Giving His Wife to His Best Friend

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sam and Tabitha are married and they love each other and they make love regularly. But they also share their individual sexual fantasies and they find there's a mutual sexual fantasy centered around one of Sam's friends, Larry. And they decided for the first time to make a fantasy into one of their own secret realities.

Chapter 1

Sam loved Tabitha, his sexy wife of three years, with all of his being. He'd known her a couple of years before they'd gotten married and they were both blissfully happy being husband and wife. They hadn't decided to have any children yet but both Sam and Tabitha knew that was probably another chapter that lay somewhere out in their future together. Sam and Tabitha had become very hot sexy lovers with each other a year before they'd finally gotten married, but being "hitched" hadn't done anything to dampen their sexual desire and fucking with each other. Sam would often roll over on top of Tabitha in the mornings and fuck her to orgasm before he'd leave for work. Or he'd frequently wake in the middle of the night so horny he couldn't think of anything but sliding his hard horny cock into Tabitha's hot wet pussy and fucking her very lustily and hotly until they came together. And he'd often come home from work and take Tabitha by the hand and either fuck her there in the entryway of their home or possibly carry her to the bedroom and then ravish her sexually there in the middle of their bed.

Sam had a friend he worked with and who he'd known since their days together in school. Larry was a rather quiet sort of guy and didn't seem to associate much with women or date at all. One day at work, Sam had asked Larry if he ever went out on dates or anything of that sort and when Larry admitted that he really didn't, Sam mentioned that to his wife, Tabitha, that night. She and Sam talked about Larry a bit and they both acknowledged that although Larry was the rather quiet and reserved type of person, he was a very attractive young man, well-built and Tabitha even went so far as to tell Sam that she thought Larry was quite sexy and she'd even gotten off a few times by fingering her pussy during the day and imagining that she was having a secret illicit affair with Larry. That just got both Sam and Tabitha going because they enjoyed sharing their sexual fantasies with each other and really accentuating the hotness of their own little secret sexual dreams and then watching each other get turned on until they'd start playing with each other and eventually they'd get each other naked and then enjoy a hot lusty husband and wife fuck together while they continued their hot talk on the topic of whatever sexual fantasy they'd been discussing.

After Sam and Tabitha had been discussing Larry for awhile and they'd pursued the fact that Tabby found her husband's friend sexy enough that she'd fantasized about being fucked by him, Sam said, "Tabby, would you like to actually see if you can seduce Larry and get him to fuck you sometime?"

Tabitha felt her pussy clench when Sam voiced the possibility of letting her have sex with his high school friend and co-worker. She and Sam had never ventured outside their own walls for sex since they'd been married but they had both shared numerous sexual fantasies that had involved many people other than themselves. But this was the first time either of them had considered the possibility of actually engaging in sex with a third person.

"You mean actually seduce him, Sam, and have sex with him?" Tabitha asked as she felt her heart starting to race at the possibilities such an idea presented.

"Yeah, Tabby," Sam responded as he reached over, covering her full rounded left breast in his large firm hand as he diddled the perky nipple with his fingers and felt her breast press back against firmly against his exploring hand.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Sam, honey, I'd love to do it. I'd love to seduce your buddy Larry right here and you could hide there in the bedroom closet and watch me getting Larry's big hard cock slammed in my horny pussy. Would you enjoy seeing your own best friend doing your wife here in our marital bed, honey?" Tabitha asked as she reached up and began unfastening her husband's shirt and pulling it out from his jeans.

Before they even realized how turned on both of them were, Sam had himself and Tabitha half naked and he quickly was eating her pussy and then he slid his horny cock inside his sexy wife and was fucking her hotly as they both were breathing hard and yet talking about the scenario where Tabby would manage to seduce Larry and get him to fuck her. They'd see to it that Larry got his rocks off even if he wasn't aggressive enough to see to the task himself.

As Sam heartily fucked his large thick cock in and out of Tabby's hot tight cunt, she was panting, "Ohhhhhhhh, yes, baby, fuck me just like I'm going to get Larry to fuck me. Spew your cum inside me, baby, so I'm pregnant before Larry gets to shoot his jizz into my horny cunt, baby." Sam slammed his cock in and out over and over until he felt his nuts release and his hot sexy cum blasted deep inside his wife's horny unprotected young pussy. They'd both decided the time for a baby was approaching and this fuck was one of the first since Tabitha had quit taking her pills long enough to be open to his sperm getting her egg fertilized.

The next day, Sam made some pretense to Larry that he was going to be out of town overnight and he mentioned to Larry that Tabitha had some pictures that needed hanging and he wondered if Larry would mind helping her get them put up for about $50 in payment for his time and efforts. Larry readily agreed, and told Sam that the payment wouldn't be necessary, he'd be glad to help out for a couple of hours.

The next night when Larry showed up at Sam and Tabitha's new home, Tabby had decided to dress in a way that was sexy but not overtly so that she'd scare Larry off when he saw her. She'd put on a midriff-showing top and a pair of rather tight jeans that she knew would leave no question in his mind to the shape and roundedness of her figure. She wanted Larry to know that he was alone with a sexy woman and she hoped his own natural male sexuality would open the door for her seduction even before she made her first open move to get him to make love with her.

Tabitha and Larry hadn't been putting up the framed prints more than about 30 minutes, when Tabby decided to put her plan into action to seduce Larry and get him to fuck her in her own bedroom. She'd been trying to rub her body or have him "accidentally" touch her as they'd worked together to put the prints up on the wall. She'd worn some perfume that Sam always told her made him want to fuck whenever he smelled it on her and she hoped the same thoughts would come to Larry when he caught a whiff of it.

One time, Tabby had bent over right in front of Larry as she knew he was looking at her, hoping to give him a sexy look down the front of her top at the sexy lacy bra she'd put on to semi-hold her full round tits underneath her cropped top. She noticed, when she stood up again, that Larry had the beginnings of a very nice hardon in his pants so she felt confident that Larry was capable of being turned on sexually. She'd begun to wonder if he was gay and maybe that was why he never went out with any woman. Now, with the reaction she'd gotten from his peek down her top, she knew this man was the kind who appreciated a sexy woman's body.

Tabby got a bit bolder a few minutes later and when Larry was holding one of the prints up for her to help get it fixed in the right spot, she let her hand venture down on the jeans-clad muscular tightness of his firm ass. She loved the fact that he didn't move away from her physical touch and then Tabby decided it was time to kick her seduction into full speed ahead. She told him the next picture to be mounted was in her bedroom, and taking Larry by the hand, she led him to the very room where she planned to seduce him and fuck him. She knew that Sam was already hiding in the closet and could see them very easily through the ample louvers of the closet doors. She had even encouraged him to set up a video camera and catch her on video in the act of having sex with his buddy.

Instead of letting Larry help her put another print on the wall, however, when they got into the bedroom, Tabitha surprised the sexy young man by turning straight into his arms and pressing her shapely womanly body firmly up against his. She offered her lips for him to kiss while her full breasts pressed hard against Larry's muscular chest. She also ensured that her pussy mound was against Larry's hardening cock and when she felt Larry actually start kissing her, Tabitha felt her pussy grow even wetter than it already had been from her anticipation of getting naked with another man besides her own husband.

As she stood there close to Larry, kissing him, her hands ventured around to his ass, cupping both tight hard cheeks and then moved back from Larry's embrace and kneeled in front of him, quickly unzipping his jeans and she soon had them semi-opened and pulled down where his hard cock could jump out into the open when she allowed it freedom from his briefs and his jeans. Larry almost panicked as he realized that his buddy Sam's wife was actually exposing his hard cock and she was obviously intending to give him a blowjob. He had virtually no experience sexually and he really didn't know quite how to respond. Not knowing what to say or do, Larry just stood there and before he knew it, Tabby had his engorged hard cockhead in her hand and she began stroking him up and down. Then she took the head of his dick in her hot wet mouth and Larry couldn't believe how hot it felt having Tabby sucking on his hard dick and stroking him. He'd generally jacked himself off whenever he got horny, and he felt like he could almost cum in Tabby's mouth the instant she took his whole cockhead in her lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," was all Tabby could say with her mouth full of Larry's large thick cock but his cock felt so good in her lips and she could almost taste the beginning of his pre-cum bubbling out of his juice hole as soon as she started blowing him. In the closet, Sam was hardly believing how sexy and very erotic it was watching his sexy young wife Tabitha taking his buddy's cock in her mouth and stroking him as though she wanted his cumload in her mouth. Tabitha had never dealt with a man like Larry who had very little sexual experience with women and she didn't know how far she could go in foreplay before she needed to move onto the next level. As she continued to suck and stroke Larry's horny dick, she lost herself in the hotness of actually sucking another man's hard dick. She was loving it. Inside the closet, Sam had been standing there in only his briefs and T-shirt but when he saw how sexy it was having Tabby getting it on with Larry, Sam had slid his hand down inside his briefs and was stroking his own hard cock while he watched the horny couple together there in his own bedroom.

Then, Tabby started moving her mouth up and down on Larry's hard engorged cock and she was caressing and rubbing his balls, but before she realized it, she'd gone too far. Larry wasn't at all used to having his cock sucked and he wasn't used to being with a woman as sexy as Tabitha. She'd taken him much farther than he was used to going, and just as she'd decided to stand up and start getting both of them undressed, Larry felt his nuts let go, and he moaned loudly and his hands moved down onto Tabby's head as she felt the first blast of Larry's sexy hot cum explode into her sucking mouth. Tabby wanted to cry as she realized that she'd brought Larry off with sucking his cock when she'd intended to get him in the middle of the bed and have his cock inside her pussy, fucking her hotly. But, she knew this was just "Cum #1" and she caught up with Larry's spasming cock and swallowed every single drop of his hot thick cum as it spurted from his juice hole into her waiting throat. Tabby determined to show Larry a really good time, and she hoped he loved having his cock sucked off by a woman. She sucked every single drop of his jism, and then when Larry began to apologize for cumming in her mouth, Tabby was already stroking his cock and licking him clean of his sperm while she got him aroused and ready to move onto the "main event". She was so horny to fuck Larry now that she could hardly stand it and she almost thought she could hear Sam in the closet stroking his own cock from watching her bring Larry off.

Chapter 2

Sam had been quietly watching his hot sexy wife Tabitha and his friend Larry getting it on there in his master bedroom. Sam had been standing there with only his briefs on and as soon as Tabby and Larry started getting really into their encounter, Sam let his hand venture down to his crotch and he began massaging and rubbing his very hard cock. He'd never imagined how hot and erotic it would be to actually see his wife, Tabitha, having sex with another man. He didn't think Tabitha had intended to actually make Larry cum by blowing his cock, but he noticed that she'd handled it when he started cumming in her mouth very well. As Sam stood there in the closet, jacking his horny engorged cock up and down, he watched Tabby lick Larry's cock clean from his cum and her saliva and then she motioned for him to move over onto the nearby bed where he and Tabitha slept and made love themselves.

As soon as Tabitha got Larry all cleaned up after her bringing him off with the hotness of her mouth sucking on his horny cock, Tabitha was determined to move on to what she'd intended to start with -- she planned to fuck Larry and she knew Sam was going to enjoy this from his secret viewing spot.

Tabitha stood in front of Larry, and she took both of his hands and slid them up underneath the material of her cropped top, placing both hands over her bra-encased tits. She knew that Sam loved her mature rounded body, her full breasts, her nicely rounded ass and all that went together to make her the sexy woman that she was. She felt sure that Larry would respond in a similar fashion. "Ohhhhhhh, yeah, feel me up, Larry, feel my hot horny breasts and make me hot for you, baby," Tabby moaned as she loved the feel of a sexy man's hot firm hands on her breasts. Then, she reached down, feeling and seeing Larry's hardon jutting up from his groin as her full tits had gotten him fully aroused again. Tabby reached down between them, wrapping her hand around Larry's cock and jacking him but she was determined that this time he was going to fuck her. She knew Sam was in that closet behind them getting his eyes full and she loved that.

Tabby stood back from Larry, reached down and pulled her top off over her head, and then she moved down, unfastening and unzipping her jeans and quickly pulling them off her body as well. Standing there in front of Larry in only her bra and nothing else (she hadn't worn any panties), she reached behind her back, undid her bra's clasp and then shrugged the bra off as well. Then, Tabby took Larry by the hand, and led him over to the bed where she lay down on her back, spreading her legs and inviting him with her body language to join her and enjoy a hot lusty fuck there with her.

"Come over here, and fuck me, Larry," Tabitha said as she reached up, cupping both her full breasts and tweaking her own nipples. She hoped he loved the sight of her naked body waiting there for him to have and enjoy. She loved the view of Larry's large cock, fully hard again and very visibly jutting from his crotch. It made her mouth water, thinking of the hot cum shooting from his cock earlier when she'd sucked him off. Now she wanted that big hard dick inside her horny pussy.

Larry had really warmed to Tabitha's unexpected seduction with him and now that he'd actually felt her give him a blowjob and she'd swallowed his cum load, he was more than receptive to her sexual advances for him to make love to her. He'd been secretly admiring Tabby for some time and now here he was with a hardon and Tabby lying naked in front of him, begging him to slide his hard cock into her pussy and fuck her. Larry hesitated for just a moment, relishing the fantasy/reality of seeing his buddy Sam's wife there naked and offering himself to him. Then, feeling a burning desire to join Tabby in the bed and fuck her, Larry walked over to the side of the bed, leaned over and kissed Tabby's pretty full lips while he let his hand slide down onto her right breast and he caressed the nipple and felt how hard it was under his fingers.

"mmmmmmm, your breasts feel and look so good, Tabby," Larry said as he climbed up on the bed to join Tabby and he wanted to slide his face down between her legs and lick her pussy but more than anything, he wanted to stick his horny cock inside this sexy young wife's cunt and fuck her. Larry moved over on top of Tabitha and he gently urged her legs further apart so he could move in between them and gain access to her waiting hot pussy. Larry wrapped his hand around his long hard aroused dick, and then he rubbed the full hard head of his cock in Tabby's very swollen and aroused pussy before he aimed the head straight in between the lips of her wet cunt. When Tabby felt the head of Larry's cock finally touching her pussy it was almost more than she could do to be patient and allow him to mount her. She wanted this horny guy's cock inside her pussy and she didn't want to wait any longer.

"Fuck me, Larry, you've never felt anything as hot as my pussy will be on your dick. Fuck me now, baby," Tabby said as she looked up into Larry's eyes, encouraging him to take her. Larry let his cock sit there at the mouth of Tabby's horny pussy, and then he started pushing his ass forward, feeling her hot pussy lips allowing his cock to spread them and begin entering her waiting pussy.

Sam, in his close hiding place, couldn't believe how hot and intense the sexual tension was in the room. He was actually watching Larry just about to mount his own wife and slide his hard cock inside her pussy. Sam had his hand wrapped firmly around his thick hard cock and he was steadily stroking his hardon as he felt almost like he was holding his breath as he waited for his sexy wife, Tabitha, to actually take another man's big cock inside her pussy for the very first time. "ohhhhhhh, fucking hot, so fucking hot," Sam moaned and whispered under his breath as he began to jerk his cock more and more strongly.

Larry loved the hot tight feel of Tabby's pussy as he began pushing his cock into her body. He loved how wet and hot her pussy was on the head of his cock and he could feel her tightness grasping him as he pushed his ass forward, pressing his cock more and more deeply inside her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned and then he felt Tabby pushing her ass up from the bed to meet his downward stroke. That did it for Larry. He slammed his cock fully up inside Tabby's pussy and then, reversing his movement, began pulling his hard wet cock back out again. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, Tabby, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah," Larry moaned and he leaned over, kissing and pulling Tabby's hard left nipple into his lips as he let his ass go into automatic fucking mode and began driving his dick in and out of the sexy woman's body.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah, fuck me, Larry, fuck me," Tabby moaned and she loved his hot lips on her nipple as she began drilling her hot tight cunt with his hard dick. Sam was stroking himself even more quickly inside the closet as he watched Larry with his cock buried inside Tabby's hot pussy and before he knew it, Sam felt his cock spurting his hot thick cum against the inside of the closet door. It was all he could do to keep from moaning out loud.

Larry really picked up the rhythm of his fucking motions in and out of Tabby's tight wet cunt and Tabby was fucking with him, both of them quickly in synch with each other. Then, Tabby felt her first orgasm arrive, and she moaned to Larry that she was cumming. She felt hot explosions of sexual release move over her body and then Larry really began slamming his hard cock in and out of her pussy and within only a couple of minutes, he slammed his cock fully into Tabby's hot tight cunt and kept it there as he felt his jism filling the inside of Tabby's pussy.

And the night was only beginning for all three of the people in the room at that moment.

Chapter 3

Larry had just finished drilling Tabitha's pussy good there on her and Sam's bed while her husband Sam had stood secretly inside the nearby closet and brought himself off with his hand while he watched the hotness of his wife being fucked by his best friend, Larry. Sam stood there inside the closet, wondering now what Larry and Tabby would do since he'd just fucked her good. He wasn't surprised when Tabitha got up from the bed where Larry had fucked her and she immediately took his cock in her hand and began licking and sucking on his big cock. He could tell that his wife really had enjoyed her illicit fuck she'd just had with Larry and she seemed intent on having some more hot action with Larry before the evening came to an end. Sam jealously wondered how much of the fuck Tabitha had just enjoyed was because she knew he was there in the closet watching while she was getting it on with Larry. Almost as though she could have her cake and eat it too -- fucking one of his best friends and while Sam was watching, it was like he wasn't there watching. Sam laughed inwardly at the fucking complexity of this whole setup but he knew that it had been totally erotic for him to watch. Nothing like having your very own personal porn flick unfolding right there in your very bedroom.

Sam wondered just what Tabitha would do next with Larry. They'd talked plenty about their joint fantasy of having her fuck and suck Larry, but they hadn't discussed any detailed scenario so that Sam would actually know what was coming next. He liked that because that really made it as though he was watching a porn flick unfolding right there in front of his very eyes. Sam could probably predict what Tabby would do - but he realized that he wouldn't know anything for sure until he saw Tabby actually doing it with Larry.

When Larry had finished fucking Tabitha, she let him pull his big cock out of her pussy and then she got up from the bed, and motioned for Larry to sit down there on the edge. Tabitha bent over Larry's lap, reaching down and taking his semi-aroused cock in her hand and she held the head of his dick where she could lick it clean and take his cockhead into her mouth. Tabitha wasn't giving Larry any rest. If he was going to have sex with a hot horny woman like her, he was going to have to keep up with her as well. Tabitha stroked Larry's cock up and down as she licked his dickhead and when she had him fully hard and aroused again, she swung his legs up onto the bed and she motioned for him to get himself comfortable. Tabitha was ready to fuck again and she wanted to be in the rider's seat this time around.

"Fuck, Tabby, you're sure one hot horny woman," Larry said as he couldn't believe that she was ready to go again. He was loving it but he'd never had this much sexual attention from any woman in his whole life. Larry actually reached down to his crotch, took his cock in his hand and stroked himself up and down a few times to tantalize Tabby as she climbed up on the bed to join him again. She quickly moved up over him and she leaned over to kiss Larry's dick on the head, and then she scooted on up over his body, sitting up on her knees as she took the shaft of his cock and rubbed the engorged head a few times up and down the very wet swollen lips of her pussy. She loved to fuck and she had quickly found out that she was also quite an exhibitionist. She had never realized how arousing and sexually exciting it would be fucking a man and knowing that her husband Sam was secretly watching it all take place. That was taking Tabitha's sexual hunger much much higher than she'd ever have predicted.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, you're pretty hot yourself, Larry," Tabby moaned as she felt his big dickhead rubbing hotly against the wetness of her horny pussy. She wasn't sure how many times she'd be able to get Larry to fuck her but she knew that she could take as much hard cock as he could give her.

Tabitha sat up over Larry's engorged cock jutting up from his groin, held the long thick shaft directly under her pussy and then she began lowering herself onto her husband's friend's cock. As Larry's hard erection began to spread Tabitha's hot pussy, and it began to slide up inside her, filling her tightly, Tabby moaned as she allowed her body to slide gradually downward onto the large penetrating shaft. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, take me, baby, take me and fuck me, Larrrrrrrrrryyyyyy," Tabitha moaned and she suddenly felt Larry's huge thick cock bottom out in the top of her pussy and her wet pussy lips touched his belly as they were totally joined by her pussy engulfing his cock.

In the closet behind where his wife and friend were copulating again, Sam was stroking his cock that had quickly grown hard as well and he was excited that he was actually going to see Tabitha riding Larry's cock on the top. He knew she loved to ride up and down on his dick, but Sam had never had the chance to see her in action, fucking another man in that position. Sam loved what he was seeing as he'd watched Tabitha climb on top of Larry and then she'd mounted his big dick by placing the head of the cock at her pussy and then settling downward on top of his huge hardon. Sam kept his hand firmly wrapped around his own erection and as he watched Tabby settle into a very lusty sexy fuck with his friend, his fist started moving up and down on the entire length of his dick. Sam knew without looking that his cock was leaking pre-cum out of his juice hole and it made him think of how much Tabby loved to lick his cock when he was aroused and his cock started leaking juices.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, oh yeah, you've got such a fucking big dick, Larry," Tabby moaned as she quickly felt Larry's cock growing wet from her juices and the cum he'd already spurted inside her that night. Now all that sperm was coating his dick as she rode him along with her own copious pussy wetness. She was so fucking hot and turned on that she knew her own moistness would have been plenty even if Larry hadn't already fucked her good. Tabby quickly picked up the smooth up and down motions of riding Larry's cock. She loved doing Sam while she was on top and now that she had another man's dick buried inside her, she found out that she just plain loved to be on top and in control of the fuck.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," Tabby moaned as she used her strong leg and thigh muscles to piston herself up and down over the length of Larry's cock that was filling and emptying from her pussy as she made each up and down trip. She loved to be fucked and she loved to fuck a man. And she was truly fucking Larry at the moment. Tabby picked up the rhythm even more and she quickly had Larry panting and moaning as well as she clamped her pussy down tightly around his cock and it was almost as though she was jacking him off with the firmness of her pussy clasping his big hard cock. "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, baby, let me do you, let me do you up good," Tabby moaned and she began riding Larry as hard and fast as any man ever fucked a woman.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, baby, oh yeah," Larry moaned as he let Tabby totally control their coupling and then he moaned that he was going to shoot off, and Tabby kept writhing up and down on Larry as she could tell by his moans that he was cumming inside her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm fucking cumming, girl," Larry moaned and then he felt his balls ejaculating his cum load deep into Tabby's hot pussy.

Tabby continued to ride up and down on Larry's cock as she teased and pulled on her nipples and caressed her large full breasts. Finally, she brought herself off as well, and Tabby collapsed forward onto Larry's bare chest, as her orgasm exploded in her pussy, totally wiping her out. She couldn't believe how hot it was to fuck another man besides just Sam, and she hoped he'd let her do this again soon.

In the closet, Sam was powerfully stroking his hard cock and he knew he'd be challenged to keep from shooting off himself if he kept up jacking himself while he watched Tabitha and Larry in action.

Chapter 4

What would Tabitha come up with next to do with Larry, Sam wondered as he stood there watching Tabby riding up and down on Larry's hard dick. He'd never imagined that Tabby would turn out to be quite so hot together with his best friend in bed. The mere realization that Tabby could be capable of a lot of hot kinky sexual things that he'd never imagined made Sam grow even harder than he already had been.

Then he heard Tabby talking to Larry, telling him what she wanted him to try with her next. "Larry, I love to be fucked from behind doggy style. Mmmmmmmm, oh man, that makes me so fucking hot when Sam does me from that position. Would you do me that way right now?" Tabby asked as she leaned down to stroke Larry's cock back into full hardness after their most recent fuck together.

That really got Sam going. He did enjoy mounting his sexy young wife from behind and really pounding her hot tight pussy like a horny thoroughbred stallion mating with a mare in heat. Call it "doggy" or call it "Kentucky horse breeding" position -- he didn't care but it was a very sexy way to fuck. Sam was stroking his cock firmly and more quickly now as he anticipated watching Larry sliding his horny dick into Tabitha from behind and nailing her that way. He hoped he could hold out long enough to watch them start fucking before he started shooting his own load of cum.

Larry was really warming to this new experience of having a sexy woman wanting to fuck him not once but several times. He hoped he could keep up with Tabitha and he'd do his very best. Larry held his hard swollen cock in his right hand, and using his left hand to hold Tabby stable in front of him as he mounted her, he pushed his ass forward, feeling the head of his cock begin spreading Tabby's wet pussy lips as his cock slid smoothly inside her well-fucked pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah," Larry moaned as he felt his cock being tightly taken inside of Tabby's hot tight cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm," Larry moaned as he felt his large nuts smack hotly against Tabitha's body and then he began pulling his cock out of her cunt and settling into a nice rhythmic fuck with his good friend Sam's horny young wife.

Larry reached up, taking Tabby securely at the waist and he began to slide his entire dick in and out of her pussy, ensuring that the head of his cock remained inside the lips of her cunt on each outward stroke before he began shoving his cock firmly back inside her again. Larry leaned back slightly as he continued to pound his large hard dick in and out of Tabby's tight pussy and he loved the erotic view of his big wet cock smoothly pistoning into the sexy woman's horny pussy. He began to really pound his cock in and out more quickly and he loved it when the fucking he was giving Tabby became so intense that she actually bent her head further over and elevated her pussy slightly to give him an even better angle for driving his horny cock in and out of her cunt. Tabby's moans became louder and more intense as she felt Larry driving her straight over the edge into another powerful explosive orgasm.

As Larry rode his hard dick in and out of Tabby's wet hot cunt, he leaned further forward, letting go of her waist and he fully cupped both of her firm large rounded breasts as they dangled hotly underneath her chest. Both nipples were hard and erect and Larry diddled them both as he squeezed and caressed Tabby's awesome titties. Holding her firmly by both tits, Larry really began pounding her horny pussy. She began cumming again with his cock driving in and out, and as he knew it wouldn't be long until he shot his cum wad inside his horny lover, Larry tried to keep from cumming as long as he could to prolong the hotness of their fuck together.

Sam, standing still inside the closet secretly, watched Larry as he really pounded his cock into his wife, Tabitha. Sam's dick was as hard as he'd felt it all day long and he wrapped his hand around the thick hardness and stroked himself as he watched Larry move up behind Tabby and then mount her and begin fucking her from behind. Sam knew that he'd really discovered something that was even hotter than watching porn flicks -- standing there inside the closet and watching Tabby get her pussy royally fucked in one position after another was as hot as anything he'd ever seen on a porn film. And, he knew that at the end of the evening, he was going to get the chance of sliding his hard dick inside Tabby's very much fucked pussy and burying his dick in her until he added his sperm to the cum already shot in there by Larry. Sam kept stroking his meat and he could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching as he listened to the hot lusty sounds both Larry and Tabby were making as they rutted together.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah, baby, fuck me and fuck me hard, Larry," Tabitha moaned as she felt how hard and deep Larry was driving his cock into her pussy. Tabby's tits were jiggling wildly whenever Larry wasn't holding them in his firm muscular hands and she was loving how uncontrolled Larry seemed to be now that he'd learned how to give her his cock from behind. Then, Tabby exploded once again in orgasm and within only seconds, Larry moaned that he was going to cum too. He suddenly stopped moving, his cock fully buried inside Tabby's cunt, and his nuts began to pump one hot glob of cum into her pussy after another.

As Larry felt his nuts continue to spurt jism into Sam's wife's cunt, Sam let himself go and he really stroked his dick up and down until he felt his own orgasm arrive and he held his hand in front of his spasming dick as the hot globs of cum shot from his juice hole, quickly filling his hand and then his own hot jism started dribbling off onto the closet floor below him.

Chapter 5

Larry had just finished fucking Tabitha from the rear doggy style and that last fuck had about done it for him. Not having been a very active sexual athlete before that night, the number of fucks he and Tabby shared had been way beyond his normal and the last one had really taken it out of him. So, after he'd spurted his cumload deep inside Tabby's wet pussy, Larry pulled out and kissed Tabby goodbye before he cleaned his cock off with a Kleenex and got his clothes on to head home. Tabby laid there on the bed, stroking the wet cum-soaked lips of her hot just-fucked pussy as she watched Larry getting dressed to leave and she knew that one of the hottest parts of her evening was yet to come (and to cum too she knew).

Not wanting to ruin the possibility of having Larry back for another secretly observed fuck session with his wife, Sam remained in the closet where he'd quietly watched everything that had gone on between Tabby and Larry until his friend had actually gone out the front door. Then, Sam opened the closet door and walked out into the bedroom, his cock totally hard and jutting up at a sharp angle from his groin as he could hardly wait to get "sloppy seconds" from Larry.

"Oh man, Tabby, you really fucked the daylights out of Larry, didn't you?" Sam asked in a rhetorical question as they both knew she'd just given Larry the fuck experience of his entire life.

"Mmmmmmmm, you bet, honey, and now I'm ready for my very patient and very horny and very sexy husband to come up here on the bed with me and give me his big cock inside this cum-filled pussy of mine," Tabby said as she lay there on her back naked, her hand stroking up and down over her sensitive clit. She knew her hot wet pussy wasn't only wet from her sexual arousal and all the hotness that fucking Larry had caused; her pussy was also filled with Larry's jism that he's blasted inside her pussy every single time she'd fucked him until he orgasmed. Her pussy was not only going to give Sam "sloppy seconds" but a whole lot more of sloppy cum left behind by his wife and Larry's sexy hot couplings.

Sam stood there at the foot of his and Tabby's bed, instantly feeling his cock growing very hard as he quickly replayed in his mind all the sexy scenes he'd seen acted out for real there between her and Larry in the preceding hours. Now he and his sexy young wife Tabitha had their chance and he knew they'd fuck each other to death.

When he couldn't wait any longer, Sam climbed up on the bed to join his naked wife lying there where she'd just spent the entire evening fucking with their mutual friend, Larry. He wanted her creampie, but Sam restrained himself from leaning down and sucking Larry's cum from Tabby's pussy to eat her and bring her off. Instead, tonight he wanted to feel his hard dick fucking in and out of his wife's sopping pussy, wet not only with all the juices from her being so turned on and horny to fuck, but all the hot sexy thick white semen that Larry had blasted into Tabby's tight young pussy from their multiple copulations together. Sam couldn't wait to feel all that jism coating his cock as he fucked daylights out of Tabitha.

Sam crawled up over Tabby's reclined body, and then with his cock jutting sharply out from his groin, he took the shaft of his dick in his hand and began stroking the swollen head up and down over the very swollen and full lips of Tabby's pussy, coated with his buddy's cum and he could clearly see Larry's sperm seeping from between his horny bride's cunt lips.

Sam loved how hot and gorgeous Tabby looked lying there under him, waiting for him to come inside her and fuck her again. She'd been well fucked that night, for sure, but now she wanted to feel the hard cock of her man, her hubby, the man she loved more than anything inside her, reaming her pussy out royally.

Sam moved quickly into position and slid the head of his cock into Tabby's pussy, feeling the hot wetness of her body and his buddy's seed there. He bucked his hips forward, and Tabby's pussy smoothly and snugly accepted her husband's cock into her body and Sam was nearly overwhelmed at the incredibly hot wetness of feeling his wife's pussy and his friend Larry's cum there inside her body. Sam whammed his cock as deep inside Tabby's pussy as it would go and he loved how very wet and lubricated her pussy felt with her cunt pumped full of jism. Sam leaned over, licking and sucking on both of Tabby's nipples, licking them and making her moan as he started driving his cock in and out of her horny wet cunt as quickly and as powerfully as he could manage. This was going to be one of the most extraordinary quickies he'd ever had with Tabby and he knew he'd fuck her again in only a few minutes after he orgasmed inside her.

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