by Justice Fingers

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sales girl is desperate to close some deals. She is pursuaded to offer a few extras. After success she celebrates with her new girlfriend discovering some things she didn't know.

Sally was very worried. Colin, her boss, called her into his office before she had left for the evening and given her a final warning. "Either improve your sales or get out."

Sally was a pensions sales rep, but for the last six months she had had no takers. There had been many meetings and promises but no one would make a final commitment and sign up. It was not that she wasn't trying, she had more prospective clients than any of her colleagues but they just wouldn't close the final deal. A meeting with David Robinson, the HR director of Perkins in the morning was her final chance. What was she going to do? She decided on an early night, so she had a bite to eat and then a hot bath before going to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

Sally woke up early and got herself ready. She had a shower and selected one of her best sets of underwear. They were white with pretty lace details around the edges and the bra pushed her pert breasts up. The knickers were lacy as well, with a high leg. This was as daring as she felt she could go. Sally felt that wearing them might give her a bit more confidence in dealing with her customers of the day. She then chose a white blouse and a grey skirt with a matching jacket. The skirt came to just above her knees and hugged her hips nicely. Not too sexy, but just enough to make people notice and still look professional. The jacket came to just below her waist and was cut to emphasize her breasts. It was double breasted with charcoal buttons down the front. She brushed out her long shoulder length blonde hair and tied it back with a ribbon. Makeup was not a thing she usually wore, but she wanted to give a good impression so, looking carefully in the mirror, she applied lipstick, eyeliner and gently brushed her cheeks with rouge. Sally did not like to plaster on too much because she thought it this made her look like a tart.

Taking a deep breath, she went out of the front door. She had decided to get to the Perkins office slightly early so that she could have a word with Mr. Robinson's secretary Carol. Maybe she could give her some inside information. She had been to Perkins five times now and still after much discussion and amendment to the proposals, the deal was not signed, but she had some good chats with Carol and hopefully she might help.

Sally arrived at the Perkins company headquarters and was escorted up to the HR directors' office. Carol was sitting at her desk and welcomed her as she came in.

"Hi, Sally. How are things? So you have come back to see if he will sign. He's not in at the moment. He thought you were going to turn up slightly later."

Sally nodded. "Yes. Sorry I'm early but I wanted to talk to you before seeing him. I'm desperate. My boss called me in last night and told me I was out if I didn't get this deal. I don't know what to do so I thought I would come in early so that I could chat with you. I hope you don't mind. Can you help?"

Carol smiled. "Would you like a cup of tea?"

"I could do with something stronger, but a cup of tea will have to do. Yes please".

Carol disappeared around the corner and appeared a few minutes later with two steaming mugs.

"Here you are. Sit yourself down and lets chat"

Sally took the mug gratefully and sat in the seat opposite Carol's desk.

"Thanks Carol. I'm really sorry to ask like this, but I have run out of ideas and don't know what to do. I have been to see David five times now and each time he tweaks the proposals and asks me to come back. This is happening with most of my prospective clients and I haven't had a sale in over six months." Sally blurted this out and had to take a deep breath to stop herself from bursting into tears.

Carol reached over and held her hand gently. "Do you really need this sale?" she asked with genuine concern in her voice. Sally nodded vigorously and took a sip from the mug in her hand.

"Look" said Carol. "Don't be offended by what I'm about to say, but to put it bluntly, he wants to see you without any clothes on." Her voice became sterner. "He keeps getting you to come back so that he can get a look at you and secretly hopes that you will somehow succumb to his fantasy. You have a nice body and he fancies you. If you stripped for him, he would sign anything and you would probably even get a good deal for yourself. I reckon that most of your other clients are the same and they would all sign if you offered a bit more in the way of visual encouragement."

Sally looked alarmed. "So I would have to strip! Take off my clothes!" she said aghast.

"If you want the contract then I think that is all you have left, as he will keep trying to get you to come back by making little adjustments to the proposals. I am sorry to be so blunt but that is how it is. He's not a bad sort and you could do worse. He's married but doesn't get much at home if you know what I mean." She winked. "He wouldn't ask you to 'Go all the way' as he won't cheat on his wife but he does like to watch"

Sally thought for a moment and sipped her tea. Finally she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I have never done anything like that before. I'm not sure that I could do it."

"You just need to relax. Do a striptease, slowly and put on a bit of a show. You won't have to do anything else that you don't want to do."

Sally thought that this was odd. Carol seemed to know a lot more about this than she was letting on. Maybe she had to do the same sort of thing herself. She didn't mention this to Carol.

"Don't let him know you are desperate for the contract but be a bit more forward. Flash a bit of thigh and stick your bum out. Say, while leaning over the desk to point out something in the contract. Lean forwards so he can get a look at your cleavage. That will get him going."

"I'm not sure..."

"If you don't then I think your boss is going to give you the bullet" interrupted Carol in not an unkind tone of voice.

"You really think so," said Sally.

"Yep. I can guarantee it. All your sales will come in and you will probably become the new sales boss."

"Wow, I didn't think that doing that could be so powerful. Just by flashing a bit, you can get all those sales."

"You are a good looking woman. If you've got it flaunt it. That's what I say! Men, and even some women would do almost anything to have a chance to see you like that."

"It sounds easy enough but I am not sure I could do it."

"Just pretend you are selling a new idea or something. Think of it as part of your sales pitch. Why not enjoy yourself and go for it."

"Yes, why not" said Sally, "what have I got to lose."

Sally had decided and it felt like a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She smiled for the first time, sat back and finished her tea.

"Thank you for that Carol. I feel so much better now. I will give it a go."

Carol beamed and gave a nod of approval. "You go for it".

Just then David Robinson walked in. He was over six feet tall, in his late forties to early fifties and slightly balding but he had a nice, kind sort of face.

"Hello Sally, you're early. Can you give me five minutes and then I will get Carol to send you in."

Sally nodded and looked at Carol who winked back at her.

"Carol, can you bring me in a coffee and any urgent business that needs sorting."

"Yes boss" said Carol. "But there are no issues this morning so you have a quite one."

"Excellent. That means that I have more time to chat to Sally." He smiled at them both and walked into his office and shut the door.

Carol winked at Sally, got up to get his coffee and returned with a mug that she took through to David. She came back out and smiled at Sally. "You can go in now. He's in a good mood. Just relax and remember what I said, and good luck."

Sally put her mug down on the desk, picked up her briefcase and walked into the office, glancing back at Carol and smiling nervously as she went through the door. She walked into the office and David stood up. "Sit down" he said gesturing to the seat in front of his desk. "I see you had a drink earlier. Would you like another? I can get Carol to get one?"

"No thanks. I would have to keep getting up to go to the ladies".

David smiled and sat down. "Right, down to business. Have you made those amendments that I requested?"

"Yes, I went back to the office and checked through everything. We are able to agree with all the changes and I have typed out a new contract". She opened her briefcase and took out some papers. Standing up, she offered them to David, leaning further forward than necessary so that he could see as much of her cleavage as possible. David had seen, she noticed. Sally turned away and bent over as low as she could, pretending to get some more papers out of the briefcase. She spent more time than was needed bending over but when she stood up she noted that it was having the desired affect. David's face was a picture. His eyes were wide and he looked a little embarrassed. To break his look, he reached over to take a sip of coffee and looked hard at the contract. Meanwhile Sally sat back down and crossed her legs so that her skirt rose up a bit to reveal some of her thigh. She looked up from her papers and smiled at David.

"How does it look to you?" she enquired. "As you can see, the clause about sickness has been added and the section referring to leavers has been modified".

David looked slightly stunned and had to drag his eyes away from Sally's legs. "Um, yes very good. It all appears to be in order. I will just peruse the rest of it so give me a minute." He took a deep breath and scanned the proposal and contract.

Sally sat patiently, waiting for David to finish, going through in her mind what might happen next. "Relax. Relax," she kept saying to herself. "Carol said to take it easy and enjoy yourself". She started to get a bit anxious as David continued to read.

After what seemed like an age, but was only a few minutes, David looked up and smiled. "That all looks in order", he said. But then in a lower, more conspiratorial tone of voice he spoke. "Listen Sally. I like the contract and I could sign it now. But before I do I would like you to do something for me".

Sally pretended not to follow and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you have come to see me several times and you look really pretty. I have been having a few dreams about you if you don't mind me saying so, but I would really love to see you with no clothes on. Would you strip for me so that I can see what you look like?"

"Well I..."

"Please, Sally" he cut in, "I will make it worth you while with an extra bit for you in the contract".

"What do you want me to do?" asked Sally.

"If you could do a striptease in front of me and take off all your clothes, it would make me a very happy man".

Sally waited for a few seconds and then said, "Ok, I will. I need this contract".

"Great" said David and stood up. He walked to the door, and put his head around to talk to Carol. "Carol can you hold all my calls and do not disturb us for the next hour. We have some delicate negotiations to complete". He shut the door, turned the key in the lock and returned to his chair.

Sally stood up slowly and turned to put her papers back in her briefcase. As she bent over, she wiggled her backside suggestively. Then she stood up and turned around. She started to undo each button on her jacket while gyrating slowly to some unheard music. She slipped one arm out of a sleeve and then the other and spent a few moments arranging the jacket on the back of the chair while swaying her backside at David. Then she started to pull down the zip on the side of her skirt. The catch at the top came next and she let the garment slide gently to the floor. She turned, and this too was carefully folded over the back of the chair, all the time swaying to the unheard music.

Sally was now standing in her blouse that came down to just about cover her knickers and she started to undo the buttons. Slowly now, one, two, three... All the buttons were undone and the blouse slipped from her shoulders. This was placed on the chair as well.

When she looked around, David had pushed his chair back and pulled his trousers down. He had his manhood in his hand and was slowly running his hands up and down, masturbating himself. Sally was slightly shocked but carried on. She turned back around so that her back was to David and unhooked her brassiere. She then let it slip off her shoulders but held on to the cups and turned around. David looked to be in ecstasy. He had kicked off his shoes, trousers and pants and was now undoing the buttons to his shirt with one hand while massaging himself with the other hand.

Turning back round, she bent over with her back to David and slowly slid her knickers down. She could feel that she was damp and the gusset of her knickers stuck to her moistness as she slid them down. She stepped out of them and stood there totally naked. David was sitting in his chair and had managed to get all his clothes off including his tie, which was lying on his desk. She stood there not knowing what to do now.

"Touch yourself Sally", David said. "You may as well enjoy yourself. That's what I'm doing" and he leaned back moving his hand faster.

Sally smiled, reached forward and took the tie. She then put the tie between her legs so that she held each end and slid it backwards and forwards, running the tie across her wetness, forwards and backwards. She couldn't believe that she was doing this. She had never done anything like this in her life but she was now very turned on. She dropped the tie, sat down on the chair and spread her legs as wide as she could. She started to rub herself, running her hands through her bush and tweaking her clit as her fingers passed it. Tingles ran through her body and she started to gyrate her hips. Her other hand was pinching her nipples which were now standing out very erect.

"Put a finger in you", said David. "Please".

Sally slid a finger into her wet hole. It went in easily so she added another and pushed them in and out while rubbing her now swollen clit. David stood up and walked around his desk to stand in front of her.

"You are gorgeous, Sally. Better than I ever dreamed of," and he came all over her breasts. Gushing out jet after jet onto her soft warm flesh. Sally sped up her fingers and came with a mind shattering blast. She arched herself backwards on the chair, almost toppling back and closed her legs tightly, gripping her hands between her thighs. As she came down she saw David standing in front of her. She reached forward, picked up her knickers and started to wipe the cum from her breasts. Deliberately rubbing cum around her swollen nipples. She felt so horny. She then reached forward and began to wipe the remaining drips from David.

"Wow," said David. "That was amazing. Would you mind coming back again so that we can discuss contract extensions etcetera?" He turned around, pulled the contract towards him and signed both copies. Sally walked over and signed as well. Finally she had got the deal, and enjoyed it in the process.

"Thanks," she said. "I enjoyed that!"

They started to get dressed and Sally gave her knickers to David as a memento after first rubbing them over her now sticky pussy. He brought them up to his face and inhaled deeply.

"That is the most beautiful smell in the world. I love it. I can put you in touch with a few other directors who might want to sign up with you."

"That would be brilliant", said Sally. It looked as though what Carol had said about her clients signing up might come true after all.

David unlocked and opened the door. "We are all finished now," he said to Carol. "Could you show Sally out please".

He turned to Sally. "Thanks," he said. That was the best contract I have seen. I hope to see you again soon to discuss any modifications that may crop up as the contract proceeds."

"No problem, David" said Sally as they shook hands. "I'll see you soon". David turned, walked back into his office and shut the door.

"You did it then", said Carol. "Well done. I told you he would sign."

"Yes, I even left him my knickers as a memento." She looked around quickly and lifted her skirt. They both giggled. Sally was astonished. That was another thing she would never dare to do but she had done it. It looked as though her life would be changing a bit from now on.

They walked out along the corridor to the entrance. "I am so grateful to you Carol. I don't know how to repay you for what you have done. Do you fancy coming out for a meal or something to celebrate".

"That would be lovely. When's good for you?" asked Carol.

"How about Friday. I have a few clients to see before then but I intend to let my hair down for the weekend. How about we go to The Illumiere and then maybe on to a nightclub. I will book the restaurant and then give you a call."

"That's expensive Sally. Can you afford it?"

"After today, no problem. I will see you Friday then", and walked out of the building to her car. Finally she had done it and her job would be safe. She drove back to the office to sort out the paperwork and then went home early as she had another client to see the following day.

Friday came and Sally picked up Carol at 7pm as arranged. Carol was wearing a nice black number that came down to just above her knees. Just right for going to the restaurant and then for a dance. They drove up town and parked. Then walked over to the restaurant where they had a superb meal with quite a lot of wine, then they went over to the Blue Oyster nightclub to dance the night away.

It was 2am when they walked out of the nightclub laughing and talking about the night they had had.

"I have had a bit much to drink, Carol. Do you mind if we get a taxi. You can stop over at my place then it won't cost for the trip all the way over to yours."

"Ok, that's fine by me as long as I'm not putting you to any trouble" said Carol.

They caught a taxi and staggered in the door exhausted. Sally turned on the light and walked Carol around her apartment showing her where everything was. "There's the bathroom in there" said Sally.

"Oh good" said Carol, "I'm bursting" and she rushed in, pulled down her knickers and started to pee without shutting the door. Sally laughed and went to put the kettle on.

When Carol came out Sally had two hot cups of chocolate ready and handed one to Carol. They both sat down on the sofa and sighed. It had been a good evening. "I forgot to ask you Sally. How did those two others contracts go? Did you get them?"

Sally beamed and blushed slightly. "Yes, thanks to you. They are all signed and I'm am earning a nice little percentage out of them. But I will need to buy some more underwear. I am starting to run out."

They both giggled and sipped their drinks.

"Oh, I forgot", said Sally. "I only have one bed. So you take that and I will sleep on the sofa tonight".

"No you won't. There will be plenty of room for both of us. That's not a problem for you is it."

"No, but I usually sleep with nothing on", said Sally.

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