All That She Ever Wanted

by Prismbright

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, DomSub, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a story of lesbian love. Two people met for the second time and realize that fate brought them together for more then just good coversation.

Alexia always loved the beach. To her it was as tranquil on the beach as a mother's womb. Today was not any different. Even with the crowds of tourists and the wanna be surfers, bathing beauties, and Hollywood builds, the beach was the same as always. She sighed and looked out at the ocean. The waves were huge today. It pounded the surf and surfers alike with continues wave after wave of unrelenting salt water. Alexia smirked when she saw a male surfer lose his board and his dignity when he fall right on his butt pushing the board up into the air and it landing a few feet in front of him. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed but it was too late. A group of college girls and their boyfriends walked by just in time and they laughed and pointed. At that Alexia shook her head. It was funny but not that funny. She walked by the group of immature students and flipped her black shoulder length hair out of her face. I should have put this up out of my face she thought but then again... she loved to feel the wind weaving in and out of her hair. She continued to walk across the beach looking but not really paying attention to much that was going on save for the water and the waves. She moved her lips to a song in her head and gazed up to the sky. She did not notice that almost directly in her path someone else was coming. She looked back in front of her just in time to see and collide with a pile of beach stuff. Alexia went down with an "oof" and the beach junk went down with an "oh no". Alexia regained her composer and stood up quickly, rubbing her butt off getting more sand inside her suit in the process. She looked down to see a woman of medium build, brown hair, and eyes to match staring up at her. Alexia just stared back for a moment before it dawned on her to help the poor woman up.

"I am soo soo sorry!" Alexia cooed as she extended her hand to the woman.

"Oh... the beach is crowded enough without me having to bump into only sane looking person I have met so far on this god forsaken tourist trap." The woman explained as she took Alexia's hand and was pulled up. The woman looked at Alexia for a moment as if to size her up, and said "... Jennifer... Jen for short if you would like. It is nice bumping into you today... literally!" she concluded with a stifled laugh when she noticed that Alexia did not smile at all... She gave Alexia a questioned look.

" It's nothing," Alexia said with a laugh, "You just look so familiar to me that's all." "Weellllll... let's see shall we... I first saw you the hotel. You were wearing a cute little skirt with white strips down it and a peach pull over tee shirt that showed off your great body. Of course Jen did not say this. She would have scared this poor woman off. But she did say aloud "... at the hotel... late last night... I was coming in with a two piece luggage in the pouring rain... you held the door open for me" she concluded matter-of -factly as she turned to pick up the items that were dropped.

"Oh yeah... I remember..." and then Alexia turned to help Jennifer pick up her things.

"Staying here long?" She asked as she picked up two notebooks and shook the sand out of them. Jen picked up the umbrella and mat as she turned to grab the books that Jen picked up.

"No that's all right I have it. You get the big stuff and I will take care of the smaller things." She said as she knelt down to pick up the remaining items off the ground.

"Yes... well no... actually," she said as she stumbled over her words, "it's a vacation for me... I have two weeks left and god knows what lured me this place!" she said in an exasperated sigh. Alexia smiled and introduced herself.

"I live here... about an hour from here. I am off for the weekend and just came here to unwind. Most people don't know it but just because I am a psychologist does not mean that I don't get stressed hearing about others problems... I really do."

"So you're a shrink." Jen said looking into Alexia's eyes again before the allowed herself to scan the beach for any clear spot so she could park it. When she did not see one she dropped her shoulders in defeat. Jen noticed.

"Look I have condo not too far from here. How about chilling there. I have a great view of the ocean AND you can still get your tan at the same time. You just don't have to deal with the crowds."

Jen looked at her from the beach to the beach again before she answered. "Why?" she cocked her head to the side looking at Alexia with inquisitive eyes.

"Well... I guess I would say it is fate that we ran into each other again. Second, I believe in fate. And thirdly, I like your aura... however strange that may sound." She finished feeling rather foolish.

"No," Jen added looking, what seemed to Alexia, into her soul, "I felt the same thing. I would not have been talking to you if I did not feel comfortable with you in the least. Besides you're a shrink what's this talk about auras?"

"There are some people that just have good auras about them. Some of the time I clicked with them and other times we don't. But not because of the aura totally... it's more like we have the same agenda or the same thoughts... and nothing really has to be said about our personality at all. We just feel like we are old souls meeting again after some years." Jen was standing there so attentive to what Alexia was saying she just started walking to her condo and knew that she would follow.

They finished their topic of choice and reached the condo. Jen stared up at the condo complex in amazement. Each door, from what she could see was exactly the same. The only difference would have been the door ornaments that decorated several doors. It seemed to Jen that Alexia took the stair without thinking much, and was offered an brief satisfying explanation.

"The elevator is being worked on. But this is easier because you'd have to lug that umbrella, and maneuver it through the doors... really too much trouble if you asked me." Alexia added looking back at Jen to make sure she was close behind her. Jen nodded as she climbed the cement stairs. She was getting tired, but not from climbing. Just of carrying her items.

A short while later Alexia announced, "We're here." She said as she shifted her arm load around and punched in a code. The door opened with a beep and they stepped inside.

"Leave your things outside on the foyer and remove your shoes before you walk in... k" Jen did not doubt this at all. She knew that people who had places like this do things like that. She removed her shoes after she laid her things down and watched as Alexia laid the items in her arms down on her kitchen counter. It was a nice place Jen thought to herself. She would have never expected someone who appeared to be so serious and absorbed in thought to have a retro, almost whimsical kitchen décor.

"Make yourself at home please Jen... I will return shortly. The cups are there," she pointed to a cabinet to her left, "and a variety of drink in the refridg... feel free." She turned to head the direction, Jen supposed, of her bedroom and added, "Oh... you can see the balcony from where your standing... we're not that high up but high enough so the crowds the noise will not bother you... you're welcome to that also." She concluded and disappeared behind closed doors.

Jen looked around the living room. It frightened her when she noticed that the room consisted of mostly light colors. The beige's, pale whites, and baby blues that she stayed away from as a child. She always had a fear of dropping something that would not come out of the carpet or the couch. She was not the clumsiest person around, but she sure gave them a run for their money. She smiled to herself and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. She had just settled down in the living room with a glass of seltzer water. Alexia had changed out of her bathing suit and into a white summer dress. She pulled her hair back but not in a ponytail. Instead she clipped it up to keep the front of her hair out of her face and off her forehead. Jen almost gagged on the drink. She looks amazing she thought to herself. Does she even realize? Jen felt self conscious in her red shorts white tank top. Alexia smiled at her and went to open the curtain to the back balcony all the way. She opened the door. The sea breeze whiffed in and she just stood there for a moment before the turned her attention back to her company.

"I can tell the water has a calming effect on you... you looked so peaceful and serene. That's why you have this place here. Isn't it?"

"Actually... my father owned this place. He died not to long ago and he gave it to me. I had no idea that he even had this place... but he most have known how much I loved the ocean. It was fully furnished when I got it. But when I saw it I loved it and did not change a thing. What about you? What is it that you do?"

"I'm a writer... not much in that... save the satisfaction of writing and feeling good about yourself. I enjoy poetry the most. It has a way of revealing the inner soul." She added before scratching and imagery itch.

"That's wonderful. I mean I never really met a writer before. Are you published?"

"I am under the pen name Victoria Blithe." She said taking a sip of her drink.

"Blithe ?... I've heard of you but sorry to say I have not read anything that you have written. I don't have much time to myself these days."

"I'm pretty obscure... publish here and there."

"That's the notebooks... your poetry right? Alexia said walking over to the counter and picking up one of the notebooks and opened it before Jen could choke out a word.

Alexia read the first poems she got to to herself.

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