Light of Experience

by Esu

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Collection of random female fantasies, that could go anywhere!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and unintentional. The characters and situations portrayed are pure fantasy; the author is keen to state that in reality adult sexuality should remain only in the adult world. Please do not allow or cause this story to fall in to the hands of minors.

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Experience 1

It was a dark and miserable evening as she returned from work. The bus had not turned up and now she was having to walk home in the rain. She gave a sigh of relief as she inserted the key in the lock and opened the door. After turning on the lights and putting the fire on full blast, she went into the kitchen, poured herself a stiff drink and then settled down into her favourite chair before she flicked through the channels on the box.

Her mind wandered through the events of the day. From the time she had got in to work that morning to the time she left and fell foul to the horrid weather conditions. Mr. Barnes had been screaming for the figures, which he had given her till tomorrow to do. Lucky she was efficient - they had been done yesterday. 'Was Tina really going to get married again after two failures already?' She mused about her marriage; 'it was good and still going strong. It was true what they said absence does make the heart fonder.' With Jim away so much they only made love two or three nights a week, making each time special. Taking a sip of wine she sighed and turned off the TV. Boring, nothing on, now what should she do. Absentmindedly her hand stroked her breast, pulling and tweaking at her nipple through her blouse. She sighed in frustration, no way would Jim be home tonight.

She started to fantasize. Something that she seemed to be doing more of, as she got older.

In her mind, the doorbell rang, 'who on earth would be calling on her tonight?' On opening the door she was greeted by a stranger - a young handsome guy.

"I was passing by when I felt your emotions so I've decided to do something about them" he said as he brushed past her into the room. She wondered who he was and what on earth he meant, but she had no time for further thought. He swiftly picked her up and carried her back into the lounge.

He laid her gently on the floor and started stroking her face and body. She responded to his touch by stretching out her legs and feeling the hard lump between his. With no further talk he unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her breasts. He stroked her small, pert rounded breasts making them swell as the blood rushed to the rosy cherries. He started gently squeezing the tips gradually increasing the pressure as they grew firm and hard between his fingertips. He replaced his hands with his tongue lapping her nipple grasped between his teeth. This increased the feelings that were beginning to stir between her legs. Her muscles beginning to clench and relax both internally and externally. She felt the moisture gushing from her vagina. His tongue moved gently down her supple frame into the pooled moisture lapping it up. This made her muscles tighten even more and start pulsing. His tongue lapped at the rim of her cunt and then he started gently chewing her lips. He moved his tongue to her clit making her cry out in a state of delirious excitement.

She leaned forward and undid his trousers. She gently slipped them down his legs and his manhood sprang to life in front of her eyes. Underneath was the most amazing set of balls that she had ever seen. She licked at them furiously and then sucked hard, separating them with her tongue and sliding them simultaneously into her mouth. He began to groan and shudder.

He broke away from her passionate embrace and gently guided his cock into her. She gasped as it passed her G-spot, feeling it rise until she was so full that she couldn't take anymore. He moved back and forth slowly. Her passions rose as they locked in a lover's embrace.

Her body spasmed more and more. It was too intense, no way could she make this last as long as she wanted. The feelings were getting stronger and stronger, much more urgent. Surely she couldn't put her body through this and survive. A deep sensation burned from the centre of her womb and rising in a climatic roar burst down her entire body.

The young guy smiled, winked once and left the house.

She rose, locked the door and went to bed.

Experience 2

She woke up feeling deliriously happy. With a swing in her step she walked towards the bus stop. Yesterday's rain had completely dried off the pavement and it was a beautiful sunny day. She positively beamed at the driver as she handed him her fare. Mr. Barnes was his usual moody self but she could put up with his moans and groans -- nothing was going to get her feelings down today.

She turned on her PC, checked the mail and settled into her daily routine. Jill passed her desk gossiping excitedly about her latest affair and they arranged to meet at lunchtime down at the pub to chat later.

The phone rang; there was another crisis - 'why couldn't anyone else sort it out? It was always her.' She rang a few people, pulled a few strings and the dilemma was solved! At least time passed quickly and it was soon lunchtime.

At the bar, Jill ordered the drinks and brought them over to the table. After being filled in on Jill's affair, the talk turned to sex. Jill was amazed that she had never had sex with another female before and promptly told her that she should experience it with her!

She mused over the idea, wondering if in reality she could ever manage to pluck up courage to do it.

'Oh, what the hell' she thought, 'I'll try anything once.'

Jill went to the loo - she followed.

The door slammed behind them. Simultaneously they hugged in a passionate embrace, lustfully moulding their bodies together - lips touching lips - tongues caressing.

Slowly they removed each other's clothes until their bodies were bare. She shivered - never having been with another woman before.

Jill moved her tongue along her body; slowly encircling her breasts. Tonguing around the dark circles -- Jill gently licked her rosebuds. She breathlessly responded, as she discovered her delight in appreciating the finer details of her own sex - she was in heaven.

Slowly the tongue moved down her body, caressing and licking her smooth skin. She was amazed at her responses and her feelings, which came with this high state of arousal. She had never experienced such wild longings of passion before.

Jill's tongue circled her tummy, licking her button - her body responded with a shudder of pleasure.

Jill's tongue moved downwards gently licking her lips and moved up finding her clit - sucking the hardened dome, which was growing in size. She shuddered and moaned, not believing the experience her body was receiving. Jill deftly moved her tongue sucking, licking her lips - she was in the thongs of ecstasy as her muscles responded violently to the first of her many climaxes.

She collapsed on the floor.

After discovering this new delight, she didn't want it to end!

She turned to Jill, rose to her knees and tasted Jill's wetness. She placed her tongue under Jill's clit and furiously wagged it back and forth. Jill cried out in delight and held her head closer to her body. She moved her tongue towards Jill's valley of pleasure and licked the swollen sides. She felt Jill's muscles throb and throb excitedly as she reached her climatic peak.

They both collapsed on the floor.

Jill's voice jolted her back to reality.

"A penny for your thoughts?"

Experience 3

It was a long journey and she had toyed with the idea of taking the car, but finally the train won. She sat down and studied the other occupants of the carriage. An old lady sat in the corner reading yesterday's paper avidly. She wondered why she looked so sad, but it was no concern of hers. A young couple sat nearby, they only had eyes for each other. 'Not a lot of action here' she thought, and pulled a magazine from her bag, she settled down to flick through it. An article caught her eye and she started to read.

After a while, the train pulled into the next station and the old lady rose from her seat, went into the corridor and carefully stepped down from the train onto the platform. The young couple relaxed, moved closer together and cuddled intimately.

She put down her magazine and went in search of the buffet car for some refreshments.

Sipping her tea, she relaxed and felt the tensions of the day slip away. She thought of Jim and wondered if he missed her like she missed him. 'What would he be doing now? - Probably indulging himself one way or another, ' she thought. Her only indulgence these days was her fantasies.

Finishing her final mouthful, she stood and walked along the corridor returning to the carriage. Something made her pause before entering - a pause which saved her from complete embarrassment. Through a gap in the curtained window, she could see the couple engaged in passionate sex.

She quickly weighed up the situation. She really should go. But curiosity got the better of her. She stayed to watch, making sure she was concealed from the lovers.

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