Tricked Again

by Dark Vision

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: I never really liked Halloween, but a turn of events changed all that.

First of all, I want to tell you that I hated Halloween! I hated it when I was younger and I still did at the time all of this took place. It wasn't always that way, but one year, when I was twelve, some badass teenagers beat me up and took the bag of goodies I had gathered after several hours of going from door to door in my neighborhood.

I can still remember the biggest of the teens yelling at me as I lay on someone's lawn, "Trick or treat, aye kid? Well this year it's TRICK!"

That was the last year I went trick-or-treating. I just stayed home, passed out candy and warned the little goblins about the bullies. My mom tried to make me go and drag my little brother, but I would always be sick on that evil day.

When I got to high school, there would be this party or that party to celebrate Halloween, but I never went to any of them, that is not until my senior year.

I was never a real popular guy in school. I didn't play sports, I didn't belong to any clubs, and as a result I didn't date. I never considered myself an ugly kid, I just wasn't all that handsome. I got fair grades and was never in any trouble. I guess I was what you'd call average. In fact, I was so average that if you looked 'average' up in the dictionary, my picture would be there.

The buzz around school that year was about Cindy Martin's upcoming Halloween party. The party promised to be the social event of the fall and most of the kids in my class were going.

Cindy was one of the more popular girls in school. She was real cute, wore the latest styles and only dated boys that played on the football team. Although she wasn't a cheerleader, she was allowed to be part of the in-crowd. There were rumors around school that Cindy had gone all the way with a couple of her dates, but you know how high school rumors are.

I had a math class with Cindy and she personally handed me my invitation to the party. I was polite, accepted the hand written invitation, and thanked her. Even though she held such a high status among the members of my class, she didn't intimidate me. To me she was just another student.

My best friend, Frank Thompson, asked me everyday if I was planning to attend and whom I was taking. My stock answer was, "I don't plan to go, I hate Halloween!"

"Awe come on, Ed," Frank would say. "You have to go. You must know some chick that will go out with you."

"Frank, even if I did, I don't want to go," I'd tell him.

My resistance was due, in great part, to the fact that I didn't know a girl that would consider going out with me. I was eighteen and had never been out with a girl. My sexual knowledge was obtained from men's magazines and cheap paperback novels. In my mind, I was a great lover, but in real life my right hand was my only lover.

It was a Saturday morning, one week before the party, that my mother told me that she wanted me to take Gail Johnson to the party. Gail was my father's business partner's daughter and she wanted to go the affair.

Gail didn't go to my school; she attended an all girls' school across town. Gail and I knew each other from parties and dinners our parents held, but we hadn't seen each other for a couple of years. She wasn't a dog, but she wasn't a beauty queen either. Whenever we met, Gail would be wearing clothing that seemed out of place. Everything she wore was baggy. I never saw her in tight jeans or tops like the other girls. If she wore a skirt or dress, they were long. If she wore pants, they always looked like they were a size too big. Her tops were also baggy and gave no indication to the size of her chest.

My mom pleaded with me to take Gail to the party and by the end of the weekend, I gave in. I didn't decide to go because of my mother's ability to persuade though. It was my father's threat of losing my car privileges that made me agree to go. I didn't own a car and depended on one of my parents' vehicles for transportation.

On Sunday night, I called Gail, at my parents' insistence, asked her to go to the party and listened to her talk for the next twenty minutes. She told my about school, her four point grade average and the college she would attend after graduation. I asked her what she was going to dress as, but she told me it would have to be a surprise. When I asked her what I should wear, she offered no help.

After I hung up the telephone, it dawned on me just what I had done. I was going to a Halloween party with a girl I barely knew and I had absolutely no idea what to wear.

I called on my mother to help me come up with a costume that wouldn't be too lame. She gave me several suggestions, all of them useless as far as I was concerned.

Frank hunted me down on Monday and once again started his relentless quest to get me to go to Cindy's party. I had a great day, telling him I wasn't going just like I had in the past. It wasn't until we met after school that I told him that I was going.

"No shit!" said Frank. "You're really going? Who are you going to take?"

"You don't know her," I said.

Frank asked repeatedly whom I was taking to the party, but I wouldn't tell him. It wasn't that I didn't want him to know; I just wasn't about to admit that my parents had forced me into the whole thing.

"I have no idea what to dress as," I told Frank. "Any ideas?"

Frank told me that he was going to dress as Frankenstein and I quickly told him that I couldn't do anything like that. Frank was over six feet tall, stocky and could get away with that kind of costume, but at five seven, I didn't think it would work for me.

I walked home with Frank and we went thorough a bevy of things I could go as. By the time we reached my house, I decided that a werewolf would be as good as anything.

I asked my mom about helping me with my costume, but she told me that it would be easier to rent one. We took off in her car and went to several costume shops in search of the outfit I would wear to the party. The search for a costume was fruitless. At this late date, the costume shops were out of anything I would even consider wearing.

During the ride home, my mom came up with an idea that I really liked. She told me that she would dig out my dad's old leather jacket, buy me a pair of tight black jeans. Combined with a white crewneck tee shirt, I would become a greaser out of the fifties.

The following Saturday afternoon, my mom helped me get ready for the party. By this time, my stomach was churning in anticipation of the evening's festivities. Like I said before, I'd never been to a party, let alone a Halloween party.

When my mom was finished with me, my medium length brown hair was black and slicked back on my head with some sort of grease she said all the boys used back then. The jeans she bought me were too tight and made it hard to move. I did like the tee shirt and black leather jacket though.

Before handing me the keys to his Lincoln, my dad told me to behave and treat Gail nice. He reminded me that she was his partner's daughter and there would be hell to pay if I messed up. After promising him I'd be a gentleman, he gave me the keys and I left to pick up my date.

I must have stood on Gail's front porch for ten minutes before I mustered up enough nerve to ring the doorbell. Mr. Johnson greeted me, invited me in and told me Gail would be downstairs in a few minutes.

My palms were wet with sweat and I fidgeted as I sat in the living room waiting for Gail. He father gave me a short speech about how he expected me to treat his daughter and told me to have her home by one.

"Yes sir," I choked out. "I'll be sure to be back on time."

I thought he was going to continue, but Gail and her mother came into the room and rescued me. She was wearing a beige trench coat that was buttoned to the neck, preventing me from seeing what she was wearing.

"Hi Ed," said Gail. "I really like your costume. I think the fifties look is cool."

Gail's face was made up to look like a cat and she wore a pair of velvet ears on her head. Her raven hair was pinned up and her fingernails were covered with black nail polish. My guess was she was wearing one of the many cat costumes, my mom and I had seen, under her coat.

After telling her parents goodbye, we left her house and went to my dad's car. I opened her door and she slid into the passenger's seat, holding her coat closed. I could see her legs were covered with black nylons, but only from mid-calf to the black shoes on her feet. She tossed the large purse she carried into the backseat and fastened her seatbelt.

Gail talked non-stop from her house to the party. She asked if I had a girlfriend and I shook my head no. When she asked if I had ever had a girlfriend, she grinned when I once again shook my head.

"I don't have a boyfriend, either," she said. "In fact this is my first real date. I've been out with a group of kids before, but never on a car date with a boy. I was so shocked when you asked me to the party and my dad said I could go."

Her last sentence set an alarm off in my head. I distinctly remembered my mom telling that Gail wanted to go to the party and I was to take her because of the relationship between our fathers.

"Wait a minute," I said, interrupting her babble. "I thought YOU wanted to go to Cindy's party."

"I have no idea who this Cindy is, Ed. I didn't know anything about the party until you called me last Saturday."

My mind went into overdrive. I tried to recall my mother's exact words and was sure she told me that it was Gail's idea. I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut and not let on that I'd been bamboozled, but vowed to confront my parents the minute I got home. I hated being tricked as much as I hated the holiday.

We arrived at Cindy's large house, found a place to park and headed for the door. Cindy met us and asked us in. Once inside the house, Cindy asked if she could take Gail's coat and Gail began to unbutton the long garment.

Gail's back was to me when she opened the coat and began to slid it off her arms. Cindy told her how cute she looked and grinned at Gail. When the coat came off and Gail handed it to Cindy, I stopped breathing.

I stood with my mouth hanging open as Gail turned to face me.

"How do you like my costume," she asked.

I tried to talk, but no sound would come out. Gail was wearing a sheer black bodysuit over a lacey black bra. The bodysuit was cut like a tank top with one inch strips of the see through fabric running from the low cut front, over her shoulders to her back. She also wore a black thong under the bodysuit that barely covered her mons.

She turned slowly so I could get a good look at her and I gasped when I noticed that her ass wasn't covered at all. The tiny thong disappeared between her globes and it was as if she wasn't wearing any underwear at all. The only thing that kept her bottom from being completely exposed was the black tail that hung from a ribbon around her trim waist.

The material was so sheer I could make out the stitching on her bra and thong. Gail's arms were covered by long tubes of the same material, held in place by thin rings around her thumb and middle finger.

For the first time since I'd known her, I was able to see her body. Gail's breasts were about the size of grapefruits and the bra she wore could only contain about half of her mounds. Her waist narrowed to her hips and then her hips flared, her bottom was round and looked firm.

"Well, Ed, do you like it or not?" Gail asked.

All I could muster was a faint "WOW!"

Gail giggled and said, "I guess that means yes."

Cindy came out of the foyer closet and led us to the basement stairs. We walked down the steps, me following Gail and staring at her ass. Once we were mingling with the crowd, I pulled her aside to talk.

"Does your dad know you're dressed like this, Gail?" I stuttered.

"Are you kidding me! My dad would kill me if he saw me like this," she giggled. "My mom knows, but not my dad."

"You look great," I said. "I never knew..."

Gail laughed and said, "You never knew I had a body? I guess that I dress kind of conservatively most of the time, but tonight I wanted to be different."

Gail moved close and whispered, "I wanted to be sexy for you."

My heart stopped and I searched for something to say. Much to my relief, Frank and his date came over and said, "hi" to us. I introduced Gail, and then Frank introduced Karen, his date, to Gail. After talking for a moment, Gail asked for a Coke and Frank and I went to get one for each of the girls.

"Where the hell did you find her?" Frank asked as soon as we were out of range for the girls to hear. "She's a fox!"

I quickly told him about being setup with Gail and how my mom deceived me.

"You're one lucky bastard, Ed. My mom would never set me up with a chick that looked like she does," Frank said. "I'll bet you're glad you decided to come to the party now."

I nodded and agreed that things weren't as bad as I'd thought they'd be. We got sodas for all of us, went back to where we left the girls and handed each of them a can. The four of us stood around talking while about every guy I knew from school came over to see who I was with.

The driving music changed to a slow song and Gail asked me to dance with her. I told her I didn't know how, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. We parked our cans of Coke on a table and went to the area in the basement that was cleared for dancing.

I fumbled to hold her in a classic dance embrace, but Gail would have no part of it. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me to her and started to move. I began to sway with my arms dangling at my sides, but Gail slid her hands down my arms and pulled them around her.

When she replaced her arm around my neck, she once again pulled me to her. Our dance was more of an extended hug set to the slow rhythm of the music. Our feet remained in place as we swayed from side to side. After a few minutes of dancing, Gail opened my leather jacket, slid her hands inside it and pressed her breasts against my chest. She put her face against mine and continued to move to the music.

"Are you sorry you brought me to this party, Ed?" Gail whispered in my ear.

"No, why do you ask?" I replied, my voice as low as hers was.

"Because of what you said in the car, you seemed shocked when I told you I didn't know about the party."

"I was a little shocked, I thought my mom told me that you wanted to come, but I guess I misunderstood her."

Gail moved her hands on my back, rubbing slowly from my shoulder blades to the waistband of my tight jeans. She hummed softly to the song that was playing and moved her chest against mine. I could feel my cock growing in the confines of the jeans and I was soon uncomfortable.

"I'm really happy you did ask me, Ed. I know you don't know it, but I've had a crush on you for a long time," Gail whispered as her hands slid down to my ass.

Gail pulled my crotch to hers and began to grind her pelvis against my throbbing erection. I wasn't sure if she could feel it, but I could feel her. Her soft mons massaged my cock as she began to rotate her hips ever so slightly.

When Gail pulled her head back, looked into my eyes and kissed me, I thought I was going to loose it. My penis jerked as she moved her soft lips on mine and firmly squeezed my ass.

I was in heaven! I had a hot girl in my arms and was getting my first kiss. Gail made no attempt to remove her mouth from mine and then I felt her tongue. It slithered out of her mouth and brushed against my lips, wetting them. I relaxed my mouth and her tongue pushed in to find mine.

Lost in the moment, I had no idea who was around us, or if anyone was watching. We held the kiss for what seemed like a long time, breaking it only when the music stopped. I tried to pull away, but Gail said, "Let's see if the next song is slow too."

The music started again and the song was a fast number. We reluctantly parted and went back to where we had left our sodas. After retrieving our drinks, we found a quiet corner and stood close to each other.

"You know, Ed," Gail said. "That was my first kiss. I just turned eighteen and I've never been kissed by a boy before."

"It was mine, too," I confessed.

Gail's eyes sparkled when she learned that we had shared our first kiss. Not only was it our first kiss, but also the first time either of us had ever kissed anyone.

"I really liked it."

"So did I, Gail."

"Did you like it enough to kiss me again?"

I answered by putting my mouth on hers and running my tongue over her lips. When she opened her mouth, I swiped the tip of my tongue across her teeth. We wrapped our arms around each other and pulled our bodies together. It was like we were dancing again, but this time we made our own music.

Our passion rose and soon we added soft moaning to our coupling. We breathed through our noses, neither of us wanting the kiss to end. When I felt like I was going to ejaculate from her constant movement against my crotch, I removed my mouth from hers and stepped back a little.

Even with the lack of direct contact, my cock still throbbed in my tight pants. I needed to adjust it to get some relief from the pressure.

"Will you be okay for a minute," I asked Gail. "I have to find a bathroom."

"Cindy told me that there's one off the kitchen upstairs," she said. "I'll go with you."

Gail led and I followed a few steps behind her. When she started up the stairs, I was mesmerized by the way her firm ass moved. She walked into the kitchen and pointed to the bathroom.

"How did you know where the bathroom was?" I asked Gail.

She giggled and replied, "It's a girl thing."

I went into the bathroom, closed the door and pulled the zipper on my jeans down. I reached into my fly and tried to extract my still rigid cock so I could piss. All of the fumbling was causing my excitement to escalate and I finally had to unfasten my jeans and pull them down to get my dick out.

The moment I wrapped my hand around my shaft, I felt my balls pull up and knew I was going to come. I pointed my cock at the bowl, felt my semen surge past my fingers and watched it splatter against the back of the toilet seat.

After a moment, my erection subsided enough that I could urinate. I cleaned my mess, flushed and washed my hands. When I opened the door, Gail's eyes went straight to my crotch. She smiled and walked past me, telling me to wait for her.

Gail came out of the bathroom and giggled at me. She told me she had to wash the lines that made up her cat whiskers off because they were all smeared. I asked if she had anything to fix them and she shook her head no.

"Are you ready to go back downstairs?" Gail asked.

I nodded and she took my hand. We walked down the stairs side by side, holding each other's hand. We worked our way through the crowd and went back to our corner. Gail asked for another Coke and I quickly went and got her one, as well as one for myself.

"I never thought I'd ever go to a Halloween party," I told Gail. "It's not one of my favorite holidays."

"Why not, Ed? I think it's fun being here with you."

I told Gail about my experience with the bullies and why I hated the holiday. When I was finished with my tale, she looked into my eyes, her face empathetic. She looked like she was going to cry and took me in her arms. We kissed again, this time tenderly. There was no urgency, no unfamiliar testing, and no awkwardness. The kiss we shared was as if we had been doing it for years.

Frank and his date came over by us and interrupted our kiss. We talked about the party and the guests for a while and then out of the blue, Gail asked what time it was.

"About a quarter to ten," Frank said, looking at his watch.

Another slow song began to play and Gail and I went the dance floor and started to dance. Frank and Karen also danced, choosing to be close to Gail and I.

"Karen and Frank look great in their costumes," Gail said. "Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein, how original."

We danced and Gail rubbed my back under my jacket. She moved her hands to my ass again and pulled our crotches together. I ran my hands over her back, feeling her bra strap and then moved them down to the small of her back. She kissed me again and pushed her boobs against my chest.

Once again, we were alone in the crowed room, our eyes closed, our lips together and our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. My hand slid down and I felt her bottom through the thin material of her bodysuit. When I quickly pulled my hand away, Gail took my arm and put it back.

I pulled back so I could see her face and she smiled at me. "It's okay," she cooed. "It feels nice."

We put our open mouths together and I gently caressed her ass through the shear bodysuit. Our bodies moved as one as we gently swayed in each other's embrace. We explored as much as we could and not appear to be too open. The song ended and another slow one began. We never stopped moving or kissing until the second number ended and the music became fast again.

Frank, Karen, Gail and I left the dance floor and returned to the corner. Gail asked about the time again, which I thought was strange, and Frank announced it was just after ten.

"I have to go," Gail said, completely surprising me. "I have to be home before eleven or my dad will be mad."

Before I could tell her that her dad said she didn't have to be home until one, she said goodbye to Frank and Karen and pulled me away. Gail saw Cindy across the room and pulled me over to her. Gail thanked Cindy for the great party and told her we were leaving.

"Do you know where your coat is, or do you want me to get it for you?" Cindy asked Gail.

"I know where it is, Cindy," Gail replied. "I can get it."

We left and went to the foyer. Gail took her coat from the closet, slipped it on and we left the party.

"Your dad said you could stay until one," I said as we walked down the sidewalk towards the car.

Gail nodded, but didn't say anything. I thought that she was mad at me for rubbing her butt and she wanted me to take her home. When we got to the car, I opened her door and let her get in before closing it and going to the other side. I got in, started the car and put it in gear.

"I sorry," I said as I pulled away from the curb.

"For what?" She asked.

"I don't really know, for what ever made you want to leave."

Gail giggled, removed her coat and slid across the seat next to me. She took my right arm, put it over her shoulders and snuggled against me.

"I didn't want to leave because I'm mad at you, Ed. I wanted to leave so we'd have some time together alone."

"Oh, I thought you were upset because I was rubbing your..."

Gail giggled and said, "Because you were rubbing my ass? I liked that."

I sighed and Gail snuggled closer as I drove. She stretched her neck up and kissed my cheek before moving her mouth to my neck.

"Where do you want to go, Gail?"

"My house."

"I thought you said you wanted to be alone."

"I do, my parents aren't home right now and won't be for some time. They're at a party."

I drove to Gail's house, parked the car and we got out. She retrieved her bag from the backseat and folded her coat over her arm. We walked up to the front door and she unlocked it and pushed it open. The moment we were inside and the door was closed, Gail dropped her things and jumped into my arms.

We kissed as she led me to the living room and the couch. We sat down and caught our breath for a moment before starting to kiss again. She pushed the leather jacket off my arms and tossed it on the floor, never removing her lips from mine. Gail pulled her legs up onto the couch and turned so she was facing me. I supported her in my arms and covered her face with kisses as she did the same to me.

Feeling brave, I moved my hand down her side and let it come to rest on her ass. She moaned into my mouth and wiggled against my hand, indicating I shouldn't hold my hand still. When I started to rub her bottom, Gail pressed harder against me. I moved my hand from her ass to her side, rubbed along her ribs and then returned it to her butt.

Gail moved her chest against mine as we kissed and touched. She rubbed my chest and side with one hand and held the back of my head with the other. I slid my hand over the silky bodysuit up her side and my thumb brushed the side of her breast. Holding my hand still, I stroked the side of her boob with my thumb, feeling her bra. Twisting her body, my hand covered her breast and she leaned into it. She groaned and started to suck my tongue as my fingers opened and closed around the pliant mound.

After a few minutes of me massaging her breast, Gail pulled back and grinned at me.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back," she said.

She kissed me and ran up the stairs, my eyes glued to her backside. The minute she disappeared, I stood up, reached into my jeans and adjusted my hard cock so it was pointing straight up. With all of the kissing and touching, I was as rigid as a bar of steel and my dick throbbed. I sat back down on the couch and stretched my legs out in order to find a comfortable position.

Gail came back into the room, walked straight over to me and straddled my legs. She put her knees on the couch next to my hips as sat on my thighs. Taking my face in both hands, she rubbed her thumbs over my cheekbones and gazed into my eyes.

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