by Lily May

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Desc: Sex Story: Why you should believe everything your husband tells you. eat a balanced diet.

Chapter 1

Betty had just received the results of her six monthly checkup, which she felt were very important mainly for her family doctor to monitor the level of some of the pretty nasty drugs she was taking for her rheumatoid arthritis, which had been the curse of her life for nearly ten years. The drugs allowed her to lead an almost normal life

The report informed her that her system, and therefore axiomatically her diet, was seriously deficient in protein and that it could lead to further problems if not addressed immediately. Her doctor suggested that as a result of the findings she should consult a dietician and follow her advice as closely as possible.

The deficiency has been linked to the terrible Lou Gehrig's Disease as well as such symptoms as continual muscular pain and decreased resistance to disease.

The protein diet she was given was mainly food she did not enjoy and the appropriate expensive diet supplements tasted nearly as bad.

She had been for years almost a vegetarian and when advised to forgo some of her favourites such as pasta, vegetables and fruit and strongly advised her to eat red meat, shellfish, fish, poultry and dairy foods, she was disturbed as eating habits of her lifetime to date had her eating the foods she liked the taste of. The report and the resulting lecture from the doctor convinced her that if she did not do as advised, she was bound for definitely serious trouble down the track.

She was a country girl, the second child of four, and the only daughter, having been born and spending the first eleven years of her life in a small town of less than two hundred people.

Her parents were battlers and when the eldest son was about six months away from leaving school, the family made a radical move and moved to a small city of just over twenty thousand population in the same state but about three hundred and seventy kilometres away. This was radical because with four school aged children they had no savings and their rented house was frugally furnished, so although the father had a basic job to go to and a house to rent, it was to be a severe struggle. The primary reason for the move was that the prospect of the kids getting jobs in the small community was zero and the concept of the kids one by one, as they finished school and having to move away from the family home and board in another environment, was unacceptable to the close knit family.

Betty had led a very sheltered life and the people she knew were good country people and when one of them told her something she had no reason to doubt what she was being told. This made her not actually gullible, but trusting to the nth degree, and it was pretty near the same when she moved to the city, and because of her quiet and shy nature and protective family she was not put in the position whereby she encountered people who would be dishonest with her. As yet she had never been in a situation where she was not treated with complete honesty on anything told her.

She had suffered the odd setback but put it down to misunderstandings not lies.

At the same time, she had found that she could not believe much of what she read, in the first place, the area newspaper covering her old home town was full of misrepresentations and dubious news items so much so that a large part of one page consisted in each issue of retractions and apologies. She was an avid reader and when she read stories in the Mills and Boon books and others which were presented as true stories, she felt that they could not be true, although presented as true life stories.

So there she was, believing everything she was told and very little of anything she read.

Time went by and the family settled in and established themselves as good members of the community and things were good. The oldest son had kicked on and had a very good well paying job but married the middle and both ends of a bitch, a scrawny nursing sister with a vicious tongue. He was the only one she fooled. The rest woke up to her early on.

Betty met a young man, David, who had recently moved to the city himself and who boarded near her home, and after courting for a couple of months, gave up her virginity to him at the drive-in theatre.

He had no technique and the first twice they fucked, he only lasted a matter of twenty seconds before pulling out and ejaculating all over her pussy hair and stomach, leaving her wondering whether the sex episodes in her books were fact or fiction as what had just happened did nothing at all for her except give her a nice sensation for that few seconds.

The night of their third attempt and he had blown too early for her to feel anything like the books described, they decided that he should try again as she was still had the urge but was still unfulfilled. After twenty minutes or so, his average sized cock was ready to go again and to their surprise and joy, he lasted about ten or twelve minutes with her having her first ever cock induced orgasm. That started a ritual, she would wank him off before they fucked and that way they were both happy campers.

They thought that only married women could fall pregnant, such was their naivety.

In the lunchroom at work one day he overheard one of the guys tell another in graphic detail how his girlfriend "sucked him off."

This brought some of the other guys into the conversation, each trying to outdo the others with their tales of fellatio.

This knowledge was absorbed by David and when he and Betty next went parking, at a local bush reserve, he relayed the info to her and asked her to gobble him off. This was met with stony silence and he used the old "blue balls" whine to get her at least to mouth him but pulled away from him just before he shot his bolt over her clothes. As it turned out, he had been a nanosecond slow pulling out and a tiny bit went into her mouth. She found the taste not unpleasant, but a story she had heard about it causing a build-up of gunk around your heart put the kibosh on any repeats.

Moving on a few months, she missed a period and immediately became a frantic dithering wreck and had to confide in her mother of her suspected pregnancy.

Instead of the raging explosion she expected from her mother, she, remembering that there had been only six months between her marriage and the birth of her first child, now married, set the wheels in motion for Betty and David to be married three weeks from then and explained that she knew that once her daughter and David had experienced sex, they would be unable to stop.

Lo and behold. Within two days of the arrangements for the wedding being finalised, Betty bled like a stuck pig.

Her mother was of course happy with this, but reiterated that once you've fucked, it was impossible to stop, so the wedding went ahead as planned.

An appointment with a gynaecologist saw Betty being recommended using a diaphragm supplemented with a foul smelling spermicidal cream for insurance, like wearing both belt and braces. This was just before the advent of the contraceptive pill which had been trialled but not approved at this stage. The smelly spermicidal cream was a definite turn-off.

Betty had told David again that she actually liked fellating him but she had heard that swallowing semen was bad for you and would cause health problems later in life. As usual, she believed what she was told and whilst they enjoyed an excellent fulfilling sex life, she would not allow his cock in her mouth again for risk of her accidentally swallowing.

After six months of being married, and paying rent and having to find money for week to week living, although they both worked, they were not getting ahead and could see no prospects of ever owning their own house or being able to afford children, so David read in the paper that a silver-lead mine in a remote part of the state required employees, with one of the available jobs being of David's speciality trade.

They moved as soon as they had worked out their notices and on arriving at the mining town, settled into a very cheap rental company house.

Betty soon got a job in her area of experience and they worked as much as they could and started to build a bank balance slowly.

The saying" all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" proved correct and one day when they discovered that Betty had distant relatives in the town they started to socialise occasionally.

The particular company operating the mine had an agreement to employ any suitably experienced newly released jail prisoners in return for a consideration tax-wise.

So, this became the scenario. Some of her said relatives turned out to be fairly nasty people who sucked Betty and David right in. as well, some of the people they met were, as well as being bad enough to have been imprisoned, also able to pull the wool over the naïve young couple's eyes. Whilst not being able to touch them off financially, some of the crap that took place soon made the youngsters despondent and to realise that all was not sweetness and light in the world. Unbeknown to them, some of her rellies were the result of generations of incestual coupling and the gene pool had become very shallow.

Betty was definite in her stand against sword swallowing and although she had read that it was a normal, accepted form of sexual conduct, she did not believe it, and conversely, because no-one had told her to her face that it was accepted practice throughout the world, she still did not believe it.

After four years and a re-education on human frailties they had saved enough to enable them to move to his old home town and build a house.

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