Conflict Resolved

by Jean D'Amour

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: He catches his wife cheating, but comes up with a win-win resolution.

My intention was to surprise her by coming home early and taking her out to dinner and a show. I parked on the street and walked around to the back house quietly in order to sneak up on her so that it would be a complete surprise. I was the one who got surprised.

As I peeked in the sliding glass patio door, there was Susan completely naked kneeling on the family room carpet in front of Steve. Steve was the young single guy who had moved in next door to us last month. At the moment I looked in, she was reaching up and beginning to lower his zipper. I stood rooted to the spot as I watched her take out his cock and plunge her mouth all the way down on to more man-meat than I would have believed she was capable of swallowing.

Gathering my wits, I turned away and hurried back out to the car to get my video camera out of the trunk. I said a said a quiet prayer to thank the gods that I had remembered to buy new tape and to charge my batteries. I was absolutely furious and wanted to make sure that I had complete documentary evidence of my wife's infidelity when I invoked the adultery clause of our pre-nuptial agreement.

I had waited until later in life to get married; I was 37 and extremely well-to-do six months ago when we finally tied the knot. She was only 23 but was willing to sign the pre-nup in order to benefit by the comfortable life-style that I could provide her. The agreement was clear - if she were to commit adultery, I would be able to pitch her out on the street with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Of course, in fairness, were I to cheat, she could leave me and take half of my wealth.

But a funny thing happened as I began to video tape her activities. By the time I returned with the camera, he had finished stripping off his clothes and she had taken him in her mouth again. She only gave him a couple of deep sucks before she threw herself on the sofa with her legs spread wide in invitation. Her body language was clear, it said, "Fuck me!" My anger immediately began to subside and my excitement rose.

I was actually getting turned on watching my young wife fuck another man. He was a handsome young fellow with a very large cock, and they were clearly both enjoying themselves as he plowed in and out of her sopping wet cunt. I could tell he was nearly ready to cum from the expression on his face and the tension in his body, and apparently Susan could sense it as well. She pushed his hips away and said something that I couldn't hear, but he got a big smile on his face. He pulled his cock out of her, all glistening with her pussy juices, and brought it up to her face. She grabbed his shaft and laid the head on her outstretched tongue. I could clearly see his spunk jet out of his piss-hole and into her open mouth as he came with a roar that I could hear from the window.

He collapsed onto her and they began kissing, and I took that moment to make good my escape. I made it to the car and drove away with the two of them none the wiser. As I was driving, I noticed a wet stain in the front of my pants. Watching my wife get fucked and eat cum had made me cum without even touching my cock.

I spent the next two hours sitting in the car parked near the neighborhood park thinking about what had happened and trying to decide what to do. My dilemma was that if I threw Susan out, I would just have to start over again. Despite her infidelity, she was still a hot young woman. But the penny finally dropped when I realized that sooner or later, I would have the same desire for variety that

Susan had demonstrated today. I saw my path clearly.

After dinner, I told Susan that I had a 'special' video tape. We had often spiced up our lovemaking with a little porn, and she gave every indication that she assumed I had obtained a new amateur video, that being our favorite genre.

We made ourselves comfortable and I started the tape. Susan gasped when she recognized the actors.

"I-I-I..." she started to speak.

"Shut up and watch, Susan."

She turned her head back toward the TV but bowed her head looking down at her lap.

"No, you watch," I commanded.

She lifted her eyes and watched as Steve's fat prick shoved up into her juicy hole and as she had a shuddering climax. She tried to look away again, and missed the climactic moment as Steve's jizz sprayed into her mouth, so I ran the tape back and made her watch.

"I-I-I'll pack a few things and be gone in an hour," she said as she stood up and began to leave the room.

"Get back in here and sit down. You aren't going anywhere until you and I have a chance to talk about this. Besides, if I do decide to toss you out, you already have everything you are entitled to take with you."

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