Kristin's Big Adventure

by Valenti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: This the story of a young 23 year old woman fulfilling her fantasy of girl to girl sex, however she didn't expect that her first lover would be an attractive older woman with the same ideas as her. I hope you enjoy it and again your comments are always welcomed.

She was 23 years old, fresh out of engineering school and new to the real work force. Kristin Rogers was for all intent and purposes, a geek! For the most part Kristin was plain looking girl, certainly not feminine by known definitions. Her straight shoulder length hair was parted down the middle showing dark roots in contrast to the more attractive reddish colored hair that has almost all grown out. Apart from that, she stood 5'2" tall with a shapely ass and cute little breasts that looked well proportioned on her. Kristin was book smart as they say but had lacked in social skills. As a result Kristin mostly kept to herself and had very few friends, certainly not any close friends that she could confide in which she so desperately wished she had. During high school, Kristin had only dated a few times and those occasions ended up in disaster at the hands of hormone filled teenage boys. So she pretty much stuck with her studies and hoped that one day the right guy would come along and sweep her off her feet.

Six months on the new job and Kristin was sent to New York to attend some training seminars and a convention. A week in New York, how cool is that Kristin thought to herself. Being from a small town she was thrilled to have finally arrived in the big city and fly in a plane for the first time. Her company put her up in the Holiday Inn near the theater district and she hoped to catch a play one night during the week. The first day of the convention was interesting as she met other company employees from around the country but during the during the group luncheon, Kristin kept to herself as was her nature. "Hello, I'm Mary, I work in the Detroit office where do you work?" came a voice from the woman sitting beside her. "Hello, I'm Kristin, I work in the Kentucky branch. Very nice to meet you." Kristin replied. Mary Diaz was a stunning woman perhaps 40.

She was of Philippine descent and absolutely charming. Her long black hair was shoulder length and nicely French braded back so that her high cheekbones and bright smile were complimented. Although Kristin was not a talker, Mary continued to chat to her as if they had been friends forever. By the end of lunch Kristin had observed how confident and self-assured Mary was and wished she could be a little more like her in that regards. Kristin liked the way this woman had taken interest in who she was and where she was from. Mary's personality was one that makes people feel comfortable around her. The last session of the first day was a motivational speech by the company president in the Cambridge room and when Kristin entered the room she noticed Mary sitting there with several empty seats around her. Taking the seat next to her Kristin said "hello again", and they listened to the speaker. "Hey if you're not doing anything tonight, how about we get together and do a little site seeing and later maybe we can get a bite to eat." Mary asked Kristin. Kristin was secretly relieved that Mary had asked her to join her since she was not familiar with New York and wanted to site see but not alone. Besides, she wanted the companionship and someone to talk to. "Sure, I'd like that" Kristin replied trying to hide her delight. They were both at the same hotel within walking distance so they both walked together to their hotel. Mary's stride was much longer than Kristin's and Kristin deducted that Mary must be at least 5'7" tall. Mary couldn't help but notice how Mary's breasts jiggled when she walked and Kristin wished she looked as great as Mary. I really must do something about that, she thought as they made their way back to the hotel. Both woman went to their respective rooms to change and freshen up and agreed to meet in an hour.

Mary wore tight jeans and a loose fitting white blouse that made her look absolutely beautiful. Kristin wore jeans as well but they certainly didn't cause men's heads to turn when she walked by. Both woman toured the usual sites that tourists visit and by early evening they were both ready to sit and enjoy a quiet meal. Mary told Kristin all about herself and her divorce. The more Mary talked, the more fascinated Kristin was with this woman. Mary had a way about her that Kristin found comforting.

She had enjoyed being around her new found friend and having someone actually treat her as an equal and as a friend. The woman had a few glasses of wine and began to giggle at just about anything so they decided to call it a night before they got wasted. By Thursday night, Mary and Kristin were inseparable. During the course of the week, they gone to the theater together to watch Mama Mia, went to dinner and shopped till they dropped.

Kristin had never had such fun and she wondered about Mary in a way that was erotic to her. Although she didn't consider herself to be lesbian, during this past week Kristin had felt sexually attracted to Mary almost from the first day they met. Kristin hadn't dated much as a teenager but she was always hornier than hell. Ever since she could remember, Kristin enjoyed masturbating which was almost every night. She remembered the first time she found her brother's skin magazine when she was 13. She had just discovered the joys of self-pleasure and it seemed to feel better after looking at the pictures of the sexy woman and then getting herself off. That was a major influence for her and a memory that she still remembered. Although Kristin was a shy teenager, her thoughts were far different from her actions. She never tried anything with another girl but she would secretly steal glances in the school showers whenever she got the chance. Then later at night she would finger herself to sleep imagining the image of the girl she had been spying on that day. As college came and went, Kristin dedicated herself to her studies and was content playing with her acquired collection of self-pleasuring toys of which she bought through mail order.

The week had been wonderful Kristin thought and Mary had turned out to be such a nice friend. Each night after an evening of shopping and dinner and wine as had become the habit, in that order, Kristin and Mary would go back to the hotel and fashion their new outfits they had bought. At first Kristin was a little uncomfortable undressing in front of Mary and would go into the bathroom to change. Mary however, didn't care, she would strip down to her panties and bra and change clothes right there in front of Kristin. By the third night and after a few glasses of wine, Kristin got over her shyness and actually looked forward to trying on new outfits in front of Mary. As long as she just stripped down to her bra and panties she thought, she didn't think it was such a big deal.

Besides, Kristin secretly enjoyed watching Mary casually try on and change outfits in front of her so why not do the same. It's only us girls she reasoned. Each night before parting for the night and actually it seemed every opportunity Mary found, she would give Kristin a hug or a peck on the cheek, or both. She would do that if Kristin said something funny or when Mary thanked her for dinner or whatever reason. Now Kristin didn't mind at all but she noticed it going on and really didn't mind since Kristin felt she was getting attention that she normally didn't get. "Thanks for a fun time tonight" Mary would say to Kristin and give her a hug that this time she could feel their breasts touch underneath their clothes. Kristin would blush and thank her back. She would have loved to return the hug and peck but was too nervous to. Kristin noticed over the course of the few days that Mary had become more touchy feely with her. Maybe it was just her wishful thinking or her wild imagination but she was sure that Mary would take every opportunity to give her a hug or touch her in some way that was inconspicuous and could be read in more than one way. Each time Mary touched her in one way or another, Kristin would feel that familiar tingling deep in her stomach. At 23 she was still unsure at how to react to her emotions in this situation but she knew she liked how it felt. As usual, at night alone in her room Kristin would finger herself and now she would include the vision of Mary in her fantasy standing a just few feet away wearing nothing but skimpy lace panties and a bra just as she had seen her earlier that night.

Ever since her divorce 3 years ago, Mary had devoted herself to her work.

With no children to worry about and a 5 year bad marriage behind her, it was just this year she was beginning to feel good about herself again. It had been 2 years since she had had any sexual encounters with anyone else other than pleasuring herself on a regular basis and the last time was a fluke situation involving her neighbor's daughter. Thinking back, how could I have let it happen, she thought. Her neighbors had been away in Florida on winter break and Susan, then 18, came home from college for the week. Susan had lost the house key and didn't want to damage the windows trying to break in so when she came over for help, Mary suggested she stay with her since her parents would be returning in three days.

Mary settled Susan in the spare room and Friday night they watched videos.

On Saturday Susan suggested that Mary get out a little and hit some of the bars with her. Of course 18 year olds drink till they drop and Susan was no exception. Mary went out with her was the designated driver. Susan was plastered and later that night Mary drove her home, dressed her in her pajamas and tucked Susan into bed. It was amazing how grown up and womanly Susan had become, Mary observed. It had been over a year she had seen her last but had know her for over 5 years ever since she moved here. Susan's breasts were firm and her butt was tight. Ah to be young again Mary thought as she watched Susan fall fast asleep in bed. Later that night Susan came staggering downstairs into Mary's bedroom completely nude. She climbed into bed and snuggled up to Mary mumbling in a drunken slur, "hold me, just hold me, I don't feel so good" This struck Mary by surprise but instinctively she held her. Feeling Susan's hot skin against her own aroused her. This isn't right she reasoned.

Susan is drunk and doesn't know what's going on. Feeling a little uncomfortable yet curious, Mary held Susan close to her and Mary noticed how exhilarating it felt to be in some ones arms after all this time. It had been more than a year and Mary needed to be held as well, and with only her panties on, her bare breasts rested against Susan's as she lay there half asleep and groggy. "Oh that feels soooo much better" Susan would repeat over and over and squirm herself even closer and tighter to Mary. Mary, thinking Susan was referring to her headache from drinking too much, began to pamper and caress her saying "it's ok sweetie, you're going to feel all better in the morning." Susan, thinking this was a cue, began to caress Mary's body while rubbing her own bare breasts against Mary's. Susan with eyes closed searched for Mary's mouth and planted a passionate kiss firmly on her lips. Mary instantly felt wet and she knew she should stop but couldn't. She returned the kiss and accepted Susan's tongue deep into her mouth. Both women moaned as their hands to explored each other's bodies under the warm blankets of Mary's bed. "This isn't right, we have to stop, we have to stop."

Mary pleaded. "It's ok" Susan whispered. "I've wanted you since I could remember" and without answering, Mary realized that she had always thought Susan was sexy even as a little girl. The night ended with them kissing and falling asleep in each other's arms. That was a onetime incident and the next day Susan didn't remember exactly what had happened and Mary didn't elaborate. Since then Mary has had lesbian fantasies and fantasies that involved women younger than her.

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