Willing Cuckold

by werewolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man can't wait to be cuckolded

"Now you're not going to back out of this, are you?"

She laughs and I see the gleam in her eye as she shakes her head,

"No way, no way at all"

"What you going to wear?"

"That new black dress I think, the one with the slit up the side"

I felt myself getting aroused as I thought of her in that dress with another man, just seeing her in it makes me hard so God knows what it would do to someone who picks her up in the bar!

"Will you shave me please darling?"

"Oh God yes"

"Get undressed first then I want to see how hard you get"

I'm fully erect as I step out of my trousers and feeling slightly embarrassed as she closes her full red lips over my cock.

I imagine her doing that to him tonight, whoever he is,

"Will you do this to him?" and she laughs as she sits back in the chair and drapes a leg obscenely over each arm,

"Mmm I might" she says softly and runs a finger down over her stomach and into the furrow of her slit, "I might sit like this for him as well, just to let him know he can have everything I've got, would you like that darling?"

"Jesus" I whisper, "You're really into this thing aren't you?"

"Mmm yes I am, don't forget it was your idea in the first place, I'm just going along with it!"

I squat down at her feet and begin to shave her mound, my eyes fixed firmly on her slit, she's fucking herself slowly with a finger as I work, eyes closed and a smile on her beautiful face, withdrawing her finger, she holds it out to me, it's glistening with her excitement and as I reach for it, she giggles and pops it between her own lips.

"Naughty naughty darling, you can't touch me remember?"

My cock throbs with need, but she closes her eyes again and replaces her finger inside her hungry little hole.

"Make sure you do round my anus darling, I don't want him to see any hairs there when he's eating me"

"Who is it darling, tell me please"

She shakes her head and looks at me tenderly,

"I've already told, I haven't met him yet, you'll know as soon as I do!"

I finish shaving her after paying special attention to between the cheeks of her sexy little bottom and she admires herself in the full length mirror,

"You've done a nice job there darling, I hope he'll like it!"

I have to admit that she's right, her bottom is one of her best features, she loves to show it off in tight jeans and in summer time, in ultra tight shorts that cling to her like a second skin.

We get dressed, me in black trousers and white open necked shirt, complete with a raging erection and her in just a skin tight white dress!

"I think I'll wear panties darling" she said as she smoothed the dress down over her hips, "And a different dress, it'll be fun having him take the panties off"

So I pour myself a drink and watch as she fastens a lacy black suspender belt around her waist, then rolls up the black seamed stockings over her soft, creamy thighs.

Without a word she hands me a tiny black g-string, which I hold out as she steps into it, I pull it up around her hips, taking great care to feel the smoothness of her hairless mound as I fit it over her pouting sex, I can smell her arousal, she's a walking orgasm and my cock feels like iron.

Finally she steps into a long black gown, with a daring slit up one side almost to the top of her thigh and my eyes widen in surprise, she'd only ever wore it in the house before, she called it her fuck me dress!

The top of one black stocking is clearly visible with a good eight inches of creamy white thigh above it, she looks stunning and she knows it!

"I'm wet already" she whispers as we enter the dimly lit club and pay for ourselves separately,

"Don't forget that when I scratch my ear, that's your signal to leave and to get into your little hiding place"

A quick kiss and we separate, I go to one end of the bar and she perches provocatively on a stool at the other end, she orders her drink and the vultures move in immediately.

She refuses drinks off several good looking guys and manages to look daggers at me because I sit myself next to a good looking brunette in a strapless, green evening gown, it fits where it touches and I can clearly see the tiny bump of a suspender button beneath the shimmering material.

Her name's Maria and she's on the hunt tonight for some fun, so I tell her what we're up to,

"Oh wow, that's great, can I watch with you?"

"I couldn't wish for better company" I tell her and she smiles,

"Buy us another drink and let's go over there"

She motions to a booth at the far end of the bar and gets up leaving me to get the drinks,

My wife looks questioningly at me, but I just smile and shrug my shoulders, a huge, muscular black guy has moved in on her and she's reacting positively, smiling and looking into his eyes, I'm forgotten already!

I'm not forgotten by Maria though, she smiles up at me with those huge green eyes,

"She's scored David"

"So it would seem" I agree and slide in next to her,

"How far will you let it go?"

"All the way, it's what we agreed"

"What's the arrangement?"

"She scratches her ear"

"And then what?"

"I leave immediately and get home before her, we've set up a little hidey hole where I can see everything"

"Where is it?"

"It's in the attic, I've boarded it all out so I can view every upstairs room without making a sound"

"So you've planned all this for a long time"

"Yes" I grin at her and feel slightly embarrassed.

"I think it's an amazing turn on" she says and her hand covers mine,

"Can I ask you to do something for me?"


Without speaking, she takes both our hands and lays them on her thigh,

"Touch me David, I want to feel your hands on me"

I look across at her and notice for the first time just how low her neckline is, her breasts are bulging out, almost over the top of her gown, she sees me looking and smiles again,

"They're real David" she says softly, "All forty two inches of them"

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