Life In The Big City

by Valenti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A country girl learns the way of the big city with a little help from her friend. She liked girls before, now she can do it the big city way..

From the time I was about ten, I noticed that there was something different about me but couldn't quite place it. I had had a few boyfriends but in reality, to me they were no more than friends and most of the time when I went out, the thought of having to put out for them was disgusting. I only really had one close friend that I could confide in almost anything but Emily's family had moved to Florida and when I was fifteen and we lost touch with each other. Growing up in the small town of Moberly, Missouri, there was not much to do but at the mature age of ten, Emily and I found plenty of girl things to get into. Over the years we had our first periods around the same time, we played practice kissing, skinny dipped at the pond together and eventually by the time we were thirteen or so, we discovered how to pleasure each other. Secretly, I had developed a crush for her but I never told her and I would never share those feelings with her or anyone else.

During high school, I noticed that I would check out and sometimes fantasize about some of the other girls in school. I didn't consider myself to a lesbian but I did secretly check out other girls. I would try and catch a glimpse of some of the prettiest ones when we were in the showers or at sleepovers. A couple of times when I'd be at a sleep over or when a friend stayed over at my house, I'd make sure I would steal a copy of Penthouse from my Dad's stash so that we could look at them, giggle at some of the pictures and get the conversation of talking sex started. I had a nice room with a twin-sized bed and whenever anyone stayed over, they would have to share my bed which was not unusual I guess and that's when I would break out the magazines. My secret plan was to see how excited the other girl would get. I would never let on that I even considered being with another girl. I guess I was more afraid that word would get out that Rose was a lezzy.

Sometimes during those sleepovers I would pretend to be asleep and position myself so that my night gown or oversized T-shirt that I often wore for bed rode up my waist enough so that my bare pussy or ass was exposed. Or I'd find ways that I could expose my bare breasts in such a way that it didn't look like I was doing it on purpose. I got off on teasing my sleep over friends and no one ever knew the better. Those high school days far gone now and all through college I pretty much worked my little part time job and dated only seldom.

After high school, I attend Columbia and got an undergraduate in business.

I had finally found a job and was able to move out my parents place. Not that they were all bad or anything, just that I'm 22 and it was time to be on my own. I landed a job with an advertising firm and that would mean I had to move to Detroit Michigan. It was a far cry from Moberly Missouri. I guess you could say I was moving to the big city. I didn't have a boyfriend and my social life was practically zero so I was looking forward towards the move. I got settled in my entry-level advertising position at the agency and found that it was difficult to make friends around here. Most people commuted to work and after work most would want to get going home. I had a 40 minutes commute as well so by the time I got home, I wasn't in any mood to socialize anyway. I spent a lot of evenings and weekends alone.

So here I was in the big city. Tonight, instead of heading home I thought I'd drop in at the local bar, "The Dugout" and see what was going on. I didn't want to be alone tonight, since it was Friday night. I found out about this place from some of the girls at the office, they'd come here for lunch sometimes and I had gone with them on occasions. I noticed a familiar face at the dartboard and struggled to remember where I had seen her before. She came up to the bar and noticed me right off. "Rose Brooks?" she inquired. "Yes, that's me" I replied still racking my brain as to where I had seen her. "Remember me? I was in line with you when I was renewing my drivers license, Ann Andrews.' She reached out her hand to shake mine. "Yes of course, I remember now, I was changing my Missouri license to a Michigan one. Wow, that was about three months ago, I'm surprised you recognized me." I said. Well Rose you're not easy to forget, practically every guys' head in that place was turned including some of the woman." She said kidding around. "Oh, well thanks for the compliment but I'm not all that!"

I said a little flattered. "Hey can I buy you a beer?" she asked. "Sure can" I replied in my mock Southern drawl.

Ann was meeting some friends for a few drinks after work before heading home but she had a call on her cell phone that no one could make it. She was about to leave when she recognized me and decided to come over and say hello. We had a few beers and tried to talk over the loud music coming from the jukebox. Hey have you eaten?" she asked. "No but I'm starved" I told her. "In that case I know a great little place in Greek Town that has the greatest salads and the most sinfully delicious desserts, how about if you join me, it'll be my treat". She said. I was pleased she invited me since I could use the company. I liked her and I had been enjoying her company from the first moment she came over to say hello.

We took a short ride on the people mover and got off in Greek Town. So there we were in a quaint little Greek restaurant, shuffled back in a cozy little corner, sharing each other's salads and huge desserts, sipping Greek coffees and talking as two new friends would when they were getting to know each other. Ann was a little on the wild side and really funny with some of her stories. She was older me, thirty she said, she was fun to be around and she was certainly very attractive. She worked as a Para legal downtown and as a result; she was dressed to the nines. She was defiantly a classy lady and she had certainly made an impression on this twenty two year old small town girl.

Ann had long black hair just past her shoulders. She was about 5'6", about two inches taller than me with her heels on. She was about the same weight as me maybe a little lighter. I weigh 125 lbs tops on a good day as I call them. She was wearing a dark blue business suit. The usual conservative looking jacket and skirt outfit that someone in her line of work would wear and she wore her tailored skirt just above her knees. High enough to get your attention but low enough to still look professional. To top it off, her nails were perfect and her white frilly blouse fit loosely under her jacket. She was a knock out by any standards but I was surprised that compared to me, she was flat as a board. I think I had little tits like hers when I was twelve. Not that it's that important but since I have a nice set of 36c's, I tend notice these things. My tits are my best assets. Apart from our breast size differences, I think we're about the same size and I was thinking how sharp I'd look in an outfit like hers at the office. Anyway, she seems to have plenty of confidence and charm. I admire that in a person. She told me that she had completed her masters three years ago and had landed the Para legal work.

During that time she had married and divorced not really knowing why she even married the guy in the first place. After the divorce she managed to save a few dollars for a down payment and bought a nice condo in a high-rise apartment complex overlooking the Detroit River and the city of Windsor in Canada across the river. In any event, she was single, attractive, had a good job. She was the sort of image I had for myself.

"I don't know" she sighed; I just haven't had the time or desire to date guys since my divorce. My hours at work are long and by the weekend, I'm burned out." She said. "I need to get out more," she added almost whimsically. Ever since my divorce, to be honest with you Rose; I've had bad taste in my mouth when it comes to guys. I'm thinking that most of them are assholes. Apart from work and the odd night out with the guys at the office, I usually just stay home." "How about you Rose? Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked. "Not right now." I answered. "Actually I haven't met anyone to hang out with yet since I've moved here." I told her. I told about Moberly and some things about past boyfriends and she looked genuenly interested in what I had to say. I was really enjoying our time together. "Holy smokes!" Ann said. "I need to get home and let Kramer out for his walk, I can't believe we've been here for almost three hours, where did the time go?"

"Kramer"? I asked, "Ya Kramer, that's my Great Dane, he's about the closest friend I have these days," she said. "Actually, now that I think of it, next to my Dad he's the only other male I've been able to depend on" she said kidding. "Well I guess I better be going" I told her, "I'm so sorry for keeping you this long" I said. "Hey no problem, it's only eight o'clock, if you like, why don't you come over and meet Kramer and we can watch a video. I'll get you back to your car later, what do you think"? She asked.

I was delighted and I think it showed it on my expression when I blurted out a resounding "Ok". Ann paid the check and I trailed behind her as we left that quaint little place. Walking behind her on our way out I caught myself stealing glances at Ann's ass. Old memories of fantasies gone by flashed through my mind and I quickly tried to change my thoughts. After all, this is the first friend I've met since I moved here, I don't want to blow it and have her think I'm weird or something...

We jumped back on the people mover and rode a couple of stops near her building. Within a few minutes, we were standing in front of two of the nice buildings, fairly new on the riverfront. She picked up her mail, we went up the elevator to her unit, and she slipped the key in the door. Of course Kramer was all over her barking and wagging his tail. He was a beautiful big black Dane. He liked me as I petted him and of course the first order of business was to get him out for a walk. We stopped by the corner video store on the way back to the apartment and Ann went in and selected Pretty Woman and another one that she told me was a surprise while I waited outside with Kramer on his leash.

Ann's apartment was decorated in contemporary black leather sofa and love seat, glass tables' abstract works of art, a big screen television set and an expensive stereo system. She was doing pretty well for herself, I hoped to be as comfortable as her in a couple of years. "Make yourself at home Rose" Ann said as she put away Kramer's leash. I'll make some popcorn get some drinks. How about some red wine?" she asked. "Sure" I said.

Ann came back with the drinks while Kramer settled himself down on the floor at my feet. "He really likes you" Ann said. "He's a very gentle dog isn't he" I commented while petting Kramer behind his ears. Ann handed me my drink and she settled down on the sofa next to me. "Well isn't this nice? "Ann said. "I never had a sister and now that we know each other a little better I think you're pretty cool." I was an only child so I never had a sister either, and I think you're pretty cool too." I told her. "It's settled then," she said, "lets be sisters!" With that we sipped of our wine and then Ann moved over to me and gave me a big hug. "There, it's official" she said. The hug seemed innocent enough, sort of sisterly like but she seemed to linger the hug just a little longer than I would have thought, or did I just think it was longer than it really was. When she had moved closer to hug me, our thighs touched and rather awkwardly we managed to embrace so that I could feel her small breast on mine. For an instant I was surprised but secretly I enjoyed it. Ann moved away after our hug and now we were both sitting so that our thighs touched and I could smell her scent. "Cheers" she said as we raised and drank from our glasses again.

"Easy sweetie, that's not grape juice you're drinking." I had downed a big gulp, "Opps! I forgot. I guess I'm a little thirsty." I said.

Ann slipped the video into the VCR; we ate popcorn and sipped wine for the next hour and half. Between the both of us, we went through two bottles of Merlot. I had gotten up to go pee a couple of times and I knew that I had had a few too many. Thank goodness it was Friday and I didn't have to work tomorrow. Around midnight I could see that Ann was about as wasted as I was because she walked right into the bathroom while I was peeing, laughing and giggling and she spilled her wine on my hair and the front of my t-shirt.

"Oh shit!" she says "sorry" and with that she started to dry me off with a towel which just smeared it worst. "Don't worry about it," I said and I got up laughing as I pulled my pants up. Ann sat down and started to go pee feeling awkward I went back to the living room. Ann was defiantly feeling no pain. She came back from the bathroom to flop down on the sofa beside me but tripped over my feet, got off balance and landed on me instead. My right hand grabbed her left breast in an effort to break her fall and she fell on my lap with her face on my neck and her right hand on my chest. We were both laughing so hard that we just lay there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath. I realized that her hand was on my breast and that I was holding Ann in a close embrace. "Is it time for another sisterly hug again?" Ann asked. "I think so," I said. With that Ann held me closer, she let her hand remain on my breast and she nibbled on my neck. "Listen Rose, I don't think you should drive home tonight, you're a little wasted." Ann whispered in my ear." "You can stay here tonight and we'll get your car in the morning." She said. "I think that's a good idea, never drink and drive." I slurred, all the while I was secretly enjoying her warm slim body against mine. My secret pleasant moment was interrupted when Kramer tried to get up on the sofa with us, thinking it was time to play.

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