Staying in on Petes Night

by badboy2003

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dan is a faithful guy who is totally in love with his girlfriend, but when his girlfriend goes away on a buisness trip on Petes night he is pushed beyond the limit of temptation.

Secret Sunday Revealed

Dan & Pete had shared an apartment for just over a year they were the best of friends but they both had totally different personalities. While Dan was shy and very committed to his long term g/f Amy. Pete was loud and was in and out of relationships every other week. Dan and Pete had an agreement on the apartment so to keep out of each others way the agreement was Wednesday to Saturday nights it was Dan's night which meant Pete had to go out and Dave had the apartment to himself which he usually spent time with Amy. On Sunday to Tuesday nights it was Pete's turn of which he usually spent entertaining the ladies he picked up on a few occasions Dan came home early to hear another lady screaming to a night of pleasure with Pete. This agreement suited Dan just fine that was until Amy announced she had to go away for a few days on a business trip, he didn't mind Saturday but what was he going to do on Sunday when nothing was open and it was Pete's night. He explained this to Pete but Pete didn't mind Dan stopping in the apartment just this once but he did warn Dan that this was his night so he better not object to anything that goes on while his there. Dan agreed for two reasons one because he had no choice and two it was only fair after all it was Pete's night so he could not really object could he?

Sunday soon came and Amy was soon away in London on her business trip Dan missed her company he spent most of Saturday watching TV shows he was bored shitless. Before she went she told him not to masturbate until she came back she was gone until Tuesday how could he hold out until then his a grown man for fucks sake but he tried his best and didn't do anything Friday or Saturday though he wanted to especially after spending time looking at porn on the net because of his boredom.

It was 7pm Dan was watching television in the living room when suddenly Pete came in with bed covers he laid them down on the ground and across the sofa. Before Dan could ask what was going on Pete disappeared again. A few minutes later Pete came back with a box of which he lay on the ground, "what the hells going on Pete!" dan asked puzzled, "I am having an orgy" Pete laughed "what??" Dan said out shocked, "I have one every Sunday night I have a few friends come over a few couples who swing and even a few single girls who are just looking for fun you should join us tonight? you'll have fun to". Dan not answering his question "what the fuck... how long has been going on?", "A few months it's nothing new it's just you never stopped in before to see it don't worry we wont cause a mess everything is covered up by covers. So what you say want to join?".

"No way keep me out of this one this is your business just keep the noise down", "no way this is my night if you don't like the noise go out you agreed!" Pete said abruptly. Dan looked at the window outside it had been raining all day he knew Pete was right this was his night and he didn't want to argue otherwise it will just make things difficult. "Ok then well just do what you want but just don't involve me ok", "sure deal don't worry!" Pete replied, "by the way the party starts at 8pm so unless you want to watch or join keep out all rooms apart from yours of course we don't use that one". Thank god for that Dan thought to himself.

8pm soon arrived the first door ring of the night can you answer that shouted Pete from the kitchen I am making the punch. Dan reluctantly went to the door and opened it to see a gorgeous brunette she had long brown hair, green eyes, she was around 5"7, enormous breast, and a tight ass to match her slim figure. She was wearing a black micro mini and a white blouse with only the middle button done up which showed her breast to there even fuller extent. "Hi I am Kath I not seen you before are you new?" "Erm... no I am not part of this erm... party". "Oh really! That's a shame you would of fitted in well" he noticed her glance downwards towards his groin which by now was bulging. "Well it looks like he wants to join" she laughed Dan blushed slightly just then Pete entered "Kath so glad you could make it!" Pete kissed her on the cheek "I see you have already met Dan well he isn't with us tonight but that's his bad luck the punch is in the kitchen help yourself". 2Thanks a lot Pete so sorry you could not join us Pete oh well see you later" she winked and left for the kitchen. "Are you sure you don't want to join Dan she looks like she's really horny for you plus she's a great fuck!". "No way Pete I am with Amy there is no way I would cheat on her", "you're a damn fool she would never know! While the cats away the mice will play". "No way don't involve me" Dan said more firmly, "fair enough your decision" were the last words Pete said before he followed Kath into the kitchen.

The bell rang a few more times that night this time Pete was there to answer music played and the chatter got louder before to long the chatters turned to moans Dan figured the real party had started by now. A few hours went by and Dan's hunger had grew he wanted to go downstairs for something to eat but he could still hear the moans. He left it for a while but his hunger grew fuck it he thought I will only be quick he left his room and went downstairs silently he entered the kitchen to see some partially dressed girl on the breakfast table getting a finger fucking. She seemed to be in the highs of ecstasy to even notice Dan getting something from the fridge she did eventually noticed and waved Dan over to join but as much as Dan was turned on by the scene he declined and left with his macaroni and cheese.

Just as he was about to go back to his room again he heard a voice he recognised the voice was Kath's she was saying all kinds of profanities "fuck my ass" was the one that really caught his attention. After mentioning this to Amy several times she always denied him of this fantasy but now he was hearing Kath screaming for it he really had to see it. He tip-toed to the door of the living room he spied through a little crack he could just about notice Kath bent down on all fours as some Jamaican guy positioned himself behind her. By the looks of he was huge and so was his cock how could she be screaming for anal Dan thought!

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