Sexy Young Niece

by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Incest, InLaws, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Tom's niece, Libby, had grown into a young woman and he's left alone with her for one afternoon. And they both discover an attraction neither of them really knew was there.

Libby had grown from a pretty and cute little girl into a budding young woman under Tom's very eyes. He could remember when she'd been born and over the years he'd noticed how gorgeous she was even as a youngster. Then, during her sophomore year in high school, Tom noticed that Libby began to round out and take on the curves and bumps of a young woman's body. It was when her breasts began to blossom that he really noticed puberty had seriously kicked in for his young niece and he marveled as Libby seemed to mature and really develop a very sexy young woman's figure as the months passed.

then, in her senior year of high school, Libby had turned into an unbelievably attractive and very sexy young woman. She was stunning in her natural and very desirable beauty. Her older sister had actually developed much larger breasts and a taller stature than Libby but Libby was far more attractive and pretty in her own right. One weekend shortly before Libby graduated from high school, she and Tom were left alone in Libby's home while her parents went out shopping for some graduation presents for both Libby and one of her cousins who was going to graduate from high school as well that May. Tom had noticed how sexy Libby was looking that day in the pair of tight-fitting jeans and a loose-fitting top that still showed off her nice rounded B-cup sized breasts well.

With Libby's folks out of the way for a few hours, Tom decided to see if Libby had ever had sex with a real man before. He walked into the den where she was sitting watching the television and he noticed how sexy Libby looked in the outfit she was wearing with her sexy nice breasts pushing out against her bust-emphasizing top. Tom sat next to his young niece and then he turned sideways to look at her and enjoy her sexiness. Her face was very pretty and he loved the new hairdo she had from having her hair cut. It made her look hot beyond description. Tom wasn't sure if he could seduce Libby into making love with him or not, but he would certainly try. He'd seduced her older sister and she'd been quite a hot fuck in bed. Tom was pretty sure that Libby was far sexier and far lustier -- even if she was still a virgin -- than her older sister had been. He hoped he'd find out.

Tom sat there facing Libby, taking in her sexiness and her youthful hotness as he admired how her sexy B-cup titties pressed against her top. Tom could smell the sexy cologne Libby had put on that day for school and he felt his cock throbbing in his pants as he already envisioned how sexy it would be to lie in between Libby's legs and stroke his horny dick in and out of her hot wet young pussy. As they sat there, Libby talked with her uncle freely and he could occasionally catch her looking him in the eyes and then on occasion he'd notice her gaze had wandered down to his groin where he felt sure she could see the hard lump of his horny erect cock filling the crotch of his pants. That was when Tom moved a bit closer to Libby and then he reached over, taking her hand and placed it on his leg. Libby didn't move her hand away and then Tom reached over, placing his hand on her jeans-covered leg as well, caressing lightly and then moving his hand down to the inside of her thigh.

Then, as Tom sat there with his and Libby's hands on each other's legs, Tom reached up, touching Libby's smooth soft left cheek and he felt his cock throb uncontrollably as she pressed the skin of her face firmly against the touch of his hand. That told Tom all he needed to know. If she'd been put off by his advances, she'd have pulled away from his intimate touch on her cheek. And she'd have taken his hand and her hand away from where Tom had placed them both.

With his right hand caressing her cheek, Tom reached over and placed his left hand over Libby's firm rounded right breast and he gently squeezed her tit, feeling the sexiness of his hot young niece's breast for the first time. Then, Tom moved closer to Libby, pulling her close into his arms as he got serious about seducing her into making love with him. Libby warmed immediately to Tom's sexual advances and he felt his cock grow even harder and more horny as he sensed that she wanted him to be intimate were her as much as he wanted it. His hand remained on Libby's right breast and he pulled her face close to his, their lips meeting in a sexy warm moist kiss. It was then that Tom heard Libby begin to moan as she could no longer take the hotness of his touch and his kiss without responding. Their lips tangled with each other, and then Tom moved towards Libby, pushing her over onto her back there underneath him as they both lay on the couch. He continued to kiss Libby's sweet lips and he could tell that his cock was fully hard and he knew he couldn't wait too long to get it inside Libby's hot sexy young pussy.

When Libby and Tom had been kissing for a couple of minutes, Tom reached down underneath his body, grabbed Libby's top and pulled it up above her bra and bunched it at her neck. He'd love to take her to the bedroom but he knew they probably didn't have the time for that kind of sexual luxury. He loved the sexy red lacy bra his hot niece had on and he loved that he could see her nipples through the pale thin material of the bra cups. Tom closed his lips over the dark circle of her left nipple through her bra cup, kissing and sucking on the firm hard nub of her nipple as it became aroused and firm under his kiss. The feel and taste of Libby's rapidly hardening nipple under his lips was very arousing and Tom felt his cock growing harder by the second. He licked and pulled at the hardness of her nipple while his other hand caressed her other breast. Libby seemed to warm quickly to her horny uncle's caresses and touch. Tom could even hear her moaning softly and the sounds of Libby's response to his foreplay made him that much hotter to get inside her hot young pussy.

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