Going Back in Style

by nomad

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, BiSexual, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An old man gets supernatural powers and uses them on family members.

Chapter 1

My name is John Walters, and I am not the same person that I was a year ago. My new life started about a year ago, when I was fishing off the stern of my houseboat during a lighting storm. I know that I should have reeled in my line and went inside, but the fish were biting and I was a stubborn old fool. I had retired a couple of years before and was living on my social security, so living on my houseboat and going fishing was about the extent of what I could do for entertainment in my life. Being 67 years old, with a bad heart and ruined lungs, I didn't figure I had to long to enjoy even that much.

I had only been married once in my younger years, and never had any children, so most of my life had been spent as a single man, with my only living relative being my 69 year old sister. She lived in the nearest town, about 10 miles away, and seeing how she was a widow, she spent a lot of time poking her nose into my business. She had always tried to boss me around, even when we were kids. Hell, there was even a time that we fooled around and experimented with sex when I was about 15 years old, and if I remember right, and she was seventeen when I got her cherry, but she quit letting me mess with her after that. I guess that she was scared of getting pregnant, and if the truth was known, I was probably a lousy fuck since it was my first time.

To get back to what happened, well, I got struck by lightning. There I sat with a fishing pole in my hand and before I knew what was happening, POW, I got knocked clean of the deck of the houseboat into about 12 feet of water. It didn't knock me out, but finding myself in the water was quit a shock, and it took me a few moments of splashing water everywhere before I could remember how to swim. What with trying to save myself and get back on the houseboat, I didn't realize till I was safe on the deck that my head felt like it had crashed into a brick wall. Realizing that it might be serious, I called my sister and asked her if she could stay at my place for a couple of days. She tried her best to get me to go to the hospital, but knowing how much I hated hospitals, she finally relented, and agreed to keep an eye on me for the next week. According to her, it would take at least that long to get my place cleaned up to be a fit place for a human to live.

After giving into her demands for at least a week of her trying to change my life, I figured it was worth it to not have to go to the hospital. She told me she would pack some things and be here in 2 hours, and for me to put some ice in a plastic bag to try to keep any swelling down till she arrived.

Well, one thing I couldn't fault her on was promptness. Two hours later she pulled up to my parking area with a car full of luggage, as if she were going to stay for a year or two. When she started hauling luggage across the gangplank and stacking it in a pile on the deck, I couldn't resist asking her, "Arleen, are you moving in or are you trying to bring enough junk aboard to sink my boat?"

"From looking at this place, I would guess that you don't have any cleaning supplies, so I brought mine with me, and as for sinking it, I haven't made up my mind yet." She replied.

Hell! I couldn't argue with that. I had always been pretty much of a slob, only doing dishes or washing cloths when I was out of clean stuff. At least the place would be clean while she was here, and that was something I hadn't planned on.

"Before you take over the house, could you look at my head and tell me if it looks like any permanent damage. I feel like I've been hit in the head with a sledge hammer," I remarked.

Pointing to a chair, she gave me a clear indication that she wanted me to set down, and since I was 6 inches taller than her, it made sense that that was the only way she was going to be able to see the top of my head. Looking my head over, the only thing she could find wrong was a small bump with a pinhead size charred center.

"Looks like someone tried to fry your little brain with a with a needle. It's a good thing that your brain is so small that it probably missed," she joked. "Just keep some ice on it to keep the swelling down, and you should be alright."

Damn! If I had known that I wouldn't have called her in the first place. Now I was going to have to put up with her for at least a week, and I didn't know if all the cleaning she would do would be worth it. If I had known that she was going to make me help her, I would have run her off from the start. My philosophy was that women couldn't stand to see a man sit back and relax without finding something for him to do. Yea, I was married one time, but I learned my lesson and had been happily divorced for 40 years. Another thing about Arleen was that there was no use arguing with her. Damn woman never would admit when she was wrong.

"Well, the bump may be small, but my head feels like hell. I'm going to try lying down for awhile and hope it gets better. Try not to make to much noise so I can catch a little nap." I replied, heading for the bed. Even with all the noise Arleen was making while getting her stuff set up, I managed to get a short nap, but then she started banging pots and pans while doing dishes, ending any chance for a man to sleep. Knowing that if she knew that I was awake, she would start bitching at me for letting the place get so messy, I just quietly lay there and stared at my arthritic finger, remembering back to the days when it and the rest of my body were healthy. Thinking how it had looked in my youth got me to wishing that it were like that again, instead of the swollen painful body part that it had become over the years. The next thing that happened shocked me so bad that it was as if I was frozen in time. I lay there watching as my finger transformed into the same shape as it held in my youth. In silence, I stared at an impossible occurrence, wondering if I was looking at a miracle or was I going crazy. One thing I decided immediately, and that was to keep quiet about it. I didn't need Arlene thinking I was nuts or a miracle worker.

I quickly took a last look at it, then wished that it was the same as before but without the pain that it had given me for so many years. As it changed back, I knew that either I had gone completely nuts, or that I now had some kind of power that I didn't want anyone to know about. That jolt of lightning must have really rattled my brain, or changed something and woke up a part of it that had been asleep all my life. I was going to have to think about what I could do with this new found power, and experiment with it and see if there was anything else I could do.

Arleene startled me, asking, "Why are you staring at your finger? Hell, since your awake, why are you still just laying there? While you were sleeping I gathered up a bunch of your trash and you need to haul it to shore."

Knowing how useless it is to argue with my sister, I got up and started hauling the trash bags to shore just like a young pussy whipped kid. At least it would give me an excuse to get away from her when I hauled it to the dump, since I didn't have that service living out of town like I did. I had also got to thinking that if I could fix my finger, maybe I could do something about my bad heart and congested lungs, and I could try that once I was by myself.

"Hey Sis, I'm going to have to haul all this trash to the dump, so I'll see you in a couple of hours," I hollered, not even bothering to go back to the house boat.

"Alright, but try not to be gone to long. I'll probably have dinner ready by the time you get back," she replied.

On the way to the dump, I had all I could do to keep the pick-up on the road because of all the thoughts running through my mind plus I still had a bit of a headache. I finally figured out that I needed to find out what I could do and not do, and if it would better my life, hope it was permanent. There wasn't anyone around when I got to the dump, so to experiment, I tried using the power of my mind to get the trash of my truck and it worked great. All of the plastic bags of trash floated right of my truck and were stacked neatly on the dump pile. Now that I had seen that, I figured that I hadn't gone crazy and I wasn't dreaming so the first thing on my agenda was to fix my old ticker and clean my lungs out, plus get rid of any permanent pains I had developed over the last few year. Sitting in my truck at the dump, I concentrated my thoughts on my heart and all of my veins and arteries throughout my body, cleaning out all the buildup and blockages that had accumulated from all the junk food that I had eaten over the years. Finishing that, I cleaned the buildup of tar from the years of smoking and made my lungs healthy again. I immediately felt better, and knew that I had been successful. After relieving the pains of arthritis in different parts of my body, I decided to leave the outside appearance of my body the same for now, so that I would have time to think about what I wanted to do in the future. Feeling better than I had in years, I started the truck up and drove home.

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