In the Name of Research

by Lily May

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: My story about an imaginary cure for an imaginary cause of death. Not to be taken too seriously.

Clark Lane was a 23 year old junior clerk working in a Coroners Office in a major city. He was a good looking young man with the unfortunate appearance of a nerd. But he was not. The only reason he had not pursued his education past High School was that his parents could not afford to help him financially. It was a pity as he was a very clever young man with a lot of common sense. Since High School, he had done every self improvement school or course he possibly could with his limited resources, and at the moment was just starting an advanced Adult Education course in Microsoft Publisher, Word, Access and Excel. This was funded by the Justice Department through the Coroner's Office because he had been able to successfully convince his superiors that the skills gained would make him a more useful member of the staff.

He had thought for some time that if recognised early enough, some trends and coincidences identified in deaths can possibly help prevent some further deaths and perhaps assist in their investigations when death did occur.

A good database like Access would be essential to collate the information available. Also, he was assistant Secretary of a large motorcycle club of 820 members which was involved in all facets of motorcycle competition. The present Secretary who was an old unwell man who was about to retire from the position and Clark realised that he would not have the time to address envelopes etc, for entries, newsletters and other correspondence in long hand as the older man had done, and this was the secondary reason for his desire to become proficient with these programs.

The course students were assigned a paper to be handed in at the end of the 6 months and would account for 50% of their course result.

The advice given them was to choose as their topic something interesting, worthwhile and if possible unique.

Clark had noticed in the past 6 months 5 deaths which were to him a little strange insofar as whilst the cause of death was given as heart failure, the autopsies could not identify what caused the heart's stopping in each case as there was no scarring of the heart muscle, no badly blocked arteries, no aneurisms and no suspect toxicology except the presence of a very rare enzyme which was not believed to play any part in deaths. The fact of the matter was that the hearts had stopped so the call of heart failure was dead accurate. There is a difference between heart attack and heart failure.

Two of the deaths were of females and three were of males, with all 5 people being apparently healthy normal people between 40 and 65 years.

He mused that if in the past 6 months his Coroner had had 5 similar baffling cases, how many had the city's 4 other coroners struck in say, the past 2 years.

He approached his boss with his desire to use this study for his paper, and secured his permission to contact the other Coroners asking for their lists of similar deaths, and in turn ask their permission to interview the deceased peoples spouses or partners for any details which may help him reach a conclusion. He duly received permission from all 5 Coroners and was instructed to deal with the bereaved in a tactful and gentle manner.

The 5 lists contained 64 names of spouses or partners of the deceased, out of which 34 granted him permission to interview them. A database was initiated with fields for every possible piece of information gained.

The initial nitty gritty of these interviews was that all the deceased, equally men and women, were at the time of their death having sex, and died after between 10 and 15 minutes of orgasm. This knowledge was in some cases imparted reluctantly and further gentle questioning brought to light that in most cases the subject's ears turned quite blue, and their fingers clenched grotesquely whether painfully wrapped around a penis or boob or not. Most of those interviewed reported attacks of lesser intensity occurring once or twice in the 2 weeks preceding the passing, with the person returning to normal within about 15 minutes after the frightening experience. It was a reasonable assumption that if some procedure or medication was applied within the said 10 to 15 minutes the deaths could possibly be prevented.

The only problem was that if research was to be done to prevent these deaths, the only way anyone knew they had had whatever it was that caused the heart to slow down until it stopped completely in the 10 or 15 minutes time frame, they were already dead and nothing would show up as the cause of the heart slowing down, this being the eventual primary cause of the death, that is of course except the presence of the enzyme which was not flagged as a contributing factor in the deaths.

Bruce Wayne was a young doctor at the city's largest hospital, and loved shagging older women, mainly because they had the experience to throw a good fuck and were so grateful for the attention.

He had finally worn down 50 years old Intensive Care Sister Lois Kent's apprehension and had taken her to a storage room on the surgical floor where such equipment as a coronary crash trolley and portable X- ray machines were kept when not being used. Also there was a spare patient's trolley on which he intended to fuck the bejabbers out of Lois.

They had stripped and were going along very nicely until Lois climaxed at the same moment that Bruce felt her suddenly go limp, her ears go blue and her fingers clench. He got off her and felt her carotid artery for a pulse, finding her pulse to be only a quarter of what it should be, 15 a minute and reducing. He panicked as he brought to mind how many hospital, moral, ethical and legal rules he was breaking, shagging someone else's wife in working hours in a restricted area for starters. Discovery of his illicit shagging if she died would be disastrous to his career.

He did the only thing he could think of. Within 2 minutes he switched on the defibulator and as she was already naked, zapped her chest with a charge of 300 joules and she quickly recovered to his great delight. They both thought, in talking after, that her passing out had been due to the excellence of his cock work.

Clark's interviews in relation to his subject of interest had been mentioned at a staff meeting a few days previously and the blue ears and clutching fingers rang a bell. He could not pass on his experience with Lois without causing him trouble so sent an anonymous letter to Clark suggesting that her pulse being restored by the defibulator may bear examination as part of his study.

Clark was excited by this news but reasoned that all people between 40 and 65 could not be reasonably expected to have access to a coronary crash trolley when they decided to fuck.

Clark asked 2 men of the hospital's cardiac research division, Ben Down and Phillip McCavity if they knew of any effects the rogue enzyme, known as McConachy's Enzyme, was responsible for and was surprised and elated when they told him that the enzymes properties were unknown but; by accident it was found that it could be neutralised, by an unknown at this time, component of common or garden variety liquorice. Again, Clark knew that it would be pushing shit uphill to be taken seriously if it was to be suggested that "if you're going to fuck, have a piece of liquorice first," that is, of course if the enzyme proved to be a contributing factor.

He sent all 34 who had responded to his study solicitation letters asking to meet with him at a city hotel meeting room to discuss the possible formation of a bereaved support group as he felt that he was onto something which may save more deaths of this type.

Twenty four of them agreed to attend and after nibbles and drinks Clark told them that as he was at least gaining some City and State Government support for his project, he felt that he was being taken seriously and hoped that they could form a steering committee that night to form a bona fide support group for those who had lost partners to these mysterious tragedies, and also they may even be able to creditably push for serious research to be undertaken on the problem as well. He told them that some ideas he had would have to be put into operation by the support group as his brief only extended so far, and to further gain more information the members should be asked to answer a questionnaire he had created with some highly personal questions, to be answered hopefully honestly, to be worthwhile in increasing the content of the database. Naturally, the identities of the persons submitting the questionnaires were to be secret.

Joe, a 50 year old teacher was installed as interim President, Mary a 58 year old housewife as Publicity Officer, Sam, at 40 the youngest was to be interim Secretary and Helen at 43 was appointed interim Treasurer.

The 4 decide to stay back a little while after the meeting to discuss some necessary nuts and bolts issues such as establishing a bank account, designing and having printed a small number of letter heads. They then split into pairs for more discussion, Joe with Mary, and Sam with Helen.

The paired couples hit it off from the very first moment and Joe was pleasantly surprised when forthright Mary suggested that seeing they were both unattached and she assumed that he had normal libido as she had and felt they could relieve each others itches, they take a room in the hotel for the night. They did and what a night they had relieving months of built sexual energy. After minimal foreplay he mounted her and she was so tight, he though her pussy had partially healed up through lack of use.

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