I Awoke

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I seemed to have peeked at 5 foot 4, but I think my bust is still growing. My newly purchased bra in a 34 'B' was already starting to pinch me in lots of interesting places.

I awoke and stretched until my joints creaked, then I got out of my bed, I stripped out of my PJ's and went to the bathroom dressed in just my knickers. If any male members of my family saw me, it would surely make their day; as it happens, I didn't see anybody on the short trip. I washed and brushed my hair; I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at my reflection. I'm seemed to have peeked at 5 foot 4, but I think my bust is still growing. My newly purchased bra in a 34 'B' was already starting to pinch me in lots of interesting places. Today being Saturday, I decided not to wear one at all. I button up my blue denim shirt then pull up my oldest and tightest Jeans, there're so tight that I had to lie down to zip them up.

When I got downstairs the only member of the family who was up was my older brother Tim. I smiled at him and he poured me a cup of tea. Tim was home from University and I must confess that despite us arguing most of the time when he lived at home, I'd missed him.

"How's it hanging sis?" he said, smiling at me.

"Great brother," I replied, I noticed his eyes take in my braless bust.

"Shelley's over later," he said.

Shelley's his girlfriend, a slim and very attractive blonde whom he has known since school days.

"She wants to go to town, care to join us?" he asked.

I thought about it for awhile, true I do need a few things, a new bra for one, and Shelley's was always good company.

"Yeah, I need a few things," I said.

We sat and drank our tea, his eyes never far from my swaying bust. Shelley arrived dressed in a very short skirt; she does have exceptionally good legs, long and slim, better than mine anyway. Mine, I feel are a bit thick at the top, but my bust is bigger and nicer than hers; well I think so and if my brother reactions are anything to go by, so do most men.

We get to town and we split up, Shelley came along with me, while Tim disappeared on his own. We browsed a few dress shops for I want to find a new bra or two, the assistant measured me up and I come out at 36 'C'. I tried on this very small and sexy one; I modelled it for Shelley in the dressing room and she whistled her appreciation. After that Shelley tried on a few dresses. I've seen her in her underwear before of course, but today, was the first time I've saw her bare breasts. She had to remove her bra to try on a very low cut dress. Although she is quite small up top, they are quite nicely shaped I suppose, but I know guys like bigger tits like mine; I'm always getting them looked at. We met up with Tim and he bought us lunch.

"You want to see the bra Vicky bought," giggled Shelley.

"Oh yeah," he replies, "show us then." So I do.

"That's not going to cover much," he laughed, "anyway I like you when you don't wear one at all."

"Yeah, I noticed that this morning," I said, "eyes out on stalks they were." I giggled and felt my still unfettered bust wobble.

"Yeah," smiled Shelley, "wish mine were as big as yours."

"Thanks," I said, "I just wish I had your legs." She smiled at my comment.

"Ok girls, now everybody is happy with their bodies, lets go home shall we," he said with a laugh.

Once we got home we had the place to ourselves, mum and dad had left us a note to say they would be out until later that night.

"Show Tim your new dress," I said.

"Ok if you show him your sexy bra," she smiled.

Once again Shelly stripped down to her little knickers in front of me and slipped into her new dress. The skirt was so short, I swear you could almost see her knickers, and the front was slashed down to her navel. I took off my shirt and put on my new bra and together we re-entered the lounge.

"Wow and double wow," said Tim, "what a pair of sexy girls."

"Thank you kind sir," I said, curtseying and thus putting my bust even more on display.

Tim moved up to Shelley and he kissed her, I noticed his hand went in the front of her dress to cup her breast; she didn't stop him.

"I must be going guys," I said, seeing that the two of them were so engrossed with each other.

"No that's ok sis," said Tim moving away from the smiling Shelley.

"Yeah Vicky," said Shelley, "why don't you join us."

"W-what!" I sputtered, "thanks guys I love too, but really I can't, what with Tim being my brother."

"Well I'm not, now am I," Shelley said.

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