Dutiful Husband

by Susurrus

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: My wife asks me to do her a favor

Five minutes to go-home time. Yahoo!

The day had lasted about eight hours too damn long. Nothing had gone right, I managed to spill coffee all down the front of my new shirt, and to make it all so much better, I had a job-shadow all day. I was really looking forward to dragging my ass home and taking root in a chair in front of the tube all night.

Five minutes left before vegetative nirvana, when...

RING!!! (Okay, it was really more of a BLEEP!!, but you get the idea... )

Fuck. Probably some goddamn salesman from the next damn time zone wanting to talk about fucking nothing I want to buy for the next half hour.


Or worse, my boss with some nitpicky little fucking thing that'll take the next hour and a half to wrap up.


Okay, okay, I'm coming. I reached for the phone, took a deep breath, let it out, then picked it up.


"Hi, honey! How ya doin?"

Great. My wife, no doubt with some errand that'll keep me out driving half the evening.

"Hi, babe. Just fine, waiting till the whistle blows and I'm outta here."

"Honey, the reason I called..." Here it comes. My evening is shot. "I was at Marilyn and Ted's today, and I left my purse at their house. On your way home, could you swing by there and pick it up for me?"

Fuck. A detour.

I didn't let my annoyance show in my voice when I replied, "Sure, no problem. Anything else?"

"No. That's all. I'll see you when you get home. Thanks."

"Okay. See you then." I hung up the phone.

Shit shit shit shit shit. All I wanted to do was go home and take it easy. Now I had to go out of my way to stop at the neighbor's and pick up my wife's fucking purse. God, I hate being a good husband sometimes.

Anyway, fortunately the time it took to talk to my wife used up those last few minutes of the day. I powered down the computer, said bye to the people who mattered and got on the road.

While sitting at a stop light, I got to thinking about where I was going. What ate at me at first was the fact that I had to go somewhere other than straight home. I've known Ted since we were drinking buddies in college, and Sandy and Marilyn hit it off shortly after meeting the first time, so we tend to spend a fair amount of time at each other's houses. The fact that Ted's wife is voluptuous, good looking and extremely sexy made the thought of my stopping by their place maybe not so odious an errand after all. Actually, the thought of getting to see Marilyn sounded better and better all the time.

Thinking about Ted's sexy wife made me forget all my troubles after a while, and it seemed like the trip to Ted and Marilyn's took practically no time once my attitude changed.

Ted's truck wasn't in the driveway, so I knew he wasn't home. My cock twitched at the thought of being alone, even for a few minutes, with Ted's ravishing wife.

I tried to think of a way to say, "My wife sent me for her purse," and keep my masculinity intact, but as usual in such situations, my mind was blank. After sitting in the car for a few minutes feeling like an embarrassed dork, I finally screwed up the balls to get the hell out of the car. Walking up to the door, I felt like I was going in to fuck around on my wife, and even found myself looking up and down the street a couple of times to see if anybody was watching.

I got to the top step, and before I could reach out to ring the doorbell, the door swung open.

There in the doorway was Marilyn. I couldn't think of what she'd been doing before I got there, because all she had on was a little shorty satin robe - which barely covered her crotch - and high heels. The robe hung delectably off her prodigious bosom, contributing to its shortness, and this further put her shapely legs on full display. Now, the heels, at least, should have signaled that something was up, but I was too stunned by Marilyn's appearance to think such things at the time.

I don't know how long I stood there doing my famous goldfish impression, but eventually, Marilyn asked, "What did you need, Jim?"

Even after she spoke, it took a moment for my brain to kick back in. "Uh, Sandy asked me to come get her purse."

Marilyn smiled knowingly. "Sure, c'mon in. I know just where it is."

There was a distant voice inside me that was yelling, "What the fuck is wrong with you? This woman is nearly naked! You've been fantasizing about her for years! Either do something about it or get the hell out of here." However, the part that was still the good guy was telling me, just a little bit louder, "She's your best friend's wife. You're happily married to a beautiful, wonderful woman. Keep it in your pants, Romeo." Of course, this dichotomy was making my head spin, which is partly why I was acting like such a zombie.

My cock had its own voice, and it was siding with the first one.

Marilyn turned around and walked into the house, and that's when I got a view of her ass just peeking out under the hem of her too-short, but oh, so lovely, robe. My cock followed, and the rest of me had no choice but to come along.

When I was fully in the house, I closed the door behind me. The gentle closing of the door sounded like a prison door slamming to the paranoid side of me that was screaming, "It's a trap! It's a trap! Your wife is going to find out, and even if nothing happens, she'll never believe you!"

But I followed. Marilyn stopped in front of me and yawned, stretching while she did so. This, as you can imagine, made her already short robe ride up even higher, giving me a clear view of her hips and nicely-trimmed pussy. My cock wanted to rip right through my pants and get at that pussy. I'd heard of guys' cocks overriding their brains and taking over their actions, but I thought that was just exaggeration. I now knew better. When Marilyn moved, I made sure I was facing whatever side she was showing at the time.

I loved watching her go up the stairs. Her butt cheeks peeked out, one after the other, beneath the hem of her robe as she ascended. Of course I followed. I was beyond wondering why she'd have kept my wife's purse upstairs.

I was wishing Ted had a three story house by the time we reached the top of the stairs, I was so enjoying watching Marilyn's ass. She stopped at one of the doors a little way down the hall and said, "Right in here, Jim. What you're after is in this room." She then went inside, and I was right behind.

Once I was in the room, Marilyn grabbed me by the lapels and threw me onto the bed. She then shucked off her robe, revealing her fantastic body, and started stripping me.

Well, I was certainly beyond protesting. I couldn't help her get me out of my clothes fast enough. My coat, tie and shirt came off and flew somewhere, Marilyn attacked my belt and had my pants and underwear slicked off almost before the top of my body was done. (Somewhere along the way, I'd lost my shoes. When the hell had that happened?)

When I was as naked as she was (well, she still had the heels on), Marilyn plunged her mouth down over my hard cock.

Ohhh, fuck! If I was worried about fucking around on my wife, it was too damn late! For years, I'd fantasized about what my best friend's wife was capable of. I was afraid that even talking about how attractive I found Marilyn would cause a firestorm of self-doubt on the part of my wife. I certainly couldn't have gone through with the lusty thoughts that roared through my brain sometimes. I wouldn't have the guts to do anything but fantasize anyhow. I was scared of ruining my marriage, my friendship, probably my life.

But now, the animal part of my brain was centering in on my cock, and the warm mouth around it. I was going to enjoy this, and hopefully my wife would understand.

This was the blowjob to end all blowjobs. Marilyn had a techique that even the cock-hungry bitches I'd gone out with in college never had. Not surprisingly, after the fabulous tease she'd given me, I filled Marilyn's mouth with cum after only a few minutes of her amazing oral attention.

While I gasped for air, after one of the biggest orgasms I could remember, Marilyn pulled her mouth off me, and while she fondled me with a smile on her face, she swallowed my jizz without hesitation.

My cock was wilting pretty quickly by now, but Marilyn kept playing with me. After a little while, she kissed my cock head and, in a husky voice, spoke to my fears, "It's alright, you know. Sandy and I have been planning this for some time now. Ted's been talking about how he'd like to fuck a thin woman, and I know your wife has been at least mildly interested in him for a while. He's at your house right now, fucking her, you know that? While you're fucking me, Ted's fucking Sandy. He's probably pounding into her juicy little cunt right now, don't you think?"

Oh my fucking god! This was too much! I knew I should be appalled and outraged at the knowledge that my wife was fucking around on me, but then again, here I was...

Marilyn was just sitting there, stroking my cock, awaiting my reaction. My reaction was to pull her up onto the bed and position her so that her beautiful pussy was right over my mouth. Now was the chance to do one of the things I'd fantasized about doing with this woman ever since I met her.

Like a starving man, I went at Marilyn's hot, wet cunt like she had my cock. The squeal that echoed off the walls of the room told me she'd been waiting for this for a while, too. I was treated to a flood of tasty pussy juice, and Marilyn's cunt danced all over my face. It was awkward, but I managed to reach up and take her nipples between my fingers while I ate her, and that just sent her tumbling over the edge. Marilyn screamed, her body vibrated, and I receieved a squirt of girl that I licked up like it was the last thing I'd ever taste.

When Marilyn rolled off me, I laid her back, then stood next to the bed and admired her for a minute. Her orgasm, the sight of her spread legs and drooling pussy had me hard again, and I got the feeling that her pussy was getting impatient for cock.

Finally, I climbed back on the bed and slid my hard-on into her wet heaven. I thought right then and there that I could die happy. Marilyn's pussy was so hot and damp, I never wanted to pull out. I started thrusting slowly, when Marilyn shouted, "Fuck me, goddamn it! Don't just sit there, use that thing for what you brought it here for. Fuck me!"

I started to thrust in earnest. After only a short while, I was pumping like a madman, getting closer and closer to cumming again, and just as I was reaching the point of no return, Marilyn cried out, "In my ass! Put it in my ass! C'mon, I need that big cock up my butt!"

Well, who was I to argue with that? I pulled out of her sloshy cunt, grabbed her legs and pushed them up over her head, leaving her puckered little asshole staring me in the face. So much of her juices had poured out of her pussy that her butt was swamped with slickness. Marilyn's ass looked so inviting and ready for me to stretch it wide, I lined my cock up carefully, then worked my dick in inch by inch, until my entire length was buried in her ass. Once I was buried in her fabulous butt, I just rested, to let Marilyn get used to my cock filling her, then after a minute or two, I started to pump.

Marilyn's screams could probably be heard back at my house as I fucked her ass. Her shrieks and writhing around had me fucking harder and harder in her clutching little butthole. While I was pounding her rear, I leaned over, took one of her nipples in my mouth and bit down. Marilyn's back arched, her eyes opened wide (though I don't think she could see anything at that point), and her mouth gaped in a silent but extremely intense orgasm. I nibbled on Marilyn's tits and fucked her ass through three orgasms. Finally, I could stand it no more. I pulled out and sprayed my cum all over Marilyn's pussy bush, literally drenching her cunt with my load.

After cumming so hard myself, I collapsed to Marilyn's side and lay there, panting, trying to get my breath. Marilyn looked down at me, and while rubbing my cum all over her cunt and belly, suggested, "Let's go surprise our spouses!"

I was still trying to recover from the nosedive my system took after cumming so hard, but even though I was exhausted, I was eager to see Ted plow my wife, so I quickly agreed.

After a few more minutes, my breathing started to even out, so I got up and started to get dressed again. Marilyn disappeared. When she returned, she was wearing a short jacket, her heels, and nothing else. When she bouncily said, "You ready?" my cock throbbed again at the - I think - unintentional double entendre.

Like a pair of kids eager to get to the homecoming game, we piled into my car and started toward my house. Once the car started moving, Marilyn spread her legs and fingered her pussy. The sight of this had me hard in seconds. I mean, it was still daylight out! Granted, the car was enclosed, but if anybody'd pull up next to us in a truck or van, they'd be able to see right down in at her, wantonly masturbating!

I found myself wishing sometime I could be one of those poor work-a-day shlubs on his way home from work or whatever, glancing down into the car next to him and seeing the unbelievable sight going on next to me. I was luckier by far, though, because the unbelievable spectacle was going on right beside me in the car I was driving!

I was so wrapped up in these musings that I came damn close to ramming into a couple of parked cars, so fortunately (in that respect, anyway), soon we pulled into my driveway.

As soon as the car stopped, Marilyn got out and ran to the door, her butt displayed prominently from beneath her short little jacket.

When I got to the door, Marilyn was peeking in the sidelight window next to the door, displaying her delectably bare ass to the entire neigborhood.

For a second, I wondered what the neighbors would think, having a practically naked woman - especially one that obviously wasn't my wife - standing at my front door. A fraction of a second after that, I thought, 'Fuck them, they're just jealous.'

It was fairly obvious that Marilyn didn't give a flying fuck what the neighborhood thought of her near-nudity. For a moment, I thought she might be exhibiting herself a little less innocently than it may have appeared at first. I think I saw the hem of her jacket inch up a little while she looked in the window at what went on inside.

Eventually, though, she straightened, snuggled in tight to me and said, "They're really going at it in there. They didn't even wait to get to the bedroom. They're doing it right on the living room carpet. Let's go."

I smiled, then opened the door.

The sight I found there in the middle of my living room had my cock harder than I ever believed it could get. My wife, Sandy, was draped over the sofa, her butt in the air. She wore nothing but a look of lust I'd never before seen on her face. Ted, Marilyn's husband, was pounding the hell out of her pussy, causing her to jolt forward at each thrust. Ted stopped mid-stroke to turn and see who had come in (as if he didn't know), then turned back, grabbed Sandy's hips and continued fucking.

Marilyn quickly shucked off her coat, then arranged herself on the floor so that she could lick Sandy's juicy cunt and Ted's prick as he slammed in and out.

Me? I was planning on just sitting back and watching the festivities going on before me... NOT!!

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