Fund Raising

by Lily May

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Desc: Sex Story: Socer mums are supposed to be bad. Read about the Motocrosss mums.

Brighton was a company town. The town's sole major industry and employer was a fairly new vehicle manufacturing plant established there as a result of the very high rate of unemployment that existed since the town's last major employer, a white goods manufacturer, had closed down, throwing some very highly skilled engineers and blue collar workers, as well as machine operators and administrative staff out of work.

The town council and state government had it made it so attractive, utility rates and tax-wise, for the company to move it's machinery into Brighton's recently refurbished but closed white goods plant complex that it would have been most unwise to have at huge expense upgraded the plant that had housed the machinery for years past it's use-by date in it's old home town.

This, coupled to the availability of skilled and unskilled labour made it doubly attractive to move to the sticks.

The plant was running like clockwork and the workers were generally well paid and the company very community minded, and the company were keen to support any community group by supplying materials for such projects as club houses and sporting facilities, on condition that the day to day running of the supported organisations was funded by the particular organisation, and the labour involved in the establishment of the facilities was done by townsfolk voluntarily. It was conceded that the cost of materials was usually 75% of the cost of any project, so that the companies offer of free materials, coupled with voluntary labour meant that the town could have excellent facilities at virtually no initial cost.

One such organisation was the motocross minibike club. It catered for riders from 4 to 16 years of age and was comprised of 9 different classes to ensure that racing was as fair and as safe as possible. The idea of a 5 year old on a 50cc bike being on the track at the same time as a 16 year old riding a hot 80cc bike was too dangerous to even think of. The most popular class was the 12-14 year old 80cc class with the bikes having to retain the original size wheels, which means no big wheels to give an advantage over the rough terrain.

There were generally about 15 club riders consistently riding in this class and while the rivalry between the kids was keen, the rivalry between the parents bordered on obsession.

The company had provided the material and earth-moving equipment for the establishment of an excellent track just out of the town boundaries and the parents did all the toil.

They competed in club day racing, and they were involved in a tri-town competition with 2 similarly sized towns 3 times a year, with each town's club having a heat for the area championship. The 3 towns were each about 4 hours apart situated basically in a triangle.

Brighton's 12-14 80cc parents had formed an unofficial sub-club within the club and had a small committee formed to send their riders in that class to the National Championships at the end of the season. They ran chicken raffles, cake stalls and the like but found that their contributions to the overall club funds took most of the money they made, initially intending that it would be used for their kids National bid.

Sub-committee Secretary Lauren Bonney was a live wire as well as being a liberal thinker in all matters, yes even in that.

Over coffee one afternoon, she met with 2 of her good friends, Connie and Lucy, and dropped a bombshell on them for making the money needed for the kid's trip.

Her plan was that at a suitable venue the 15 couples, 30 parents, meet for an evening social function without the kids, and the parents of the winner of the last race meeting would each be given number 1, the 2nd riders parents number 2, so on so the if their were 15 riders, the parents of the kid coming 15th, would be issued with number 15.

Then, towards the end of the evening, husband #1 would pair up with wife #15, wife #1 with husband #15, husband #2 with wife #14, wife #2 with husband #14, husband #3 with wife #13, wife #3 with husband #13 and so on.

The newly paired couples would then go into the dimly lit next room, an annex with chairs and couches, and spend 10 minutes together, whether talking about the weather, hugging, kissing or whatever. The limit of 10 minutes was a built in safety factor, she laughingly said. What can get out of hand in 10 minutes? If each person was happy to spend the 10 minutes with someone else's spouse, it would cost each couple $10.00 and for those not wanting to play, it would cost them a $15.00 per couple renege fee.

So the potential was there for $150.00 to be raised for 10 minutes fun and more if some people reneged.

Before the start of the next race meeting, which was a club day at home, the 15 sets of parents were called together to sound them out.

The way Lauren put it to them that they could not renege on the night without suffering the extra penalty, and if they just wanted to chat only without penalty for the 10 minutes they could.

A fortnight after that event, they met at the company social club rooms and after a video presentation of the last race meetings race's last laps, and a few wines, beers and savouries, they were paired up as per the race results and the agreed formula.

The 30 of them ranged from 25 to 40 and some of the women were very attractive, and they ranged from that down to very ordinary. The same applied for the men.

There were some unusual pairings, but it was all taken in fun, and they went into the darkened annex and did their particular thing.

Lauren had drawn her friend Bev's man Tommy who immediately scruffed her and planted a big kiss on her lovely lips. She was one of then most attractive, and she reciprocated in kind, with this setting him off exploring her boobs over her blouse and bra, this in turn setting her off rubbing his cock with one hand whilst pressing his boob hand harder into her chest.

Her husband Jimmy was paired up with nice looking but frowsy Ellen.

She smelled like she had just been fucked and did not do anything for him. They just chatted while he held her hand only as he was aware of the scunge she harboured around her crutch.

Connie and Steve (born Stevros) hugged, and when he felt his seemingly huge cock up against her thigh, and he felt her stiff nipples pressing into his chest, he reached down, lifted the hem of her dress and rubbed her pussy though her panties until she shook all over and made a gurgling noise.

Cliff and sexy Zelda, unbeknown to the others, had been having an affair for about 6 months, so as soon as they got into the darkest corner, he spun her around, bent her over and placing her hands onto her knees, lifted her skirt and shoved his cock into her pussy before they even spoke. They both came quickly and Zelda had to shove a plug of tissues up her cunt to prevent his cum running down her leg, whilst she then sucked their juices from his cock to kill the giveaway odour of their conjoining. As soon as she had known she had drawn him, she had gone to the ladie's room and taken off her thong.

Lucy and Bill just kissed and were starting to get a bit steamed up when "time" was called.

Three of the couples reneged and said they wanted no further part in the "game" so the night's takings were $105.00, 6 * $10.00=60.00 plus 3 * $15.00 = $105.00.

Three weeks later, they travelled to one of the other towns, Bridgewater, for a tri-town heat and because it was a lot bigger event than a club day with 3 clubs competing, scrutineering would start at 7.00am with practice then racing to start at 11.00am. The finish time was estimated at 6.00pm due to there having to be heats due to the number of riders.

This necessitated staying on the Friday and Saturday nights and the motel they stayed at had backpackers rooms that the kids were happy to stay in, being away from their parents.

Our crew met up with some of the other 2 club's people and nature took it's course with some old liaisons being re-ignited.

Lauren and Jimmy had swung in the past with another couple Marge and Harry. Lauren, who arranged the club's bookings, had arranged for the 2 couples to have adjoining rooms with a connecting door. After dinner they left the dining room as married couples as per protocol and when they arrived at their rooms, all four stripped and swapped, to enjoy a few drinks and chat before going to bed with their swap-mates.

Lauren was a very vocal fuck, and because the walls were almost paper-thin, she had asked Jimmy to bring duct tape to the rooms and after she had blown Harry, to ensure that he would last when they did get around to fucking, asked him to put a piece over her mouth. Crude but effective, and when she took it off later, it removed her very faint moustache as well. This also saved her the $8.00 it cost her every month or so for this to be done at the beauty salon.

When they had previously stayed there, Jimmy had been doing such a good job on her, that her screams brought the security guy to the room to check on what he was sure was murder being committed. He had opened the door with his master key, and with his pistol drawn, entered the room to find Jimmy choc-a-block in Lauren's cunt.

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