Going Back in Style

by nomad

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, BiSexual, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An old man gets supernatural powers and uses them on family members.

Chapter 1

My name is John Walters, and I am not the same person that I was a year ago. My new life started about a year ago, when I was fishing off the stern of my houseboat during a lighting storm. I know that I should have reeled in my line and went inside, but the fish were biting and I was a stubborn old fool. I had retired a couple of years before and was living on my social security, so living on my houseboat and going fishing was about the extent of what I could do for entertainment in my life. Being 67 years old, with a bad heart and ruined lungs, I didn't figure I had to long to enjoy even that much.

I had only been married once in my younger years, and never had any children, so most of my life had been spent as a single man, with my only living relative being my 69 year old sister. She lived in the nearest town, about 10 miles away, and seeing how she was a widow, she spent a lot of time poking her nose into my business. She had always tried to boss me around, even when we were kids. Hell, there was even a time that we fooled around and experimented with sex when I was about 15 years old, and if I remember right, and she was seventeen when I got her cherry, but she quit letting me mess with her after that. I guess that she was scared of getting pregnant, and if the truth was known, I was probably a lousy fuck since it was my first time.

To get back to what happened, well, I got struck by lightning. There I sat with a fishing pole in my hand and before I knew what was happening, POW, I got knocked clean of the deck of the houseboat into about 12 feet of water. It didn't knock me out, but finding myself in the water was quit a shock, and it took me a few moments of splashing water everywhere before I could remember how to swim. What with trying to save myself and get back on the houseboat, I didn't realize till I was safe on the deck that my head felt like it had crashed into a brick wall. Realizing that it might be serious, I called my sister and asked her if she could stay at my place for a couple of days. She tried her best to get me to go to the hospital, but knowing how much I hated hospitals, she finally relented, and agreed to keep an eye on me for the next week. According to her, it would take at least that long to get my place cleaned up to be a fit place for a human to live.

After giving into her demands for at least a week of her trying to change my life, I figured it was worth it to not have to go to the hospital. She told me she would pack some things and be here in 2 hours, and for me to put some ice in a plastic bag to try to keep any swelling down till she arrived.

Well, one thing I couldn't fault her on was promptness. Two hours later she pulled up to my parking area with a car full of luggage, as if she were going to stay for a year or two. When she started hauling luggage across the gangplank and stacking it in a pile on the deck, I couldn't resist asking her, "Arleen, are you moving in or are you trying to bring enough junk aboard to sink my boat?"

"From looking at this place, I would guess that you don't have any cleaning supplies, so I brought mine with me, and as for sinking it, I haven't made up my mind yet." She replied.

Hell! I couldn't argue with that. I had always been pretty much of a slob, only doing dishes or washing cloths when I was out of clean stuff. At least the place would be clean while she was here, and that was something I hadn't planned on.

"Before you take over the house, could you look at my head and tell me if it looks like any permanent damage. I feel like I've been hit in the head with a sledge hammer," I remarked.

Pointing to a chair, she gave me a clear indication that she wanted me to set down, and since I was 6 inches taller than her, it made sense that that was the only way she was going to be able to see the top of my head. Looking my head over, the only thing she could find wrong was a small bump with a pinhead size charred center.

"Looks like someone tried to fry your little brain with a with a needle. It's a good thing that your brain is so small that it probably missed," she joked. "Just keep some ice on it to keep the swelling down, and you should be alright."

Damn! If I had known that I wouldn't have called her in the first place. Now I was going to have to put up with her for at least a week, and I didn't know if all the cleaning she would do would be worth it. If I had known that she was going to make me help her, I would have run her off from the start. My philosophy was that women couldn't stand to see a man sit back and relax without finding something for him to do. Yea, I was married one time, but I learned my lesson and had been happily divorced for 40 years. Another thing about Arleen was that there was no use arguing with her. Damn woman never would admit when she was wrong.

"Well, the bump may be small, but my head feels like hell. I'm going to try lying down for awhile and hope it gets better. Try not to make to much noise so I can catch a little nap." I replied, heading for the bed. Even with all the noise Arleen was making while getting her stuff set up, I managed to get a short nap, but then she started banging pots and pans while doing dishes, ending any chance for a man to sleep. Knowing that if she knew that I was awake, she would start bitching at me for letting the place get so messy, I just quietly lay there and stared at my arthritic finger, remembering back to the days when it and the rest of my body were healthy. Thinking how it had looked in my youth got me to wishing that it were like that again, instead of the swollen painful body part that it had become over the years. The next thing that happened shocked me so bad that it was as if I was frozen in time. I lay there watching as my finger transformed into the same shape as it held in my youth. In silence, I stared at an impossible occurrence, wondering if I was looking at a miracle or was I going crazy. One thing I decided immediately, and that was to keep quiet about it. I didn't need Arlene thinking I was nuts or a miracle worker.

I quickly took a last look at it, then wished that it was the same as before but without the pain that it had given me for so many years. As it changed back, I knew that either I had gone completely nuts, or that I now had some kind of power that I didn't want anyone to know about. That jolt of lightning must have really rattled my brain, or changed something and woke up a part of it that had been asleep all my life. I was going to have to think about what I could do with this new found power, and experiment with it and see if there was anything else I could do.

Arleene startled me, asking, "Why are you staring at your finger? Hell, since your awake, why are you still just laying there? While you were sleeping I gathered up a bunch of your trash and you need to haul it to shore."

Knowing how useless it is to argue with my sister, I got up and started hauling the trash bags to shore just like a young pussy whipped kid. At least it would give me an excuse to get away from her when I hauled it to the dump, since I didn't have that service living out of town like I did. I had also got to thinking that if I could fix my finger, maybe I could do something about my bad heart and congested lungs, and I could try that once I was by myself.

"Hey Sis, I'm going to have to haul all this trash to the dump, so I'll see you in a couple of hours," I hollered, not even bothering to go back to the house boat.

"Alright, but try not to be gone to long. I'll probably have dinner ready by the time you get back," she replied.

On the way to the dump, I had all I could do to keep the pick-up on the road because of all the thoughts running through my mind plus I still had a bit of a headache. I finally figured out that I needed to find out what I could do and not do, and if it would better my life, hope it was permanent. There wasn't anyone around when I got to the dump, so to experiment, I tried using the power of my mind to get the trash of my truck and it worked great. All of the plastic bags of trash floated right of my truck and were stacked neatly on the dump pile. Now that I had seen that, I figured that I hadn't gone crazy and I wasn't dreaming so the first thing on my agenda was to fix my old ticker and clean my lungs out, plus get rid of any permanent pains I had developed over the last few year. Sitting in my truck at the dump, I concentrated my thoughts on my heart and all of my veins and arteries throughout my body, cleaning out all the buildup and blockages that had accumulated from all the junk food that I had eaten over the years. Finishing that, I cleaned the buildup of tar from the years of smoking and made my lungs healthy again. I immediately felt better, and knew that I had been successful. After relieving the pains of arthritis in different parts of my body, I decided to leave the outside appearance of my body the same for now, so that I would have time to think about what I wanted to do in the future. Feeling better than I had in years, I started the truck up and drove home.

Knowing that I could make myself younger, I wondered if I could do the same for other people, which brought up the idea of offering the same thing to Arleen. Would she want to become young again? Unlike myself, she had children and grandchildren, even great grandkids. Would she give up her position as the matriarch of the family to be young again? I would try to sound her out over the next few days to find out her attitude, beside the fact that I wanted to see if there were other things that I could do. One thing that I knew for a fact was that I wanted to keep the knowledge of any powers that I had to myself. Feeling better than I had for years, I finished driving home while dredging up old memories of my teenage years and how good my sister had looked at the time I had popped her cherry.

After parking the pick-up and re-boarding the boat, I noticed that something was wrong. It finally dawned on me that something was burning in the kitchen. Knowing that my sister was a better cook than average, I headed into the kitchen to see what had happened. I seen right off that a skillet full of fried potatoes was burning, so I turned off the fire beneath them and then went looking for my sister. Seeing that the bathroom door was closed, I knocked and asked if she was in there, but receiving no answer I looked through the rest of the house and found it empty. Going back to the bathroom, I knock again. It was still quiet, so I opened the door and found my sister passed out on the floor. One look was all I needed to know that I had fucked up big time.

There lay my sister, passed out and looking 17 years old again. Somehow, remembering back to how she had looked at that age, I had reverted Arleen back to her youth. Turning on the water in the sink, I wet my hand and splashed some water on her face to wake her up. Her eyes had a dull look in them when she first awoke, but it didn't take long for her memories to come back, and that is when the look of fright came over her face.

Looking at her smooth youthful arms and hands, I thought that she was going to faint again, but she was able to stay awake this time. "Oh God, John! Do I look like a young girl again or am I going crazy?"

Since the cat was out of the bag, I swiftly calmed her down so that I could relate the entire story to her. Helping her to stand up on unsteady legs, I told her, "Sis, your not going crazy. Something happened today, but before we talk, we need to get you sitting down in the living room." Damn, I was going to have to be careful about what I thought and learn some control.

After taking the time to look at herself in the mirror, her face showing the disbelief at what she was seeing, Arleen let me guide her into the living room.

About thirty minutes later, Arleen looked like she might faint again after hearing that I had been thinking about her as a young girl while driving home. I found out later that her face was red with embarrassment from realizing what I must have been remembering from that time in our lives. I also told her that I would have to change her back to her old if somewhat healthier self, at least till I had everything thought out.

She surprised the hell out of me when she finally said, "John, why don't you turn yourself young again and we can both see how it feels for the next week. You know that you very rarely have any visitors here, so the chances of anyone seeing us would be near non-existent."

Thinking it over, I decided that it sounded like a good idea, but before I changed myself, I would go into town and buy enough groceries to last us till next week.

"Sis, go in the kitchen and see what foods we need for the next week and make of list a them, then I'll go to the store while you restart dinner."

As soon as sis was done with the food list I went to town and got the groceries and headed home. The kind of body that I had decided to change to was going to be like I was at 22 years of age, but with some minor changes. Did I say minor changes? Well there was going to be one major change. I only had a five inch cock, and even that had been useless for the last ten years, so I was going to make my prick 9 fat inches with me having complete control over when I climaxed and how soon I could get erect again. Yes, I was planning on fucking my sister again, and I had a feeling that she might be thinking about the same thing. I know she was a bossy type person, but I had notice that since her husbands death some years ago, that when she came over to visit, she liked to sit next to me with my arm around her and her head on my shoulder while watching tv.

Getting back to the house, I could smell the pork-chops cooking before I even got aboard. Putting the groceries away was a bit of a hardship, not being able to take my eyes off of my sister's young tight body as she bounced all over the kitchen. Her dress hung on her like a sack, as she was now minus about 50 pounds, but you could tell that her body was as young and tight as it had ever been in her youth. I also noticed that she was grinning when she would catch me looking, as if she was deliberately flirting with me. I don't know if it was because she felt so young again or if it was the teen-age hormones running rampant through her body, but I could have sworn that the girl was horny. It was a temptation to change my body into a younger version of myself just to see what would happen, but I was hungry and the way that girl was acting, I would need all the energy that I could get.

I found out that making Arleen younger didn't hurt her cooking any. Dinner turned out to be the finest meal I had eaten in months, even if it was hard to concentrate on the delicious food that I had been served, because of my sister's constant chatter about how good it felt to be young and healthy. After finishing a big helping of peach cobbler pie and ice cream, I got up from the table, excusing myself, so that I could go to the bathroom and work what ever kind of magic I had to make myself younger.

Looking into the full-length mirror on the bathroom door, I pictured myself looking the way I did when I was 22 and watched my body rapidly change into the youthful version of myself that I had imagined. Within seconds, looking back at me was a 22yrs.old, 6ft 3inch, 200pound blond headed farm boy. Thinking it over, I made two changes for the time being. First was to get rid of a birthmark that I had always hated on the back of my neck, and the second was to change me from a below average 5inch cock to a hefty 9 inch prick with balls to match.

Now I'm not saying I didn't have a lot of fun with that littler cock, but it had got me into some embarrassing moments in my life which I would rather not talk about. I figured that a nine-inch cock would be big enough to fill most women without hurting them, and still be small enough to fit in their mouths or ass-holes. This time around, I figured I would be able to give them at least as much pleasure if not more that I got. After taking a last look at my new body I yelled at Arleen, "Hey girl, do you want to look at the whole body or just what is supposed to be on public display?"

That must have got her juices flowing, because I heard her laughing reply, "Get your naked carcass out here old man. Knowing your dirty mind, I'm sure that you made some changes that are not quite accurate with what I remember about your younger years."

Stepping into the kitchen confirmed the thoughts I had earlier. The woman was horny and her eyes immediately were drawn to my prick. Erect and proud, my cock led the way as I stepped up to stand before Arleen as if I was ready for inspection. With her eyes still riveted to my prick, she cooed, "Oh John that's the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. I hope that you were thinking of me when you decided to make it this size. I have thought about having sex with you again ever since we were kids, and even more so since Don died, but I didn't know how to let you know until now. After seeing your magnificent cock, I couldn't keep silent about it any longer."

"We wouldn't have been able to in the last few years anyway, Sis, but the way you like to cuddle with me while watching tv gave me a pretty good clue how you felt," I replied.

Wrapping Arleen in my arms, I lowered my lips to hers in the first passionate kiss we had exchanged in 50yrs. The sensation of having our tongues intertwined like two snakes, plus the feeling of my erection lying against her belly, reminded me just how hard a young man's prick could get when aroused.

Apparently, Arleen couldn't wait any longer, as she urged, "I can't wait. I want that cock as deep into my cunt as you can get it, and I want it now." Suiting action to words, she had her dress off in record time and lay back on the carpet with her legs spread, her sparsely haired cunt leaking copiously in anticipation.

Not being an idiot, I was on my knees between her thighs with my prick in hand sliding it up and down through her wet slit in preparation of penetration. After so many years of abstinence, we were both ready for the main event, so I wasted no more time. With the crown of my cock at the entrance of her pussy, I eased it through the portal of her gates, and with one slow smooth thrust, sank into the depths of her cunt. It couldn't have been a better fit if I had used a tape measure on her pussy to figure how long a prick to make. We were both later to remark on how perfect a fit we were for each other, but right now all we want to do was to satisfy our carnal desires. Feeling sensations I hadn't felt in years, I withdrew my cock about halfway, then plunged it back in, slamming into her cervix which caused whimpering sounds to emerge from the lips of my ecstatic sister. Arleen had thought that her cunt had been filled several times in her life, but until now her cunt had never had such a fat, long cock filling the void between her thighs. I had forgotten how good a pussy could feel and having one that was this tight on my new size cock was a completely new feeling for me. I was used to pussies feeling hot and wet, but a little loose, because of my cock size, but I had made up for it with all the little tricks I had learned along the way with some very inventive sex partners.

"That feels wonderful John, and I have a whole head full of fantasies that I have thought of, but right now all I want is for you to fuck my brains out." She proclaimed.

Yep! I told you she was bossy, but that was one order I was willing to comply with. Starting off slow, I proceeded with some long strokes, feeling her tight cunt slide along my cock with every movement. Hitting her cervix with the head of my cock, I would wiggle it around a bit, then make another withdrawal. Taking a few strokes in this manner, I was taking my time and enjoying myself, but sis wasn't going to put up with a long slow fuck. Grabbing my ass and slamming her crotch onto my prick, she let me know that she wanted to be fucked hard and deep.

Taking her not so subtle hint, I wrapped her calves over my shoulders, and started pounding the meat to her like it was going to be her last fuck of a lifetime. Her whole cunt was acting like a cushion to absorb the blows her crotch was being subjected to. Arleen was fucking back just as hard as she was taking, loving every inch of cock that she was receiving in this no limit fucking session. Neither of us had ever fucked so savagely before, wanting only to fuck ourselves into exhaustion. There wasn't any love or play, only pure animal lust resulting in orgasm. Her pussy sliding back and forth over my dick as fast and hard as I could make it do so, was the only feeling in my body. I had never fucked a woman without regard to her own feelings before, and it was a powerful aphrodisiac. Arleen must have felt the same way, because she was pound her crotch back at me just as hard and begging me to fuck her harder. With our older bodies, the way we were fucking would probably have killed us, but all it did to our younger bodies was fuel the fires of lust that were raging through us.

After several minutes of this wild fuck, I felt my cock swell to even greater size and knew that the greatest orgasm of my life was just moments away. Pounding her cunt as hard as I could, my nuts drew up and released their load, spraying Arleen's cunt with a heavy load of cum. I felt Arleen's pussy let loose with her own climax as it tightened around my cock, trying to milk it dry of baby making fluids. Shot after shot flew from my cock and worked its way out of her overfilled cunt, and running down through the crack of her ass.

As the last of my cum dribbled out of my deflating cock, Sis and I both collapsed in exhaustion. Rolling apart, my now limp cock flopped out of Arleen's well stretched pussy, followed by streams of our combined fuck juices. Not having the energy to even talk, we both lay in silence, letting our bodies recuperate from a fuck that was the result of years of stored up passion and needed relief.

"Oh God! John, that was great, but my pussy is going to be sore for a month. Shit! We were like animals there for a while. I've never had sex like that in my life." Arleen exclaimed.

"Well, it was wild and different from anything I have experienced before. I guess that we had a few years of sexual repression built up in us that needed an outlet. You don't need to worry about a sore pussy either. You forgot that I can fix that with a thought. I think what we need right now is a good nights sleep, then we can figure out our feelings tomorrow. After both of us taking what we used to call a whore's bath, because of the limited water on board, we crawled into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke up with a woman's lips around my cock for the first time in years, and let me tell you that felt good. Looking down, I saw Arleen's head bobbing up and down at my crotch like she had been doing it for years.

"Damn Sis, that feels good. Why are you dressed if you wanted to wake me up for sex?" I stated seeing that she was dressed.

Raising her head off of my cock long enough to answer, she replied, "If you would use your nose, you would smell breakfast waiting on us, and I didn't want to splatter grease on my naked skin. As for the wake up call, I haven't had a chance to wake a man up like this in a long time, and watching your morning hard on while I was cooking was just to tempting. Now let me finish this before the food gets cold."

The wet warmth of her mouth felt great, and I learned a long time ago to never argue while getting a blow-job, so I relaxed and let her have her way. Maybe it was a good thing that she had me so close to orgasm, because the smell of bacon and eggs and hash browns were fighting a losing battle with my hormones, and would surely have gotten cold if I hadn't been so close to soaking my sister's throat with cum. It wasn't long before I was warning her that I was about to shoot my wad, but she paid me no attention, and even seemed to work a little harder to draw the cum from my testicles. Nice guy that I am, I figured one warning was enough, and let loose the first shot. It must have pleased her, because she went to sucking like a new calf and swallowing as fast as I could shoot my sperm into her mouth. Being so long since I had gotten a blow-job, I had forgotten how good it could feel.

Cleaning me with her tongue, Arleen told me, "Get up John. Now that I have had my appetizer, I'm ready for breakfast."

That sounded good to me, but right after breakfast I was going to have to do something about my physical and sexual stamina. Did I tell you that my sister was a good cook? She was probably one of the best cooks that I had ever known. I'm not saying that she cooked the healthiest foods, but as far as taste went, she couldn't be beat. I sat down to a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, hash browns, and buttered toast, topped off with a big glass of milk. This was one thing that I had always envied about my brother-in-law. There were many times that I thought about how lucky he was to be eating like a king while I was having to eat my own cooking.

Those thoughts got me to thinking about maybe making a relationship with my sister a permanent thing. I was sure that if we both wanted to stay young, Arleen wouldn't be adverse to the idea.

Chapter 2

After finishing off the last morsel of food, I asked Arleen what she thought about staying young and living with me full time.

"John, I was thinking about the same thing this morning before you woke up. There would be some problems with doing that, but if we think it through properly, we might be able to do it without too much trouble. It would take some time and I think we would have to fake our deaths, which would hurt a few people, but in the long run I thing it would be worth it. There is one thing that I would like to do that you might not agree with. I would like to bring my daughter, Marie in on this if she wants to."

The thought of bringing in another person almost made me want to forget the whole thing, but I knew that Arleen was smarter than the average bear, so I asked her why.

"Well John, I guess this is confession time. You know that she never married, but what you don't know was that she was not an old maid. She just never found a man that could compare to you. She has been in love with you since she was a teenager. The reason that I know this is that she and I became lovers and she confessed this to me one night when I accidentally let it slip that I had fucked you. That was all it took, and all she could talk about was how much she loved you and had done so since she was a teenager. I think she would like the idea of the two of us being young again, and being your own private harem."

If I had been in my old body, I would have had a hard-attack. Hearing this news about a niece that had caused me many a hard on was the last thing that I expected to hear. Did I want to fuck my niece? You can bet your ass I did. I think Arleen knew my answer before I said a word in reply just by looking a the instant erection that had arose from my crotch.

"I noticed a bulge in your pants a couple of times when she sat in your lap years ago, but never said anything. Incest has been a fantasy of yours for years, hasn't it?" She boldly stated.

"Hell Sis! You know I was born a dirty old man, but I never even thought about the two of you being bi-sexual. When and how did all that start."

Arleen told me she would tell me the story only if I would follow her to the bed and eat her pussy while she was telling me. I figured the story would have us both horny, so I eagerly complied with her request.

Throwing our cloths off as fast as we could, Arleen and I were soon stand belly to belly with our arms wrapped around each other and sharing a passionate kiss. With our tongues dueling and hands roving over each others body, we found our way to the bed. Laying my sister down, I let my lips kiss their way down to her breast, taking notice of how her hard nipples stood out as if screaming for attention. With everything that had been happening lately, I hadn't had time to really enjoy the sight of my sister's tits. As far as I was concerned, they were the perfect size for her body. With a 36 inch chest, her firm c-cup breast with _ inch nipples were perfect.

Like a thirst starved man stumbling onto a desert oasis, I dived headfirst into her tits, wrapping my lips around the nearest nipple. As Arleen moaned in pleasure, I licked, sucked, and basked in the glory of her succulent breast. The only thing better would be if she were producing milk, when I remembered that I had the power to make that happen.

Lifting my head, I watched as her breast expanded, filling with life giving milk. Not being able to remember what mothers milk tasted like, I lowered my head and sucked her right nipple like a child. For the first time since I was a baby, the flavor of mother's milk flowed into my mouth. It was great, but just for the fun of it, I changed the taste to chocolate. Being the first man to drink chocolate milk straight from the tit was highly arousing, and I felt a strong need to share what had happened with Arleen.

Sucking up a mouth full, I raised my head to share a kiss with my sister. As soon as her lips opened to accept my gift, I let some of the milk gush into her mouth. I sure didn't expect the reaction that was forthcoming.

Sputtering and spilling milk everywhere, Arleen's eyes grew big as she realized that the taste in her mouth was chocolate. "MY GOD, John! You not only made me lactate, but you made me lactate chocolate milk. That is the most perverted thing I have ever seen. Brother, you have one weird sense of humor."

"Hell Sis. You know I always did like chocolate milk. Now why don't you let me enjoy myself, and tell me the story about you and Marie."

"You crazy old coot. Just go ahead and have fun, but remember that my pussy needs tended afterwards."

I started feasting again as she began her tale.

"John, you are about to learn some more secrets about your sister's life. It all started about 20 years ago, when Marie first started college. During her first trip home, I noticed that her eyes seemed red most of the time, as if she spent a lot of time crying. About the third night, after I had finished my shower and was heading to my bedroom, I heard Marie crying as I passed her door. If something was bothering her so bad that she was having crying fits over it, I just had to help her if I could.

Knocking on her door, I asked if I could come in. She told me to wait a minute, I guess so that she could stop crying long enough to get herself together, then invited me in. After about 20 minutes of me begging her to let me help her with her problem, she finally let me know what was wrong.

Having had a few dates with men, and none of them being able to give her an orgasm, she was at a party one night just before she came home, and ended up getting drunk and spending the night on the home owner's couch. She told me that she knew the woman was a butch dyke, and had been having thoughts about making it with a woman for the first time. What she didn't expect was the brutal way that the woman used and abused her. What she endured that night was the brutal rape by her host and two of her dyke girlfriends.

When I heard Marie's story, I knew that I needed to let her know that it is not normally like that between two women. I told her my long held secret that I had an affair in high school with another girl, and that it could be tender and wonderful. I also let her know that I was bi-sexual because of this discovery.

After hearing my daughter's story, I decided that I wanted her to experience the tender loving that one woman could give to another instead of the brutal rape that she experienced with that stupid dyke and her two friends. When I asked her if she wanted to try female to female sex with me, she was surprisingly quite eager.

Without going into detail, I will say that we had a wonderful night of sex, and kept up the relationship for a number of years.

Now that you know about my past indiscretion's, and my breasts are empty, I think that it's time that someone ate my pussy."

Even though I would have liked to hear all the dirty little details, I was ready to taste my sister's cunt. Licking her smooth youthful body on the way down, I finally arrived at my destination. I don't know which made her pussy so wet, the memories of sex with her daughter or the fact that I was about to eat her cunt, but Arleen was sopping wet by the time I ran my tongue through her labia.

Humping her cunt into my face, Sis rasped, "Fuck yes! That's just what I need. I've been wanting to feel your tongue in my pussy for way to long to wait any longer."

The smell of her arousal was a definite aphrodisiac, as I took a couple of deep breaths of the odors emanating from the wet pussy that lay under my tongue. Something that I hadn't noticed before, was the size of her clitoris. It had to be _ of an inch long and as big around as a pencil, with the end of it nearly purple. From past experience, I knew that I was going to love eating this pussy. I used to date a woman who had a clit about the same size as Arleen's, and if my sister's clit was as sensitive, she was going to enjoy the hell out of what I had learned to do with a clit that size.

Licking up the juices that were leaking out and on to her thighs, my tongue worked its way inside Arleen's cunt and I proceeded to fucking her with it. Sis was whimpering and riding my face, trying to force my tongue as deep into her cunt as it would go. I let her have her fun for a few minutes, as her arousal climbed higher and higher, and her juices were covering my face from my eyebrows to my chin. Leaving her pussy for a moment, I went lower and ran my tongue over her tightly closed asshole. That got a definite reaction, as she let out a load moan of pleasure and her rosebud winked at me as if to let me know that it wanted more tongue. It looked like an invite to me, so I used my hands to spread her ass cheeks and licked at her anal entrance till it opened enough to force my tongue past the sphincter muscle.

Liking all three holes on women, I gave her ass the same treatment that I had given her pussy. Judging from Arleen's reaction, she had never had this done to her or it was one of her favorite things, because she went to bucking and screaming, but she was not quite ready for an orgasm. I continued working on her ass, watching her reactions, not wanting her to cum till I was ready. As her arousal climbed higher and higher toward her peak, I finally made my move.

Moving swiftly, I left her asshole and clamped my lips around her clit, sucking it like a miniature cock. Sucking it back and forth between my lips and licking it with my tongue at the same time, I forced Arleen over the precipice to orgasm. Screaming incoherently and going into an entire body muscle spasm, I thought she was going to tear my hair out by the roots, as she force my face as tight as she could to her clit. Her juices flowed over my chin, as she stayed rigid for at least thirty seconds before exhaustion finally made her relax her hold on me. When her body went limp, I eased down a little and cleaned the juices from her pussy and thighs, letting her just lay there to enjoy my administrations. Afterward I took her in my arms and lay there hugging her close so that she could relax and enjoy the after affects of our sexual encounter.

About a half-hour later, Arleen rolled toward me and took my face in her hands and gave me a sisterly kiss on the lips. "John, that was heavenly. If I had known that you were that good, I would have divorced my husband years ago. He never did like eating pussy, and I think that is why I started a relationship with Marie. This is the first time in my life that I've had someone who could give me all the dick I wanted and eat pussy too."

"Sis, as good as it was, I didn't have the experience till later in life, and I sure as hell didn't have as big a prick. Maybe it's a good thing that we didn't get back together until now." I replied.

"All I know is that Marie is going to love having sex with her uncle, because I sure did. Speaking of my daughter, I'm going to have to figure out what to say to her to get her to come for a visit on such short notice."

"Just tell her there has been a change in my health, and that you need her to be here. Then all I will have to do is change us back temporarily to our original ages, till we explain what is going on. With her getting older, I am sure that she would be tickled to death to join us in our new fountain of youth."

Agreeing with me, Arleen got out of bed and made the call. Neither of us liked the idea of worrying her daughter, but it was the fasted way to get her to travel so far on such short notice. Marie agreed to leave the next morning, and would arrive at Arleen's house about 2 pm.

That would give us the rest of the day and night to have fun, then I would change us back before noon the next day. Hell, I had a hard-on, and I planned on using it to best advantage. Arleen and I spent the rest of the day and half the night fucking each other like two horny kids before finally falling into an exhausted sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been run over with a truck, so using my new found mental powers, I refreshed myself and my sister both. I decided that I owed her an oral wakeup call, and started giving her cunt a good work out with my tongue. By the time she woke up, I had her near to orgasm. Noticing that her eyes were open, I moved my mouth to her clit and sucked it between my lips. Arleen immediately climaxed, shoving her pussy into my face and screaming in pleasure.

Laying back and relaxing as she came down from her orgasm, Arleen stated, "That is the nicest way I know of to wake up."

"I couldn't agree more dear sister. I hate to tell you this, but its almost 11am and we need to get cleaned up so that you can go to your house before Marie gets there. I'll wait till after the shower before giving us our old looks. After a quick fuck in the shower, we both dried off. Before dressing, I used my power to restore our original looks, then sent Arleen on her way.

It was nearly 3pm before I heard Arleen's car pull into a parking spot on the riverbank. I walked out on the deck as she and her daughter crossed the dock, and boarded my houseboat.

As they approached me, I watched Arleen and her 45year old, over weight daughter. "Marie, its good to see you again. You don't get back to your hometown often enough." I stated, as I gave her a hug.

"Its good to see you too, John. From the way mom was talking on the phone, I expected you to be in your sickbed, instead of greeting me at the dock looking healthy."

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