Night Out

by JAD

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a story about one night that my wife and I went out to the local pub and eatery.

Chapter 1

Several months ago, my wife and I had just finished a project and decided to go down to the local Eatery and Pub to have a pitcher of beer and a hamburger. Since she seldom wears a dress or skirt around home, I asked her to wear panties, no nylons, a skirt at mid-thigh or shorter and her half shelf bra with a sweater that buttoned down the front. I wanted the sweater to be snug but not so tight that it looked too small. She says she always loves to dress the way I want her too. Once she was dressed, I unbuttoned the sweater, so that anyone looking at her would see the curve of the breasts but not the half shelf bra. She wears a size 36C, and I love to look at her and watch others looking at her too.

This was a Saturday night and I knew the pub would be crowed as it is a popular place for people to hang out. When we arrived it was difficult to find a parking place, but after I had gone through the parking lot a couple of times, a car backed out of a place fairly close to the entrance.

When we went inside, we were lucky and found a table for four that was facing the entrance. We both sat on the side of table that would give us a good view of the rest of the dining area. After ordering our hamburgers and getting a pitcher of beer, we drank from our glasses while we waited for the food to arrive.

Not too long after sitting down, a couple came over to our table and asked if it would be alright if they joined us. They said they had been sitting over in the corner at a table for two, but when they saw us come in they both thought it might be nice to meet us. Both my wife and I said fine, have a seat. He introduced himself as John and his wife was Judy. We talked for a few minutes, and then our food arrived. They said they had already eaten, and for us to go ahead.

Before sitting down, they had moved their chairs, so that Jack was sitting on my wife's right side and Jill on my left. They also moved their chairs so they were fairly close to both of us. I didn't think anything of it and just thought they wanted to have a better view of the room, the same as we did.

No too long a time later, I put my hand on my wife's leg and started rubbing back and forth. I was slowly inching my hand up her leg and under her skirt. My intent was to rub her pussy. Usually she will put her hand on mine and stop me. She really doesn't like to be seen doing things like that or having something so intimate being done to her in a public place. This time she didn't object, which kind of surprised me, considering where we were. And that other people were at our same table.

A minute or two later, when I looked up at her, she just smiled and then put her hand on mine. She didn't try to remove it, as I expected. In that same motion, I looked down and noticed her skirt was pushed further up her leg and sort of bunched. It's also at that moment, I realized Jack's hand was on her other leg and he had pushed her skirt up enough to expose her panties. It looked like his hand was between her panties and pussy.

I heard my wife, give a small sigh. And asked her if anything was wrong. She said no, but that Jack had just pushed two fingers into her and she felt a climax coming. Jack was finger fucking her, and within a few seconds, she had an orgasm. When he pulled his hand out, it was covered with her cum and pussy juice. I couldn't believe that my wife had just let him finger fuck her in the pub, where there were over 50 people moving around and about. He proceeded to lick it all off his hand. And then said, "That was delicious!" "Why don't the four of us go over to our place, which is just a few minutes from here?"

Since both my wife and I had finished eating, we said it sounded like a good idea. After all, she had just been finger fucked and probably was expecting more of the same. I was still puzzled by her reaction though, as this wasn't something she usually went for. Okay, sure I'd fantasized for years, about something like this happening. Even though, I hadn't actually talked to her about it. After we paid for everything, we walked out to the parking lot, to meet Jack and Judy. Jack suggested that my wife ride with him and July with me. That way if we got separated while going to their place, we'd have someone in each car that knew the way. Made since to me! Besides I wanted a chance to see what Judy had in mind. So far, this was their show!

As soon as Judy and I got into my car, she opened all the buttons on her blouse. I jokingly mentioned that since she was totally unbuttoned, why didn't she just take off her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra. Next thing I knew, her blouse was off and put in the backseat. Being nude from the waist up wasn't going to help my driving, at all. I reached over and squeezed and pulled on her nipples, and felt my cock getting hard in my pants. Judy noticed the bulge in my pants, unzipped my fly, and then pulled my cock out into the open air. As I played with her nipples and breasts, she gave out a moan. "Yes, pull and squeeze them, I like them stretched and squeezed, till they hurt!" "Please, before we go anywhere, suck on them." I unhooked my seat belt and leaned over to her side. Her nipples stuck out at least one inch. I love long nipples. I took one, then the other in my mouth and sucked. Then she said. "Bit them, I love the feeling when you do that." I noticed that she was vigorously rubbing her pussy. She started to shake and moaned louder. She then came with a shudder. I started to stop sucking and pull back to my side of the car. "No keep it up, please!" "I m cummming Agaaaa!

As she came a second time, she was rubbing my cock and I was starting to feel cum getting ready to boil over. I was breathing hard. Actually starting to pant. She then leaned down and took my cock into her mouth. And sucked it down her throat. As she backed out for air, I let loose with two quick spurts of cum, in her mouth. She swallowed it all. Then sat back and buckled her seat belt. We both had to set there a few minutes, until we got out breath back.

By this time, Jack and my wife had been gone for several minutes. I started the car and left the parking lot. Judy told me where their condo was, while I drove. When we got to their place, we were able to park right beside Jacks car. They both were still in the car and you could tell thing were getting hot and heavy by the fogging up of the windows.

Judy asked if I wanted her to put her blouse back on and I said no, let's leave it here. When we leave you can come and get you things. "Okay" she said, "I am glad you said that as I like showing off my body."

About that time, the passenger side door of Jacks car opened and out stepped my wife. She was also nude from the waist up! As she stood up, she looked right at me with a big grin on her face. It also looked like she had dried cum on it and her lips. I'd say she really was enjoying herself.

Judy and I got out of my car, then went and stood on the sidewalk with my wife and Jack. I reached over a flicked one of my wife's nipples. They both became very hard and stuck out.

Jack said, "Our condo is way in back." "We tried to find a parking space near it, but every spot was taken, so we had to park here." Judy said, "Since we are walking, why don't we take the scenic walk." "And this is a big unit of condos, so we probably will meet half a dozen people or so." "It's not so late that everyone is inside." "Besides it a beautiful night!"

My wife said, "Is there a short way and more private?" I'm uncomfortable dressed like this." Judy said, "Oh come on, don't be a spoil sport!" "It's fun walking through here, dressed as we are." I asked my wife if she'd like to put on her blouse. If so, she'd have to leave it unbuttoned. She said, "Sure!" Jack then started searching for his keys but couldn't find them. He walked over to his car and said "Oh no!" "I locked them in the car." "Good thing, I've got an extra set at home." My wife then groaned. "Okay," she said, "Lets go."

As we walked, I put by arm over one of Judy's shoulder and played with her right nipple and breast. She obviously enjoyed it, because she leaned into me and said it felt good. I tried to reach over to the left one, but it would have forced her to turn away from me, and I didn't want that. She really had nice breasts!

As we were walking, I noticed several people approaching us, up ahead. My wife started holding back, as if she was looking for a place to hide. But Jack had a firm hold on her left hand, and somewhat forced her to continue walking up the walk.

I just kept playing with Judy. I wandered how hot she was getting and bent down a bit so I could get my left hand up under her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties and when I touch her pussy, it was very wet. I stuck two fingers in her cunt and moved them around and she came again with a big shudder. Then I stood back up and looked at her. Her eyes were closed as she was enjoying the wave after wave of orgasm. I'd never been around a woman that enjoyed showing her body off in public so much.

Shortly, the two couples were right in front of us. Four sets of eyes stared out my wife and Judy. One of the guy's said, "Look at those two women." "Their tits and breasts are beautiful." One of the women said, "And don't you dare touch." We just kept walking and heard one of the women say, "Boy you wouldn't get me to do that." "But they did both look good enough to eat."

By this time I was getting hot again, myself, so I pushed Judy off the walkway towards the right and onto some grass. It was dark enough so anyone walking by wouldn't see us. I then gently pushed her down so she way laying on her back on the grass. Then I pulled up her skirt and pushed my face into her pussy. Boy did she taste good! And she was so wet; it was like being in a waterfall. After she came again, I started to move up her body, as I wanted to fuck. She said "No!" "Let me have your cock in my mouth." "You can fuck me all you want, once we get into our condo." This was the second time tonight she took me in her mouth. It took a little longer this time for me to cum, but when I did, it felt like I was going to cum all night long. Afterwards, I wanted to just stay there and enjoy her and the night. But then we saw Jack and my wife, watching us. Jack said, "Come on you guys, lets keep going."

Chapter 2

When I heard Jack, I looked to see where he was, because it sounded like he was right next to us. Sure enough, he and my wife were standing behind us, watching. I moved to my wife and pulled her down, so she was lying beside Judy. I then open up her skirt so she was laying on it, (it was a wrap style skirt) and touched her pussy. She was dripping wet. As I ran my fingers up and down her slit, she was moaning and moving her hips, as if she wanted me to fuck her. I moved my mouth down and started licking up her left leg, starting at the knee. As I moved up towards her pussy, I took little nips, with my teeth, on the inside of her thigh. When I got close to her pussy, I dropped back down and did the same thing to her right leg. I then ran my tongue around her pussy, making sure not to actually lick her pussy lips. By this time, she was going wild! "Lick my pussy." She begged. "Pleeease!"

"I want it sooo bad!" As I continued, I started licking and sucking on her wonderful tasting pussy and noticed a different taste. Jack had fucked her! Her wonderful tasting pussy juice and her cum mixed with Jacks, didn't taste bad at all. Even though I'd never tasted another man's cum, this was good. I could tell by her movements that she was getting ready to have a mind shattering orgasm. When she did come, she threw her hips forward and just about knocked me over. I really would have liked to fuck her, but because of all the activity of my cock being sucked on by Judy, I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything for a while.

Meanwhile, Jack wanted us to move. So I helped both the women to their feet, and we moved back out onto the walk. Jack took my wife's hand and I put my arm back on and around Judy's shoulder. I wasn't going to miss taking advantage of playing with her nipples. When I looked back at my wife, I saw that she was totally nude except for her shoes and necklace. I then realized that I had left her skirt back on the grass when we had stopped. I told Judy to hold on a minute and ran back to get it. When I got back to the group, I asked my wife if she would like to put on her skirt. She started to take it, when the door to the nearest condo opened and out stepped a man and woman.

Everyone just stood still while they stared at Judy and my wife. Probably at my wife because of her complete, nudity. The woman then said, "Wow, look at this!" Then moved in front of my wife, taking both her nipples in her fingers and rolled, then pulled on them. My wife let out a moan, said, "Yes!"

"Please, more!" She had closed her eyes while she enjoyed the sensations that must have been cursing through her body. The woman then bent down and took one nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. I watched one of her hands move down across my wife's stomach to her pussy. While alternating sucking on her nipples, she put two, then three fingers in my wife's pussy and started finger fucking her. Slowly at first, then faster! I noticed that Judy was finger fucking, herself to a climax. I felt myself getting hard again, also! My wife started climaxing, until I thought she was going to collapse right there on the sidewalk. Jack grabbed her, and held her up, as she continued having a strong orgasm.

When my wife appeared to be calming down a bit, the woman removed her fingers from her pussy and stuck them in my wife's mouth. Who licked them clean.

I was amazed at seeing things done to my wife that I never thought she would ever let someone do to her. I still didn't understand why or how we had gotten this far with Jack and Judy. Let alone with another woman. Why she'd let Jack play with her pussy in the pub and done all the things up to this point. Not that I was complaining, because I was enjoying myself immensely.

The woman then asked if she and her husband could join the party. I said, "In as much as you've already made my wife come, again."

"And since it looks like she really enjoyed it, I don't see why not." "Jack?" "Judy, what do you think?"

"Why not!" They both said, "Two more could be a lot of fun!" Judy then said, talking directly to the woman, as she was removing her skirt, "Both of us are totally nude!"

"If you want to join us, you must be also." The woman said, "Just a minute, I'll be right back." She then went back into her apartment. A few minutes later, she reappeared in the nude. Standing in front of all of us, she said, "My name is Pam and this is my husband Sam." "As you can see, he's a little shy, but he's still a lot of fun!"

All six of us started walking, with Jack and my wife in the lead. As we walked, we all introduced ourselves to Pam and Sam.

Chapter 3

Pam was built like an Amazon. She was 6' l", maybe 2". Blond hair, which was natural! Blue eyes! Very beautiful! Large breasts, that. Both she and her husband looked to be in the late 30's or early 40's. Sam looked as if he was in good shape. Would be able to tell better, when he took off his clothes.

As we walked towards Jack and Judy's condo, Pam walked on the right side of my wife, with Jack on the left. Sam walked with Judy and myself, although he stayed a little behind us. Watching him, I'd guess that he was submissive or maybe just shy, as his wife had said.

A couple of minutes later, Jack said, "Here we are!" "We are on top floor, which gives us access to our own private roof area, where we have a large hot tub." "Judy likes to sunbath, in the nude, there also. The building was three stories high. I asked if there was an elevator.

"Yes!" Judy said. "But we are going to go up the stairs." "The exercise will do us good!"

Not to mention that we might run into more people, I thought. And being inside an elevator with three nude women and possibly meeting others could have proved to be interesting too.

We walked into the lobby and Judy led the way to the stairs. As soon as we started up, we could hear someone coming down. It sounded like several men, from the voices. Judy mentioned that the condo complex was for adults only, so we wouldn't meet any children. I asked, "What if they are visiting?" "Yes, I quess I hadn't thought of that." "But if their anything like I was, they'd use the elevator, so they could go up and down on it." She said. As it turned out though, we didn't have to worry because we didn't see any.

But, halfway between the second and third floors, we did meet up with four men. When they saw us, they stopped and blocked the stairs, so we couldn't continue up. They looked at all three women, and the lust in their eyes was very evident. I started to push my way by, but was immediately stopped.

One man said, "This is an opportunity that we can't let pass." "We were just discussing how horny we all are, and look what presents itself." "So, as payment to pass, we all want blow jobs." "And you'd better not even thing about biting." All four men dropped their pants to the steps and pulled down their shorts. Four large and long cocks, stuck out, at us. All three women dropped to the knees. Looking at them, it was evident; they were also looking forward to this.

The fourth man looked around at Jack and me. "No way!" I said. "You'll have to wait until one of the women is free."

Sam then said, "Its okay, I'll suck him off." "Pam's makes me suck her friend's cocks, so this can't be any worse." "And I'll have to admit, that I'm beginning to enjoy it." He then got down on his knees and started sucking. Both Jack and I watched, memorized. All four of the cocksuckers were doing a good job, because the four men were moaning, loudly. Almost at the same time, they said they were cuming. They all pulled out at about the same time and squirted their cum on the face of the person sucking them.

With cum on their faces, they all stood up. The three women turned to us and said they wanted us to lick their faces clean. Since I'd already had a taste of a man's cum, that night, I didn't hesitate and started to lick it off my wife. Jack said, "No let me get her, you take Judy." So I moved over to Judy and licked the cum off her face.

Afterwards, Judy gave me a big hug and a French kiss. "I like you more and more all the time." She said. I told her I'd already had cream pie from my wife, that evening, and wanted to know if she was going to give me some. "Sure." She said.

Poor Sam had to take care of the cum on his face, himself.

About then, we heard voices coming up the stairs. It sounded like they were just around the bend. We preceded going up to the third floor while the four men rushed to pull up their shorts and pants. We were going thru the door, when we heard a woman scream. I quess she got to the men before they were fully dressed.

A man's voice said, "What the hell's going on here?" "I'm calling the cops, right now!"

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