Monika On Patrol

by Matchead

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Patrolling the woods during high fire danger, married coworkers find a carnal way to cool off.

I work in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. On one particularly hot summer the fire danger was quite high. I had been temporarily assigned to work with someone from another department to form patrols to be initial responders in the event of a fire.

On the day this happened we were patrolling the woods in a pickup that had no air conditioning and a rather thin insulating blanket between the engine and passenger compartments. It must have been close to 105 degrees outside and much hotter in. We spent most of the afternoon riding around in an oven-like cab. I think the heater may even have been stuck in the 'on' position. Aside from the miserable heat, the ride was enjoyable.

My partner was Mike, a rather handsome guy with dark hair, brown eyes, a killer smile he was quick to share and a fun personality. I was enjoying both the conversation and the company. I had seen him around the office on occasion but we probably never exchanged more than a dozen words before being pared up. Mike and I are both happily married.

Towards mid-afternoon the ride was becoming almost unbearable. We were both soaked in sweat and the conversation turned to ways of cooling off. He mentioned that a dip in a creek or lake would sure be a welcomed relief.

I agreed but mentioned that I would have to skinny dip as I had not packed a swimsuit that morning. He was okay with it and we both agreed that we would head for a swimming hole.

I knew of a place where we could park the truck out of sight, down an overgrown side spur that put us close to a creek. There was a deep hole with a four foot diameter, moss covered log crossing the creek just above. The banks were covered in thick brush but the log lay out in the sun. We parked, the truck well hidden, and I led the way down a winding path to the water. I walked across the log, and looked over my shoulder to see Mike emerging from the brush.

I immediately started unbuttoning my shirt. In no time I was stepping out of my undies and I heard a sharp intake of breath from behind me. I have, in my husband's words, "a killer body." I work out, both on the job and in the gym. I am a five foot eight inch natural blonde. With a smile on my lips and without a backwards glance I jumped into the cold water.

I emerged facing the log in chest deep water with my feet braced on the bottom in time to see Mike step off it toward me. I was not disappointed with what I saw. Mike, at about six feet tall and around 170 pounds had a well- toned body, probably from working in the woods. He had no excess flesh, except for what I saw hanging between his legs. His cock looked to be about six inches, semi-hard, and three fingers thick.

He popped up right in front of my face and the current pushed him up against me. "Whoa." he said to me as my thirty-six inch C-cup tits cushioned the impact. I met him with open arms wrapping him in an innocent hug. His right hand cupped my left breast, his fingers strumming my erect nipple as he brought his hand into position while his left hand grabbed my ass for support as he steadied himself between me and the current. I felt the full length of his penis pressed into my belly.

"Oh, ah sorry," he muttered as he held on just a bit too long for his actions to match his words before he disengaged from my grasp.

If the icy water wasn't enough to perk up my nipples the quick feel we both copped of the other's body sure did the trick for me. My nipples are exceptionally large, being as thick as a man's thumb and almost an inch long. I used to be self-conscious of how big they were until I found out how many guys thought they were one of my best assets. I also found out early on how sensitive they were and how much pleasure they could bring me.

"God, this feels good, doesn't it?" I said smiling at him.

"Yeah, it does." he replied as his eyes briefly glanced at my tits.

"But it is cold if you stay in too long. I'm going to get some sun." I said.

"I'll join you." he said.

'I'll bet you'd like to.' I thought to myself as I climb onto the log. Mike followed close behind, no doubt getting a good beaver shot. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and chose to lay down in the sun on my back on the log with my feet toward Mike. I frog-legged myself so that the bottoms of my feet were touching and my knees were flat out to the side.

I heard a gasp from Mike and an "Oh, damn."

"What is it?" I asked innocently.

"Oh nothing." came his meek reply.

Raising my head and looking between my breasts and over my furry muff I said "No, really, what is it?"

His eyes darted back and forth between my wide open pussy and hard nipples reaching for the sky. With a swallow he said "It's just that I've... ahh... never..."

"Never what?" I pressed.

"Well... ahh... I've never seen, umm..." he paused briefly to swallow before finishing "... nipples like yours before."

With a sly grin I asked "What about my nipples?"

Feeling more at ease he continued "They are so incredibly huge..." he paused once again to swallow, "... beautiful." he finished in a whisper.

"So you like what you see?" I said. All this talk about my now aching nipples was getting to me. The horns were starting to pop out on my head as my exposed pussy started to drool.

"God yes! They are like a dream come true."

The hormones must have been responsible for what I said next. "You want to make your dream come true?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

It was now my turn to be meek. "Do you want to touch them?" I asked in an almost inaudible voice.

He must have heard me because he scooted forward on the log. I dropped my legs off to the side to make room for him. He was now sitting at my crotch, straddling the log. He lifted his right hand and once again cupped my left breast. He steadied himself with his left hand on my right thigh as he toyed with my aching nipple.

I gasped as I felt something press against my open pussy. Lifting my head up more I saw and felt the head of his hardening meat inch up my opened snatch. I stared, wide eyed, as it gained girth and length with throbbing pulses that must have been the beat of his heart. It caught in my hole and continued to grow, now starting to bend up in the middle.

Being a exhibitionist and doing a bit of flirting was one thing but this was now something entirely different. I never meant for it to go this far. I had never been unfaithful to my husband and had no intention on being so now. But it was so exciting and it felt so good to have a cock, different from my husband's, toying with the entrance of my vagina.

It would be so easy to just let him push into me. Damn, I so wanted him in me just then. My pussy lips were bloated, my juices had me well lubed, my heart was pounding in my chest, his fingers were plucking at my nipple and his other hand was shifting farther up my thigh, the thumb barely touching my bush. He was so close to pushing into me. I was in a terrible state. I needed to be fucked so bad!

He startled me by breaking the silence. "Your nipples look good enough to eat."

Looking into his dilated pupils I said "Yes." not really meaning anything by what I said, just acknowledging his statement.

He must have taken it as an invitation as he leaned over and sucked my right nipple into his mouth. I about came right there from the feel of his tongue rasping across my swollen tip. The feel of him pulling at my hard nub was incredible. My nipple was large enough to fill his mouth and he moaned around it as he sucked away.

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