by Kimberly Parker

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Desc: : Some thought I was on something when I wrote this, and as of today only one person has understood its meaning. Try your luck to find the true meaning

Everyone takes the journey down the highway of life. How each does this and how long it takes is quite different. Some may walk, some may run, while others may use more efficient means. Some use bicycles, roller skates, or many of the motorized vehicles that are available. Some of the motorized Vehicle uses are planes, trains, and automobiles. But the very best way is that of the automobile, yes a car. What kind of car? Well there are many to choose from. You have rental cars, leased cars, taxicabs, and even stolen cars. Some are borrowed and returned, while others are acquired and driven the entire trip. Here is one person's account as to how their trip has progressed.

When I first started, like most people, walking was the only way available. You didn't travel very far each day, but it was reliable and you could take in all the sights. The biggest drawback to walking was you did not have a radio. Oh you could try and carry one of those portable ones, but it was a chore just trying to walk.

As time went by, I started using a bicycle, it was faster, but still you had no radio, unless you could get one on the handle bars or the cross bar. Although having one strapped on somehow seemed better than no radio at all, there definitely wasn't any music to be heard. I thought there had to be a better way.

Soon I decided to get a set of wheels, as this pedaling was getting old and a little tiring. Well, just exactly what kind should I pursue? I knew if I took a taxicab there would not be the responsibility of maintenance or any other repairs that may be required. After all I could just pay for the amount of distance the taxi driver went and just get out, since there was no doubt a cab would not take me the entire journey. This also would leave my options open for other types of cars available. I did notice though that the only radio in this type of car was a noisy two-way radio, definitely no music.

Well I decided to get my own car, it was nothing really fancy you see, but it did have a radio to listen to. Unfortunately it was only an A.M. radio, and since this was my first car and I wasn't a very experienced driver, I was not able to steer and change the stations at the same time. All I could listen to was just one station, and that was just weather and news reports. I knew I had to practice if the trip was to be an enjoyable one.

As the stretch of highway passed beneath me I knew it was time to part with this car real quick. For some reason it wasn't the same as when I first got it. Started to hear some really strange noises coming from the engine, bells or something. I wasn't quite sure.

It took me awhile, but I did find another car suitable for the trip. Not only could I handle this car pretty good, I could even change the stations on the radio while driving. The radio though, was still only an AM but I could at least hit some buttons and listen to music. This car, like the first car, just wasn't quite right. I wanted one with at least a rear speaker. So I dumped this car and was back again pounding the pavement. There I was again, no car, no radio, no nothing.

For the next few months it was going from car lot to car lot, test-driving different cars. Then one day a bunch of friends organized a road rally and invited me along, but there was just one problem. If you are going to be in a road rally, it is advisable to have a car. I wanted a car. I NEEDED a car. No not just a car, I wanted one with an A.M./F.M. stereo, and rear speakers. Boy, was I dreaming or did somebody smack me upside the head or what? Then a friend said "how about that new red convertible across the street"? I turned around and thought wow what a sharp looking car, and went over to check it out. While eyeballing the car someone said the owner would be gone for a while and probably wouldn't even know if it was "borrowed" for a while. So I jumped in with both feet. Back in the saddle again.

As I headed down the highway I leaned over and switched on the radio, and the sound that came from those speakers sounded fantastic. I even got brave and hit the FM switch. Wow it was in stereo, with four speakers, not just two. The whole time I was able to drive the "borrowed" car, I would marvel at the way it handled. Straight-a-ways, tight turns, or even heavy traffic, this car was a dream to drive. But best of all was the sound coming from the radio. I even noticed that it also had and 8-track tape player, but since I never had an 8-track I was a little leery to try and use it. Then things started to go wrong, First the muffler started making noise. Then the engine started knocking. Although it was still a very sharp looking car, you just couldn't hear any music over all the noise. Since I did not exactly know how to fix it, it was time for a change.

Still looking for the perfect car, I had the "pleasure" of driving a couple of beaters. You know types. They did get you around for a while, and you never have to put much money in them, but you know that at any given moment the end would come. Also the only thing you could hear on the radio, if it even had one, was the same old news and weather reports.

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