by Lily May

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Swinging, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Why you should believe everything your husband tells you. eat a balanced diet.

Chapter 1

Betty had just received the results of her six monthly checkup, which she felt were very important mainly for her family doctor to monitor the level of some of the pretty nasty drugs she was taking for her rheumatoid arthritis, which had been the curse of her life for nearly ten years. The drugs allowed her to lead an almost normal life

The report informed her that her system, and therefore axiomatically her diet, was seriously deficient in protein and that it could lead to further problems if not addressed immediately. Her doctor suggested that as a result of the findings she should consult a dietician and follow her advice as closely as possible.

The deficiency has been linked to the terrible Lou Gehrig's Disease as well as such symptoms as continual muscular pain and decreased resistance to disease.

The protein diet she was given was mainly food she did not enjoy and the appropriate expensive diet supplements tasted nearly as bad.

She had been for years almost a vegetarian and when advised to forgo some of her favourites such as pasta, vegetables and fruit and strongly advised her to eat red meat, shellfish, fish, poultry and dairy foods, she was disturbed as eating habits of her lifetime to date had her eating the foods she liked the taste of. The report and the resulting lecture from the doctor convinced her that if she did not do as advised, she was bound for definitely serious trouble down the track.

She was a country girl, the second child of four, and the only daughter, having been born and spending the first eleven years of her life in a small town of less than two hundred people.

Her parents were battlers and when the eldest son was about six months away from leaving school, the family made a radical move and moved to a small city of just over twenty thousand population in the same state but about three hundred and seventy kilometres away. This was radical because with four school aged children they had no savings and their rented house was frugally furnished, so although the father had a basic job to go to and a house to rent, it was to be a severe struggle. The primary reason for the move was that the prospect of the kids getting jobs in the small community was zero and the concept of the kids one by one, as they finished school and having to move away from the family home and board in another environment, was unacceptable to the close knit family.

Betty had led a very sheltered life and the people she knew were good country people and when one of them told her something she had no reason to doubt what she was being told. This made her not actually gullible, but trusting to the nth degree, and it was pretty near the same when she moved to the city, and because of her quiet and shy nature and protective family she was not put in the position whereby she encountered people who would be dishonest with her. As yet she had never been in a situation where she was not treated with complete honesty on anything told her.

She had suffered the odd setback but put it down to misunderstandings not lies.

At the same time, she had found that she could not believe much of what she read, in the first place, the area newspaper covering her old home town was full of misrepresentations and dubious news items so much so that a large part of one page consisted in each issue of retractions and apologies. She was an avid reader and when she read stories in the Mills and Boon books and others which were presented as true stories, she felt that they could not be true, although presented as true life stories.

So there she was, believing everything she was told and very little of anything she read.

Time went by and the family settled in and established themselves as good members of the community and things were good. The oldest son had kicked on and had a very good well paying job but married the middle and both ends of a bitch, a scrawny nursing sister with a vicious tongue. He was the only one she fooled. The rest woke up to her early on.

Betty met a young man, David, who had recently moved to the city himself and who boarded near her home, and after courting for a couple of months, gave up her virginity to him at the drive-in theatre.

He had no technique and the first twice they fucked, he only lasted a matter of twenty seconds before pulling out and ejaculating all over her pussy hair and stomach, leaving her wondering whether the sex episodes in her books were fact or fiction as what had just happened did nothing at all for her except give her a nice sensation for that few seconds.

The night of their third attempt and he had blown too early for her to feel anything like the books described, they decided that he should try again as she was still had the urge but was still unfulfilled. After twenty minutes or so, his average sized cock was ready to go again and to their surprise and joy, he lasted about ten or twelve minutes with her having her first ever cock induced orgasm. That started a ritual, she would wank him off before they fucked and that way they were both happy campers.

They thought that only married women could fall pregnant, such was their naivety.

In the lunchroom at work one day he overheard one of the guys tell another in graphic detail how his girlfriend "sucked him off."

This brought some of the other guys into the conversation, each trying to outdo the others with their tales of fellatio.

This knowledge was absorbed by David and when he and Betty next went parking, at a local bush reserve, he relayed the info to her and asked her to gobble him off. This was met with stony silence and he used the old "blue balls" whine to get her at least to mouth him but pulled away from him just before he shot his bolt over her clothes. As it turned out, he had been a nanosecond slow pulling out and a tiny bit went into her mouth. She found the taste not unpleasant, but a story she had heard about it causing a build-up of gunk around your heart put the kibosh on any repeats.

Moving on a few months, she missed a period and immediately became a frantic dithering wreck and had to confide in her mother of her suspected pregnancy.

Instead of the raging explosion she expected from her mother, she, remembering that there had been only six months between her marriage and the birth of her first child, now married, set the wheels in motion for Betty and David to be married three weeks from then and explained that she knew that once her daughter and David had experienced sex, they would be unable to stop.

Lo and behold. Within two days of the arrangements for the wedding being finalised, Betty bled like a stuck pig.

Her mother was of course happy with this, but reiterated that once you've fucked, it was impossible to stop, so the wedding went ahead as planned.

An appointment with a gynaecologist saw Betty being recommended using a diaphragm supplemented with a foul smelling spermicidal cream for insurance, like wearing both belt and braces. This was just before the advent of the contraceptive pill which had been trialled but not approved at this stage. The smelly spermicidal cream was a definite turn-off.

Betty had told David again that she actually liked fellating him but she had heard that swallowing semen was bad for you and would cause health problems later in life. As usual, she believed what she was told and whilst they enjoyed an excellent fulfilling sex life, she would not allow his cock in her mouth again for risk of her accidentally swallowing.

After six months of being married, and paying rent and having to find money for week to week living, although they both worked, they were not getting ahead and could see no prospects of ever owning their own house or being able to afford children, so David read in the paper that a silver-lead mine in a remote part of the state required employees, with one of the available jobs being of David's speciality trade.

They moved as soon as they had worked out their notices and on arriving at the mining town, settled into a very cheap rental company house.

Betty soon got a job in her area of experience and they worked as much as they could and started to build a bank balance slowly.

The saying" all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" proved correct and one day when they discovered that Betty had distant relatives in the town they started to socialise occasionally.

The particular company operating the mine had an agreement to employ any suitably experienced newly released jail prisoners in return for a consideration tax-wise.

So, this became the scenario. Some of her said relatives turned out to be fairly nasty people who sucked Betty and David right in. as well, some of the people they met were, as well as being bad enough to have been imprisoned, also able to pull the wool over the naïve young couple's eyes. Whilst not being able to touch them off financially, some of the crap that took place soon made the youngsters despondent and to realise that all was not sweetness and light in the world. Unbeknown to them, some of her rellies were the result of generations of incestual coupling and the gene pool had become very shallow.

Betty was definite in her stand against sword swallowing and although she had read that it was a normal, accepted form of sexual conduct, she did not believe it, and conversely, because no-one had told her to her face that it was accepted practice throughout the world, she still did not believe it.

After four years and a re-education on human frailties they had saved enough to enable them to move to his old home town and build a house.

They had by this time a daughter and son, and David had a very good job which enabled Betty to be a stay-at-home wife and work from home by telephone as a commission sales rep for an interstate business, earning quite a few dollars for very easy telephone work. Their daughter, Amelia, was a terrific girl and never gave them a moments worry, whereas the son got into a few scrapes, but none serious. When Billy, their son, was eleven, he became interested in go-kart racing and naturally if one of the family was involved, the four of them were involved.

He turned out to be a natural at go-kart racing and the family started travelling around the state and interstate to watch and help him compete.

They became friendly with another competitors parents Graham and Jill, and started visiting each other's homes and socialised both at their homes and elsewhere quite often.

The two couples attended a kart club party one night and David noticed that Jill was all over another woman Susie, like a rash, and was surprised when Jill and the other woman left the party with each others husband. He said nothing to Betty but took particular notice at future functions that Susie and Jill would go missing from the room for up to an hour and upon returning looked as if they had fucked. On a few occasions he had deliberately positioned himself close to either of them on their return and there was no mistaking the odour of recent sex.

Other times one or the other would go missing with someone else's husband and stay away a suspiciously long time. A couple of people from within the club had hinted to him that Jill and Graham were to be watched, especially Graham, and that Susie and her husband Brian were pretty tricky also.

Whilst Graham never put a foot wrong concerning Betty and David, toilet chat had woken David up to the fact that Graham was a lecher and would fuck anything with hair and a pulse, and even hair was not compulsory. David and Betty had learnt by experience in the mining town to stick together at parties as they were an attractive couple and had each been hit on many times. They were deeply in love and were happy with their lives and neither had strayed, in fact David had had only one relationship of any consequence before meeting Betty, and thinking back, he now realised that being so quick on the draw most likely caused him to get the flick from that relationship.

One afternoon David came home from work and noticed a fresh cigarette butt in an ashtray, the same unusual brand the Jill smoked. He said nothing, and Betty did not volunteer that she had had any visitors.

This happened a few more times, with visits on Wednesday afternoon being a constant occurrence. He took the afternoon of next Wednesday and drove a workmates car past the house and sure enough, Jill's car was in the drive.

He noticed soon after this that when they kissed as he arrived home each day, that he could detect cigarette smoke on her mouth.

The scenario was now:-

Jill was highly likely either bi or lesbian, Jill, Graham, Susie and Brian were most likely swapping and although they had never discussed the why's and whynot's of smoking, it was obvious that Betty was smoking too, but had not let on. They generally were very open and honest with each other.

The crunch came one night at a party at their home when after a while, David noticed that Betty and Jill had been missing for over half an hour.

He stationed himself near a front window and was not surprised to see Jill's car turning into the driveway and her and Betty hugged then got out and walked into the house.

Staying cool and calm, he moved over beside his wife and concluded that although her hair was slightly mussed, probably by the wind though and all her lipstick had gone, probably on drinks glasses, there was no indication there had been any sexplay. There was no cunt smell or indication that either had applied fresh perfume.

When they attended a party about a month later, he noticed them missing again and when he walked past the ajar laundry door saw them embracing again.

The next day, Sunday, he took the kids to his mother for the day and went back home and fronted Betty with what he had seen and then assumed.

To their credit, neither became violent, obstreperous or abusive. He was disappointed with what he was to lay on her and she was shocked to hear his story and what he been loath to assume.

He presented his thoughts on the matter clinically and asked her straight out if she was having an affair with Jill, and although her smoking was a minor matter, why did she feel she had to conceal it as she had concealed Jill's daytime visits also. Betty's reluctance to blow him, but by inference her apparent willingness to suck Jill's pussy got a mention, as did the fact that every night after she had been in contact with Jill, she was insatiable and left him all wobbly after she had finished with him.

She, equally clinical, said that she was not having an affair with anyone, Jill included. She had kissed her twice, on her birthday and at Christmas, but in the same context as she kissed her family members and even their children. and she felt that anyway, actions such as kissing, hugging or even back rubbing were normal actions between family and friends and should not be misinterpreted as something sinister. She had never had any desire to have sexually intimate relations with any woman, and the only man she wanted any sexual communion with was him The night before, in the laundry, she had unmistakably rejected Jill's first and only sexual advances and had told her that she would not have anything to do with her again even if it meant doing the unthinkable and depriving Billy of his chosen sport. The hug was one signifying closure.

She told David that Jill was now in a very bad mental state and she explained why.

Graham had resumed hitting her as he did every time he was shagging someone else's woman, and at the moment he was shagging a woman he had been on with several years ago. Betty explained that her rare actions in hugging her were of sympathy that she found had a calming effect on the other woman. Smoking, she said was stupid of her and to be honest she took it up because Jill knew you hated the idea of me smoking and it was just a giggle, a stir. She didn't even like smoking. Jill had tried to get me to rile you in other small ways, but life was not about shit stirring. Until then, she had not been aware of Jill's predilection for troublemaking.

The daytime visits were just for girl's talk, mainly about Graham's behaviour and did not tell him because he would find it strange that she visited so often.

One morning a few weeks ago, Jill had rung her and asked her to run her to a doctor's surgery, wait for her to ring again and then come back for her. She put two and two together and later concluded that Jill had have her take her for an abortion, then take her back home again. She later told Betty that it was an aboriginal boy-friend's child, and could never be passed off as Graham's. That was one of the very few happenings she had not shared with David.

She realises now that she should not have become involved in someone else's problem but it was like being on a roller coaster, once it started, it would be nigh on impossible to stop, and so it would be very hard to fob her off and tell her not to involve her in what may still have a violent outcome, such was Graham's temper.

Jumping a point on his list, whenever she had been in contact with Jill, she was thinking all the time of how perfect her own life was, with only tiny matters occasionally needing resolving and those being resolved as soon as they occurred. She fucked like a dervish on these occasions because of her love for him and her appreciation of their life and love together.

Getting back to her abhorrence of fellatio, she told him that she still felt that swallowing semen was unhealthy because she had been told so years ago, and that was the only reason. She pointed out to him that whilst anal sex was not particularly pleasant for her, she never refused it on the rare occasions he asked her for it.

By her experiences with her rellies in the mining town leading her up the garden park through unnecessary lies and with some embarrassing outcomes, which were absolutely without rhyme nor reason, coupled with what she was learning now about Jill's reluctance or maybe inability to be always truthful, she now realised that she had been wrong in two facets of her beliefs.

First:- don't believe all you are told, about half would be pretty close to the mark.

Second:- if you choose your information sources carefully and rely on information from those which have been proven over the years to be reputable and accurate, be it TV, radio, newspapers or non-fiction books by major publishers, you could safely take it that it was OK to believe 95% of what you read, as against about 30% as was the proportion of the matter she had been disillusioned with when she was younger.

The scenario now was:-

She didn't believe a lot of what she was told, especially hearsay, and she felt she could believe virtually all of the information from what she was confident were impeccable sources.

David then asked her if she felt that the local newspaper was in the category she believed to provide accurate information. She replied yes, apart from getting some supermarket food prices wrong and having to retract them the next day, she could not fault its presentation.

Good, he said, read this from yesterdays paper.

Chapter 2

BY Lily May

The Examiner 25/10/2003


Sydney - The Hollywood set may have sparked off the high protein, low carb craze, but now Australian researchers are studying whether such a diet can help in the management of diabetes.

Studies have shown that boosting foods such as fish, bacon and red meat while cutting back on bread, rice and potatoes results in rapid weight loss.

Researcher Anne Marley of the Hunter Medical Research Institute in Newcastle, said there were other reasons to believe that people with adult diabetes 9or Type 2) could benefit from a high protein diet.

A typical day's diet would include a high-fibre cereal. Followed by one slice of bread with meat or fish and salad, and a good-sized slice of meat for dinner Ms Marley said.

Betty read it, then read it again and said, if it's in the paper it must be true I suppose, with a delicious giggle when realising now why he had several times said to her as he ejaculated, either in her cunt or arse, "here's a load of protein for you."

In her last report was the news that her blood sugar level was quite high although she had not been told to fast before the test, which is what must be done for an accurate reading to be established. Her doctor told her that diabetes was a result of too much glucose in the blood and it could have some dire consequences if not treated.

She had a fasting test done with a hand held BSL meter and it was higher than the doctor felt safe, so he arranged for her to take a glucose tolerance test which established that she would be in trouble shortly if she did not do something immediately about lowering the level.

A friend of her mothers had had a leg amputated some years ago as a result of diabetes and that frightened Betty who had no idea she had the problem of early stage diabetes. She took the advice given in a book put out by the Diabetes Research Institute and together with reading the item as presented by David made her become more open to David's long time desire to have her swallow his cum as it could only be beneficial in dealing with her BSL as well as the protein problem.

The scenario according to Betty:-

She liked the taste of his cum,

She liked their rapport when his cock was in her mouth

cumming in her mouth

She liked the idea of swallowing his cum

She was sure, that despite here initial hesitance, that the ingesting of his cum would surely assist in dealing with her protein deficiency

She now had proof, from a reliable newspaper, that her diabetes scare could most likely be nullified by ingesting his cum also.

She decided that the softly softly approach was the way to go as she had held him at bay for years, and a sudden change of attitude would probably faze him.

That night, she took charge and mounted him and fucked him (and herself), to exhaustion without any mention of sucking his dick. He had decided to wait for her to initiate the blowjob he sought and had waited so long for.

Next day, Sunday, at about three o'clock, when they usually had a coffee and piece of cake, she called out to him from the kitchen and as he walked in, found she was naked as the day she was born and gesturing to him, said," coffee, tea or me?" This was a no-brainer and he picked her up, laid her on the kitchen table, watched her open her legs out and up, presenting him with a wonderful view of her freshly shaved mons. He had never seen her pussy hairless before. She had shaved it on impulse.

She said to him "go get it big boy." That beautiful bare pussy was licked, sucked, fingered and blown on for her inaugural cunnilingus. She was ecstatic with the feelings generated by his tongue, lips, mouth and digits.

What really lifted her to an ethereal plane was when he sucked her clitoris into his mouth and flicked it rapidly with his tongue.

The wonderful oral treat was followed by a magnificent fuck, with her on the edge of the kitchen table, their first ever fuck not in a bed or on a couch.

They were both thirty four years old and both were in excellent shape, and although she was not a beauty, having quite a pretty a face and an earthy voluptuous figure attracted a lot of attention to her. Her breasts had just the slightest sag and had just recently passed the pencil test. He kept in shape by playing squash twice a week and jogged every second morning. David had big hands, and most of women he met believed the old wave's tale that " big hands means a big dick." Betty felt that he had a nicely sized dick. He had started to think she had either not believed the item in the newspaper, or him, and decided for the sake of peace and quiet not to pursue his dream of being fellated until she initiated it. However, this occurred next Saturday afternoon when the kids were staying with their grandparents for the weekend. As he got out of the shower in the morning, dried off and entered the bedroom, she pushed him onto the bed on his back, shimmied her lovely boobs like a slut, wriggled her pelvis back and forth suggestively and knelt down to convey him to heaven, with her taking about half of his cock into her lovely warm mouth. After a minute or so, she took her mouth off his rigid cock and asked him, "why have I kept us waiting so long." He replied "I'm fucked if I know," before she took him in her mouth again.

When he had sent a volley of cum down her throat, he thought it would be an opportune time to explain that semen consisted mainly of protein which was the food supply for the active little spermatozoa which sought out to penetrate one of her eggs each month, and if the time was right and contraception was not being used would most likely create a new life in her womb. They felt that they had a 100% success rate with rearing their two children and did not want any more so she had gone onto the pill years ago when it became popular and was proven safe.

She had no qualms about swallowing his spend and while it was slightly salty, she liked the bland taste and loved the feeling of his cock moving and expanding in her mouth and loved the sensation of his jism sliding smoothly down her throat.

David was in heaven that he had been given a magnificent blowjob from the love of his life and also that she liked it and all indications were that this would not be their last.

The pattern soon emerged that whilst they continued with their normal incidence of vaginal intercourse with an occasional bit of dung punching, they looked forward to her blowing him and he going down on her about twice in every three weeks or so. To his delight, he found that she was now a 69, cunnilingus and fellatio animal.

She had always orgasmed at least once during their lovemaking over the years but these additions to their sexual repertoire put her in a state of euphoria. When he had gone down on her for the first time, she had never experienced such sensation before and had never even contemplated achieving such a sensation. She went berserk when he accidentally touched her anus with a finger and dabbed her clit with a thumb while stirring her pot with his tongue, and she tore great chunks of skin from his shoulders while screaming at full volume. He did not notice the pain until later when the water hit his passion wounds during their shared shower. The little Aphrodite in her mind added this new, for her, multi-manipulation to her sex catalogue.

David had always realised that women's breasts were an adjunct to their cunt and other erogenous zones, but had never really been aware that Betty so loved having her breasts fondled until when one time she was having her period, he spent some time whilst slowly and sensuously moving up her body, to titty fuck her and have her fellate him, he lingered awhile on her glorious tits to her glee.

He himself relished fondling, sucking and licking her still firm breasts and particularly loved working on her aureoles and nipples with his lips.

He found that when he bit down fairly hard on her nipples with his lips over his teeth, her reaction was not far off being as intense as her climaxes when he was fucking her. She, to their great surprise, after having her breasts stimulated this way, orgasmed quickly nearly every time. Not a huge orgasm but an orgasm just the same. Her nipples grew, when stimulated, to the size of "peanuts in the shell" but were tastier. This also became an addition to their ever-growing catalogue of sexual stimuli.

At the time of her previous semi-annual checkup, the report had indicated that her protein level was slightly better than when diagnosed but still a real cause for concern. In the two year period between changing her diet to that of high protein content, she had done everything she was asked to do, but the improvement was only minuscule and she was still in trouble.

The report from the next regular checkup, done after she had been drinking David's cum for the six months was excellent. The result made them very happy indeed, and the doctor could not get over the sudden improvement. He advised her to continue with the regular tests, as too much protein was nearly as bad as too little, with too much protein interfering with the job carbohydrates do for your system.

Of course she did not tell him of her source of the extra protein.

Her doctor advised her to continue as she was, and at the next checkup, if the protein level had further increased, she may be able to start eating some of her forbidden favourite food and less of the horrible tasting shit and still continue with whatever she was doing causing the improvement, with all helping to balance her system.

This happened and she was able substitute some of the shit she was forced to eat with such things such as steak, chips and fried onions, her long time favourite meal. This sent her into raptures and she tried to think what reward she could give David for his part in her turnaround. Little did she know that he was thinking exactly the same to reward her for her willingness to please him this way after so many years of her denial.

As most couples do, they had always told each other of their fantasies during pillow talk, and one of hers was to see David fucking another woman, whilst his was to see Betty fucking another man. Only fantasies mind you, they stressed.

They were so sure of their lasting love for each other, that if their fantasies, as unlikely as it was, ever came to fruition, it would only be another pleasant experience, like having an excellent meal or a delightful massage, and not detract from their mutual love. It would just be another fuck, another, hopefully, pleasant experience, that's all it would be.

One evening they told the kids that they could play a game with them. Each child was to write down what they thought their sibling would really like to do or receive, and exchange their thoughts on the matter in notes handed over simultaneously, and, if their wishes for each other were not extreme, they would most certainly be granted.

At the same time their Betty and David would do the same with what they wished for each other.

Billy wished for Amelia a pair of currently in fashion low cut hipster jeans which Betty had been reluctant to buy her. She wished for her brother a pair of in-line skates, which David had been reluctant for him to have, considering them dangerous.

The children were granted their wishes and as they went out to tell their friends of their promised gifts, Betty and David opened their envelopes with both of them being shit scared of their mates take on their radical wishes.

Whew, both of them went when they realised that they each wanted the same unequivocally expressed gift, to try another cock and cunt with no qualms or threat of retribution from either of them.

When David's holidays were due, they planned to have a week away in the mountains at a new luxury hotel which David had been told catered only for the twenty five to forty age group and absolutely no children. His parents agreed to stay at David and Betty's home for the week so as not to disrupt the kid's schooling.

They left straight after breakfast on the Saturday, arriving at the beautifully located hotel two hours later.

They spent the rest of the day checking out the hotel and it's natural surrounds, being very happy with the facilities available.

Guests were asked to dress up for dinner, and Betty wore a new, deep ruby coloured velvet, low cut cocktail dress which showed her figure off to advantage. The dress had a built in bra, allowing the tops of her breasts to show as far down as the top of the aureoles, and for underwear wore a tiny transparent thong, and a suspender belt holding up smoky grey stockings. He was very smart in a caramel coloured suit in perfect contrast to but complementing her dress.

Staying at the hotel was very expensive, and whilst this did not ensure the good character of the guests, it meant that they would all most likely know how to conduct themselves in such a lush atmosphere.

On retiring that first night they made long smooth conventional love and held each other until waking and utilising David's piss horn in the morning. Normally he could not function properly with a bladder full, but he did her proud on this occasion.

After breakfast, they took an easy, guided tour circumnavigating a nearby small crystal clear lake, which, being mountain spring fed, would be far too cold to swim in. Just thinking about the water temperature made her nipples nearly punch holes in her bra. They met up with a couple of about their age, Ted and Donna from a city a couple of hours from their home in the opposite direction and found they had a lot in common and they came across as a very nice pair. They agreed to meet for pre-dinner drinks, and, during and after dinner had a very good time chatting and dancing to recorded music. They danced at times with the others spouse and with the sexy intimate atmosphere, they were all aroused, with Ted perplexed when being unable to feel a panty line, but then locating Betty's tiny little thong outline without her objecting.

David felt the bands of a tiny bikini covering Donnas privates and pulled it up into her cracks, front and rear, also with no objection, and both of the girls were turned on big time when feeling either of the men's inflated cocks rubbing on their mounds and having their tits felt up as they danced. The men had humungous erections and the girls were dripping at the pussy.

About 10.30pm, as one, they wordlessly headed for Ted and Donnas room as it was the closest, and set about fucking as if the world was coming to an end tomorrow.

Betty spent the night with Ted, and David and Donna shared the other bed in the room, neither couple being worried in the least whilst watching their spouse fucking up a storm with their swap mates in their first ever swapping.

Both girls experienced their first ever MFF double teaming. Whilst kneeling down to work on the other girl's pussy, each girl in turn was doggy fucked by the husband of the girl she was licking.

On getting back to their room just after dawn, David and Betty declared their reciprocal love and lay down in a tight embrace until the maid knocked on the door at 11.15am to service the room. David asked that she come back in a half hour, not letting on that the time was essential to give them time to have an asexual shower and dress for lunch.

They met up with Ted and Donna during the afternoon whilst in the games room and arranged to meet at dinner for more of the same as last night. There was no embarrassment and both enjoyed the company until parting to dress for dinner and pre-dinner drinks.

Both the girls had very nice bosoms and now were not afraid to flaunt them or their long sexy legs and thighs which were accentuated by their very short dresses under which they had agreed not wear any underwear that evening. When either became a bit exuberant while dancing and spun quickly, centrifugal force spun the hems of their dresses up high enough for their bare pussies and shapely butts to be displayed. No one objected except some of the other wives, some of them closet exhibitionists anyway, some of who went to the ladies room to remove their own panties to join in the blatant exhibition and try to compete.

There has never been so many drinks dropped to the floor as there were that night, and not only by the waiters. You could not open your eyes without seeing hairy or bald pussies wherever you looked. When our two girls went to the toot; women never go peepee alone, they overheard a conversation referring to another group of four guests as being swingers.

On returning to their table, Donna, usually quiet and who wouldn't normally say boo to a goose, picked out the likely four and to Betty's horror, went over to their table and started to chat, leaning over whilst talking giving those at the table a long look at her delectable boobs, and the people behind her getting a look at her bare bum and bald pussy.

Ted had been watching Donna during the evening drinking more than she ever had before, and, although she was walking OK, had turned into a chatterbox, which frightened him. The only other time she had transgressed like this got her into a catfight with another woman, whom Donna wrongly felt had been staring at her.

They could see that Donna was smiling and giggling, but doing a lot of talking, which was completely out of character for her.

She returned to the other three at their table with a smirk on her face which was in itself a worry. David, Betty and Ted were gob-smacked when, as the lights were flicked on and off to signify it was time to go, one of the women at the other table came over and said, "see you up there, suite 402, ten minutes."

Donna, the silly tart, had suggested that the eight get together for fun and games but although their rooms were plenty big enough for two shagging couples she had not considered that they would be inadequate for any more. That is when Ray, one of the group offered their suite as the venue.

Our four thought that because there was safety in numbers as well as Ted being a tough looking ex-police Inspector, which was not mentioned, and now proprietor of a health and fitness centre, they would go to the suite and if it did not look kosher, they would excuse themselves.

They went up to the fourth floor and found that the whole floor was taken up with only two suites; mind boggling.

They were made most welcome and were introduced to Jenny, Ray's "wife," and Jeff and his "wife" Suzie. Ray explained, when Betty and Donna had finished gushing about the size and furnishings of the four bedroomed suite, that his mother's company actually owned the hotel but it was leased to the couple whose names were above the front door as licensees.

They had a guided tour of the suite and were impressed with the facilities, all bedrooms having ensuites and Jacuzzis, there was a kitchen which the hotel staff used to feed the suite's guests in required, cable and satellite TV, and an office with broad band email connection and everything else which could be required for a guest to keep in touch with his business whilst there.

Ray explained that the two suites were used nearly twelve months in the year by incognito visiting royalty, politicians and movie stars at a weekly rate which would feed and supply the complete army of a third world country for a month. The reason he could have it for the week was that a Hollywood leading ladie's abortion had gone wrong and as she had already paid, it was his and his friends to use, courtesy of good old Mum.

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