Waiting For His Cum

by Cornholed

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Mother, Son, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mom waits for her son to enter and then goes down on her knees. He uses her as a slut and the mother enjoyes the treatment mated out to her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Oh! Why I'm standing inside the room buck-naked?"

That's because its time of my son's return. He would be here in no time and knock on the door on my back. I won't have to move to get the door open.

I can't, actually. He has removed the inside door handle and keeps the door locked. I can only go out when he is at home. That too with a cunt and butt plug shoved deep inside my holes. They are with serrated surface and whenever I move the plugs cut deep on to my cunt and bunghole walls. It's really uncomfortable. But I thrive on that.

I love my son for his thoughtfulness. He keeps his slut on to her toes always. I cum so many times just by walking a block or two. Then there are his friends. They supply us with the provisions, whatever we want. And I pay by allowing them to whip my back twice for every five pence of purchase. For each dollar of purchase they get to fuck my face and pour their cum inside my mouth. For each five dollar it is my cunt or asshole. Majority of them prefer my tight butt. In the back room I just bend over a chair and first they whip me for the changes and then remove the plug, whichever hole they want to fuck.

Normally his friends are really generous. They allow their family to take part in the payment. The mother or the sister whips my ass raw. Then the father/ brother or the friend takes care of the dollar payments. When all of them have spent but there is still payment is left to be paid, all of them piss on to my mouth. I just gulp them down. I love the taste of warm piss.

Anyway as I was telling you, he doesn't like me to open the door. He doesn't want to see my slutty face when I don't have his cock inside my mouth. So, I'd just step near to the bed and get on to my knees. He would open the door with his key. As the door opens I bend forward and raise my ass for him. That is what he wants to see.

I hear the swish of the belt as it is removed from the loops in one single blow and tense my ass muscles. The belt strikes my butt with a sickening force. I clamp down on to my lips to stop from screaming. A single whimper and I had it. The number and intensity would increase to such a pitch that I wouldn't be able to bear. But some days I do exactly that. I love to be punished by my son.

I never knew I loved to be punished and humiliated. I was a single parent. Living with my son. One day I was getting my cunt pounded by the milkman, in return to his favor of giving a few bottles of milk extra for my son, moreover I was horny like goat.

My son caught me while I was fucking away with that milkman. He was a strapping fourteen year old at that time and I had the first taste of his fury. I was shocked when he struck the milkman first with a wooden bar and chased him out of the kitchen. Then he came and took me by my hairs that were long at that time. In no time I was screaming blue murder. He gagged my mouth by tearing my cunty-smelling underwear out of my ass and started slapping me. He caught hold of my tits and squeezed them like a life less rubber ball. He chewed on to my nipples. Shoved his meaty fist inside my cunt and asshole.

After the initial shock of getting beaten by my son wore off, I found the thing exciting. The harder he slapped and beat, I creamed more and more. By the time he drew me to the bedroom and threw me on the floor my cunt was flowing like a river. He took his hard cock out and shoved it to the hilt in my cunt. I loved him fucking me. He cursed me all the while. Took his cock out of my cunt and pushed into my tight asshole. I was never fucked over there before and his thick cock tore through my tight passage. At the end I slumped on the floor as he filled my cunt with his cream.

From that day I am what I am, the slut of my son. He got me pregnant on the same day and made me earn by calling in his friends to our home to fuck me. Within a week everybody knew I was the town-whore. Till today I am the same. And my daughter, who is now thirteen, is waiting to join me in the profession.

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