Learning How To Make Love

by Kimberly Parker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Group Sex, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young girl learns the pleasure of sex and love, but soon turns into an insatiable sex machine

Hi, my name is Marsha, and this is my story of how I was introduced to sex. Being a product of the early sixties sex wasn't what it is today, where it is common for many high school students to be sexually active. Actually, it was sort of taboo and girls who were known to be involved in sex were considered whores or sluts. They were always the subject of cruel gossip at school and around the neighborhood. Any way, this is my story.

I met this boy Mike, the summer before my freshman year in high school while attending a carnival, and I think I fell for him right then and there. The only problem was he was a junior, and I just knew my mother would allow me start dating. I wasn't sure if she would allow me to date someone my own age, at least not until I was sixteen.

Since my father had passed away when I was two, mother was the only authority figure in my life. It was usually whatever she said, I did. This time I just couldn't follow her wishes, and met with Mike whenever possible. He was pretty cool about the whole thing, and didn't pressure me to sneak out when she was home or anything; he seemed to be satisfied with being with me at my house.

It wasn't until Mike had asked if I would like to attend the homecoming did I tell mother about him. Of course she wouldn't give an answer until she had the opportunity to meet him. I guess he must have made a very good first impression, and after he had left mother mentioned just how nice a young boy he was.

Mother had really gotten comfortable about Mike, and gave her permission for me to actually date him. Of course she again went over the birds and bees thing with me, and even went as far as telling me what to do if he got too aggressive. She told me that before her and dad were married she would have to do things that would keep him from trying to go too far. She wanted to be "pure" when she got married, but at the same time didn't want to frustrate him to the point where he would dump her. She explained that if things got a little hot and heavy, she would satisfy him with her hand. This she explained would sort of keep him in check, and gave me instructions to do the same.

Mike being like most guys just had to see how far he could get, and on our first time at the drive-in, he started feeling me up. At first I really wasn't worried that things would get out of hand, but I soon found that I actually enjoyed him fondling my breast and was getting really turned on. I could tell that our make out session was getting him all worked up and tried to cool things off slowly. Mike finally leaned back against the seat of the car and just took a few deep breaths until he got himself under control.

Since then, each make out session would find his hands gently massaging my breasts, which was really driving me crazy. It was getting to the point that I had a hard time resisting his advances. Then one evening as we were making out on my front room couch, he slid his hand up my skirt. The farther his hand went up my leg, the hotter I was getting. Suddenly I felt him press his hand against my panties as he urged me lower onto the couch. Just then I heard a car door shut and quickly jumped up. My mother had gotten sick at work and left early, and I realized just how close I came to being in big trouble.

Shaken, Mike quickly uttered a fast good bye to mother and headed out the door. With mom in bed resting I didn't want the television to bother her so I decided to hit the sack also. Being a warm evening, and since we didn't have air conditioning, I laid on the bed without covers, just a thin sheet. I started thinking of Mike touching me like he did, and I found the thoughts exciting. I started to vision Mike and I still kissing and I unconsciously moved a hand to my left breast. I started to get worked up and could feel my nipple harden in excitement. Just then the words my mother told me of how to satisfy a guy without actually doing it came fluttering into my mind. The feeling I got when Mike touched my breast, was that the same felling a guy gets when he is all hot and bothered? If so, then maybe that is what I needed. I began my very first masturbation experience.

I really didn't know just how to do what I wanted, and felt more than a little pain when I started to insert two of my fingers inside. That certainly wasn't doing anything that could lead to pleasure, and I quickly refrained from that. After slowly getting back into the mood thinking of Mike, I started to run my hand back down when I discovered it. Just above my slit I felt a small nub that gave me extreme pleasure when I moved my finger over it. I began running two fingers down my slit and back over the little button, and with each pass I got wetter and wetter. The slick juices that were oozing out reduced the friction, and now it didn't feel so sensitive, but still very pleasurable. Suddenly, my whole body felt like it was floating in air as the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced hit me. I had just experienced my very first orgasm of my young adult life, and wondered just how I was able not to discover that before. If this felt half as good to a guy when he has sex, then no wonder they are also after it.

The next time Mike and I had a chance to make out was at the forest preserve. I didn't know that was the place where everyone made out, and thought he was nuts when we pulled in one night. I couldn't see a thing except the parking lights of all the cars and kept asking why we were there. I soon found out.

After a good half hour or so, I felt his hand slide under my sweater and I felt the feeling I had in my bed coming back. For some reason I became a little frightened that I would not be able to stop him, or me from going all the way. When it became apparent that we were getting near the point of no return I slowly inched my hand to the crotch of his pants. I was quick to realize just how worked up Mike had become, and my touch caused a shallow moan to escape past his lips.

I continued to move my hand over his swollen cock hoping that somehow he got as much pleasure from it as I did when I did it to my self. All of a sudden he grabbed my wrist and tried pulling my hand away. I wanted him to experience what I had felt, and was a little disappointed that he stopped me. What I didn't realize was I had just mad him cum in his shorts. Seconds later we were on the road heading to my house.

Over the next few months that is how things went. We would make out and I would get him off by massaging his cock through his pants. I guess he figured that was all he was going to get out of me, and he soon found an excuse to quit dating me.

Being young and in love, I was heartbroken. I couldn't think of anything I did to make him not want to go out with me, and spent countless night crying in bed. I would close my eyes and dream we were kissing, while I caressed my breasts and fingered my wet pussy to orgasm.

As time passed, my dreams of Mike faded, while visions of other guys I sort of had a crush on replaced him. Every couple of nights I would find another lover in my mind and allow him to pleasure me. I started to fantasize about having sex with just about every boy I knew, ever some dorky ones. My dreams were not of actual sex; just crazy dreams of guys making me have an orgasm. I wanted, no need that to happen, and then I got my wish.

I had just started my junior year when I met this guy, Greg at a party at a friend's house. He wasn't the usual hunk most girls would fight over, but still he was rather cute. My girlfriend informed me that he was a friend of her brother's, who is three years older than us, and said more than likely wouldn't be interested in high school chick.

He didn't seem to mind that I was a couple of years younger than he, and we got along pretty well during the party. Since a couple of the guy there had snuck in some beer, things started to get a little out of hand. After a couple of fights broke out in the front yard, a neighbor called the police. With me being under the age of seventeen I was in violation of the local curfew law, and was looking to get out of there fast. I went flying out the back door and ran smack into Greg who was talking to someone on the back porch. As he helped me up he asked what was going on, and after a quick explanation, I headed up the driveway. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I immediately thought it was one of the cops. I turned to see Greg' smiling face. "Hey, come on get in my car and I'll drive you home."

During the short mile trip to my house I got to know a little about him, and thanked him more than once for helping me out. I was pleasantly surprised at his reaction. "Well, if you are really grateful you will let me take you out sometime."

I know I should have just said yes, but for some reason I was a little hesitant. "Well, I don't know. I really don't know you all that well. Maybe if you give me a call, we discuss it." I then rattled off my phone number and jumped out of the car. All the way to the door I kept asking myself why I said that, but couldn't come up with an answer.

Three days later as I walked in the house from school, I head the phone ring. I just assumed it was one of my friends and answered the phone as such. I was startled when I heard Greg's voice. This time I didn't mess things up and when he asked for a date, I quickly accepted.

The day he found out I was still in high school, and a junior at that, I thought he would politely bow out of the picture, but that was not the case. We weren't a steady couple so to speak, but he was the only one I was dating, and he said he wasn't seeing anyone else at all. Since the drive-in was where most of the kids would go on a Saturday night date, that is where Greg and I ended up.

Since my time with Mike would usually consist of watching the main movie then make out during the second, I was more than surprised that Greg was actually watching the second movie also. I felt like he was more interested in the show than me, and felt a little crushed by that. Moving closer, I took his arm and placed around my shoulder, and snuggled up close. After another five minutes or so passed, I figured I had to take the initiative and put the make on him, after all what was the second movie for.

Our first kiss was nothing special, and actually I was sort of disappointed, but within in minutes he had me melting in his arms. Unlike Mike, he didn't quickly attack my breasts, and just had his hand placed on my stomach while he kissed me. He got me more worked than I had ever been before, and I actually grabbed his wrist and urged his hand upwards. Smooth as silk, he slid my bra up and over my breasts, and gently rolled a nipple between his fingers driving wild with desire. I felt the wetness form in my panties as his tongue probed my inner mouth.

Before I knew it, my blouse was completely unbuttoned and Greg leaned down and began to run his tongue over my hard nipples. I could only lean back and let his expert mouth bring me to another level I had never experienced. It was when he began running a hand on my inner thigh did I finally lose complete control and began to moan in pleasure. The words that were going through my mind somehow escaped my lips, and were not lost on Greg. He began to unzip my slacks when I muttered. "Oh Greg. Make me cum. Please help me cum."

I felt panic start to take over me as he slid my slacks, then my panties from my shaking legs. I knew that I couldn't stop him from sliding me down on the seat, and take my virginity. I could feel the juices flowing from my wet pussy as he ran his tongue over my breasts, and down my stomach. He suddenly stopped and looked up at me. "Marsha, you really want to cum? You want me to bring you over the edge? Tell me what you want."

I was too far-gone to think of anything but the wonderful feeling of having my body shaken with orgasm. "Oh yes Greg. Do what ever you want, just please make me cum."

What happened next totally shocked me. Instead of moving up between my legs and fucking me like I expected, he slid lower on the seat and kissed all around my wet pussy. He was driving me crazy, and I felt myself grab his and pulled him closed into me. Suddenly, it was like I was floating on air as his tongue flick over my swollen nub. Like a small earthquake, it built up until I exploded like a volcano, and I know the occupants of the cars around us knew what happened. Not only did he make me cum, he got me off three times before I had to stop him, I was so sensitive. I really wanted it to continue, but my body couldn't take any more.

I was in a daze all the way home and didn't say a thing until he shut off the car in my driveway. I think I asked if he would walk me to the door, but I am really not sure. I do know that I never kissed a boy goodnight like that before.

I laid in bed and what had happened tonight ran over and over in my head. I didn't feel the need to finger myself, Greg took care of that, but I knew what he did for me was something I wanted again.

Sunday afternoon he called and apologized for not being able to come over, but said if I wanted he would stop by on Monday. Of course I agreed, knowing my mother would not be home until midnight. That's if she didn't leave early.

Greg called around four and said he would be over in about an hour, and was going to bring pizza for a dinner. After we had finished eating, I asked if there was anything special he wanted to do. He said he would be happy just to sit and watch the television for a bit, with me.

I curled up on the couch and used his lap as a pillow as we watched some crazy comedy, Laugh-In I think it was. He strong hand on my arm felt wonderful, and without trying to get him worked up, I began running my hand over his thigh. It wasn't long before my caressing his leg got him a little aroused. I could feel him start to swell against my cheek, and felt his starting to breath rather heavily. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was turning him on, like he did to me Saturday night. I knew massaging his hardened cock would make him cum, but would that be enjoyable. After all, if he just wanted to cum, he could do that himself. No, I wanted to please him like he did me, even though I had no idea just how do to it. Slowly I moved my hand up and began to unzip his pants, only to find him grab my wrist. "Marsha you shouldn't do that. What if your mother comes home?"

I heard his speech slowly end as I slipped my lips over his throbbing cock. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right and just began to move my head up and down, while I sucked it like a pop cycle. I felt his cock start to throb and he pushed his hip up a bit to meet my downward movements. I figured he was getting close and wondered just what to do next. Well he quickly took care of that. Without warning, I felt this huge gush of hot cream shoot from his cock and splatter against the back of my mouth as he grabbed my head. My first reaction was to throw up, but with a mouth full of cock that was impossible. I did the only alternative I had at the time; I started to gulp the cream down my throat.

As Greg came down from his sexual high I realized I had just given my first blow jog, and actually swallowed cum. The horror stories I had heard about how awful it tasted were far from the truth. It was a little bitter, but for some reason I sort of liked it.

That Friday evening, Greg and I had planned to see the latest Bond movie that was being released, but a violent rainstorm cancelled the drive-in for that night. We ended up back at my house watching television, and of course making out.

As things got going, I unzipped his pants and simply pulled his cock free. I guess after what happened last Sunday made him a little more comfortable with me. Without really trying, we each got the other really worked up as we slowly undressed one another. With our parted lips pressed together, I continued to stock up and down his cock, while he ran a finger over my clit. I was close to reaching an orgasm, and without realizing it, I pleaded with him to make me cum. Suddenly he pulled away and pushed down on the couch, while he kneeled on the floor. His tongue flicked and licked my clit, which had my just on the brink cumming. I wanted him to feel the same pleasure so I desperately reached down to stoke he cock, but he was too low. Finally I pushed his head away from my horny cunt and told him to get up on the couch with me.

In this position I could freely reach his cock while he licked me, and when his legs straddled my head, I took him in my mouth. I was getting closer to cumming and began to suck harder and harder on his cock. My extra effort brought him to the edge, and just as my cunt quivered in orgasm; he started to flood my mouth with cum. This time however, it just didn't shoot straight down my throat, instead I was able to hold most of it in my mouth. It was that time that I got the full flavor of just what cum tasted like.

Every time Greg and I were together, no matter where it was, I made sure that I somehow got to suck his cock, or at least get it in my mouth when he was ready to shoot. My desire of eating cum had become insatiable, and I craved it like a drug addict.

I didn't realize my addiction until the month after Greg got drafted into the Army. I, like most girls whose boyfriend left for the service, promised to be true and wait for them. My problem was, a casual date that was nothing more than something to do, couldn't fill the void I felt. I needed more than just my finger to satisfy me, and I needed and wanted the felling of having a cock explode in my mouth.

My best friend Sandra could sense something was wrong, but really didn't know the real reason behind my sudden depression. Since she was still pretty friendly with some of the kids that went off to college, she suggested that we that a drive down one Friday night. The college town was only about two and a half hours away, and I figured maybe I might have a good time. Boy did I underestimate that.

Being only seventeen, I never had the opportunity to really drink, other that a few sips of whatever was available, but being in a college town was quite different. Sandra's two friends, Janet and Donna took us to a local club where live music was available. When the waitress came to our table and asked what we wanted, I was planning on just ordering a Coke, but Donna quickly ordered four screwdrivers. I wasn't sure if Donna was of age, but I knew Sandra and I weren't and was surprised we weren't carded.

Soon we were joined by a group of others, and everyone sort of paired off in partners. I guess that was how thing went a college, and I wasn't upset this guy Jim, pulled me out on the dance floor. I began to have a great time, and the night sort of just flew by. I also had about seven of those screwdriver too many, and had trouble walking straight. Since we walked the half-mile from Donna's dorm room, the walk back now seemed to be a major feat. Jim saw our condition, and suggested that we all sack out over at their place.

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