The Shower

by JurisMedicus

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Just a quick little story based on something once described to me about a shower and some memories of the eroticism of mutual masturbation...

"Honey, I'm going out for a quick run," he said.

"O.K." I replied. Perfect... time for a nice, long hot shower, I thought to myself as I climbed the stairs. No one to bother me, no phones to answer... just the soothing jets of water. We had just finished putting in this great, state of the art shower-spa unit, with multiple massaging shower heads, built in stereo, and, unfortunately, these large, clear glass doors. I just couldn't get used to the clear glass, since our last shower had the old, and usually moldy, opaque curtain. Now, alone in the house, maybe I could enjoy a nice peaceful shower.

I turned the water on as soon as I got into the master bath, and as the water warmed up, I stripped out of my big old baggy sweats... not very sexy, but functional, since with the constantly changing early spring weather, the house was pretty cold this morning. In fact, I could feel the goose bumps on my skin forming as the cool air hit me, and as I looked down, I could see my nipples crinkling up and extending themselves beyond the swell of my breasts.

I looked myself up and down in the mirror... not bad, babe, I thought to myself... bet I could still turn a few heads... nice full breasts, not too big, flat stomach (all those sit ups are paying off), slim hips, and shaved pussy... yep, still hot after all these years, I laughed to myself. I gave my nipples a little caress, and pinched them a little, making them stand up even more, and I shivered right down to my clit. Boy, I'd better get in that shower before things get out of hand...

Mmmmm, the hot water felt great as it sprayed me all over... this shower-spa was worth every extra penny we paid for it, that was for sure. There was even a little seat that I could sit down on and relax as the throbbing pulses of the wall mounted shower jets massaged my body. I washed my hair first, and rinsed it out thoroughly before I started soaping up my body with the peach scented shower gel, using a well worn loofa. As stereo played a sexy, jazzy saxophone solo, I spread the soap around, I closed my eyes, letting the soft fragrance of peaches surround me. I began to focus on the various feelings on my skin... the beat of the water jets, the slickness of the soap, the delicious roughness of the loofa pad as I gently scrubbed my skin guided only by touch. God, I was getting myself hot... I could feel the wetness of my pussy even with the water running over me...

The touch of the loofa as I ran it over my bald privates was like an electric shock, focusing my erotic thoughts. I opened my eyes briefly and looked around... still alone... and I did it again, causing a soft moan to escape my lips. I closed my eyes again, and dropping the loofa, I caressed my slippery slit, running one finger slowly in between the lips before I slowly inserted it deep into myself. I was so wet and hot... I took my finger out and sucked on it, tasting myself, and realized that I was way over the edge. I found my other hand on my breast, pulling at the nipple, making it harder than it had been in a long time.

All of a sudden cool breeze rousted me from my sexual reverie, as the bathroom door swung open and in he walked, still sweaty and breathing hard from his workout. "Do you mind?" I asked with a slight tremor in my voice, still quite turned on by my little interlude.

"Not at all," he said as he started backing out the door... but then he stopped and stared at me, with this goofy expression on his face, seemingly rooted to the floor.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing," he said, with embarrassment in his voice, yet he made no further move to leave.

"Oh, no, you're not getting away that easy," I said, reading the expression on his face. "Tell me what you're thinking."


"Well, what?"

He closed the door behind him. "I was just remembering something from the distant past."

"And that would be..."

"Well, um, when I was, uh, about 14, my big brother got married..."

"And what happened?" knowing that his brother had a bit of a reputation as a hell-raiser back then.

"Well, when he had had his bachelor party..."

"I thought you had told me you didn't go," I said, having heard that his brother's party had been legendary in the level of debauchery reached.

"I didn't go, but before the party, my brother and his friend did go to the peep shows down on 42nd Street and they took me with them."

"You never told me that!"


"So what did you see?" I purred in the sexiest voice I could muster from the shower.

"Well, they sat me in this box with a full length glass window and one of these curtains that would go up when you put a quarter in the slot, and handed me big bag of quarters. So I put a quarter in the slot, and the curtain went up, and... " and his voice sort of drifted off.

" And?"

He laughed nervously. "You have to remember that it was the first time I had actually seen a girl naked; I mean, not in magazines, but right in front of me..."

"So what happened?"

"Promise not to laugh?"

"Of course!"

"Alright, you promised... I came in my pants before the curtain even hit the top."

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