Custom Check

by Blind Man

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Desc: Sex Story: Young woman tries to cross the border, east to west during the tailend of the cold war era. A suspicious guard submits her to a thorough examination.

The door to the customs office slowly creaked opened and a woman entered the room. She was young, attractive and scantily attired, dressed more for the warmer climes than for the weather that she had just left. For a brief second she stood tentatively in the doorway and looked about, letting her eyes pass over the spartan interior of the customs office.

There was not much to see. Besides the waist high counter that stood but two paces before her, dividing the room in half, there was a small, potbelly stove in the corner of the room upon which sat an old metal coffee pot. As well a tall, three-legged stool stood behind the counter and a framed photograph of some official was hung upon the opposing wall. Two flags bordered the portrait. On the top of the counter sat an old style telephone, one of those black, bulky ones with a dial. Outside that there was a pile of official looking stamps scattered about one end of the counter and a ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts at the other end of the counter and a small silver bell beside it.

The woman took a cautious step forward, still glancing around as she stepped up to the low counter. As she did she released the door without thinking and let it swing shut of its own accord. The door, connected by a heavy spring to the outer frame, slammed shut with a resonating bang that surprised and startled the woman.

Out of reflex she spun around and glanced behind herself, bewildered by the suddenness of the sound and embarrassed as she slowly realized that it had been her own folly that had startled her. Thus she was distracted when the guard entered the room.

The custom guard had been in an adjoining room when he had heard the door originally open. The sound of the woman's footsteps as she entered the building and the slamming of the door had confirmed for him that he had a customer. Quickly he buttoned up his uniform, secured his holster and put on his hat. It had been late in the day and he had not expected anyone to cross the border at this hour. He had gone into the backroom just a few minutes before, planning to prepare his supper. Now however that would have to wait. Duty called.

"Gutten abend Fraulein." the custom guard said as he entered the room.

His voice startled her. Surprised the woman quickly turned about and starred wide-eyed at the man who had just entered the room. The man was tall, very tall in fact and broad shouldered, whose bearing immediately told of a military background. While young and attractive, the man had a rugged appearance and an air of seriousness and maturity. He was attired in a dark, grey military uniform that barely contained the man's muscular frame. The woman's eyes quickly darted over the man, appraising what she saw. Her gaze took in everything about the guard, his appearance, his bearing, right down to the pistol and holster that hung from his uniform.

The guard came to a halt at the counter, standing beside the stool instead of sitting on it. Towering over the woman he placed the palms of his massive hands upon the countertop and looked down her. The woman blushed as her gaze met his gaze, as she saw his dark, deep set eyes look down at her. Instantly she knew that he was appraising her in the same manner as she had just done to him. Embarrassed by the sensation she turned her eyes away, yet still she sensed his eyes moving over her body.

Thought flickered within her head and uncalled for images flooded the woman's mind, images that teased at the potential and stirred expectation within her. The guard was big, powerful looking she thought. Young and rugged just like I like men to be. A smile slowly formed on her plump, full lips and cautiously she glanced back at the guard. His eyes were still moving over her.

Her body reacted instantly, betraying her before the dark stare of the custom guard. A shiver ran down her spine causing her to tremble with expectation, raising goosebumps on her naked arms and causing her nipples to stand erect beneath her light dress. The guard's gaze fell upon her bosom for a moment. Sensing his eyes upon her caused in a small gasp of anticipation to exit her parted lips. Excited the woman's cheeks became flushed with colour once again.

The man had appraised the woman as he had entered the room and walked the short distance to the counter where she stood. He had worked this job for over a year now and was very good at judging those who tried to cross the border from his checkpoint. Instantly the guard recognized the woman as being a foreigner. Her clothing alone revealed that to him. The sunglasses that concealed her eyes, her short-cropped blonde hair that gave her a boyish appearance and the flimsy spring dress that clung to her figure screamed that she was not a citizen, that she was in fact a capitalist whore. Her behaviour told him even more.

"Gutten abend Fraulein." the custom guard said once more as he came to a halt behind the counter.

For the next few moments there was silence in the room. The woman failed to respond to the guard's greeting once more. Instead she stood there for a second or two with her mouth slightly apart simply staring at him. It appeared that her mind was elsewhere for when at last she did respond it was for her to look away as if embarrassed.

Yes a capitalist whore thought the guard as he slowly began to become impatient with the woman. Oh, she was certainly attractive he thought as he stared down at the blushing woman. He had noticed that immediately upon entering the room. She was shorter than him with a fair complexion, and a fullness of body and form that was appealing. In fact staring down at her exposed cleavage the guard felt a stirring within himself that was certainly in contradiction to all his training. Yes he thought to himself contemptuously, very attractive and very desirable but still a western whore!

Still, regardless what he thought of her appearance or how it stirred him physically, he was a soldier on duty and he was quickly becoming annoyed at her. It was late and the border would soon close. Clearing his throat he spoke once more, firmly addressing the woman.

"Gutten abend Fraulein."

"What?" stammered the woman as if suddenly stirred from a dream, her voice soft, yet hesitant.

"Good evening Miss." the guard repeated, this time in English. His voice was edged with frustration and a slight touch of annoyance. An American he thought smiling to himself. He had been right; she was exactly what he had thought she was.

The woman however saw only the guard's smile as he spoke to her and to her it was a warm, friendly smile that was meant for her. The moistness that had formed between her thighs now became a tingle, a tingle of excitement and desire.

"Good evening." said the woman to the guard, smiling warmly at him as she did.

"How might I help you?" asked the guard courteously. His words were heavily accented but they were clear and direct.

"I'd like to cross back into the west," replied the woman. She continued to stare at the guard through her sunglasses, and to smile at him. What a wonderful voice she thought to herself; so strong, so firm, so manly.

"Papers please." asked the guard extending his hand towards the woman. He tried to ignore the way the woman stared at him, to ignore the sign's of arousal that was clearly visible in her response to him. He was on duty and while he was flattered by what he sensed, responding to it would be unprofessional. Besides thought the guard, this might all be a trick. She was after all an American, the enemy of his people. No responding would not be correct.

Responding to the guard's request the woman placed a small, cream colour handbag on the counter and opened it. From within she removed her passport. Carefully she placed it into the guard's extended hand, ensuring that her fingers brushed against his flesh as she did.

American whore he thought, smiling contemptuously to himself as he opened the document and flipped slowly through its pages. The passport was new, recently issued and marked only with the entrance stamp of his country. Unusual the guard thought. Again he flipped through the document carefully checking each page.

"Please remove your glasses," the guard said in a low tone as he finally turned to the identification page of the document and stopped.

"What," asked the woman in a startled voice?

"Your glasses, Fraulein, please removed them," the guard said once more, this time looking up from the papers and starring sternly at the woman. The woman's face was red with embarrassment and it was obvious that her mind had been elsewhere. A glistening of perspiration was upon her brow and a glanced at her heaving cleavage clearly indicated that the woman was excited.

Blushing once more the woman raised her hands to her sunglasses and slowly removed them. Slowly she folded them close and then placed them carefully on the counter top. The guard watched with interest, staring directly into the woman's gaze as her eyes were revealed.

The woman had deep blue-grey eyes that sparkled with excitement in the bare light that illuminated the office. Confidently she met the guard's gaze and held it with her eyes, smiling suggestively to the man as he compared her face against the grainy photo that was in her passport. The man stared at her intently noting the glint in her eyes and the smile on her lips. She was indeed attractive he thought silently to himself, even desirable, yet she is still a foreigner and one who should not be trusted. Silently rebuking himself, the guard returned to doing his job, giving no indication that the woman across from him had stirred anything within him.

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