Bikeweek To Remember

by Connor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man's life is interrupted by house guests who help him out of his depression over an ex-girlfriend.

I sat on a bench on the board walk that faced the ocean, and stared out over the Atlantic. My name is Brian, and since my extremely nasty break up 6 months earlier, I spent a lot of time at the beach. Truth be told, I spent quite a bit of time at the beach any way.

There was something both soothing and exhilarating about the surf, and sea. I knew I had been in a funk since my break up. Janet had been my world, and she had turned it completely upside down.

Now Bikeweek was coming back to Daytona. I always looked forward to it, and I always take vacation time during the event. It's nine days of fun and parties. Bikeweek is Mardi Gras on a motorcycle. For those who don't know, Bikeweek is the largest motorcycle rally in the country. Tomorrow upwards of 600,000 people would descend on Daytona Beach. Some were already here now, and for nine days there would be an almost constant rumble in the air.

That 600,000 doesn't count the extra strippers, hookers, and escorts that would also be around. A lot of whom had already hit town a few weeks ago, During Speedweeks.

This year those, I was having an intrusion into my life. My friend Paul had talked me into letting an ex-girlfriend of his, some girl named Mandy, and a friend of hers camp out in my yard. They had decided at the last minute to come down for Bikeweek from North Carolina, and of course all the hotels and camp grounds had long since been booked solid.

There was no way Paul's girlfriend was going to settle for having an ex of his hanging around. So, Paul had talked me into it. I live in a nice little house on an acre of land, about ten minutes from the beach. Room was not a problem.

Tomorrow this Mandy and her girlfriend of would be arriving. I had decided to make the best of it. Besides, I would be gone a lot during Bikeweek. After some solitude time staring at the ocean, I decided to pack it in and head for home.

The next day, lounging on my couch, I heard a rap on my door. Paul walked in without waiting for me to answer.

"Hey there brother." I called out as he walked in. "Get yourself a beer, you know where they are."

Paul walked into my living room carrying a Bud Light he had fished out of my fridge. " Hey bro." Paul answered.

"So what did you tell your woman about why you were coming over?" I asked him casually. " I told her I was helping you work on your bike." He answered, taking a swallow of his beer.

"I figured. You know, you owe me one." I informed him.

"It'll do you some good to have some female flesh around here. You're becoming a damned hermit."

"Dude, if she is coming to Bikeweek with another girl, my guess is she pinch hits for the other team." I replied.

"Hey, remember, I used to date Mandy. She's a great lady, you'll like her."

" What did you tell her about paying to stay here? " I asked.

"Exactly what you said. I told her to bring a 12 pack." Paul laughed.

I nodded my head. " What she say to that?"

"She said you sounded like her kind of guy. Speaking of ex, I saw yours last night at Center Line."

" You say anything to her?" I asked.

" Oh hell no! Triple f, buddy." Paul said making a distasteful face.

" Yep, triple f." I echoed his comment, laughing. Triple f was our name for a " foul, filthy, female."

Paul and I waited around the house until we heard a truck pull into my driveway. " Sounds like your friend is here."

Getting up, we walked outside to meet them. I saw a slinky blonde climbing out of a truck that was pulling a trailer loaded with two bikes in it. I figured the blonde must be Mandy.

Paul walked up to the blonde and hugged her. Motioning for me to come over, I walked up next to my friend.

"Brian, this lovely lady is Mandy."

I was taken by surprise a little when Mandy turned and threw her arms around me in a hug also. Turning her head, she lightly kissed my cheek, and her kiss seemed to linger for a moment.

" We appreciate you letting us use your yard as a camp ground. " Mandy said to me.

"Not a problem." I said with a smile.

"Guys, this is Becky." Mandy introduced her companion.

Talk about a contrast. Mandy was tall, I guessed around 6', an inch taller than myself. She had a slinky little body, narrow in the hips and shoulders, fairly small tits, and very long legs. Her friend Becky on the other hand was shorter, maybe 5' 6". She was more voluptuous, rounder in the hips, bigger boobs, and dark hair. I noticed when we were introduced, Becky avoided eye contact.

"Oh, I almost forgot." I heard Mandy say as she reached into the back of her truck and pulled out a 12 pack of Bud Light. "Rent." Mandy said, handing the beer to me.

I laughed out loud. " Paid in full. Come on in and relax for a bit." I offered.

We sat around my kitchen table to chat, and I got everyone a beer out of the fridge. Paul and Mandy entertained us with stories from their past. I noticed every move Mandy made was slow, deliberate, and sinuous, almost cat like. She absolutely oozed sexuality.

Now, I have been told by women that I had " bedroom eyes " and " fuck me eyes." but Mandy's pretty green eyes said " I'm going to fuck you, and you're going to love it."

After another round, Paul said he had to be getting home. He left saying goodnight, and that he would see us all tomarow.

After Paul left, Mandy asked to use the bathroom, and I told her where it was, reminding them that they were free to use my bathrooms when ever they wanted. I gave Mandy a key to the door, so they could get in when I was gone.

Getting us another round of beer, Mandy sat back down at the table. " So, you're a good looking, sweet, guy. How come no woman around?"

" I went through a nasty breakup about six months ago." I explained.

" Ah, ok. Becky got rid of her excess baggage a couple months ago herself."

" Good riddance too." Becky added.

" No shit there." Mandy agreed with her friend.

" Sounds about like my ex pain in the ass." I quipped sourly.

" Well, no sense thinking about it, for the next nine days you have the company of a couple of good looking babes, and we get the company of a hot looking guy." Mandy said, flashing those green eyes of hers.

" I don't know how good my company is." I laughed.

" It's been great so far." Becky told me.

" Listen, if you don't mind sharing a bed, I have a spare room, and you're welcome to crash in there." I told them.

" No, we don't mind." Mandy answered.

" That's really nice of you." Becky added.

"I haven't been very social lately. I'm trying to redeem myself." I laughed. " Do you ladies have any bags you want brought in?"

" Yeah, two or three, I guess we should get them." Mandy answered.

I helped the girls bring in their bags, and then I put clean sheets and pillow cases on the bed. Afterwards I suggested getting some Chinese take out for dinner.

" Sounds good to me. I'm paying." Mandy replied.

" Nah, I got it." I protested.

" Do you know how much money you're saving us, by letting us stay here?" Mandy pointed out. " It's the least I can do."

" Mandy's right." Becky jumped in.

I gave in to them. We phoned in our order, and I drove the girls to the restaurant. Having Picked up our food, we went back to my place and got comfortable in the living room, turning on the TV.

After eating, the girls took turns showering, then we decided to call it a night. Tomorrow the fun was going to start, and we all wanted to get an early start in the morning.

That night in bed, I swore it sounded like Mandy and Becky were having sex in the next room, and I found it very hard to fall asleep. It was so tempting to try and get a peek into the room to see for sure. After I did fall asleep, the picture of the two woman making love plagued my dreams. It sucked falling asleep with a hard on, then waking up with the same one.

The next morning I got up early, and walked into the kitchen for my favorite breakfast drink, a nice cold Pepsi. I heard feet behind me, turned around and saw Mandy walking in, wearing a t-shirt and panties. The hard nipples on her perky little tits were poking at her shirt.

" Want something to drink? " I asked, trying not to stare at her nipples too obviously.

"Sure, a Pepsi would be good if you have another." Mandy said around a yawn.

"This house is never without Pepsi." I told her, pulling another one out of the refrigerator. "And usually not without Bud Light too."

We sat down at the table, and Becky came stumbling in next, dressed a little more conservatively than Mandy. Becky was wearing shorts instead of just panties. I told her to help herself to anything she wanted, then she joined us at the table.

" Are you going to be our guide today, or do you have other plans?" Mandy asked me.

"No, that'll be great. Later Paul wants us to meet him at the Iron Horse. You know, Paul's girlfriend doesn't really know about you." I told Mandy carefully.

"I know." Mandy answered with a grin. "Paul and I happened a long time ago, we're just friends now. Besides, we're going to be with you, it'll be cool."

We all got dressed, and headed out to our bikes. Mandy looked sexy in her jeans, leather chaps, and black tank top. Becky was dressed similarly, except she was wearing a t- shirt and leather vest. I was wearing jeans and black leather vest also, but no shirt on under my vest.

The weather was still a little cool, but the forecast was calling for sun and highs in the low 80's. Not unusual for Daytona in early March. I helped the girls unload their bikes from the trailer.

" That's cool you both know how to ride." I said with admiration.

"Paul taught me, and I taught Becky." Mandy answered.

"A year ago, If someone had told me I'd be riding a bike, I would have thought they were crazy." Becky said with a laugh.

I uncovered my Daytona special Dyna Wide Glide and heard Mandy whistle in aproval.

"Sweet bike."

"Thanks. I like yours too." I answered casually, but all puffed up inside. We hopped on our bikes and took off.

I led the girls down to International Speedway Dr. and past the race track where the Daytona 500 is run. From there we went across the water way to A1-A on beach side, then up to Main St. It was the first time Becky had ever seen Daytona.

During Bikeweek Main St. and some of the side streets are closed to cars, bikes only. We rode around for awhile, then parked in a lot and I took them to Boot Hill Saloon, just in time for a best tattoo contest.

We spent the day walking around looking at vendors, going to souvenir shops and admiring other bikes. In the afternoon I led them to the Iron Horse Saloon, and we found Paul and his girlfriend. The Iron Horse had bands going clear into the night. Finally after a long day of watching contests and listening to music, everyone decided to call it a night.

The next couple days I took the girls around the Daytona area, we went riding on the beach, and I took them to the Cabbage Patch for their cole slaw wrestling. Mandy took great delight in having girls flash me their boobs whenever she could.

Both nights I went to sleep to what sounded like the girls having sex in the next room. It was Driving me crazy, I was dying to know, but unsure how to approach the subject.

My chance was coming soon. On the fourth day a cold front came through, and we had one of Florida's torrential down pours. It looked like we were going to be stuck inside all day. The forecast called for clearing the next day, with a little cooler temperatures, so we figured on sitting one day out.

Making the best of it, we drove into town, rented some movies, and picked up more beer. Running back inside when we got back to my home, we were all drenched, it was raining so hard.

We all dried off, and threw on some other clothes and settled down in the living room to watch movies, and of course, drink a few beers. As the afternoon wore on, we were all pleasantly buzzed. Taking a break from movies I popped Fleetwood Mac " The Dance " CD into my stereo.

"Sound carries pretty well in here." Mandy noted coming back from the bathroom.

"If that's your way of saying I have thin walls, yep, that's one definite flaw to the place." I laughed in response.

"I hope we haven't kept you awake at night." Mandy said, flashing me her green eyes.

"Yeah, only a little bit." I replied with a grin on my face, and I noticed Becky was blushing.

Mandy reached out and lightly slapped my arm. "You should have said something, you big dummie."

"I wasn't really sure how to, without tripping over my own tongue or offending anyone." I said in defense.

"Well, then you could have at least joined in. We wouldn't have kicked you out." Mandy told me, delighting in my embarrassment. I damn near choked on my beer " Would we Becky?"

"It is his house after all." Becky agreed, still blushing some. She got up to excuse herself to the bathroom.

"You know, Becky is a little taken with you." Mandy informed me when Becky had left the room.

" Really? She's a great lady, but I never would have guessed that." I told Mandy a little suprised.

"You men can be so blind sometimes, she's only been flirting with you at every given chance!" Mandy admonished me good naturedly. " I'll have to take matters into my own hands I see."

" What do you mean?" I asked, a little alarmed. I really wasn't sure I wanted Mandy trying to play match-maker for me.

" Wait a minute, you'll see. If we're stuck inside today, we might as well have some fun, and I know you will." Mandy replied cryptically. She got up and ran back towards the bathroom.

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I had to admit, I was waiting with a lot of anticipation. I didn't have long to wait either. The girls came back in, both wearing lacy little tank tops that came to just above their waists, Mandy had on a black thong, and Becky was wearing a pair of red panties that tied at the hips. My cock came to life on it's own with this sexy vision in front of me. Apparently the girls had cooked something up, and I had the feeling Mandy was probably the instigator.

"We'll get things started." Mandy told me, pushing my legs apart so they could each sit on one of my thighs.

Becky gave me a smile, and the heat of desire made her face look almost feverish. "We'll show you a good time."

Becky and Mandy leaned towards each other and kissed deeply. Their tongues probing each other's mouths. Seeing these two sexy women sitting on my legs, kissing each other was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Their hands reached out for each other, and they began fondling each other's tits.

Standing up in front of me, Mandy pulled Becky's shirt off, her breasts sprang into view. Large, round, with dark nipples that stood erect. Then it was Becky's turn. Mandy's tits were small little peaches on her chest. Her nipples lighter in color, and equally as hard.

Mandy stooped down, looking Becky in her eyes, she slid her thong down her long legs and stepped out of them. Becky reached to her hips and untied the bows that held her panties on, and let them fall to the floor.

The girls stepped close to each other again and resumed kissing. They intertwined their legs and ran their hands all around each other's bodies. I groaned watching the two women kissing, and groping each other. Never had I seen anything so damn sexy. I had a strong urge to whip my dick out and start whacking it then and there.

The girls came back over to me and sat back down on my thighs again. I could feel the heat from their pussies against my skin, their moisture coating my legs. They leaned in and each kissed a corner of my mouth, all three of our tongues reaching out to each other. My cock was throbbing so hard it was aching in the confines of my shorts.

Mandy reached down and laid her hand on my crotch, my cock twitching at her touch. Our three way kissing continuing, and Becky reached down with one of her hands, placing it below Mandy's, over my balls.

My hands found their way to the girl's asses, and I started massaging them. Almost in unison they began rocking on my legs, their clits and pussies rubbing on me. Mandy and I both leaned in and each took one of Becky's breasts in our mouth, sucking on her hard nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhh," She moaned out loud, feeling a mouth on each tit.

Then it was Mandy's turn, and Becky and I sucked on her nipples. Mandy practically purred with pleasure. Mandy reached out for me and peeled my t-shirt off. She leaned forward and ran her tongue across my nipple, Becky followed suit. I almost cringed, the feeling was so intense. Both girls continued rubbing themselves on my legs.

Mandy rested one hand on my chest to steady herself, the other still holding my stiff member through my shorts. Becky had a hand on the arm of my couch, and the other massaging my balls. They speeded up their motion against my legs.

" Looks like poor Brian is going to explode." Becky said in a breathless voice.

" Let's help him out." Mandy suggested while sliding off my leg.

Mandy knelt on the couch next to me, Becky slid off and got down on the floor in front. The girls pushed - pulled my shorts off, and my hard cock stood straight up in the air.

"Nice package." Mandy said, looking at my stiff cock.

"Very nice." Becky agreed, leaning down she started licking my balls all over.

Mandy hunched over me and ran her tongue around my cock. She licked me around my swollen head, then ran her tongue up and down my shaft. Becky was softly sucking, I have never had my nuts sucked on like that before.

" Ohhhhhhhh my godddd!" I exclaimed as Mandy settled her warm mouth around my cock, sucking it deeply. Having two sets of hot, wet, mouths on me sent me into delirium.

Becky lifted my balls up in her hand and licked at the sensitive area underneath. Mandy was bobbing her head up and down, sucking hard on my pulsating cock. Her lips felt incredible wrapped around my shaft, her tongue licking as she stroked me with her mouth.

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