Snowed In

by Prismbright

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Time Travel, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A unexpected snow "heats" things up when two women met for the first time.

Thin wisps of snow twirled around the small cabin, as the woman looked almost despairingly into the sky. She knew beyond any doubt that it was just a brief lull before it began to snow again. You might say the calm before the storm. The woman, a vibrant twenty-six year old, paced in front of the window before she turned away in disgust. The weather had changed drastically between the time she was driven up here, and last night. It was pleasant enough to began with but sometime during the night it had changed from good, to bad, to worse. Leah wrung her hands together before she ran them through her short auburn hair. It was bitterly cold in the cabin and Leah, could not think of anything else to do but go to bed. It was not the food that she was worried about. It was the warmth. She had tried and tried and looked for all she was worth to find a match anything that would lit a fire. But to no avail. She reached inside her pocket and checked her cell phone again. "No service." She yelled aloud for the third time within the hour. What the hell good were cell phones if you could not have to convenience of using them in emergencies. The cabin itself had a phone but was not working. And she supposed that the electric would not come on for a while. It seemed as though she was going to be in for a tough night. She winced as she looked toward the window again. The snow was almost blinding... also mesmerizing. The crystal white diamonds feel silently to the earth as she walked back toward the window. The wind hollered at her to retreat. She would if she could. Regardless the snow was beautiful. It had begun to snow yesterday afternoon and already there was a draft of snow about two foot high underneath the kitchen window. She would not dare open it now. Even she understood that it was more terrible to venture out with weather such as it is. She looked over toward the small hill that loomed just about the cabin itself reminder her of a monster. It had a small tree that perturbed from its side gave the illusion of a hand reaching out to grab her. She shuttered when the wind howled again and backed away from the window. She tried her cell again before she slowly walked through the three-room cabin to the bed. It was a homey feel despite the drastic situation that she appeared to have gotten herself into, the bed was a comfortable as any bed she had ever been in. The mattress had to have been stuffed with an array of feathers. The closest thing that she could think of was perhaps goose feathers. She striped out of her bulky coat and scarf, but kept her socks, turtleneck shirt, and long johns on, and slipped into the bed. She shivered for a brief moment before she actually felt the warmth of her own body heat and closed her eyes to sleep.

When she had awaked she realized that she kicked the covers off, and onto the floor. She rushed to retrieve them when she noticed that she was not at all cold. She sat up in the bed very slowly and looked around. She was still at the cabin and it was still snowing outside as far as she could tell. She looked over into the living area and jumped out of bed. There was a roaring fire crackling inside the big fireplace. She rushed over to make sure she was not dreaming. Either this is real or this is one helluva dream, she thought to herself as she rubbed her hands together surprised to say the least that there was actual warmth emanating from the fire. She still expected it to be a dream or a hallucination. Maybe worse... she was dead and this was her hell or she was a ghost. She shuttered at the thought of death and turned around to the kitchen. FOOD. She distinctly caught a whiff of some sort of food. Although she could not make it out it was food nonetheless. Oh my god... I am dead she thought as she walked over toward the kitchen and survey what or who had intruded on her "home"... at least for four more days it was hers. As she rounded the corner to the other half of the kitchen she stopped dead in her tracks. Sitting in a nook just off the kitchen was a person. The long jet black hair hung down the back and stopped at the beginning of the persons rear. From what Leah could tell the person did not have what one would call a model figure. Whoever the person was, had more like a mountainic build. Pretty built but not overly so. Leah could not tell what the person was wearing but she was soon to find out. The person began to turn around. Leah stood gaping when she realized that the person was a woman who looked to be not much older then herself. She sidestepped her way toward the nook and stood watching the woman. The woman followed her with her eyes not turning her head as she watched.

"You are?" Leah asked, her voice shaking a little as she did.

"Do you live here?" The woman asked surprised.

"No," Leah said as she shook her head, "I'm just staying here until I can leave. It was supposed to be for a week. But now I don't know. The storm is pretty bad." Leah gestured with her head toward the window. The woman followed her gesture and nodded.

"Yeah... I remember snows like this. It could snow for a solid week until someone came to resuce you. I've seen them worse... You're not from around here are you? I was freezing in this place when I got here. No fire... you bundled in the covers like you were... you could have slipped into unconsciousness like that in this kind of weather." She said full of concern.

"Who are you?" Leah asked squinting her eyes looking intently at her intruder.

"My name's Korey... I... used to live here. I just thought I'd visit again before I left town. I was surprised to find this place occupied. I mean my understanding was that it had been abandoned... some years ago."

"I wouldn't know anything about that. A friend of mine owns this place and offered it to me for the week. My nerves have been a wreck for a while. I thought that the snowy season was over. I guess this would be what one would have to call an unseasonable snow." Korey smiled. Then added.

"I think you're right." She said sarcastically, concluding, "you're not even prepared for this sort of stuff. If I'd never came along they might have been carrying you out of here on a stretcher. What kind of supplies do you have here?"

"Uhmmm..." Leah said biting her nail, "I ahhh wasn't ready to spend a cold week here. I mean I knew it would have been cold but... not like this. Uhhh... food for a week... not that many clothes. I planned on walking around here nude actually." Korey looked at her and smiled when she said the nude thing. Leah pretended not to notice. "I forgot my last pack in the jeep. It was my essentials... matches, flare gun, first aid... you know that sort of thing."

"So you're walking around in that get up because why... ?" Leah blushed, smiled and walked to a stool to sit.

"What did you make? It smells wonderful."

"Winter stew... carrots, cabbage, potatoes... that sort of thing... dumplings and my own special recipe of blueberry cobbler. I've been told it's the best this side of Denver... not meaning to brag or anything." Leah looked at her "intruder/guest" amazed. Her is this mountain woman with looks of no real "value" but had a voice that could calm the wildest mood. It reminded her of slow moving brook... smooth and cool ebbing slowly across age old rocks. Korey stared back with her green eyes at her before she stood to serve Leah. Leah stood up. "No... you don't have to do that. I... I'll get it... really."

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