First Division

by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: What English First Division footballers get up to after a win.

Introduction: This is a story about English Premier Division Football. In order for me not to risk a lawsuit I've changed the players names. Sorry about this but I don't want to be charged with Libel.

I make no apologies about this story not being PC. These overpaid macho pricks think all pretty girls are put on this earth for them to abuse. A lot of the girls are of the same opinion.

Teams night out.

It was nearly midnight Saturday and the eight United players arrived at one of their favourite haunts, 'Enricos Club' They'd won four nil and were particularly boisterous. The management liked the big spending footballers and the girls loved them. Within minutes they were surrounded by a gaggle of lovelies.

Now one thing you have to know, these guys are supremely athletic and good looking twenty somethings with money to burn. They have a reputation and the girls know it.

Within minutes several of the girls have their tits out and pretty soon they were all practically naked, apart from nylons and shoes. Six girls were soon kneeling down with their heads bobbing up and down.

"Hey Sally, come over here," said Justin.

Sally, a tall gorgeous blond who wasn't a day over eighteen smiled as she tottered on her heals.

"Fancy a double with me and Steve?"


"Got any lube?"

"I'm well lubed already."

"In your ass?"

"Knowing you bastards I've a pint of the stuff in there."

"I knew you were a trooper. Steve, come on give me a hand to double team this little tart."

"Hey watch who you're calling a tart."

"You're standing in the middle of a public club naked. About to get fucked up the ass with everyone looking on and you're not a tart?"

"I suppose I am if you put it like that."

Steve Withdrew his prick from a gorgeous darkies mouth and went over to Justin and Sally.

"We gona double team this bitch or what?" he said.

Sally pouted as Steve lay down on the floor pulling Sally down on top of him. As she hunkered down Steve guided his cock into her ass.

"Hey, it's gota go in my pussy," she said.

"No in your ass."

"How's Justin gona get into my pussy?"

"He's not, he's going into your ass."

"But you're in my ass."


"No fuckin way there's no room."

"Course there is."


Justin hunkered down and slid his cock into Sallies ass on top of Steve's.

"Ugh! Please, take your time. It fuckin hurts!"

"OK Sally," said Justin as he rammed his cock the rest of the way in.

Nick grabbed Tracie's long red hair and stood her up. As he did so her teeth scraped along his cock until the red knob popped free from between her lips.

"You want me to fuck the shit outa you Tracy?"

"Yea Nick, I want you to fuck me until I scream for mercy."

"I will if you'll stick this in your pussy first."

"No fuckin way."

"OK fuck off and I'll find someone else."

Tracy pouted and said, "OK."

She took the beer bottle out of his hand and slid the neck up her pussy.

"No not that way," Nick said.

"What way then? I'm not sticking it in my ass!"

"No blunt end first."

"No fuckin way Nick."

"Ok fuck off!"

Tracy tried, half heartedly to get the base of the bottle into her twat until Nick grew impatient.

"Tommy, give me a hand with this tart. I wana get this inside her."

A skinny blond was blowing Tommie's big black cock.

"OK Tracy give me the bottle. Turn around and bend over. OK spread your cheeks. Tommy pull her wide open so I can get this inside."

Tommy started to spread Tracie's pussy and Nick worked the bottle against the spread opening.

"It hurt's Nick."

"Of course it fuckin hurts. Now shut up and let me get it in."

Tracy whimpered as Tommy pulled her wide open and Nick worked the base of the beer bottle inside her gaping pink hole. With a great deal of pushing and shoving the base was eventually inside her and Nick was working it deeper.

Tommy let go of Tracy and pulled his prick free from the skinny blonds mouth.

"What's your name love?"


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