Holiday Camp

by Lily May

Copyright© 2003 by Lily May

Incest Sex Story: What a simple little game of telling your deep dark secrets can initiate.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   InLaws   Swinging   Group Sex   .

Sam and Jo Roberts lived about 8 hours away from his sister Pam and her husband Peter Smythe and because of the distance between their homes and the fact that they each had high school and college aged children, were only able to get together for a few days at Christmas.

Sam and Pam's parents Tom and Audrey had just retired and wanted to get rid of some money so their assets would be just under the limit to allow them to receive the full pensions they felt entitled to after working and paying tax all those 46 years. There was some money "buried in the garden" that would help ensure they had a comfortable retirement but no-one, not even their kids knew about that.

The two families then planned to have a two week holiday together at a holiday resort about midway between them. They had heard of the resort as being rural enough to be a pleasant change from their cities, but also have many many facilities to ensure them and their families a great time. Their parents were to spend only two or three days with them as Tom felt unwell still.

Sam and Jo have two daughters, Mel and Deedee and a son Brian, who is Mel's twin.

Pete and Jo have two sons, Ralph and Riley and daughter Helen. It turned out that one of the girls, Helen was a virgin, and one of the boys, Riley had not as yet had his pump primed.

The two families met up as planned at around 7.30pm on the Friday night and used the remaining hour of sunlight (Eastern daylight saving time) to unload the SUV's and settle into their accommodation.

The camp was designed with several units of one room with a superking sized bed and another room with four beds which could changed into two one on top of the other bunks if space became a problem, for families of two adults with one to four children and had a lounge/TV room, including a tiny dinette, in between the two rooms. There were also several single rooms for two adults only without a lounge room. These two types of units had naturally a bathroom with a bath and shower, a small fridge and TV with satellite programming and as well, at the end of each wing there were dormitory type rooms on each side of the corridor which held from six to twenty bunks. The plan there was that girls had one of these rooms on one side of the corridor, identified by a pink door, and the boys in the other with a blue door. That was the official plan anyway.

In the middle of the complex there was a huge room which comprised the cafeteria style dining hall, the kitchen, office and a nice room which had a bar and dance floor. Off each side and at the rear of this block was an accommodation wing like spokes of a wheel with a corridor up the centre of each wing to access the rooms on each side of the corridor.

Rooms are as described earlier.

The place could accommodate 300 people when full to capacity.

In the quadrangles between each pair of spokes was on one side a half Olympic sized swimming pool and on the other side a large games room with snooker and 8-ball tables, table tennis tables, indoor bowls, dart boards and goodness only knows what other game facilities.

Outside there were horse riding tracks, lawn bowling greens, bushwalking tracks, a very cold freshwater creek deep enough for swimming and a general use playing field for cricket, soccer or whatever.

The place was nearly full and the kids checked it out for "talent' and were all pleasantly surprised with what was on offer.

They all crashed for the night, with the families having the two room plus lounge units across the corridor from each other. Sam and Jo had one room with a superking sized bed, and the three girls slept in the other room of that unit. Pam and Peter had the other unit's superking sized equipped room with the three boys together in the other room. They all awoke in the morning to the sounds of birds and they showered, went to breakfast then set out the plan for the day.

It was a wonderful set-up and the kids were likes farts in bottles trying to see and try everything in two minutes flat. The two families went on an easy bush walk after lunch and found some lovely secluded picnic spots and stored them in their minds for later utilisation.

Lunch and dinner had to be taken in two sittings which was not a hassle and breakfast started at 7.00am going through until 10.00am as a convenience for both the early and the late risers.

After dinner that night the kids migrated to the games room where movies were being shown until midnight and then were going to sleep in the "segregated" bunk rooms down the corridor. The four parents had met in Sam and Jo's lounge room for drinks and a chat, with the conversation eventually getting round to a tradition of many years which had caused a lot of innocent, but close to the bone at times, fun over those years.

It was called "secrets," in which everyone had to tell the others a secret concerning something they had done or had had done to them since last meeting. They drew straws and Jo started off with telling them that she had at last given in to a fantasy of Sam's and had shaved her pussy bald. The other's eyes hung out on stalks but considered it to be a valid secret and not at all obscene. Sam then told them that he had at last given into Jo's request over the last thirteen years and had a month ago had a vasectomy just as Pete had had years ago, because Jo sometimes had a reaction to the pill and did not want to risk pregnancy by using any of the other birth control methods. Condoms were a big no no with them all as they both felt that shagging with a condom was like washing your feet with your boots on.

It was now Pam's turn. This was about 10.30pm after a few hours steady sipping. She was feeling no pain and dropped a bombshell when she told the others that she had wanted to shag Sam, her brother, for over twenty years. The silence was deafening and the other three thought that they had misheard her "secret" until she repeated again what she had quite clearly said. It had arisen in a past conversation that Sam and Jo had swung before but Peter and Pam were swinging virgins, which made Pam's disclosure all the more amazing. Peter thought he would call his wife's bluff by saying "yeah, go for it, I've wanted to get into Jo's pants for bloody years."

The gravity of the situation soon hit them and whilst none of them could detect any dissension it was several minutes before the instigator, Pam took hold of Sam's hand and led him through the door, across the corridor and through the other door. They waited expectantly for Jo or Peter to protest but no protestation was forthcoming.

Sam's bigger cock was a very pleasant surprise for Pam when he got around to using it after their first ever 69 together, with Pam climaxing as Sam withdrew and slid up her body and gave her a tit fuck she will never forget. The moved as one when they each realised he was about to cum and he slid up the extra inches and she opened her mouth to receive an immense warm slightly salty load down her throat.

After about 20 minutes rest, Pam was astounded to feel his cock erect again and as her favourite position was doggy, she positioned herself on elbows and knees for a long languorous fuck with his cock touching previously untouched places. She was pushing back at him trying to gain that extra millimetre and he was squeezing her mammoth tits then pulling hard on her rock hard nipples. He then reached around with one hand to squeeze her clitoris hard between thumb and forefinger until she fell forward onto the bed and just plain shook for about three minutes still orgasming, unable to speak and hardly able to breath. Sam had worn himself out fucking her for over twenty minutes this time and could not even laugh when the pulling out of his cock caused a loud schlurrrrp noise. They both straight away fell asleep, not even bothering to scoop up the pool of cum that marked their performance.

Across the corridor, Peter had brought Jo to a screaming, but muffled by his mouth on hers), orgasm when he stuck his long agile tongue onto her G spot and feathered her clit with his thumb simultaneously. He then attacked her lemon sized but extremely sensitive tits which sent her over the top again. She then begged him to fuck her now and found that whilst his cock was quite a bit shorter and thinner that Sam's he was doing things to her vagina walls that Sam had never done to her, also he started her off again by only putting his cock in her far enough and move it back and forth just enough for the ring of its head to massage her G spot. She had never climaxed by G spot stimulation alone before and what Peter missed out in cubic inches he made up for in skill. She remembered then the old saying, "size is not important, it's what you do with it." She concluded that it would be very dangerous for the average woman to be fucked by someone as skilled as Peter who had a cock the size of Sam's.

The had a sound nights sleep and luckily for the four of them, Peter was forced up at around 6.00am like the Chinese cabbage, by shit, and woke them all to return to their correct rooms. The only trouble was that they were all that knackered and pussy whipped, that Sam and Jo ended up in Peter and Pam's room and vice versa by mistake, giving the kids something to think about when they returned to the units to shower and dress for the day. The powerful stench of the night's sexual activity did not go unnoticed by the un-virgin kids either.

On Sunday, the six kids collected a picnic lunch for all of them from the kitchen slide and set off with their bathers, towels, sun glasses and sunscreen for the hour walk through the bush to the creek fed water hole as mentioned in a resort brochure as being deep enough to swim in.

Brian had palled up with Helen, Mel with Riley and Deedee with Ralph and each pair walked together enjoying the company and chattering away like magpies. They reached the pond and the girls went off and changed behind some bushes with the boys sneaking peeks at them and the girls being aware of it but not letting on. The boys had worn their bathers under their shorts. Whilst Helen and Deedee had huge jugs, Mel's made up the smaller size by hers having a beautiful shape and long thick nipples. They all had shaved pussies due to their wearing skimpy bikinis and not wanting to show their wool.

They had a swim first and then settled down to have sunscreen applied and to chat. The first subject was their parent's game of "secret" which Mel had overheard mentioned this morning. She only heard the odd word here and there but assumed that it was their version of truth or dare. She was at least half correct.

Rob and Joy Townsend managed the resort for the absent owners and they were accurately but unintentionally accurately named. Rob had been at the back of the queue when the cocks were being given out and had been robbed of a decent sized cock, and so Joy received very little joy from generally being unable to tell if his cock was inside her or not on the rare occasions they fucked. She had become wary of embarrassing him by asking him if he was in yet, so had given up asking, just guessing.

Joy had an unbelievably high libido, and took sex where she could get it. Rob knew of her needs and turned a blind to it as long as she was discreet. She was as well, buying her vibrator batteries by the hundred.

She had swung once, a few years ago when she was visiting her brother and his wife. He had taken her to his swingers group's monthly party and apart from straining his potatoes, she took on four more guys before the night was out. She still juiced up when recollecting that nights activities. So in one fell swoop, she had committed incest, adultery and swinging, all most satisfactorily.

The kids soon became bored with just soaking up the rays and Mel suggested that they have their own game of "secrets."

Everyone agreed and made a pact to either be honest in divulging their deep dark secrets or squib out.

Brian started off with his tale of deflowering his school's snotty nosed Co-captain who thought her shit didn't stink. He achieved this when on a date at the movies, he commenced a litany of praising every thing about her, her looks, her beauty, her figure, her brain, her IQ, her popularity, he lied on that one), and what sealed it for him was that he, a lowly ordinary boy knew that she was untouchable by ordinary humans and she was accepted almost as God reincarnate by her peers, (he lied again). This of course worked as she was completely up herself and when they reached his car in the theatre car park, she jumped him and whilst taking her cherry, he kept on booming her up, telling her she had the tightest, smoothest, prettiest, hairiest, best smelling pussy he had ever known of. This paved the way for repeat performances whenever he wanted, it was almost as if she was hypnotised and any praise automatically switched her pussy into receive mode for him, while the whole school noticed her change in attitude when she, unknown to them had received a good fucking by him and him alone. It appeared to him that he was actually fucking some sense into her.

Mel's secret was that she had had a Brazilian wax job and her mother, Jo, had arranged for her to go on the pill, as she had a gut feeling, rightly so as it eventually turned out, that Sam, her Dad was fucking her.

Deedee calmed things down by describing how she had let her on and off boyfriend touch and suck on her bare orange sized boobs in the school gym storeroom a week ago.

Ralph, at eighteen the oldest, told how he had last week fucked their gorgeous neighbour, May Van Tung, and he could assure them that Asian women's pussies were definitely not East-to-West as the old tales go. He said that it was wonderful but he worried about her accountant husband Tran, being a black belt karate instructor finding out that the boy with the big cock from next door was working part time on his wife.

Poor Riley was not very happy. He was still a virgin and had a reasonably long dick but it is very thin. He told them how he had found a way to spy on his parents when they were at home fucking, by climbing onto the edge of the bath in the bathroom adjacent to their bedroom, and looking through the louvred grill. He did not need to tell them that it set him off jerkin' his gherkin. They had guessed by the end of his report.

This left Helen, who was pissed off with her humungous boobs. She was the butt of jokes from boys and girls both at school, and had checked with her parent's medical scheme to find out if breast reduction qualified for funding. It was not, only in cases where health problems were caused by the size of the breasts and she knew this was not so. Her actual secret was that she had bought a vibrator to take her mind off what she mistakenly considered made her unattractive to guys.

They returned after having a snooze to help digest their lunch, had another swim and then returned to the resort, with each of the boys following their female pals and watching their delicious little bums gyrate as they moved. They were all six of them stirred by the revelations divulged in their "game." Evil plans were being mulled over by them all, not just the boys.

While the kids had been gone for the day, a major foursome had developed spontaneously in Pam and Pete's room. There was more than enough room for simultaneous shagging on the superking size bed and they switched partners a couple of times for the sake of variety.

Jo, at one stage became very vocal so much so that Joy, in passing the room, mistook her cry of rapture for a cry of pain, so without pausing to think, opened the door to find Sam hanging out of Pam his sister, and Pete inside Jo's cunt up to his aggots. This did not faze any of the five, and when Sam in a jocular manner said to Joy, "come in" she just said "where?"

After a bit of reorganising, they made room for her and while Pete took her from the rear, Sam fucked her mouth. Meanwhile Jo and Pam gave her boobs a major licking and sucking.

Joy blatantly told them of her problem with Rob, and said "please can I borrow these cocks now and then whilst you are here." Two yes's were the immediate reply.

Being normal parents, the two couples knew of the power of suggestion, so in an offhand manner, whenever they wanted the kids out of the units for the night, Pam asked the kids were they again sleeping in their sleeping bags in the far away bunk rooms again. Of course the agreed and thought that what the oldies don't know, wont hurt them.

Although none of the kids had been forthright in saying so, they felt that fate had matched up the three virgins with the three un-virgins and, really, who can argue with fate. They found one of the bunkrooms empty and locked the door and put a chair under the knob to prevent any unwanted intrusions, then joined two sleeping bags together for each couple, stripped off and without any embarrassment or wasted time did what comes naturally. Helen and Deedee, the girl virgins handled their deflowerings OK and after the initial pain pricks, started to enjoy the joy pricks. Being the boy virgin, Riley agreed to Mel's suggestion that as he would definitely shoot his load within seconds of either being inside her or just approaching her pussy, his first ever blowjob would pave the way for a successful, fulfilling first fuck. He had his first fuck and swore that it felt like someone was pulling a length of barbed wire through the length of his cock. This was because it was his one and only, until then, orgasm not as a result of Mrs Palmer and the five daughters attentions. He also was shown, by watching the other boys laying on top of their sleeping bags with the girls, the secrets of cunnilingus and the effect it had on them.

Of course, they were like little kids being let loose in a sweet shop and rushed things, with the boys shagging themselves out in less than an hour with the girls still wanting more. This deficit they helped alleviate by trying Helen's first, and the sister's trying another of their previously innumerable girls/girls loving sprees.

In the morning, they switched for the first time and Riley could not get over the difference between Mel's cunt and Helen's. It was to be two more days, and a trip back to the pond for the final switch to complete the cycle took place, again with Ralph being amazed at how things that looked so alike could feel so different. Deedee was different again.

Tom and Audrey arrived unannounced on Wednesday and moved into their allocated single room unit. The kids were in the games room at the time and got a pleasant surprise when their grandparents had arrived.

Tom actually was in perfect health, especially for his age, but what had him believing he was dying was that some months ago he had seen a TV program on heart trouble which advised that a pain in the left shoulder and arm quite often was the forerunner of a massive heart attack. He then tossed his towel in and no entreaty of Audrey's could get him to a doctor. He knew he was stuffed.

What he didn't know was that he had osteo arthritis in his shoulder and upper arm the pain of which can be mollified by medication. But he was too frightened to go to a doctor and be told he was on death's door. He himself knew it but didn't want to be told it. This is why he had put their affairs in order and farmed out the money to their kids. Their kids were using this money to pay for this holiday.

As luck happened, although they didn't know it was good luck at the time, he missed the top step on the dining room steps and landed heavily resulting with what they all thought was a broken wrist. Sam and Pete raced him to the nearest hospital, nearly an hour away for attention. He was seen by an intern who had the wrist x-rayed to find it was only a sprain and not broken, then the intern, being super efficient and trying to impress, gave him a thorough checkup including an ECG. Tom bitched all the time but could not put the young intern off from doing what he wanted.

He reported to the three men that he found Tom to be in remarkably good health, especially his heart, which was performing like that of a much younger man. Tom stuck on a tantrum and told him he did not know shit, and demanded to be seen by a real doctor, that is, one over fifty years old.

A consultant was called and verified the intern's report and asked Tom what made him think he was about to die from a heart attack.

When told of the shoulder and arm pain, the consultant roared with laughter, further firing Tom up. He went to the drug cupboard and pulled out a hypodermic syringe and injected cortisone into Tom's shoulder joint. This caused momentary pain but after a few minutes, his alleged heart attack precursor pains disappeared. In between laughing, he told him "you've got osteo arthritis you silly old man, and you will probably outlive all of us in this room." Because of his self diagnosis and what he believed about heart attacks, ever since his misdiagnosis, he had refrained from sex completely. This did not do much for Audrey's libido, whose fuck genes had probably been inherited by Sam and Pam, such was their libidos. Tom had also done a power of shagging until his "heart problem" manifested itself.

He had even paddled in his daughter Pam's pool on several occasions as well as he and Audrey being active swingers for many years.

The first thing he did on returning to the resort was to scruff Audrey and giving her a fucking that she will remember until she gets the ride in the pine box. That, he said, is what you get for not nagging me enough to go to a doctor months ago, and you'll get the same if you do anything like that again, with a huge smile which matched hers. After a joyous dinner, he got Sam, Jo, Pam and Pete together, and said "let's party," winking at them all. Sam knew exactly what Tom meant and sent Jo to find Rob and Joy to join them. When Rob twigged what was on their minds, he invited the six to join them in their private quarters which had a huge entertainment room for when the resorts owners or families were present on one of their rare visits and needed entertaining.

Lights were turned almost off, soft music was put on, suitable drinks for teetotallers and drinkers alike were handed around and incense candles were lit. Fate again took a hand and by absolutely no planning at all, Tom ended up on a couch with the voluptuous Joy whose cunt had been yesterday claimed by Sam and Pete to be the tightest on this planet, this we assume was because Rob could not stretch it and Joy's vibrators were only of the size of a normal cock.

Joy hiccuped when Tom slowly entered her after titillating her mammoth jugs, nipples, and clit for a long long time. It was the biggest she had ever seen, let alone had in her and she was transported to another world, before her filled her with the accumulation of several months cum.

Rob tried his hardest to satisfy Pam but eventually found that the only way they could achieve anything was for her to fellate him with what was basically an adjustable oral pussy, and it easily fitted all the way down her throat for him to discharge his wad directly into her oesophagus. Pam said that she was thankful for small mercies, in fact even small cocks.

Sam did a job on the anxious Audrey, she was anxious to get as much cock as she could to make up for the dry months that Tom's cockup had caused her. She fucked like a teenager.

It was happy times for Peter and Jo, for each knew exactly how to bring the other up to dizzying heights of passion. Their lovemaking bordered on the Tantric, and she alerted the others to what none of the others had tried as yet this trip, doggy and cowgirl. They soon followed suit with at times when positions were suitable, daisy chains were enjoyed and in the end, all non-kinky forms of sex play except man-on-man were seen happening somewhere in the room with varying numbers of people taking part.

On Thursday night, Mel chipped a front tooth sending her into a frenzy. Joy was a long time friend of the nearest dentist's wife and cajoled the wife into, in turn, cajoling her husband into seeing Mel next morning, whereas usually there was a wait of several weeks even for urgent dental care. At Joy's suggestion, she bribed her dentist husband with the promise of anal sex for a week, which was his fantasy but she wisely did not really want him to know that she was OK with anal, but preferred vaginal and oral and she used her feigned reluctance as a lever to pry what she wanted out of him. Promise of anal sex had been used by her many times before successfully to achieve an end.

As Sam moved his SUV before breakfast in the morning preparatory to going to the closest town with a dentist with Mel, he noticed a pool of brake fluid on the ground under the left front brake line. Brother-in-law Pete was a keen vintage car restorer and offered to take niece Mel in his vehicle and procure another brake line to replace the chafed one. He always carried a basic array of tools with him which would be sufficient for this repair.

They set off in plenty of time for the three hour trip and whilst Mel was being attended to, Uncle Pete went to the appropriate dealership to be told that they did not have that particular hose, but if they rang now, one would arrive from the National warehouse in the state capital early next morning by the overnight coach. He had no option but did not relish another three hours on the road today, to repeat it tomorrow.

He rang Sam who quickly suggested that he take a room at a motel and stay the night, neither of them knowing that of the only two motels in the town there was only one room available, a room with one double bed only. As that was only the room available anyway he had no choice but to take it, with the little devil on his shoulder calling him a lucky dog and the little angel on his other shoulder telling him to behave. They had a nice dinner and returned to the motel and watched TV until about 11.00pm, then relying only on the illumination from the bathroom light to get into bed.

Mel was a lovely young girl with a great personality to match her great body. She was fairly well back in the queue when the tits were handed out but they were nicely shaped and were in proportion to the rest of her.

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