Freddy and Jason

by Jessy19

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, MaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Size, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: In the spirit of Halloween. A college girl encounters two mysterious men dressed as Freddy Kruger and Jason from Friday The 13th.

Authors Note:This story is only fantasy. If you do not like rape stories please don't read this, otherwise get into the halloween spirit and free your mind.

"So did you get a costume yet for tomorrow's Halloween party?" Chris asked Leanne as they walked back to her dorm together.

"Well I didn't have the money to buy me a costume, so I'm just going to make one," Leanne responded, giggling.

She felt Chris' arm hold her tight as they stopped in front of her building. He smiled at her, cupping her pretty pale freckled face. "You know how much I love you don't you?" She nodded, tiptoeing to kiss his lips softly.

"Yes and I love you. I'm so in love with you." "Well I'm sure whatever outfit you choose you'll look like an angel."

"An angel? Isn't Halloween supposed to be scary?"

"Yes. Scary and sexy too." Chris said, sliding his arm around Leanne's tiny waist.

"Well how about I do a little of both. I've got a perfect idea for a costume."

Chris raised his eyebrows. "Yeah?"

"You'll see tomorrow night babe."

"I can't wait!"

Once inside her tiny college dorm, Leanne put her books down and started to dig inside her closet. She'd found a long pink silky spaghetti strap dress that she'd worn last year to a formal she'd attended with Chris. She smiled wickedly and took the dress out of its plastic bag.

"Hey Leanne. What you got there?" Sara, Leanne's roommate asked as she entered the room. Leanne turned, almost startled to see her roommate.

"Oh shit! You scared me there for a moment Sara. This here is my Halloween costume for tomorrow night." Sara eyed the long beautiful pink dress.

"That dress is almost too pretty for Halloween. What do you plan on being?" Leanne took the dress out of the plastic bag and held it up against her petite little body. Her long strawberry blonde hair hung loose and her dark green eyes looked back at her friend.

"Well do you remember the horror flick "Carrie?"

Sara looked puzzled for a moment. "Oh you mean that movie about the girl who has supernatural powers and is made fun of at her high school prom. She then gets revenge on all her classmates?"

Leanne laughed. "Yup! That's it! I'm gonna be Carrie White."

"Well that's a hell of an idea. You know you do resemble Sissy Spacek a little," Sara said playfully.

"Well I just gotta find some of that flake blood to splash all over this dress and on myself since I'm going to be Carrie after the pigs blood bath."

"That is going to look so good Leanne. I can't wait to see you dressed up!"

Leanne went down to a local costume shop later that day to buy fake blood and prepare her outfit. She prayed that Chris would like her costume. He was going to be dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween series. She thought Carrie White and Michael Myers would do wonders with each other after the party.

It was finally Friday night - Halloween, and Leanne started to get ready for the big party. It was going to be held at Chris' fraternity house and almost everyone they both knew was going to be there. Sara was going to the party dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, which Leanne thought was kind of unoriginal but the costume suited Sara very well. Leanne combed her hair and parted it in the middle and curled the ends of it. She put on her make up very light and slipped on her dress, which was covered by dark red fake blood. She slipped on some matching pink sandals and put some fake blood on her face, arms and neck. She even had bought a shiny silver tiara to go with her look as prom queen. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Sara stood behind her with her little red outfit.

"Leanne you are going to turn heads at this party! You look so much like Carrie!"

Leanne took a deep breath. "I hope everyone likes my outfit. I bet not many people are going to guess who I'm supposed to be. So you wanna walk together to the party?"

Sara shook her head while adjusting the red shiny pins she wore on her long blonde hair. "No. I've gotta meet up with some girls in my bio class. You go ahead. Just don't leave too late because the night looks creepy."

Leanne didn't respond and just watched her friend leave. She peeped out the window and saw some dense fog. It was chilly outside so she decided to take her little white sweater. She grabbed her tiny pink purse and headed out. A few minutes later Leanne was outside walking. The frat house was only about a ten minute walk from where she was. The brisk air was blowing her long hair and her dress as well. She was walking as fast as she could but it was almost hard to do that since her shoes were killing her. Unfortunately she had to wear them to make the look complete. She was about to turn one corner of the street when she heard a sound. It was a strange sound - as if someone was crying or laughing. She couldn't really make sure what type of sound it was but it definitely got her attention. She tried to see, but only darkness was there. The noise was coming directly from a small garden near the student lounge.

Leanne stopped and moved closer but nothing was there. She was about to begin to walk again when she heard the sound louder. She became concerned and though what if it was a baby? Or someone was hurt? She moved closer stepping over some branches.

"Hello? Is anyone there? Are you OK?"

No response.



Leanne was going to leave when she felt a strong hand cover her mouth and almost pick her tiny body up. She tried to scream but she was held down pretty good. She looked around but couldn't see who or what was holding her. All she could tell was that it was a male. A very strong male. She was lost for a moment and she felt her body fall to the wet grass. She looked up in horror seeing two males dressed up in Halloween costumes. One was dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th and the other was dressed as Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

"Don't fuckin' say one word bitch or I'll slice your throat!" Freddy said showing her his real knives from his glove just like the horror movie. Leanne couldn't even scream. She was in shock. Her heart was pounding with fear.

"P-please don't h-hurt me." She said in a nervous voice.

Jason knelt down and pulled her hair taking her tiara off. "My aren't you a cute little thing? You are Carrie from the horror flick ain't ya?"

Leanne nodded.

Freddy knelt down besides her as well. He let one of his sharp knives stroke her pretty face. Leanne began to sob feeling so terrified. The coldness of the knife was sending chills up her spine.

"Well, does Carrie like guys? She's kinda weird isn't she? Let's see if Carrie likes cock." Freddy said wickedly.

Leanne felt her heart sink. She was 19 years old and not very experienced with men. She'd only been with Chris and that was it. Now she was here were two muscular guys wanting to rape her.

"Nooo please leave me alone! Please!" Leanne continued to beg. She couldn't believe how close in resemblance these costumes were to the real thing.

The Freddy Kruger guy wore the same old green and red sweater with black pants and the matching hat. The Jason guy wore the famous white hockey mask with blood on it and dark blue mechanic coveralls. It was as if she was in the movie herself. Jason and Freddy laughed so wickedly.

"Get on your knees slut," Jason demanded.

Leanne didn't move and Freddy grabbed her arm hard pulling her fragile body up.

"Owww!" Leanne cried softly.

"I said shut up! You wanna get sliced and diced?" Freddy asked showing her his knives again. Leanne sobbed.

"N-no. I-I'm s-sorry!"

Jason stood in front of her as she was now on her knees looking up at the tall men. It was obvious that the Jason guy had dark black hair but that's all she could tell. She head him unzip his coveralls under which he word a white t-shirt. Her eyes widened as the zipper went down more until he stopped a little bit under his waist.

"Now we're gonna learn if Carrie likes to suck dick," Freddy said wickedly.

Leanne just gulped. She'd only gone down on Chris a few times and never swallowed. She wasn't too thrilled to taste a guys' cum. The taste made her feel queasy. Her eyes watered, and tears were streaming down her pretty face.

"Please don't make me do this. Please!" She implored. Jason didn't respond and grabbed her head pulling her closer to his crotch. She gasped as he pulled his huge cock out of his coveralls. It was at least eight inches long and very thick. His plump mushroom head was already dripping with precum and Leanne just stared in awe.

"Now I want you to suck me... otherwise Freddy's gonna cut you open," Jason said sternly.

Leanne knew she had no choice but to comply with their demands. Leanne moved her face closer and felt a sharp slap on her face. Jason was slapping her with his cock and Freddy laughed.

"Slap her again!" Freddy cheered.

SLAP! Leanne's pale face was turning bright red. Then she felt it again and a third time. His gooey precum was on her cheek and lips. "Now suck me off!" Jason yelled.

Leanne felt the back of her head being pushed by Freddy. Her lips parted quickly and took in Jason's cock. Right away the brackish taste was making her stomach turn but she knew she could not stop otherwise she'd be dead.

"Oooh yeah! Mmmm like that! Put more suction to it bitch! I want you to milk my cock good," Jason grunted.

Leanne closed her eyes trying to think of something else. Something like Chris, her loving boyfriend who was probably worried about her. No matter how hard she tried, Jason's moans kept interrupting her.

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