All That She Ever Wanted

by Prismbright

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, DomSub, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a story of lesbian love. Two people met for the second time and realize that fate brought them together for more then just good coversation.

Alexia always loved the beach. To her it was as tranquil on the beach as a mother's womb. Today was not any different. Even with the crowds of tourists and the wanna be surfers, bathing beauties, and Hollywood builds, the beach was the same as always. She sighed and looked out at the ocean. The waves were huge today. It pounded the surf and surfers alike with continues wave after wave of unrelenting salt water. Alexia smirked when she saw a male surfer lose his board and his dignity when he fall right on his butt pushing the board up into the air and it landing a few feet in front of him. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed but it was too late. A group of college girls and their boyfriends walked by just in time and they laughed and pointed. At that Alexia shook her head. It was funny but not that funny. She walked by the group of immature students and flipped her black shoulder length hair out of her face. I should have put this up out of my face she thought but then again... she loved to feel the wind weaving in and out of her hair. She continued to walk across the beach looking but not really paying attention to much that was going on save for the water and the waves. She moved her lips to a song in her head and gazed up to the sky. She did not notice that almost directly in her path someone else was coming. She looked back in front of her just in time to see and collide with a pile of beach stuff. Alexia went down with an "oof" and the beach junk went down with an "oh no". Alexia regained her composer and stood up quickly, rubbing her butt off getting more sand inside her suit in the process. She looked down to see a woman of medium build, brown hair, and eyes to match staring up at her. Alexia just stared back for a moment before it dawned on her to help the poor woman up.

"I am soo soo sorry!" Alexia cooed as she extended her hand to the woman.

"Oh... the beach is crowded enough without me having to bump into only sane looking person I have met so far on this god forsaken tourist trap." The woman explained as she took Alexia's hand and was pulled up. The woman looked at Alexia for a moment as if to size her up, and said "... Jennifer... Jen for short if you would like. It is nice bumping into you today... literally!" she concluded with a stifled laugh when she noticed that Alexia did not smile at all... She gave Alexia a questioned look.

" It's nothing," Alexia said with a laugh, "You just look so familiar to me that's all." "Weellllll... let's see shall we... I first saw you the hotel. You were wearing a cute little skirt with white strips down it and a peach pull over tee shirt that showed off your great body. Of course Jen did not say this. She would have scared this poor woman off. But she did say aloud "... at the hotel... late last night... I was coming in with a two piece luggage in the pouring rain... you held the door open for me" she concluded matter-of -factly as she turned to pick up the items that were dropped.

"Oh yeah... I remember..." and then Alexia turned to help Jennifer pick up her things.

"Staying here long?" She asked as she picked up two notebooks and shook the sand out of them. Jen picked up the umbrella and mat as she turned to grab the books that Jen picked up.

"No that's all right I have it. You get the big stuff and I will take care of the smaller things." She said as she knelt down to pick up the remaining items off the ground.

"Yes... well no... actually," she said as she stumbled over her words, "it's a vacation for me... I have two weeks left and god knows what lured me this place!" she said in an exasperated sigh. Alexia smiled and introduced herself.

"I live here... about an hour from here. I am off for the weekend and just came here to unwind. Most people don't know it but just because I am a psychologist does not mean that I don't get stressed hearing about others problems... I really do."

"So you're a shrink." Jen said looking into Alexia's eyes again before the allowed herself to scan the beach for any clear spot so she could park it. When she did not see one she dropped her shoulders in defeat. Jen noticed.

"Look I have condo not too far from here. How about chilling there. I have a great view of the ocean AND you can still get your tan at the same time. You just don't have to deal with the crowds."

Jen looked at her from the beach to the beach again before she answered. "Why?" she cocked her head to the side looking at Alexia with inquisitive eyes.

"Well... I guess I would say it is fate that we ran into each other again. Second, I believe in fate. And thirdly, I like your aura... however strange that may sound." She finished feeling rather foolish.

"No," Jen added looking, what seemed to Alexia, into her soul, "I felt the same thing. I would not have been talking to you if I did not feel comfortable with you in the least. Besides you're a shrink what's this talk about auras?"

"There are some people that just have good auras about them. Some of the time I clicked with them and other times we don't. But not because of the aura totally... it's more like we have the same agenda or the same thoughts... and nothing really has to be said about our personality at all. We just feel like we are old souls meeting again after some years." Jen was standing there so attentive to what Alexia was saying she just started walking to her condo and knew that she would follow.

They finished their topic of choice and reached the condo. Jen stared up at the condo complex in amazement. Each door, from what she could see was exactly the same. The only difference would have been the door ornaments that decorated several doors. It seemed to Jen that Alexia took the stair without thinking much, and was offered an brief satisfying explanation.

"The elevator is being worked on. But this is easier because you'd have to lug that umbrella, and maneuver it through the doors... really too much trouble if you asked me." Alexia added looking back at Jen to make sure she was close behind her. Jen nodded as she climbed the cement stairs. She was getting tired, but not from climbing. Just of carrying her items.

A short while later Alexia announced, "We're here." She said as she shifted her arm load around and punched in a code. The door opened with a beep and they stepped inside.

"Leave your things outside on the foyer and remove your shoes before you walk in... k" Jen did not doubt this at all. She knew that people who had places like this do things like that. She removed her shoes after she laid her things down and watched as Alexia laid the items in her arms down on her kitchen counter. It was a nice place Jen thought to herself. She would have never expected someone who appeared to be so serious and absorbed in thought to have a retro, almost whimsical kitchen décor.

"Make yourself at home please Jen... I will return shortly. The cups are there," she pointed to a cabinet to her left, "and a variety of drink in the refridg... feel free." She turned to head the direction, Jen supposed, of her bedroom and added, "Oh... you can see the balcony from where your standing... we're not that high up but high enough so the crowds the noise will not bother you... you're welcome to that also." She concluded and disappeared behind closed doors.

Jen looked around the living room. It frightened her when she noticed that the room consisted of mostly light colors. The beige's, pale whites, and baby blues that she stayed away from as a child. She always had a fear of dropping something that would not come out of the carpet or the couch. She was not the clumsiest person around, but she sure gave them a run for their money. She smiled to herself and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. She had just settled down in the living room with a glass of seltzer water. Alexia had changed out of her bathing suit and into a white summer dress. She pulled her hair back but not in a ponytail. Instead she clipped it up to keep the front of her hair out of her face and off her forehead. Jen almost gagged on the drink. She looks amazing she thought to herself. Does she even realize? Jen felt self conscious in her red shorts white tank top. Alexia smiled at her and went to open the curtain to the back balcony all the way. She opened the door. The sea breeze whiffed in and she just stood there for a moment before the turned her attention back to her company.

"I can tell the water has a calming effect on you... you looked so peaceful and serene. That's why you have this place here. Isn't it?"

"Actually... my father owned this place. He died not to long ago and he gave it to me. I had no idea that he even had this place... but he most have known how much I loved the ocean. It was fully furnished when I got it. But when I saw it I loved it and did not change a thing. What about you? What is it that you do?"

"I'm a writer... not much in that... save the satisfaction of writing and feeling good about yourself. I enjoy poetry the most. It has a way of revealing the inner soul." She added before scratching and imagery itch.

"That's wonderful. I mean I never really met a writer before. Are you published?"

"I am under the pen name Victoria Blithe." She said taking a sip of her drink.

"Blithe ?... I've heard of you but sorry to say I have not read anything that you have written. I don't have much time to myself these days."

"I'm pretty obscure... publish here and there."

"That's the notebooks... your poetry right? Alexia said walking over to the counter and picking up one of the notebooks and opened it before Jen could choke out a word.

Alexia read the first poems she got to to herself.

I fold myself into you/ Like a tender, half, curled frond/resting around your softness

Against the nakedness of you./ I reach for you/As the trees extend to heavens/For blooming buds, and soft flower petals/Warm, honey sweet/Within the nakedness of you

I drink of you/As the ground after summers rain/The fullness of completion/To the coming of you/Urged from the nakedness of you/I fall with you/As a stone does to earth/Into your arms/listening to your heartbeat/I breath in/The nakedness/That has become you.

"Not bad," she said out loud before the turned the page to another poem and read aloud, "When we sleep together/ the whole group assembles/ we'll kiss and touch as if nourished by each others warmth/ whispering to ourselves when we're content. Go, deeper. It goes much deeper than that. Meaning what? She asked putting the notebook down.

"I wished you had not seen that. I am VERY partial to my work and that has not been published yet." Jen said with a twinge of annoyance in her voice. She sat her glass down on the table in front of her and looked back up at Alexia. There was no way she could explain the poem to her without telling her everything. But she was a shrink Jen reasoned to herself than added aloud "It's something that I wrote when I was coming off a bad relationship. Well I was out of it but I was falling for someone else and that person inspired the words."

"Hmmm." Alexia said getting into her "shrink" mode. "Are you still with this person?"

"No"... she said looking down at her hands and out the toward the balcony, "Our life took different directions... what I wanted was not what the other thought was needed."

"The other?"

"This isn't a session and I am not the patient... I don't want to go and open painful issues alright. Just leave it as it is... closed." Jen said with a huff.

"Jen", Alexia said with all concern in her voice, "you brought it up so obviously it is still bothering you. You can't really fault me either," she said as a sly smile played on her lips, "I am a shrink and this is my job to delve into the mind." Jen had to admit that she was right. And it did help her to talk about it with someone, something she has not done since it happened.

"I have to get going right now. I promised someone that I would meet at this time. I have to get out of here." She said as she stood to leave.

"Since you're in a hurry... leave your stuff here and pick it up tomorrow. But," she added, "take your poetry." Alexia suggested as she handed the notebooks to Jen.

"So I guess you'll be seeing me tomorrow then?"

"Accidentally or purpose let's met right here. I will be outside of course and wait for you. How does that sound to you?"

"Great! 8ish sound good to you?

"Sounds great to me. As long as it does not interfere with your schedule." Jen asked reaching for the door.

"No not at all... I haven't a thing to do except wait for you."

"If you're sure that my stuff is not in the way... thanks for letting me keep it here until later."

"It's not that big of a deal Jen." Alexia giggled. "Tomorrow then?"

"Yeah... laters." Alexia closed the door behind Jen and stood there for a while before she walked over to the balcony and watched Jen leave until she was well out of sight.

As Jen walked to her car on the far end of the beach she thought of Alexia. She reminded her of her ex girlfriend. She had the same sort of smile and eyes but the laugh is what got her. God what a

laugh... so light and airy... almost like it was no effort at all to laugh. It was beautiful to her. There really is no way that she could tell Alexia what she was talking about when she said that the poem was written for someone she loved. How could she. Just say it. That is what her friend told her. The least that could happen would be that the person would have to say, politely or not, that they did not swing that way. Alexia. Jen said the name to herself over and over until she got it in her mind that she would tell her what was up. She would have to tell her that she had fallen for her the first time that she saw her. How else could she tell her other then just like that. Jen smiled to herself. She really did not have to meet anyone and she knew that Alexia knew it but she just had to get out of there. She was feeling things that she was not really ready to admit or willing to nurture at this point in time. Every time she had before it always bit her in the butt and she did not want to go through that again. Besides nothing promised her that Alexia even was attracted to her to say the least. "I just had to fall for a shrink." Jen stated out loud and continued toward her car.

The night was a long one for Alexia. Although she had gone to bed at her usual 10 o'clock, it was 11:30 and she was still woke. She lay there tossing and turning with nothing else on her mind except Jen. She stared up at that darkened ceiling playing with her nipple. What in the world has come over me she thought to herself. Here I am with this woman I just met and I can't get her off my mind. To her this was not rational thinking. It frightened her that she just met this woman and is already having thoughts about her. But there was something about Jen that she just liked. "More than liked." she said out loud when she realized what her hand was doing. She moved her hand over her breast until they became taut. She moaned. This was leading to something that she was loving. She moved her other hand slowly toward her stomach resting it there for a short while before she moved to her neatly trimmed middle. She moved her fingers between the folds of herself and let out a soft sigh. It felt so good. Normally this would not even be something that she would do, but the thought of Jen and the fact that she was so lonely left her with no other choice. She moved an index finger over and around her clit. It was noticeably hard. She squeezed her nipple hard enjoying the sensation that coursed through her body. By now her hand was moving sensuously around her pussy when she decided to get the old trusty vibrator. She fumbled around in the drawer of the mahogany table beside the bed until she found it, hoping it still worked. She turned it on and laid it just above her clit and moved it slowly between her folds. With one hand she held the toy and the other she spread her pussy lips to accommodate as she slowly pushed the vibrating toy deep inside her love hole. She gasped when she felt her juices flow out of her leaving a warm sticky trail as it slid down her and onto the bed. She jerk and moved her body faster as the first waves of pleasure swept over her. She grunted and moved her free hand to her clit. Her body tensed up and she came again. Pulling the toy in and out of her, she heard the familiar sounds of her cum against the plastic toy and it turned her on even more. She make believe that it was Jen who was there giving her that pleasure with her own toy and she moaned. Before long she came again with a sigh. Trying to be quiet but knowing that it would not work, she moved her way further over the threshold of desire. Moving the toy in and out slowly she began to moan and spread her legs even further open and pulled them up with her knees to the ceiling. She began to grunt and moan and whispered soft curses to herself. "oh god!" She said aloud as she inhaled between her teeth. She was moving closer to the edge. She bucked and jerked and sped her movements up. Faster and faster, harder and harder she climaxed. She arched her back. "OHHHHHH!" She grunted feeling a sudden urge to shove the toy into herself and let it stay there until she could come no more. She removed the toy from her after some minutes and pulled it up to her nose. The aroma of her womanly scent always drove her mad and she felt a tingle from between her legs. She sighed and brought it to her mouth and licked it slowly savoring what she produced. When it was clean she put it back on the table, moved her hand to her hairy mound, and shoved her finger inside. She pulled it out, but let it ride the length of her pussy before she took it away and licked her finger clean. She wiggled in the bed still feeling horny and decided that the best thing to do was to go to sleep.

Her last thoughts before she drifted off the sleep was of Jen and the idea that she would see her again.

Later that same night, Jen was sitting at a bar, staring at a shot of sex on the beach that was slowly warming in front of her. She had already downed one and was working on her second shot when a woman began to walk towards her. Jen could tell that was not looking for anything permanent, she just wanted to hook up for a few hours, maybe get a little something in return that Jen just did not feel like dealing with. She gave the woman a look that registered unapproachable, and the woman made a beeline to someone else across the bar. Jen sighed, downed her second drink and stood to leave the bar. She scanned the floor herself but found nothing that she was interested in, and walked out the door of the techno drenched bar. She passed a prospective woman but decided against it when she thought of Alexia. "Damn her!" she said out loud when she reached to unlock her car. She sat in the car for a few minutes letting Sarah Mclechlen soothe her troubled soul. She let out a long drown out breath, turned down the radio, backed out and headed home. She looked at the time on her brightly lit dashboard. It read a quarter after two. She wanted if it was to late to she here. But was headed down the road prepared to make that forty-five minute trip to see Alexia before she even realized it. She could not know what she hoped to expect. That would have been too much for her and she would have turned the car right back around and head home. It never even dawned on her that she was going to see her regardless tomorrow.

Jen pulled into a vacant parking space that looked out toward the beach and tuned off the engine. This is silly she thought to herself but common sense was over ridden by her desire to talk Alexia. She leaned out of the car, popped a mint in her mouth and stood up. It felt good here on the beach. It was a wonder that she was her and there was no one else on the beach to disturb her. She supposed that the beach was closed to the tourist but opened to the residents when she was a couple walking their dog at a leisurely pace down the shore. She stood for another moment listening to the casual sound of the waves as they whispered in the night. The moon was bright and full and easily offered illumination for her as she quickly made her way toward Alexia's condo before she lost her nerve.

Alexia shook herself and sat up. She was still half asleep and thought that she had heard the doorbell. She sat dazed in her darkened bedroom and listened. There it was again. Someone was at the door. She wiggled out of bed, slipped on her silk red robe and staggered toward the front door flipping on lights as she made her way to the door. She heard a voice through the closed door.

"Alexia it's me... Jen... I need to talk with you... just open the door please."

Then Alexia woke up. "Oh my god... Jen are you all right?" She asked as she unlocked the door and opened it to admit her late night visitor. "What time is it Jen ? and have you been drinking?" she asked pulling her robe closer to her as she stared at Jen.

"No... yes... not much... I'm not drunk if that is what you're asking." She replied as she stepped inside the foyer the room. Alexia closed and locked the door behind them. Jen stared for a second at Alexia wondering if she had been wearing something underneath. She closed her mind to that thought and decided that she should tell Alexia what she came to tell her. Alexia turned to make her way to the living room and Jen followed.

"Well Jen... what was it that you wanted to tell me?" she inquired as she sat down on her plush couch. Jen stands for another moment still and sits opposite of Alexia.

"I needed to see you Alexia. I may as well tell you while I have the nerve, " there was a slight pause and Jen inhaled, "I think that you're a great person. I liked you since the first time that I saw you. You remember like I told ya... at the motel..." Alexia nodded and Jen continued. "I mean I have been attracted to you. I mean really. I thought that I would tell you. I have no clue whether of not you sway that way but that is what I came to tell you... tonight... this late... at ten past 3 a.m..." Jen finished, exhaled and laid her hands in her lap. She looked at Alexia for some kind of comment but she did not offer one. Instead the sat folding and unfolding her hands staring at Jen. For the plain fact that she really had nothing to say to her. It's not every day that she hears anything close to this. She was wide awake now.

Jen sat nervous. Alexia finally spoke.

"Why tonight?"

"I had to come... I felt that I would not have a chance to tell you if I did not tell you."

"What exactly are you trying to tell me?" Alexia sat up and looked into Jen's eyes.

"I'm saying that I like you I really like you. If you did I would ask you to date me. I would ask you... I'm a lesbian. I'm attracted to... date and sleep with women. There I've said it." Jen said more for her own good sake then Alexia's. Alexia sat motionless... stunned really. She got up from her position and sat next to Jen.

"At least I know I am not crazy!" Alexia said close to tears.

"What do you mean?" Jen said turning toward Alexia.

"If you had a clue what I did," Alexia smiled changing the subject, then continued, "me too

Jen... couldn't you tell?"

"Actually... I was wondering. Why would I fall for a straight woman. It never happened before but then again nothing like this ever happened to me though."

"Do I frighten you at all?" Alexia asked getting up to sit beside Jen. As the did the top of her robe fell open exposing a smooth perfect breast. Jen tired to concentrate on what Alexia had asked her but she was glued to the exposed flesh. Alexia, still looking at Jen pulled it closed and repeated the question.

"No... Alexia actually... I frighten me. I told you that I had to come here and tell you what I told u but the thing is I never did anything like this in my life. I just am afraid that his all."

"Do you want to make love to me?" Alexia asked in all seriousness. Jen sat back for a moment. "I won't deny that I would not want to. I want to but I don't have to. I just told you that I loved you for you and there is not one thing that I can do about that at all. I would love to sleep with you but that was not my purpose coming here tonight." Alexia smiled and stood up. "Let's walk the beach... I'll get my clothes on."

Jen stood when Alexia was gone and paced the floor. What now? Her mind began to wander faster than she cared for it to, but that was quickly forgotten when Alexia walked out of her bedroom not five minutes later.

"Don't like to keep a woman waiting." She said with a smirk and Jen followed her out the door.

They could to have asked for a better night. The moon and the wave were in perfect synch. The night blended into everything. It all was perfect. To see the tow as thy walked out onto that cool moon washed shore, you would think that they did this all the time. They talked as thy went. Their laugher floating off into space. Alexia was surprised when Jen put an arm around her waist. It felt strange but that passed quickly. They fit so well. Jen told her about the poem and Alexia listened. not as a shrink but as a friend, as a lover would. Jen cried. Alexia listened. Jen moved her hand up more. Alexia let her. Jen began to play with Alexia's hair. Alexia let her. Alexia tuned and kissed Jen. Jen let her. Their movements slowed until finally they stopped walking. They were both consumed in the kiss. As the moonlight bathe down on the two kissing women, waster rushed up to meet them covering Alexia's bare feet and Jen's sandled feet. As the kiss grew deeper they both realized that they had fallen harder and fasted then they thought they could ever be.

Alexia gazed up at Jen's face and into her eyes. She moved her hand up and lightly touched her face. Jen closed her eyes, leaned her hand into the soft stroke, and kissed Alexia's hand as it moved across her lips...

"Now that I've found you, I don't want to leave you." Jen said as Alexia slowly lowered her hand.

"It's best I think if you do... you know where that could lead and you said that you don't want that right?" Alexia asked as her hand trailed the length of Jen's arm.

"NO... we'll do it right... dinner, a movie, and then whatever happens will happen. Besides... I never asked you."

"You didn't did you?" Alexia said dropping her arms.

"Alexia... I loved you the first time I laid eyes on you. I know this is sudden, but will you go out with Jen?"

"Hmmm... well... I didn't... ", she said jokingly then added, "Yes Jen I will go out with out. I love you the second time I laid eyes on you." Jen smiled, leaned over, kissed Alexia's cheek and was out the door. Alexia stood for a moment perplexed when Jen burst from around the corner, grabbing Alexia around the waist. They both laugher and did all they could do to stifle the laughter that was bubbling inside.

"Tomorrow then Alexia. Dinner, movie and whatever else." She gave Alexia a final kiss and slowly departed. Alexia missed her already but knew that tomorrow would be worth waiting for. She closed, locked the door behind her, and floated off to bed.

Neither one of the two slept a wink the rest of the night.

The next day arrived with all its beauty. Alexia watched as the sun came up sipping on a mug of hot herbal tea. The sky was painted with pale pink hues that rippled through billowy clouds. She watched as the beach began to fill with an overwhelming amount of people. She hated that her beloved beach had become a haven for the tourists, but She was glad that she was away from all. She sat for a few more hours, drinking in the scenery and the morning breeze, until it just became unbearably hot. She stood, looking out at the horizon once more before she walked into her house, and shut the sliding glass door behind her.

Many miles away, Jen sat in a tub of hot soapy water listening to Diana Krall and rubbing her eyes. She had a wake up call for 8:00 o'clock in the morning, but hadn't needed it since she'd already been awake. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, listening to the smooth bass and soft piano tunes that followed. She opened her eyes and wiggled her toes underneath the water. She had not had such a leisurely bath in such a long time. She sat up preparing to began to wash up when her phone rang. She jumped out without bothering with a towel, to get the phone.

"Hello." She said trying to shake her hands dry to handle the phone again.

"Madam you have a phone call from an Alexia. Would you take it?"

"Yes... yes of course... put her through!"

"Very well. One moment please." After a short pause there was another voice at the other end.


"Oh... good morning Alexia." Jen added trying not to call her any pet name just yet.

"Good Morning Love. How'd you sleep?"

Jen shifted her weight from one foot to the other. God she has a sexy voice she thought and said aloud, "I didn't." Jen giggled and continued, "I mean I sat up the whole night. I just couldn't sleep. I was just in the tub when I heard the phone ring. How did you get this number anyhoo?"

"I told them your first name and what time you might have checked in. And you know the rest."

"You never DID tell me what you were doing at this motel when you have a place right there." Jen inquired.

"I'll tell you all about it when I see you tonight." Alexia said impatiently. Jen did not press the issue but said instead, "I missed you last night. I can't believe that last night was even true. It seems so far away right now. What about you... How'd you sleep?"

There was a brief pause and Alexia told her that she did not sleep at all after she left. Jen laughed and remembered that she had to take a bath. Apologizing to Alexia she informed her that she had to get back to her water.

"That's ok. I'll see you later... come over early. How early is your decision all right. I love you."

"Can you hear me smiling Alexia?" She said like a giddy child. "I'll come over as soon as I finish up a few things on this end. I have to still write for the day. But right after that I will be on my way. I love you too. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Of course not." Alexia laughed when she heard Jen laugh. "I didn't realize that you had a sense of humor. Boy there's a lot I have to learn about you." Alexia made a kiss sound and they hung up after a few more moments. Jen stood there for a minute or two. Then rushed back to the tub. She let her body get used to the temperature change before she reached for the soap and body loofah. She lathered it well and moved to began to wash her stomach. She watched as she slowly moved it across her firm stomach and over her breast. When they became hard she put the loofah down. Moving her hands slowly over her breast softly sighed, and purposefully used her fingers making small circles around her nipples. She watched as her big milk chocolate nipples became taut once again and she felt a tingle between her legs. She shuttered and moved a hand toward her hairy mound that was kept trimmed for easy access but hairy nonetheless. She lightly ran her fingers over the delicate area of her mound and squirmed. She used her middle finger to make her way through her jungle to her engorged throbbing love. Even though she was sitting in a tub of water she could still feel that smooth, warm sleekness of herself. She had not realized that she was so wet. She pinched her clit and gasped. If she kept this up she would come quickly but she did not want to. Laying further down in the tub so that she knees were sticking out of the water, and opened more she moved further within herself. She loved to masturbate. Even if she had a partner. Sometimes while her partner slept just inches away from her she would masturbate. Even when the sex was satisfying. There was just something about finger fucking herself that turned her on. Not to mention watching someone else finger fuck. This is feeling good she thought as she rubbed her clit a few times. She sighed and closed her eyes to a daydream of Alexia. Alexia was in the bathroom with her. Sitting on the toilet with her legs spread apart moving her finger slowly across her clit watching her lover bring herself. That daydream held until she began to call Alexia's name aloud. Then it was no longer Jen masturbating for Alexia. It had become Alexia fucking Jen. It had become Alexia driving into her moving her to the edge and back again...

Jen sat controlled for the moment. An orgasm just rolled over her but it was not the orgasm that she knew she was going to have. She usually came about three times before she was spent and could come no more. Her body felt light. Almost like she was floating and she gasped, grunted, and came. She pushed one finger after the other into her until she had three in her. Moving them in and out of herself she pushed off the edge of the tub. Using her other hand she pushed the fingers further into her. "AHHH!" She had found her

g-spot. She jerked and exhaled through her mouth. "Ohhh !" She called Alexia's name and started moving involuntary. "Fuck... Shit... damnmit!" She voiced in hushed whispers. As Diana Krall banged away at the piano, Jen banged away at her pussy. Her breathing became sporadic and rushed. No longer aware of what she was really saying she concentrated on the orgasm that she knew was coming. Faster and harder... harder and faster she screamed, "OHHHH... AHHHHH," then whispered, "Alexia". Then climaxed. It rolled over her like a freight train, jerking her this way and that. She could feel her juice spill from her and wanted to taste but she just didn't have the energy to get up. Water came up to the edge of the tub with the first wave of her climax but by the time it was over about and inch of water puddled the floor and was quickly spreading. She smiled to herself as she sat up a little. She closed her eyes revealing in the orgasmic embrace that still coursed through her body. After about five minutes she picked up the loofah to finish her bath.

A half hour later she climbed out of the tub, the water on the floor now cooled, and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She moussed her short red hair so that a few of her strands stuck up, and when she was satisfied, exited that room and walked into the bedroom. She sat on the bed and began dress. While she did that she called for room service knowing that they would have it ready by the time she was getting ready to start her writing.

Shortly after the finished dressing she went back into the bathroom turn off the c.d. player that she had playing, when she heard the knock and the words "room service". She walked to the door and accepted the fruit bowl, orange juice, yogurt and closed the door. She sat the tray on the bed, reaching over the get her poetry books. She balanced the tray on one hand and opened the sliding door to the small balcony. She was not looking out at the beach, but a parking lot but that did not bother her. She did not need inspiration to help her write today. Jen sipped on her orange juice and looked out at her view. Instead of an endless sea of water and sand, she had an endless sea of asphalt, cars and a jungle of transplanted palm tress. She sighed and sat the tray on a small white table beside a matching white chair that she moved closer to the table before she sat down. She tucked one leg under her with her notebook on her lap. She picked up her reading glasses, took a long drink of orange juice, picked up a strawberry, bit it in half before she stuffed the remnants into her mouth and thoughtfully chewed. She could write a million sonnets to Alexia and still never fully tell her how she felt. But instead looked at a piece she started some days ago. She would not think how to finish or what to add. But she felt it was not finished. So she left it untitled and marked in her notebook as such. Slowly and surely as she stared at the crisp, white, lined sheet, she knew exactly what she need to write.

After about two hours she was satisfied with what she had accomplished. She glanced at her long empty glass of juice, the empty yogurt container, and the remnants of her fruit bowl. she closed her notebook, took off her reading glass, stood and stretched. She picked up the things and went back into the room. "Oh yeah." She said aloud when she stood just inside the room. The air condition felt good after being outside for the two hours. She laid on the bed for a few minutes and closed her eyes.

It was after one in the afternoon before she woke up.

Alexia hung up the phone, smiling, still amazed by the bubbly feeling that was swelling inside of her. She felt giddy, almost what is referred to as "stupid, happy and numb". It did not matter to her not one but.

She walked to her kitchen, scanning the contents of her cabinets, and refridge, before she decided on veggie crisps, tofu burger, and flavored water. She wasn't exactly hungry, but she needed something to eat. Besides, she reasoned with herself, eat something light and I won't make a pig of myself when I go out with Jen. She still hadn't gotten used to calling Jen her girlfriend. To her the feeling was still to new. She popped the burger in the microwave, and severed herself a small side or chips when the microwave beeper. She walked over to retrieve the food. She put the steaming burger on the plate wit the chips. Not bothering with bread, added a few squeezes of ketchup on the "burger", grabbed the plate, the glass, and headed back to the living room. Leaving the almost overpowering scent of grilled burger behind her.

She flipped through channel after channel but finding nothing she switched off the television and just nibbled on her food, staring at the wall clock a few feet in front of her. It was murder for her to wait until Jen would come but wait she must not matter how hard or unbearable it seemed. As the stared the clock chimed the noon hour and she sighed. She looked down at her food in disgust and sat in on the small table adjacent to the sofa. She had long since taken her shower and was resting comfortably in a long white tee shirt and cotton socks. She stretched out on the sofa, resting her head on the arm, closed her eyes and daydreamed. The subject of her daydream was of course Jen.

She was startled when the phone rang and looked at the clock. Ten minutes after one. Had I been daydreaming all that time.? She asked herself She struggled to get up out of the plush sofa, the pleather whining with every move that she made. She picked up the phone.

"Alexia! I'm on my way Love. Don't say anything just wait for me all right? I love you. See you in one hour." Alexia held the phone long after Jen hung up. What was she up to? Her heart beat with anticipation. She returned the phone back to its cradle and rushed over to retrieve the food that she never finished. Jen was coming and she could hardly stand the wait.

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