Phone for Jackie

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is *really* short. Just a bit of fun with the phone... and shy people.

Jackie? Is that you?

* Yeah, Mike. What's the matter?

Nothing Jack. Nothing. I've just missed you so much. I wanted to phone and tell you.

* Oh, you sweetie. I've only been gone a few days.

I know, but I can't stand it. Are you sure you need to stay for the whole semester?

* Well, of course I do, silly. How else am I going to pass?

Oh, well I had to ask.

* Are you sure you're alright?

Yeah, I am. Honest. I wish you could be with me though.

* So do I, but it's not to be.

Especially at night.

* At night?

In bed.

* Oh.

That's the worst.

* I know what you mean. I dreamt about you last night.

You did?

* Uh huh. Hold on. I'm just shutting the door... It was a rude dream.


* Yeah. Erotic. We were making love under a waterfall, and I woke up.


* Before we finished.

That was bad luck.

* Yeah. Mike?


* We've never discussed this before, but I was so horny...


* And I, well...


* I put my hand down there, and...


* I don't know what words to use. Played with myself.

You did?

* Uh huh. I was so horny. I hope you're not mad.

Why would I be mad?

* Well, I feel guilty about it.

You shouldn't.

* No?


* Oh, good. It was quite nice.

I bet.

* Not as nice as if you were there.


* No really.

Okay. You know what?

* What?

Thinking about you doing that... it makes me horny.

* It does?

Yep. I'm umm... getting hard as we speak.

* Oh. Well, we should have discussed this before.

We should. Tell me more.

* Well, my roommate wasn't there. She was out with her boyfriend I suppose.

Uh huh.

* And I was thinking about you when I went to bed.

You were?

* Oh, yeah. I was.

What about?

* Oh, just how you cuddle me. You know, that bear hug thing you do.


* You were expecting something else?

Well, that's not exactly sexy, is it?

* Yes it is.

It is?

* Yeah.

You never told me that.

* I... well, I suppose not. It is though.


* It makes me all warm and squooshy.


* Yeah, like safe, and content and relaxed.

Oh. Cool.

* And wet.


* Oh, do I have to just tell you?


* Men! Down there. Between my legs. It makes me hot.

A hug?

* Oh, yeah. Just thinking about it now does too.

Oh. Well hey.

* Anyway, I was telling you about last night. So I was thinking about you hugging me, and then I went to sleep.

Just like that?

* Well no. I read a book for a bit, to distract myself, you know.


* Well, because I didn't want to, you know. Do that.

Why not?

* I told you already. It makes me feel guilty.

It shouldn't. And.

* Well, the book wasn't working, so I put it down, and curled up and went to sleep.

What were you wearing?

* What?

In bed. PJs. Nightie. What?

* Oh... nothing.


* Nope.

You don't do that here.

* I know. That's because you get in bed after me, and make me cold, if I don't wear something.

Oh. That's news.

* Well now you know.

Okay, so you were alone, naked and feeling sexy, but you went to sleep.

* Yep. I'm not a man Mike. I've got some self control.

Alright. Alright. Then what?

* Well, the dream. We had gone to the lake for a picnic, and then there was no one there, and we had taken our clothes off for...

You've never done that!

*... a swim. It was a dream, Mike. And we had swum out into the lake.

Was it warm?

* Yeah, the water was warm, and it was a nice warm sunny day. You had a cute butt.

I did? Do I not normally?

* Oh yeah, you do. But dreams make these things better. You know.

I suppose. What about yours?

* Mine?


* Oh. How the hell would I know. I couldn't see it.

Oh yeah. Okay. I bet it was though. It always is.

* Why thank you. Anyway, we were out in the lake, and I dove under the water, and swam between your legs.


* And I looked up, and you had an erection.

So I should have, skinny dipping with you.

* Good point. Anyway, I swam back, and put my mouth over it, licked it a bit, and then popped up for a breath.

You've never done that, either.

* Yeah, alright. It's not gross in a dream.


* Actually, when I get back, I wouldn't mind trying that again. I might have been wrong.


* Yeah.

Cool. Now my cock is really hard.

* Say 'penis'


* Yep. 'Cock' is gross.

Oh. Well my penis is getting harder. Get on with the story.

* It was you that interrupted, you know. Anyway, I suggested that we find somewhere to continue.

You suggested?

* Yeah, why?

Well dear, you never suggest.

* I do so.

Never. It's always me.

* Well, you're always interrupting other things.

I am?

* Yep.

Oh. Shit, I'm finding out heaps today.

* Not just bad stuff though. God, I'm getting horny telling this to you.

You're not the only one. So we found a waterfall?

* Yeah. It was a small one, and the water was quite warm. We did it doggy style.

Oh yeah!

* You like that, don't you?

I do. We don't do that very often.

* I'm usually so tired. We must make more time.

We must.

* Anyway, I was crouching on the rocks on my hand and knees...

I bet your butt was looking cute then.

* And you were crouching behind me, and the water was spraying down on us...


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