditorium. I was very aware of the bulge in my trousers and suddenly self-conscious of the fact that this had been a big turn on. The director could have asked for a clear auditorium but you never know with these actor chappies.

Soon, Sue was dressed again and we were making our way to the car park.

"So what did you think?" she asked, a bit apprehensively.

"Very good. I think it will be a smash. Bit rough in parts, but that will come with practice, right? On the hole, I think it is very good indeed, and very horny, by the way. I think we have to get you home double quick."

Sue laughed. "Yeah. Me too! You noticed the rough spots, did you?"

"Nothing that won't smooth out in rehearsal. You were the best. He is... not quite there yet, should I say?"

"Yes. Well, Dan, he's the director, agrees with you. It's not an easy scene... of course. "Not easy," she trailed off into silence.

Sue hadn't acted on stage since leaving school 15 years ago. A friend had recently invited her into an amateur acting group, and after joining and helping out backstage for a few productions, she got this chance to 'walk the boards'. Not too many people auditioned for the part because of that particular scene. Apparently there are a lot of jealous husbands out there and a few women that didn't think their figure would stand up to the scrutiny of a theatre full of people. Sue had no problem there. She rather enjoyed a bit of exhibitionism, as well.

I slipped my hand onto her thigh on the way home and she put hers on top of mine. She guided my hand onto the warm nylon peeking through the slit in her skirt. I glanced down and noticed the slit had been unbuttoned still further. The dark stocking tops of her crossed legs looked wonderfully inviting in the light cast by the instrument panel.

Slowly but surely, she moved my hand higher onto the flesh of her inner thigh, then uncrossed her legs to let me find my own way. I slipped my hand between lovely thighs and felt my little finger touch the bulge of her pussy lips under those silky white panties. I could tell that she was quite wet. It felt like a small pool of moisture there between her lips. It was clear that I wasn't the only one turned on by the situation!

Sue's hand slipped along my own thigh and then roamed along the length of my cock. It now lay rock hard, long and lean down the leg of my pants. Her touch was soft as she traced the shape of my shaft and I felt my foreskin slide back under the practiced stroking.

"Did you like the love scene, dear?" she asked.

"Loved it. I'd like to play it, too." Her hand tightened on me.

"Let's hurry home then." Sue laughed quietly and we continued our mutual fondling.

We hurried through a light rain and ducked under the jutting canopy over our door. I let my eyes fall over her shapely form as she shook the drops from her raincoat. I never tire of looking at sue while she is occupied with a mundane task like that. For some reason, it is at such moments when she appears most erotic to me. I fixed drinks hurriedly and Sue put on soft music in the lounge.

"Now, let's see, shall we start with..." she laughed and then unbuttoned the dress and let it slip down to show her shoulders as she had on the stage.

"We really shouldn't be here, Jeffrey." She began her line on cue.

"Don't send me away," Lillian, not just now." I said, affecting my best stage presence.

The dress slipped to her waist. I watched in awe the lovely curve her breast made in the underside of the lacy bra cup. The nearly see-through lace trimmed cups permitted the tone of her skin to enhance the sensual effect of the bra. I could see her nipples, tense and brisk, as she reached behind to unclasp her bra. My mouth went dry for the second time tonight as I watched it slip from those succulent looking orbs. Her breasts were that size that makes each one a separate beauty. The nipples were miniature Mount Fujiyamas, lacking only the snow caps.

Sue shrugged her hips and the dress pooled at her feet. I could sense her watching me, pleased with the effect watching her undress had on me. I fell to my knees and found myself level with the dark patch of curls under lace panties. I crawled toward her where she sat on the couch. She guided me forward until I was between nylon-clad thighs so inviting that my heart was raced wildly. I slipped my hands along the stockings on the outside of her thighs, luxuriating in the sensual pleasure of it.

My hands explored the nylons for a long moment then moved to the satin of her skin. The hard contrast of garter snaps, gave the old fashioned sensuality I found very pleasing and exciting. I slipped my hands under her panties and fondled the cheeks of her bottom as our lips met. After all these years of marriage, it wasn't as exciting as a first kiss, but with my high state of arousal, it came quite close. This was surely the most erotic scene I had ever played; I'm sure the leading man in the play must feel the same.

"Did he touch you like this?" I asked, breathlessly into Sue's ear.

I felt her shudder. "Well... not quite." I slipped my hands to the outside of the silky panties. "Yes, more like that." She said quietly, and snuggled a little closer.

"We really mustn't... " she returned to a line in the scene.

Then her hand guided mine tracing a path over round hip, elegant narrow waist, and rib cage to find loveliness of her breast. It seemed made to fill my cupped hand. I squeezed gently, letting her nipple find a natural place in the crotch of my hand.

"And he did this? Like this?" I asked.

Sue shivered again. "Yes," she murmured.

My cock was rampant. I eased forward so that I touched between her legs. I knew how wet she was and that I was pressing lightly against a pool of juices behind the gusset of her panties. Sue's hand felt between our bodies and I heard the zipper slide down. Her hand groped for my cock. She eagerly struggled to loose my long cock from its restrictions. Our excitement rose.

"Did you take out HIS cock, too, darling?" I could hardly get the suggestive words out.

"No..." she paused. "No... but..."

"But... you wanted to?" the words fell excitedly from my mouth and I nibbled her ear.


Her hand snatched her panties aside and the bulbous head of my cock pressed into a great wet pool of welcoming juices. I felt my foreskin slide out of the way and the head pop past the initial snug fit of Sue's pussy. It felt scalding hot, wonderfully tight, totally exciting, all at one stroke.

"Fuck me Sir Jeffrey!" she said urgently, her hips thrusting to engulf me.

I needed no encouragement at that point. Our thrusting was hard and fast; our coupling hot and very wet. I could not recall Sue feeling so hot and wet since our wedding night. It was a delightful fuck. Again and again we thrust together, faster and faster. We could not slow our pace nor pause. From the first stroke we were at full speed. Wildly taking each other, slamming our bodies together in a passion rooted in her performance on stage. I soon felt the tightness of my balls and then my sperm shooting up the length of my cock into Sue's waiting vagina.

Sue moaned loudly over my shoulder, her breasts pressed tight against me. Her orgasm flowed over her, still impaled on the up-curved hardness of my cock.

Afterwards as we lay talking, Sue asked if it would be OK if Mike, the leading man, came to our house for rehearsal. With so many different groups using the theatre they could only rehearse that scene with the rest of the cast sat watching. I didn't understand what the problem was at first, but Sue explained that on stage you didn't notice the audience and that you were remote from them. In the rehearsal room it was different because everyone was so much closer and the scene better lighted. It seemed a reasonable idea to me and said so. I would just stay out of the way and leave them to it.

"We really need to work it out. I don't want it to be clumsy on the stage. That would ruin the moment" she said.

"No problem with me, dear, whatever you want is fine with me."

"Anything... hmmm, anything?" She repeated, a grin slipping across her face.

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