Over the Rainbow

by Anonymous

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: How do you know until you've tried it?

There are some things that your parents ingrained in you that you came to know were wrong, yet you couldn't let go of their indoctrination.

Phil spent his entire life without ever having to deal inter-racially. He never harbored any ill will, yet he saw the way his parents cringed, even moved when the neighborhood integrated.

By the time he was thirty, Phil had had his 1.6 children and his divorce. He was tired of being a statistic so he became a hermit.

He lived on the second floor of a three family unit, converted from its original one family structure.

He learned to enjoy the verbal show put on by a succession of tennants. First was the newlyweds who screwed like rabbits and she was a moaner. It reminded him of the movie: Porky's!

As soon as they could, they bought a house and the next tennant was a single female, but she was never single on weekends! The drunken parties actually were annoying until the girl's stud for the night got down to business. The bedsprings didn't quite drown out the moaning of the two people, getting it on hot and heavy, as if just for Phil.

She moved out and a single guy became the male version of the same thing: On weekdays, it was quiet as a church, but weekends were time to make hay!

The next tennant, he found out was a lesbian, but it didn't mean quietude. Rather, she and her gal pal of the night made even noisier love than the previous couples.

Phil found himself attracted to the females' action, not because he made believe he could "cure" them of their choice, but because whatever they were doing seemed more rewarding than what the heteros were doing! It probably had something to do with females being able to cum like machine guns, and for much longer periods than men, but Phil only knew that he liked their unions.

All too soon, she moved out, probably to shack with her lover elsewhere because she was a local school teacher!

So now Phil was disappointed.

When he saw a young black man checking out the grounds, his mind raced to the idea that he was casing the place. The landlord never communicated when there were new tennants - he just wanted the money for rent.

The next day, the upstairs mailbox had been stripped of the previous tennant's name and Phil ran into this young man, face to face.

His better instinct took over as he extended his hand while saying, "Hi, I'm Phil from the second floor."

He pointed to the third and raised an eyebrow, conveying the big question. "I'm Mark, you new upstairs neighbor," smiled a surprised young man whose eyes seemed to size up Phil.

Phil noticed it, but dismissed it because this guy COULDN'T possibly be gay. He was athletic of build, rugged in his handsomeness, and self assured in his speech.

Then, Phil noticed that Mark only had male guests to his apartment, but that was easily explained: Phil wouldn't want a female up to HIS pigsty of an apartment either!

Over the next two weeks, Mark would gently knock and need something. Phil was almost annoyed except that Mark was always shirtless, showing off his six pack abs and hairless chest, glistening lightly with sweat.

Phil came to grips with the fact that he was aroused, perhaps if only because Mark was black, or perhaps it was just something different and engaging.

Finally, Mark offered to let Phil come upstairs and lift weights with him.

Phil reasoned that he always wanted to see the other apartment anyway, but he didn't have a pair of sweats and told Mark.

Mark simply said, "We're indoors - just wear your jock!"

Now it was Mark's turn to observe Phil in his hairy chested glory, completely the opposite of himself.

As they went through different reps, Mark showed Phil what each exercise did for which muscles. He even suggested that Phil feel his "gluts" right where they met the thighs.

Phil was mesmerized as he felt Mark's tight ass, and soon he realized he was being seduced!

Phil was shaking like a leaf when he realized he wanted Mark!

"So, who goes first, here?" he finally asked.

Mark smiled and removed Phil's jock and then his own, revealing an ebony tube that was textbook marvelous, about eight inches of smooth, glistening meat that, like Phil had seen in numerous porn flicks, seemed longer and thicker than most whites, yet softer or not fully hard.

Phil mentioned to Mark his fascination in that even while humping, as he had seen in movies, black men often bend while thrusting. He continued to say that his own organ was blue steel by comparison.

Mark laughed and called it an extra layer of fat and added, "You know what they say about fat... that it's the tastiest part!"

The ice broken, Mark laid Phil down and gently grabbed his organ, which pointed straight up. Then Mark slowly swooped over it until he had half of it inside his mouth. Then he worked his tongue.

Before Phil had time to close his eyes and savor this, he felt Mark chunk down and take all six or seven inches of Phil, the tip definitely feeling the throat hollow as Mark fellated him.

Better than any straight sex that Phil could remember, he humped up to meet Mark's throat as his man tube erupted in the most violent and satisfying orgasm of his life!

Mark lapped up every drop and let Phil rest for a moment.

When Phil nodded he was ready, Mark knelt over his face and dangled his own flesh for Phil to study.

Fascinated by the rich texture yet soft feel, Phil finally opened his lips as Mark inserted himself.

Just about three inches was all Phil could take until he gagged. Mark let him try this inferior blowjob until Phil could get almost five inches inside without gagging, but it didn't bring Mark anywhere near the edge, and Phil knew it.

With resignation that he knew this was leading to, Phil went to the sofa and presented himself.

Mark scrambled into position wih his spit soaked phallus, precummed at the tip.

Phil wasn't as tense as he thought because the head of Mark's penis opened his anal ring right up and disappeared inside!

Mark gently told Phil that there are exercises that remove as much air from the rectum as possible, almost creating a suction that makes for heavenly feel, especially when the cream is let loose.

Mark started to ask Phil if he ever had one of those medical exams where...

Phil cut im off, grunting, "Yes, three times! I know about the full feeling I will experience, but will I shit all over the carpet when you pull out?"

Mark thought for a second, then showed just how strong he was by lifting Phil bodily, still joined, and walking them to the shower.

This action planted Mark another three or four inches deeper inside Phil, as Mark lifted him a slight bit then lowered him back down onto it.

Finally, Mark started humping Phil with gusto until Phil felt the smoothest, hottest, gooey enema of his life!

As Phil felt Mark pull out, it felt just like the relief of a good bowel movement, and Phil wanted to try his pole in Mark's bung.

Before the night was out, Phil had learned to deep throat Mark and Mark had learned what Phil meant by "blue steel".

The next night though, Phil knocked on Mark's door to explain that he couldn't continue with this affair. It was only experimentation to Phil, who said he still craved female sex.

Two nights later, Phil heard a female enter Mark's apartment. He also heard them make love long and hard!

Now he knew Mark had held back on him, that he was "bi", and Phil actually felt cheapened with betrayal!

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