by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Harem, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A mythical Sultan describes getting a new wife and how she fits into his harem.

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I was first given Fatema for my wife when I was only 10 years old. She had been my nursemaid when I was an infant and was a friend of my mother. At that time, she was 30 years old, four years older than my mother and 20 years older than me. As a child, I remember her bathing me, and fondling my penis until I had a climax, even before there was ejaculate. Later, when I had physical cum, she would suck on me, draining the juice from me. It was an exercise I learned to enjoy and looked forward to it almost every day.

Then, for my 16th birthday I was given Raaji, a beautiful 16-year-old maiden, as my second wife. All of her short life she had been nurtured and tutored to develop into a gift to an important potentate. She was petite and had dark, curly hair, big beautiful brown cow eyes, wonderfully golden skin and was pleasingly plump. Fatema, my first wife, delighted in preparing Raaji for her nocturnal visits with me. She would bring her to my bedchamber and hover in the background while we enjoyed each other. She usually cleaned us both up after the event and often used her mouth to ensure that I had been completely satisfied. Raaji got pregnant within days of our wedding night and produced a child almost every year after that. By the time I was 34, she had given me nine sons and five daughters. Unfortunately, she had also blossomed to well over 250 pounds, to a point that love making was difficult. The only way we were able to accomplish the feat was with her on her knees and me behind her. In this position Fatema usually stood behind me and assisted by caressing my buttocks and my testicles while I slid in and out of the soft, wet sleeve of Raaji's body.

As big as she was, I still enjoyed sipping the nectar of her vagina. When she was younger, she would sit on my face while I tasted her juice and Fatema would nurse on my penis. Now, the only way to enjoy my favorite beverage was for her to lie down and spread her legs while I used my tongue to lap at the ambrosia she produced. Unfortunately in this attitude there was little Fatema could do for me other than lightly massage and caress my private parts while I drank at the fountain of Raaji.

On my 21st birthday, Anna, a fiery European from Norway or Sweden was presented to me. She was quite a contrast in our Mediterranean community. She was very beautiful, about 20 years of age, tall and slender with blond hair and blue eyes. Her parents had been explorers or hunters and had been killed in the distant jungles of Africa. She had been captured and brought to the slave market in our village where my father bought her for me. She rejected my first overtures to her and eventually it took both Fatema and Raaji to hold her down while I had intercourse with her. Although she and Raaji were almost the same age, they did not become close friends. On the other hand she bonded with Fatema who could easily have been her mother. Eventually Anna had three of my sons and finally accepted our way of life and her position in my home. A minor thing that bothered me was that, although each woman had her own bedchamber, she usually slept in the bed with Fatema.

I later learned she had a statistic streak and enjoyed being spanked. She liked to be tied up while I ravaged her or, better yet, have Fatema and Raaji hold her down while we had intercourse. Very often I would be summoned to her bedchamber to find my other wives had lashed her, nude, to the bed or to rings imbedded in the wall. She would almost always be ready and I would take advantage of her in that position. I think her favorite was to be completely hog-tied, with a hood over her head while I had my way with her from behind.

A little side information, although Fatema and I had been married since I was a child, and she often serviced me orally, I had never had intercourse with her. In fact, I had never seen her nude or even seen her breasts. I really had no idea what she did to satisfy herself sexually.

Now, a month or so before my 35th birthday, a friend of my father's presented me with Dawn, a 25 year old, American medical missionary who had been taken during a raid on a remote village in the northern mountains. Again, she was a beautiful woman with short light brown hair, soft brown eyes, large, full breasts and a richness of body that was very appealing to the eye. Right from the beginning she rejected me and it was necessary to keep her bound or chained in the seraglio for fear she would escape. Fatema suggested that we keep her nude to reduce her desire for freedom. I liked that too because she had a lovely body that was pleasant to touch.

Although she spoke very little Arabic and the other women spoke no English they teased her all the time. Every time I went into the oda she would use English phrases to insult me. Things like, "Keep away from me you jerk!" Or "Let me go or you will be sorry!" I liked it very much when she was angry because it made her more attractive and she didn't try to hide her body with her hands.

I planned to marry her in a very simple ceremony on my 35th birthday. The other women prepared her with perfumes and gossamer clothing but still had to keep her restrained for fear of what she would do. The Ayatollah was taken aback when he was ushered into the bedchamber and saw this beautiful woman with her arms and legs bound so she could not move. A gag in her mouth and one of Anna's hoods over her head prevented her from lashing out verbally at the wedding party. By the end of the ceremony, when I removed a hood, she was seething and almost venomous.

After a banquet in the main hall, (which she did not attend) it was time to consummate the marriage. I went to my apartment to freshen up and Fatema and Anna went to the seraglio to prepare Dawn for me. When I got there, I was surprised to find Dawn, still gagged but now nude, lashed to a chair with her arms behind her and each of her ankles tied to the outside of the chair legs. A rope around her neck and pulled to the back of the chair prevented her from slouching forward. While she presented a most appealing sight, there was no way I could have sexual intercourse with her in that position. Although she could not speak, there was fire burning in her eyes when I caressed her breasts and slid my hand between her legs. It was very dry and cold, not at all what I was accustomed to.

I couldn't help but notice a large bruise on Fatema's face. When I questioned her she said that Dawn had struck her and that was why she was not ready for me yet. Anna piped in and said the perhaps we should punish Dawn and that she just happened to have her little personal whip with her. It was an implement made of leather with a short, black handle almost two inches thick and some leather straps about two feet long. I knew from experience that some of the women used the handle as a dildo. Even I had used it like that on Anna a few times.

I gave my permission for the obedience lesson and, with Fatemaís help; Anna threw her heart into disciplining Dawn. They released her from the chair and with her hands still bound, fastened her securely to a metal ring imbedded in the wall well over her head with her back to us.

I winced when the first lash snaked across her buttocks leaving a series of bright red streaks. Dawn was whimpering when I moved close behind her and asked if she had learned her lesson. She kicked backward at me and screamed, (in English) ìGet away from me you pervert! I am not married to you and I am not going to let you fuck me!î

I stepped away and Anna reapplied the lash. One, two, three strokes. Now Dawn's entire ass was red and there was no definition between the lash strokes. Anna moved closer and pushed the whip handle between Dawnís legs the same as I might do with my penis.

I reclined on the divan as this amazing sight unfolded in front of me. Time after time, Anna would whip Dawn's ass and then push the whip handle between her legs. At one point, she grabbed Dawn's hair and pulled her head back and kissed her. Eventually, I noticed that Dawn was responding to the whip handle by opening her legs slightly to accept it. I was pleased and excited to notice that the handle was now coated with her liquid and it appeared that the whip handle was not just being inserted between her legs but was actually entering her body.

Sexually stimulated, I began to rub my penis. In a flash, Fatema was there to help me. Her hands were soft as clouds as they caressed and fondled me. Her warm mouth on my flesh soon brought me ecstasy. In my mind, it was I entering Dawn's body, not the whip handle and it was her vagina engulfing my penis, not Fatema mouth.

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