Giving His Wife to His Best Friend

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sam and Tabitha are married and they love each other and they make love regularly. But they also share their individual sexual fantasies and they find there's a mutual sexual fantasy centered around one of Sam's friends, Larry. And they decided for the first time to make a fantasy into one of their own secret realities.

Chapter 1

Sam loved Tabitha, his sexy wife of three years, with all of his being. He'd known her a couple of years before they'd gotten married and they were both blissfully happy being husband and wife. They hadn't decided to have any children yet but both Sam and Tabitha knew that was probably another chapter that lay somewhere out in their future together. Sam and Tabitha had become very hot sexy lovers with each other a year before they'd finally gotten married, but being "hitched" hadn't done anything to dampen their sexual desire and fucking with each other. Sam would often roll over on top of Tabitha in the mornings and fuck her to orgasm before he'd leave for work. Or he'd frequently wake in the middle of the night so horny he couldn't think of anything but sliding his hard horny cock into Tabitha's hot wet pussy and fucking her very lustily and hotly until they came together. And he'd often come home from work and take Tabitha by the hand and either fuck her there in the entryway of their home or possibly carry her to the bedroom and then ravish her sexually there in the middle of their bed.

Sam had a friend he worked with and who he'd known since their days together in school. Larry was a rather quiet sort of guy and didn't seem to associate much with women or date at all. One day at work, Sam had asked Larry if he ever went out on dates or anything of that sort and when Larry admitted that he really didn't, Sam mentioned that to his wife, Tabitha, that night. She and Sam talked about Larry a bit and they both acknowledged that although Larry was the rather quiet and reserved type of person, he was a very attractive young man, well-built and Tabitha even went so far as to tell Sam that she thought Larry was quite sexy and she'd even gotten off a few times by fingering her pussy during the day and imagining that she was having a secret illicit affair with Larry. That just got both Sam and Tabitha going because they enjoyed sharing their sexual fantasies with each other and really accentuating the hotness of their own little secret sexual dreams and then watching each other get turned on until they'd start playing with each other and eventually they'd get each other naked and then enjoy a hot lusty husband and wife fuck together while they continued their hot talk on the topic of whatever sexual fantasy they'd been discussing.

After Sam and Tabitha had been discussing Larry for awhile and they'd pursued the fact that Tabby found her husband's friend sexy enough that she'd fantasized about being fucked by him, Sam said, "Tabby, would you like to actually see if you can seduce Larry and get him to fuck you sometime?"

Tabitha felt her pussy clench when Sam voiced the possibility of letting her have sex with his high school friend and co-worker. She and Sam had never ventured outside their own walls for sex since they'd been married but they had both shared numerous sexual fantasies that had involved many people other than themselves. But this was the first time either of them had considered the possibility of actually engaging in sex with a third person.

"You mean actually seduce him, Sam, and have sex with him?" Tabitha asked as she felt her heart starting to race at the possibilities such an idea presented.

"Yeah, Tabby," Sam responded as he reached over, covering her full rounded left breast in his large firm hand as he diddled the perky nipple with his fingers and felt her breast press back against firmly against his exploring hand.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Sam, honey, I'd love to do it. I'd love to seduce your buddy Larry right here and you could hide there in the bedroom closet and watch me getting Larry's big hard cock slammed in my horny pussy. Would you enjoy seeing your own best friend doing your wife here in our marital bed, honey?" Tabitha asked as she reached up and began unfastening her husband's shirt and pulling it out from his jeans.

Before they even realized how turned on both of them were, Sam had himself and Tabitha half naked and he quickly was eating her pussy and then he slid his horny cock inside his sexy wife and was fucking her hotly as they both were breathing hard and yet talking about the scenario where Tabby would manage to seduce Larry and get him to fuck her. They'd see to it that Larry got his rocks off even if he wasn't aggressive enough to see to the task himself.

As Sam heartily fucked his large thick cock in and out of Tabby's hot tight cunt, she was panting, "Ohhhhhhhh, yes, baby, fuck me just like I'm going to get Larry to fuck me. Spew your cum inside me, baby, so I'm pregnant before Larry gets to shoot his jizz into my horny cunt, baby." Sam slammed his cock in and out over and over until he felt his nuts release and his hot sexy cum blasted deep inside his wife's horny unprotected young pussy. They'd both decided the time for a baby was approaching and this fuck was one of the first since Tabitha had quit taking her pills long enough to be open to his sperm getting her egg fertilized.

The next day, Sam made some pretense to Larry that he was going to be out of town overnight and he mentioned to Larry that Tabitha had some pictures that needed hanging and he wondered if Larry would mind helping her get them put up for about $50 in payment for his time and efforts. Larry readily agreed, and told Sam that the payment wouldn't be necessary, he'd be glad to help out for a couple of hours.

The next night when Larry showed up at Sam and Tabitha's new home, Tabby had decided to dress in a way that was sexy but not overtly so that she'd scare Larry off when he saw her. She'd put on a midriff-showing top and a pair of rather tight jeans that she knew would leave no question in his mind to the shape and roundedness of her figure. She wanted Larry to know that he was alone with a sexy woman and she hoped his own natural male sexuality would open the door for her seduction even before she made her first open move to get him to make love with her.

Tabitha and Larry hadn't been putting up the framed prints more than about 30 minutes, when Tabby decided to put her plan into action to seduce Larry and get him to fuck her in her own bedroom. She'd been trying to rub her body or have him "accidentally" touch her as they'd worked together to put the prints up on the wall. She'd worn some perfume that Sam always told her made him want to fuck whenever he smelled it on her and she hoped the same thoughts would come to Larry when he caught a whiff of it.

One time, Tabby had bent over right in front of Larry as she knew he was looking at her, hoping to give him a sexy look down the front of her top at the sexy lacy bra she'd put on to semi-hold her full round tits underneath her cropped top. She noticed, when she stood up again, that Larry had the beginnings of a very nice hardon in his pants so she felt confident that Larry was capable of being turned on sexually. She'd begun to wonder if he was gay and maybe that was why he never went out with any woman. Now, with the reaction she'd gotten from his peek down her top, she knew this man was the kind who appreciated a sexy woman's body.

Tabby got a bit bolder a few minutes later and when Larry was holding one of the prints up for her to help get it fixed in the right spot, she let her hand venture down on the jeans-clad muscular tightness of his firm ass. She loved the fact that he didn't move away from her physical touch and then Tabby decided it was time to kick her seduction into full speed ahead. She told him the next picture to be mounted was in her bedroom, and taking Larry by the hand, she led him to the very room where she planned to seduce him and fuck him. She knew that Sam was already hiding in the closet and could see them very easily through the ample louvers of the closet doors. She had even encouraged him to set up a video camera and catch her on video in the act of having sex with his buddy.

Instead of letting Larry help her put another print on the wall, however, when they got into the bedroom, Tabitha surprised the sexy young man by turning straight into his arms and pressing her shapely womanly body firmly up against his. She offered her lips for him to kiss while her full breasts pressed hard against Larry's muscular chest. She also ensured that her pussy mound was against Larry's hardening cock and when she felt Larry actually start kissing her, Tabitha felt her pussy grow even wetter than it already had been from her anticipation of getting naked with another man besides her own husband.

As she stood there close to Larry, kissing him, her hands ventured around to his ass, cupping both tight hard cheeks and then moved back from Larry's embrace and kneeled in front of him, quickly unzipping his jeans and she soon had them semi-opened and pulled down where his hard cock could jump out into the open when she allowed it freedom from his briefs and his jeans. Larry almost panicked as he realized that his buddy Sam's wife was actually exposing his hard cock and she was obviously intending to give him a blowjob. He had virtually no experience sexually and he really didn't know quite how to respond. Not knowing what to say or do, Larry just stood there and before he knew it, Tabby had his engorged hard cockhead in her hand and she began stroking him up and down. Then she took the head of his dick in her hot wet mouth and Larry couldn't believe how hot it felt having Tabby sucking on his hard dick and stroking him. He'd generally jacked himself off whenever he got horny, and he felt like he could almost cum in Tabby's mouth the instant she took his whole cockhead in her lips.

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