by Icemaiden

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Linda discovers the darker side of her sexuality on a vacation away from her accounting job. Dark indeed

Chapter 1

After college with a degree in accounting. I went to work for a large CPA firm, the only woman who was a full CPA. For a couple of years it was work, work and little time for men or recreation. When my vacation time had built up to the point of using it or losing it I set up a trip to Jamaica. A girlfriend of mine laughed when I told her where I was going. She told me that Jamaican men have the biggest thingies in world she read on the Internet. We laughed it off after a little more joking, but I found the information rather intriguing. A few weeks went by and at last it was off on my long awaited vacation. On the plane I had lots of time to think and I decided that all the long years of having my nose to the grindstone in college and work perhaps it was time for a little fun and excitement. I had always been so straight and kept men at arms length for the most part. I had had a few romantic encounters but found little fulfillment. I said well what the heck on this vacation I wasn't going to be the good girl; I was going to be the bad girl, a very bad girl! After a long light I was gone from the cold and snow and to the warmth and sun of Jamaica.

After landing it was only a short ride to the beachfront hotel. I checked in and went to my room with a bellhop caring my things. He was in his late teens, tall and rather thin.

He was of a very black color and had his head shaved. A very pleasant guy was my impressions of him. When we reached the room he placed my things on the bed and I opened my purse and took a twenty and approached him. I moved in very close, perhaps a inch from his lips and as I ran the tip of my fire red pained nails lightly along the side of his face I asked him "do you like bad girls" In a shaky voice he stuttered out yeses. Taking my other had I slipped the twenty in his front pocket and slowly moved my hand to his member. It was already hard and throbbing and felt huge through his pants. As I dropped to my knees in front of him, I heard him gasp for breath as I unzipped him. I was rewarded with a huge male member, very long, very black with a bright red head. It was firm and heavily veined, warm to the touch. Without a word I slipped my mouth over the head, having never done oral sex on a guy I found the sensation rather nice. Being young it didn't take long before he explode in a crescendo

Of shaking and moaning. His seed came out more forceful than I would have thought. It was warm and kind of sticky not much taste to it. As he came he shuddered, screamed and fell backwards on to the bed.

I picked up his hat and dropped over his spent member and said half laughing I think you are done. He gathered himself and quickly left. I rather liked my first bad girl adventure. Like a huntress it only wetted my appetite for more.

That night at the hotel there was party on the beach set up for the guest. This was mix of guest and locals set to give the visitor a taste of local culture. Well I had already had a taste and I wanted more. Much more. That night I went to the party dressed to the tee. I wore tan hose and garter with a short black skirt, that matched my knee-high leather boots, a white silk blouse. My golden blonde straight hair cascaded to the middle of my back. I chose candy apple red lipstick and light blue eye shadow. Looking in the mirror I thought "what a slut dog suit" If only the guys at work could see me now they would pass out I laughed.

I entered the party at large room downstairs, it was rather dark and lit by candlelight, and the sound of Caribbean music filled the room. I didn't make it across the room before the biggest, blackest man I had ever seen approached me and said hello fine looking momma. I smiled and said I am not a momma. He grinned and said oh you will be perhaps sooner than you think. He asked me if I would like to dance. The dance in the hot Caribbean night was rather stimulating to say the least. When we slow danced his body was solid and

Very athletic. I should have worn a bra as my nipples rubbing his chest through the thin material of my blouse were really heating me up. His hand were active too as he cupped my rump in his large hands talking my breath a little as he squeezed. Also I could feel his maleness of his member as we rubbed together. He whispered in my ear " lets go up to your room sugar" In a trembling voice I said ok. My mind was wild with excitement as we walked trough the hotel lobby. I saw several other women that gave me the evil eye when they say me this magnificent black guy, as they knew what I was up to.

When we reached my room I was so nervous I couldn't get the key into the slot which

He took it from me and opened the door. Before I knew it we were on the bed passionately kissing, his tongue deep in my mouth. My nipples were rock hard as me grouped my breast. His hands were everywhere, but when he started rubbing my belly

The fire deep inside exploded in flames of desperate hungry need. All the years of repressing my female needs came crashing over me like a giant wall of passion. As I squirmed in my female need for s strong, uncompromising, male animal he moved atop of me. His maleness was huge, but I was so moist as his black weapon ever so slowly sank into

My warm soft grotto. Then he started to slide his rock hard jet-black pleasure penis slowly in and out of me, with each insertion deepening his advantage. It was not long before my femaleness was totally conquered, filling me so completely. His black snake withering deep in my core making its home there. Never had a man been so deep into my being, so all-controlling, putting me into a total state of quivering submission. To this point I had found sex with most guys not very full filing, not the total domination I was now experiencing. Then he started pumping me really fast and hard. As started to squeal as I ran my hands over his well muscled sweating black chest, arms and back. Then he lowered to me changing the angle of his penetration. This caused his steel like ebony shaft to drive even deeper into my withering white belly and as it drove to new depths my clitoris was mashed between my pubic bone and his sliding maleness. The sex that I had with white guys in the past was like having a beached whale lying on top of you grunting. But this guy was making me wiggle on the end of his wonderful black penis

Like speared fish on the end of a fishing spear. Then the most powerful orgasm hit me as

My legs flopped around and I clutched the bed sheets hard in my clinched fist as I arched my self to him. I screamed like a wild cat as the pleasure swept over my trembling body.

As I peaked, he didn't but kept plowing me deep and hard. Then for the first time in my life I had a second peak and then a third. I had become multi orgasmic. Each peak was more intense than the one before. Into the third body-shattering tornado of pleasure my central nervous system reached over load and I passed out. I came to and he was still sexing me. It felt like a barrel of gasoline exploded in my belly as an earth shattering orgasm took me. Then he was grinding his male member deep into my core

As he planted his seed deep in my female core. I could feel the tremors in his penis as my womb in its orgasm sucked sucked the seed into my womb.

He laid on me for sometime, his penis still deep in my core. After some time he pulled out with a sloppy sound. Then he spent a good half hour sucking on my nipples and rubbing my belly. I told him that was so nice; he told me that it was it was a Jamaican

Fertility rite. He told me that sucking the nipples and rubbing the ovaries would encourage female fertility. I giggled and told him it wasn't the right time of the month. He just smiled and continued as I laid back in bliss. He took me three more times that night extracting my homage to his maleness several times. I awoke in the mourning laying on my belly a top of several pillows with my rump up in the air. Some how I stumbled to bathroom. I could feel his seed running down the inside of my thighs. (I wondered if he had left me in that position as part of his fertility rite I sat on the toilet and more slimy seed ran from my gapping womanhood' It was like I had been bored out, my vaginal lips hung slacky open as another glob of seed leaked from me. My whole sex was red and swollen, my nipples puffy and tender. I thought Wow that wasn't sex that was getting fucked. Yes that was the nasty word he had fucked the $%*@&* out of me. I reached for my douche in my bag and found it broken in half with a note that said,

You don't need this, party tonight be ready momma at seven.

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