Nice Couple

by Lily May

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Coercion, Blackmail, MaleDom, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: this is my version of how this true police story happened.

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Andy and Joanne, Jo to family and friends, were a nice happy couple who had been high school sweethearts and married when they were 18 years old with the usual plans for a house of their own, a son and daughter and everything else including the rose bushes and the white picket fence.

Jo had been on the pill until they married and for 2 more years after. After stopping taking the pill they were not consciously trying for a child so early in their marriage, but a baby would have been welcome if it happened.

It did not happen, nor did it happen when they did try for Jo to fall pregnant.

They were both highly involved with their careers, she was a specialist teacher dealing with children with severe learning and behavioural problems. She was acknowledged as a leader in her field nationally. He was an electrician specialising in electronic controls for machines used in major industry.

He also was a leader in his field and was on retainer to 2 major industrial plants in their small state. He was sometimes called in as a consultant in his own state and other states, such were his credentials.

So involved were they in their careers, it was about 7 years into their marriage, with 5 years unprotected irregular sex, that they suddenly realised that Jo had not conceived although when they did copulate, there was no conscious abstaining on what would have been her fertile days.

It was probably pride and/or the unwillingness to lay the blame on one or the other for not having been able to have a child in all that time, that they pretended that there was no problem. They did not, as other couples would have done, have tests to find out what was causing the problem and perhaps be able to remedy it. At this stage she had to go back to taking the pill because of irregular periods and stomach cramping.

They settled into a lifestyle that was comfortable and whilst they loved each other still, the passion had gone. They both remained true to one another with the incidence of sex dropping from fucking on birthdays and their anniversary, to zilch, without either Andy or Jo becoming concerned about it. He has his hand and I have my vibrator she thought, and there are no messy sheets.

They enjoyed bushwalking and scuba diving together and each had a motor cycle, he a road bike that both of them could tour on, and both had trail bikes which they used often for getting them to somewhere in the bush where they could park them and go on hiking where no vehicle could go.

Out of the blue, Jo was offered a one year contract to travel 3 states away, about 3,5000 kilometres, to establish and control a new showpiece facility for the very program which was her field of expertise.

She had been selected from suitable people from all over the country, and although she was happy with all aspects of her present life, she felt that the challenge and the potential to help these unfortunate children was too great to shun the position. And after all, it was only for one year and she would be able to return home each school holiday time, but through circumstances her visits home did not happen.

They had a frank discussion and although neither wanted to be separated, and because Andy was committed to his clients to supply an almost 24/7 service because he had in most cases designed, installed and commissioned the very complex equipment. At a pinch if there was a problem and he was unavailable, the old mechanical starting and running equipment had been left in situ for emergency use only. He was able to have at most a week off at a time. It was a mutual decision that she accept the contract and he would remain at home, to see her each break she had and to keep in touch by email.

She moved into a flat close to the new school and started to head hunt other staff and requisition the necessary equipment to make the project as effective as it could be.

Naturally she was lonely and being a shy person did not make friends easily, but she found she had rapport with one of the female staff, Debbie.

They had very similar natures and personalities and spent a lot of time together out of school as well as being in contact each school day.

After knowing each other about a month, Debbie asked Jo to accompany her to her church, The Serene Brethren, the following Sunday. The church had been in operation for only 2 and a half years and had a membership of 110, mainly men and women between 25 and 45 and had as it's pastor, policeman Ted Small.

Although not a fire and brimstone person, he was very persuasive and had his in work 70 devotees paying a tithe of 10% of their on average $800.00 salaries to "promote God's work." That amounted to $5,600 a week!

It did not take very long for Jo to become hooked and fell under his spell.

As well as the Sunday meetings, she was invited to Wednesday evening meetings, as their services were named, and she and 4 of the other new members were let into Ted's confidence that he was also an undercover Police agent charged with recruiting personnel to investigate and bring down paedophile rings operating in the state. The addition of these 4 made the number of the special group up to 18. The church was a front for the operation. The Wednesday night meetings were held at a different venue to the Sunday meetings and were held in a large furnished room in a building where space of different sizes and types were let out for long or short term hire.

Of course they were sucked, and were very proud to be given the opportunity to bring down these foul people. He told them that the preparation for their joining the operation would likely have them do things that they would not be happy with, but total cooperation was vital if they wanted to be part of the scheme. There were at this stage Ted and 9 men and 9 women in the select group.

The next Wednesday meeting, when the selected few met, he told them again that although some of the things they would be asked to do would seem very strange and probably uncomfortably demeaning, but to infiltrate the nest of vipers some unusual and libidinous conduct was paramount to effectively be part of the team. One of the men dropped out.

The first instruction he gave that seemed unusual, was that all pubic hair must be shaved and kept shaved, and he gave what to the excited members seemed a plausible reason, and he asked that they should shave each other then and there, each being shaved by a member of the opposite sex. So convincing was he that although embarrassed, they all stripped from the waist down and submitted to the shaving. This completed, he ordered them to strip completely with women in one line and men in the other facing each other. There were all quite attractive. Jo was the best of them. Although if you passed her on the street you would not have been overly impressed, but undressed she proved to have a beautiful body with lovely taut well developed breasts. She would have been beautiful but for her little pug nose.

Ted the guru then gave them a lesson in each sexes anatomy, specifically the genitals and erogenous zones using Jo as a model, touching her various body parts for emphasis. This type of conduct is practiced in some of the other obscure churches accompanied by chanting and erotic gesticulations but these people did not need any of that as the power he exerted over them was sufficient to arouse them to just below the point of carnality.

He deliberately did not schedule a meeting for the following Wednesday night to allow the memory of arousal to build up so as to have them receptive for his moulding of their consciousness to his will without question.

On that night, he had a roll call and asked everyone to detail their sexual lives and even sexual preferences and fantasies.

There was some amazing stuff came out of these narratives and although none admitted to being full on homosexuals or lesbians, a few of them admitted to being bi-sexual. Ted congratulated the admitted bi-sexuals and said that in their future infiltration duties they would probably have to play for both teams to gain the trust of the people he called vipers.

For the following Sunday, he had his wife Thelma take the usual meetings at home church while he accompanied his "disciples" to a bush retreat. He explained that the raids would be taking place in the next 3 months so the infiltration had to start in less than a month which would be when the complete training schedule was completed. They were also told that covert operations would start full on then, and that they would have to use a little of their own money for some ops and that they would be recompensed monthly.

The force's approved and correct method of seduction was the next item in their education and somehow he convinced Jo to be his model for the seduction phase. All members of the chosen group were then told that the Commissioner had advised that they should all be informed now that anyone who felt that they could not use their bodies to garner information should leave the project now, as overseas intelligence had discovered that offering themselves for sex was by far the most efficient method of gaining the trust of the vipers. No-one left the program.

The seduction phase started with soft woollen mats being laid on the floor and the other students were told to gather around Ted and Jo and carefully study the demonstration of the correct procedure for seduction as laid down in Police Standing Orders 173.4a.

As they had all stripped earlier, Ted approached Jo and kissed her with the initial kisses turning to French kissing, then he cupped one of her lovely breasts and massaged the nipple gently before leaving her mouth and bending slightly to kiss her other breast. Jo was really into it and did not hesitate when Ted laid her gently on her back on one of the thick woollen mats. He again caressed her breasts before leaving them to slowly wend his way down inch by inch to stimulate her inny navel with his probing tongue. This very soon had her giving little grunts of pleasure and she was moving her body sensually until he reached her mons and poked his tongue into her slit, touching her clit, and then she went completely stiff, arched her back so that only her heels and shoulders were touching the mat and gave a loud scream of ecstasy.

He then gave the rest of the group a running commentary that they were to now see he and Jo in the normal missionary fucking position which is the most common position. While instructing Jo to draw up her legs as far as possible with her feet flat on the mat, he then opened her legs so that he had easy access to her pussy, then eased his cock into her vagina. She gasped because Ted's cock was considerable longer and thicker than Andy's and she was entranced by the feeling as he stroked into her. Suddenly he stopped and withdrew from her highly aroused pussy with her protesting loudly. He resumed the commentary as he asked her to bring her legs back towards her head as far as she could and then hold her legs there by grasping her thighs. He then, with her bent back almost double, inserted his cock again with him reaching into her pussy further than he had when in the normal missionary position. This sent her into raptures and it did not worry her that his knob was hitting her cervix. After 10 minutes, and 3 orgasms for her, he shot his load into her depths with a roar of approval from the voyeurs. He pulled out of her and the group laughed at the popping noise made.

He then left her laying there basking in the afterglow of the best fucking she had ever had while explaining to the class that with practice a man can hasten or delay ejaculation to suit either the circumstances or either partner's desire. Ted then told the group that there were 2 problems which could arise at this stage and then asked if there were any virgins amongst them. One women in her early 20's and a 34 year old woman raised their hands as did one of the younger men. They were told that before the lunch break, the 3 would receive special tuition and when class resumed after lunch, the whole group would try missionary and before the weekend was over some of the other sexual positions would be tried as well. The non- virgins were asked to go to the other room and compare notes while the virgin's special tuition took place. The young virgin woman was then deflowered and properly fucked to her first ever orgasm not brought on by her fingers, and then Ted, who had not come in the youngster, proceeded to deflower the older woman, much to her glee, with her crying out "why have I waited so long." The young man was then helped to fuck the first woman but he lost his load before he even got into her, the sight and proximity of her now fucked pussy set him off while his cockhead was about an inch away from his target. This led to the next phase of the session, blowjobs.

Before they broke for lunch, the rest of the group were brought back in and paired up alphabetically and were given a detailed instruction on giving and receiving blowjobs as per Standing Orders 173.4b, with he and Jo demonstrating. He explained that blowjobs were quite often used before intercourse to take the edge off prevent premature ejaculation when fucking.

Jo swallowed cum for her first time ever with it being explained that swallowing was an option to having the cum squirted on the woman's tits or face and then rubbed in because of it's skin enhancing properties. She and Andy had never thought of oral sex as a part of their sexual life, let alone done it.

Each of the pairs then had the woman blow their nominated partner, with Jo and Ted supervising and correcting where necessary. There were a couple of the group wishing to change partners for this but Ted told them that when they were into the operation they would not be able to chose who they were fucking so get used to it now.

After lunch, Jo and Ted then supervised the others fucking as they had been shown earlier, following some cunt licking to fire up the women. One couple was seen doing it with her legs clamped together and he not being able to affect much penetration. When told to do it as shown, the woman said that her husband had a very long but thin penis and she had to close up like that to enable her to feel him in her. Her now partner's cock was a reasonable size so when they did as shown, they both got much joy from the act.

They broke for an hour to recuperate and for a talk on how to identify a paedophile, both men and women. Although there were very few women vipers, they mainly were involved in supplying the men with their victims but with some o0f the women liking young boys and girls to manipulate for their own gratification.

They were then told to change partners, by the women moving up one spot to the left. Ted and Jo then demonstrated a woman on top, or woman superior fuck and when they were finished, supervised the others with advice on the man being in a position to caress her tits and rub her clit; at the same time was the popular thing to do.

After another break for recharging and hearing about "the law and the paedophile," and the necessity to tell their viper partner that they were the best lovemakers ever, to make it more likely to learn the persons true identity and phone number, as most paedophiles loved praise from other adults and opened up more freely. Also they were told that the moment of their partners orgasm was the time to draw them out. The men were to say to the women vipers "you're a lot better fuck than those 10 year old boys and girls I generally fuck," and the women were to say "thank God for a normal size cock, those young boys I fuck hardly touch the sides and the girls don't know shit about satisfying a woman."

They broke up for the day and had a meal, then were able to choose their sleeping partner for the night. Jo chose the highly experienced Ted, and the others appeared to have matched up the longest penises with the biggest woman down to the smallest penis with the smallest woman.

The room they were using to now at the retreat was the admin block for the camp of 12 single room cottages and each cottage had shower with abundant hot water and sufficient room for each couple to shower together. This was a first for most of them and they needed no instruction on the play possible whilst showering together.

The men were all pretty drained from their 2 different style fucks and a blowjob and the women were each a little sore from the days activities so after adjourning to their cottages, and after a bit of oral, they slept like lambs until morning.

After a protein and carbohydrate rich breakfast, they lined up again with new partners for the mornings session.

Ted and Jo, this time demonstrating the rear entry or what was colloquially known as doggy fashion. Only 3 of the women and 5 of the men had tried this and after having their female partners kneel down with their heads sideways on the pillow, the men rubbed their pussies gently until they were obviously lubricated from within, and mounted them and achieved penetrations actually deeper than with the modified missionary position all the while rubbing their breasts for added stimulus.

This took most of the morning as the recovery from the generally massive climaxes experienced by all had them in need of some R&R until lunch time. After lunch Ted told them that some of the vipers were into what was known as kinky sex and some that should be avoided were bondage, water sports, scat, latex and so on, but anal sex was practiced widely, in fact in some countries still was used as a form of birth control. Anal sex should only be done with a condom as the bacteria in the rectum was suspected as being an agent for the propagation of the HIV virus and whilst was enjoyed by a very large percentage of the heterosexual population as well as homosexuals, it had its inherent risks if a condom was not worn. Again Ted and Jo demonstrated and as it was a first time for Jo, it hurt even with her rectum and his cock being liberally coated with KY jelly. Two of the women were not prepared to go through with what they described as the indignity of having something put in where only shit should exit.

The others tried anal and there were varying thoughts on it, and the first 2 women to climax from their anal penetration, together with having their clits and/or boobs rubbed, took on the 2 men whose partners would not accommodate them. Ted then told them that there was a sexual issue that should be discussed but not demonstrated or performed as it was abhorrent to more than 70% of the population. It was homosexual sex, men on men and woman on woman. He realised that some of the group were bisexual and this was not as uncommon as people might think, but in the infiltration of the viper's ring, they may be expected to have same sex relations to alleviate any doubts their evil companions might have of their veracity.

They finished the day, and weekend, with another talk emphasising the need for absolute silence on the project which was code named "project viper," as things were to start happening very soon. The word was around that the annual meeting of a major paedophilia ring was expected to be held in their city very soon.

Andy had got to the stage where he found that he would have more work than he could handle coming up for the next 12 months but did not want to put anyone on who could be a potential competitor in the same city, so after a discussion with his accountant, he advertised in out of state trade magazines for a qualified or nearly qualified electrician who had some experience in electronic machinery controls.

As was usually the case, he received applications from a heap of completely under qualified people, even people who were not electricians who "thought they would like to give it a try."

One applicant stood out. She was a 23 year old African girl Shona who was a qualified electrician and was currently working for a mining company on the other side of the country. She had migrated here from her war torn country as a child with her Cardiac Surgeon father, her Intensive Care Sister mother and her older brother who was in the final year of his law studies. Her employers were happy to give her a years leave of absence because she would be a tremendous asset to them if she gained this experience before returning to them.

Andy interviewed her by telephone due to the cost her travelling across the country just for an hour's interview and was impressed enough to hire her on the spot with only having interviewed 3 of the other applicants.

When she arrived 2 weeks later and he went to pick her up from the airport, he was surprised to find that she was black, not purple black like some, but a tiny bit darker than caramel coloured. And she was beautiful. Beauty and brains, what a combination. Although he knew she was from Africa, he had assumed that she was white coming from one of the few countries left in Africa where white people were able to live in relative safety.

As he was not at all racist, it did not worry him and he had agreed that she would stay at his house for a week or so until she found suitable affordable accommodation.

She caused a bit of a stir in both the neighbourhood and at the various work places she accompanied him, but her personality, looks and knowledge endeared her to all she met.

She located a flat close by to Andy's house, where a lot of his design and modification plans were done in hi large well lit office at the rear of the house, and her father had lent her the money to buy a good secondhand small car. So she now had wheels and accommodation and a job which she enjoyed.

If they had had a long tiring day, they sometimes went to a local pub for a counter meal and a couple of drinks, but that was the sum of their after hours mixing.

After her being there about 2 months, Andy mentioned in passing that he was getting a bit tired of eating his own cooking and she invited him to her flat that night for dinner and she would "throw something together."

He arrived at the nominated time with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine and they chatted while she prepared what turned out to be a wonderful meal. He helped her with the dishes and they sat down to watch TV and chat at the same time. When he arose at about 11.00pm to leave, he tripped on the corner of a mat and fell against her and in his confusion fell on top of her, and when trying to lift off her, touched her beautiful full breasts accidentally and in the further confusion her short skirt ended up way past her waist so that he could see all of her from the waist down to her pretty feet. It was an awesome sight to see her shapely hips and camel hoof covered by tiny white bikini panties.

He sucked his breath in with embarrassment but when she made no move to push him off her. He was his reluctant to perhaps further embarrass them by making another shift that could be potentially taken as sexual in her eyes. It was as if each was waiting for the other to break the spell but it was her that could feel his penis swelling where it was touching one of her shapely calves and she was already aroused by his touching her breasts and uncovering her lower body so she did what she had wanted to do ever since arriving there, she kissed him.

He pulled her over on top of him and while the kisses became more and more frantic, she was rubbing her body on his and he could feel her turgid nipples pressing into his chest through his thin shirt and her blouse. He had not realised until then that she had done as she did every night when arriving home, she had removed her bra. Brassieres were not a part of African culture, she only wore them because "when in Rome, do as Romans do."

Andy undid her blouse buttons and sucked on one of her beautiful breasts, and rolled the other breast's nipple between an index finger and thumb, not expecting her to orgasm as quickly as she did. It was monumental and shook her the core.

She was whimpering and shaking so he moved her off him, stood up and picked her up to carry her to her bedroom. He lay her on her bed and did not undress her as her skirt was still tangled around her waist and her breasts were free of her blouse.

He had vaguely heard of cunnilingus, and the moisture forming on her labia drew his mouth to her pussy. Wearing a bikini bathing suit demanded that she shave her pussy regularly. He gave his first ever pussy licking and experimented by inserting his long middle finger into her vagina, not knowing that there was such a thing as a "G" spot. When he grazed this while his thumb was coincidentally pressing on her clitoris, she screamed and drenched his face and neck with her first ever ejaculation. It was new to Andy also and at first he thought she had pissed on him, but the odour was a million times better than piss smell.

When she calmed down she huskily asked him to take her, but she was a virgin and was a little frightened because she had heard that deflowering was extremely painful, and asked him to be gentle.

He quickly got his jeans and underdaks off and spread her legs gently before entering her for her first ever lovemaking. As he broke her hymen he kissed her and she felt a slight twinge as she became a woman. Andy would never win a prize for the longest cock, but it was nice and thick and adequate for satisfying the second of the only 2 women he had ever been with. They got into a satisfying rhythm and although he only lasted about 5 minutes, she had cum again with only a little less sensation than her first staggeringly powerful orgasm of less that a half hour ago.

He didn't stay the night because of his respect for her reputation, but before going home they had great sex once more to ensure them both a profound sleep. Next morning they talked and both were ecstatic about their evening and agreed that to all intents and purposes they should appear only to be employer and employee.

They were very circumspect in their being with one another, each spending most evenings at the others home but never staying overnight. Andy received a call for assistance from one of his clients in the next state. They arranged the service trip for the Friday, 2 days after receiving the call, leaving home on Thursday evening. They were, because of this service request able to have a weekend away in a city where no-one knew either of them.

First thing on Friday morning they visited the clients plant and between them diagnosed and fixed the problem before afternoon break time. At home, if through circumstances they were seen together in the street, they received some funny stares, but found that in the big smoke, people were less inclined to regard a mixed race couple as anything out of the ordinary. That I guess is the difference between a city of 75,00 people and a city of 3,500.000 people.

They had a ball, both romantically and every other way. They found themselves, without thinking, walking along hand in hand and the odd show of affection in public did not raise any eyebrows. They returned home late Sunday afternoon.

After being out for a counter meal the next Friday night they returned to his house to find a message on the answerphone to say that Jo would be making a 2 day visit home for the weekend and would be arriving at around 10.00pm but she would get her own way home from the airport. Andy and Shona were both clever enough to know that their relationship only had a few months to go and neither felt it would be wise to jeopardise the comfortable but chaste marriage Andy and his wife had. Jo knew from their weekly emails that Shona was working with Andy and was surprised when Shona arrived at lunch time after he had rung her earlier in the morning, inviting Shona to lunch, she found that Shona was a black woman.

Jo however had a racist streak and little barbs were included in her conversation but not serious enough for Andy or Shona to become piqued.

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