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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A brother unknowingly invites his sister out on a blind date. But things start going slightly awry when they get a bit tipsy.

It was amazing how something intended as only light hearted relief could change lives so completely and irrevocably. Craig had only put the advert into the local rag for amusement, hoping for, though not really expecting, a response. He was fairly honest with what he put in, since it didn't cost him anything.

Tall male, mid 20's,
into fitness and music,
GSOH, seeks SWF
slightly younger with
similar tastes, for fun
and friendship.

He had five responses, and diligently replied to each, and over a period of five weeks, arranged to take three of them out. The other two he had been unable to speak to before hand, but had had to leave messages on answer phones or e-email an obviously disguised address.

The three he had been able to speak to, on the 'phone, before hand, had all been friendly; and when he'd finally met them he could see immediately why they had responded to adverts. None of them were the greatest looking girls, all were overweight to a greater or lesser degree, and none of them were particularly pretty. That said, all three turned out to have wonderful personalities, and were self-assured and confident. It was also obvious each time, to both parties, that they hadn't hit it off. They had a pleasant evening and separated on good terms.

The fourth girl, whom he'd only been able to contact via e-email, despite his having given her his number a few times, never turned up, and he never heard from her again. He wasn't that bothered, having never seen her, or even heard her voice. He suspected that she probably wasn't that much different from the first three. He was very wrong in that, but was never to know it. The two of them actually knew each other, living only a couple of streets apart. During one of their e-email exchanges Craig had accidentally given her the clue that allowed her to identify him. She'd decided not to tell Craig who she was, and because she'd never really fancied him, she decided not to bother taking it any further. Craig never discovered who she was, or why she had not contacted him again. In fact she was a very beautiful girl whom Craig had sort of fancied, but always thought of as a 'cold bitch'.

Ali only answered the advert on a dare from her friends, most of whom had steady boyfriends, in one case fiancé, while she didn't, and hadn't had for a good few months. She and Craig, who only seemed to be able to contact each other by leaving messages on their respective answer phones, quickly worked out that because they both worked shifts, it was not going to be easy to find a time when they were both free. After a couple of weeks of trying and failing, they managed to find a free Thursday evening.

They arranged to meet at a pub that neither had frequented before, but was not too far from where either lived, and where they knew they would be able to get a meal if they wanted it. Craig turned up first and sat in the corner, facing the door, with half a pint and a book, the arranged sign so that Ali would know who he was.

Ali turned up nearly ten minutes later, all in yellow, her agreed sign, and as she walked through the door, brother and sister spotted each other immediately and gasped in shock, surprise, and even disappointment, as they realised their date was not to be. She sat down opposite her brother, and gave him a sad smile.

"Hi Alison," at home she'd always been Alison, never Ali, one reason why Craig hadn't clicked.

"Hi, looks like we wasted our time. I never recognised your voice you know."

"No. I never recognised yours either. And I didn't recognise the numbers you gave me. Look," he said after a moment, "I know it's a washout already, but do you want a drink now you've got here? I've not seen you since mum's birthday..."

"Okay," interrupted Ali, "That'd be nice. Half a lager if you don't mind."

They sat and chatted, and eventually ordered a meal, catching up on nearly six months of news and gossip. What had started out as a potential disaster turned into a very enjoyable and relaxing evening for both of them.

"How did you get here?" Craig asked when closing time was approaching.

"I walked. It's not too far back to my flat, but at this time of night I'd planned on getting a taxi home."

"Good idea. Look, it's only two minutes walk back to mine, come back with me for a coffee, and I'll call a taxi from there."

Ali shrugged. "Okay." Any other man suggesting that would have received short sharp shrift, but as he was her brother, she accepted without thought. She was a little drunker than she had thought, and Craig had to catch her arm as they walked the short distance home.

Ali, at five foot eight inches, was only two inches shorter than her brother, and her high heels brought her up to his height. The warm July evening meant that neither had come out with coats or jackets, and when Ali put her arm through Craig's to steady herself, Craig suddenly felt the slim blonde against him, and could feel the movement of her firm muscles as she walked. To his surprise, he was suddenly turned on immensely, and the faint waft of perfume coming from her finished the job. To his immense embarrassment, he got an immediate and hard erection. Fortunately it was now dark, and he hoped Ali hadn't noticed.

He would have been surprised and shocked if he'd known that Ali had had a very similar reaction. She could feel the ripple of her brother's solid muscles, and the heat of his body, through her thin dress. He was quite attractive she thought, and for some reason started to feel a faint tingle all over, concentrated in her nipples and crotch. She was turned on, she suddenly realised, and gave her brother a quick glance to see if he had noticed. She didn't spot her brothers erection, but even so, the sight of him, and the faint smell of his aftershave, along with circumstances, including the fact that she was a little drunk, and suddenly she was more than just a little turned on. She knew she should just walk away, her own flat was only ten minutes walk away, but she couldn't, she suddenly felt strangely helpless and lightheaded. To her amazement she wanted to go home with him far more than she wanted to leave, despite the unexpected feelings running through her.

The narrow stairs up to the flat meant that Craig had to walk behind his sister. In the dim light he could just make out her slim figure, and the swaying of her hips as she climbed the stairs. He couldn't help staring, mesmerized by the wonderful sight, as he realised just how sexy and beautiful his sister really was. His cock, which had subsided a little, began to stiffen again, so that when he had to reach past her to open his front door, he had to bend his back a little to prevent her from noticing the lump in his trousers. Ali rocked backwards, only partly deliberately, and Craig put his hands briefly onto her to support her. He lightly moved her to one side, and Ali almost gasped in lust as she felt her brothers warm hands on her waist. Her legs felt a little shaky, and her thoughts were confused. One part of her wanted to kiss him, to touch him; another part told her not to be silly, to wait a little because this was a first date; and yet another part of her tried to remind her that Craig was her brother.

Craig ushered her into his flat, and showed her into the living room.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" asked Craig, almost desperate to get out of the room before his sister spotted his hard on.

It was too late, Ali had, just that moment, spotted it, and knew her brother was as aroused as she was. That got her even more excited, her nipples swelling and becoming much more sensitive. "Okay," she nodded breathlessly.

Craig turned to go to the kitchen, and Ali admired her brothers muscular form, noting once again the swelling in the front of his trousers indicating his arousal, and watching his firm buttocks walk away from her. After a few moments she got up and followed him, suddenly desperate to be near him. He had just plugged in the kettle and switched it on as she walked through the door. As he reached up to get some mugs down out of a cupboard, Ali walked up to him and put her arms around him.

Craig jumped in surprise, and turned towards her. Ali gave her brother a brief kiss on the lips. They looked at each other, startled by the sudden electric shock that ran through them both, and the feelings they both felt. Craig bent his head towards his sisters face, and kissed her again, softly. It took Ali no time at all to make up her mind about this, she opened her mouth and kissed back fiercely. Their tongues pressed against each other, in unconscious imitation of what they both wanted to do. Craig turned fully towards his sister and took her into his arms. Ali pressed herself against her brother, grinding her belly against his, feeling his hard staff pressing against her, exciting them both even more.

Ali's dress was low cut at the back, and she wasn't wearing a bra, so when Craig's hands found the soft smooth skin of her back he didn't want to let go. He stroked her back before sliding his hands up to slip the straps off her shoulders. Ali began to scrabble at her brothers shirt buttons, sliding her hands inside and onto the skin of his chest, feeling and caressing the smooth almost hard pectoral muscles. As she slid her arms out of the straps of her dress, it slid down, and for a few moments rested on her hips before sliding the rest of the way to the floor with a soft swish of cotton.

Craig allowed his shirt to drop to the floor whilst Ali struggled with his trouser belt. She dragged it out and frantically pushed his trousers to the floor, feeling her brothers hands press against her buttocks, pulling her even tighter against him.

They were both now in just their underwear, and Craig discovered that when his sister had said all in yellow, she had really meant it. Along with the yellow dress, hair band, shoes and handbag, he saw that she'd also worn yellow knickers. He lifted her onto the worktop, fortunately for once completely clean, and she wrapped her legs around him. It was a matter of moments for them to make up their minds that they were going to go the whole way. Ali pulled her brothers underpants down, releasing his huge erection to her grasp, whilst Craig pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side, his fingers lightly stroking her sopping wet crotch.

Looking deeply into each others eyes, Ali guided her brothers erection into her pussy, and slid him completely home with joint moans of lust. Holding his sisters almost naked body to him, Craig began to thrust slowly in and out of her hot, tight, wet, cunny. They kissed briefly once more, before thrusting their hips more firmly against each other. They were almost sobbing in their lust and need as they speeded up, Ali feeling her brothers solid prong fill her to the hilt, her clitoris quivering as the folds of skin around it pressed and stroked it with every thrust of her brothers body.

Craig pistoned his cock rapidly in and out, until with a great cry he climaxed, filling her with his sticky secretions. Ali felt her brother fill her, and with a cry, came to her own small climax. The first time ever that she'd had a real climax from intercourse.

After a few moments they looked at each other once more, and suddenly they were laughing delightedly. Craig, his prick still rock hard, withdrew from his sisters body, and picked her up, carrying her into his bedroom.

Neither said a word as Craig lowered his sister onto the bed, and climbed on next to her. He took hold of the wide, lacy, waist band of her knickers, and pulled the soft, slinky, stretch lycra knickers down. He caressed her firm legs as he slowly slid her knickers down them, bringing a smile to Ali's face. Slipping the knickers off her feet, he dropped them onto the floor before pushing her legs a little apart and crawling up between them. He kissed his way up her legs, stroking and caressing every inch until he reached the junction of her thighs. The yellow blonde of the hair on her head was repeated in her silky soft pubic hair, and for a few moments Craig allowed his tongue and lips to play with the hair on her Venus mound. It was so fine that it hid nothing from sight, and her inner labia were plain to see, the wetness of her secretions and his spunk clear in the soft light. Craig bent his head and kissed her opening, running his fingers lightly through her pubic hair.

Ali sighed and closed her eyes, relaxing her whole body as her brother slowly kissed and licked his way around her crotch, dipping his tongue inside her before dragging it over her quivering clitoris. She began to pull and tug at her own nipples, rocking her hips, pushing her crotch into Craig's face. He played with her for a short while, licking and kissing her, twisting the fine crinkly hair on her Venus mound with his fingers. Her clit was sending signals of delight up to her brain, demanding more. She just panted and moaned, holding her brothers head, pushing her crotch into his face.

Long before she was anywhere near to climax, Craig moved his face up from her crotch, and began to kiss and caress his way up her flat belly. She moaned softly, giggling in delight as he lightly kissed each hip.

They spent nearly an hour kissing and caressing, the level of alcohol in their bloodstream slowing them down enough for them to get huge amounts of pleasure, yet not so much that it reduced all feeling. At one point Ali was lying on her front, with Craig straddling her upper thighs whilst he massaged her buttocks and lower back. Moving up a little he sat on her bum, both of them getting a small kick out of this, and continued to massage her upper back, shoulders and neck.

When Ali rolled over to look into her brothers eyes once more, they both slowed what they were doing. Craig bent over her and kissed her lightly. Ali responded at once, and they kissed passionately. She pulled him between her thighs once more and guided his rapidly hardening prick inside her. For the second time she felt her brother fill her, and once more discovered just how well matched they were physically.

At first they moved slowly against each other, feeling their way, but it didn't take long before they were slamming together, straining towards what turned out to be a stunning mutual climax. Craig felt the fire spiralling out from his prick and gave a strangled cry as he began to ejaculate over and over again, filling his sister to overflow and beyond. Ali felt her brothers prick seem to get harder and hotter, matching her own super-heated cunt, until it seemed to be a rod of fire pointing at her insides. When she felt the violent jerks, and equally violent swelling, of his climax she began her own orgasm.

Crying out in wonder and delight she jerked and quivered, wrapping her legs around her brothers waist, and her arms even tighter around his shoulders, to hold onto him, to keep him inside her and maintain her own crashing climax. She gave a ululating cry as the peak of her orgasm overwhelmed her, and unconsciously jerked her hips sharply against him, pressing her hyper aroused clitoris against the base of his prick, stimulating them both even more, and triggering another series of smaller climaxes in her rapidly tiring body.

It took them a long time to recover, softly kissing and caressing each other, by which time they were both nearly asleep. With difficulty, Craig pulled the duvet over them both and reached up to turn the light off before cuddling up behind his sister. Her firm bottom pressed against his belly began to arouse him again. Reaching between her legs he discovered she was still wet and partly open, and tried to slide his semi-erect prick inside her. Ali muttered something and shifted her hips slightly, preventing Craig from doing what he wanted. He sighed and moments later they were both asleep.

They awoke to the sound of the alarm clock going off just before seven thirty the following morning. They were facing each other, their legs intertwined, their arms around each other and their faces only a few inches apart. They stared at each other for a moment before Craig reached forward and gave her a gentle kiss.

"Thank you so much," he whispered. "You've given me a beautiful experience that I could never possibly have imagined. I'll never, ever, forget this, nor how special you are."

Ali looked at her brother for a while, unmoving, wondering about the previous night. She remembered every moment of it, but now, in the cold light of morning she was trying to decide what to do, how to react. Her body made the decision for her when she felt that same tingling starting once more in her nipples and crotch, and her heart rate start to increase. She moved closer to him, pressing herself tightly against him and hugged him. When she felt his cock twitch, she smiled and reached down for it, stroking and pulling it, whilst looking into her brothers eyes. Craig loved the feeling of his sisters soft hands on his erection. He began to stroke her flank, eventually bringing his hands up to stroke her small boobs, tickling her tiny, erect, nipples. They kissed, softly and gently, until Ali decided her brothers cock was as hard as it was going to get.

Craig gasped in surprise and delight as Ali darted beneath the duvet and began to kiss and lick his erection. He lay there for a few moments longer, feeling what she was doing without being able to see it, until he found he had to see it as well. Pulling the duvet clear, he watched as Ali took the head of his prick between her lips, her cheeks swelling enormously. She raised her eyes to his, and stared at him as he moaned softly.

"Let me do you at the same time," he gasped.

Ali smiled and twisted around. Soon she was lying on top of him, her crotch not far from his face. He examined it closely, looking at the closed labia, watching them open up as his warm breath blew across them, and his fingers lightly stroked them. She gasped as Craig touched his tongue lightly to the swelling labia, and gasped again as it slipped between her outer labia, spreading them apart. He used his thumbs to spread them apart even more, and darted his tongue inside her, making her shudder and moan. Her hot mouth still sucked and licked at his bell end, as he moved his hands onto her buttocks and began to scratch and pinch them. He inserted a finger lightly into her anal passage, causing her to gasp and freeze. When she didn't object, he moved the tip lightly inside her before sliding the thumb down to the bottom of her vaginal opening.

It didn't take either of them long after that to climax, and for the first time ever, Ali swallowed down the spunk of a man she was felating. She'd given three or four blow jobs before, but had never allowed them to come in her mouth. With Craig she not only didn't mind him coming in her mouth, she wanted him to, and was more than happy to swallow down his ejaculate. As Craig's orgasm subsided, she felt him begin to lick and lap at her cunt with renewed vigour, and suddenly she felt the fire spread up from her crotch and around her body. With a cry she began to orgasm, and moments later was in full flow as her brother continued to kiss and suck her, his tongue darting in and out of her gaping pussy before swiping across her quivering clitoris.

Craig continued to ministrate to his sisters cunt for as long as he could. Her legs were gripping his head as tightly as she could, holding him there whilst she came and came and came, her whole body jerking and shuddering with climax after climax.

"Oh god," she whispered a little while later.

Craig smiled softly at her. "Good?" he asked.

"Fucking brilliant. I've never had a multiple orgasm before." She reached up to her brother and pulled him down, hugging him fiercely. "Thank you so so much."

"No," said Craig. "It should be me thanking you for giving me such a memorable experience. I'll never forget it, and what's more, I wouldn't want it to stop, ever, except," he looked mournful now, "except that we must."

Ali laughed at his expression. "Well, we don't have to stop quite yet." She looked at the clock. "I don't have to be in work for another ten minutes, so whatever I do I'm going to be late. Might as well make it late for a reason." With that she pulled her brother on top of her once more, spread her legs, and guided his semi-erect prick inside her sopping pussy. "Ahhhhhhhhh," she sighed softly.

They moved slowly together, looking deeply into each others eyes, both of them seeing need, desire, love, lust and just simple pleasure and happiness in the others face. Half an hour later, Ali had come to one soft climax, and Craig to another, but still they thrust slowly against each other. They were kissing gently now, their hands roaming slowly over the others body, feeling, caressing, touching. Both were surprised at just how much pleasure such simple lovemaking was giving them both.

Ali loved the feel of her brothers muscular torso, his hands lightly stroking her as they rolled around, even the rasp of his unshaven chin against her face she found exciting. All her lovers up until now had been hard and fast, but this slow lovemaking, combined with lots of small but irregular sideways motions was driving her crazy, and she knew she had to have more, and yet more.

Ali would have been very surprised if she'd known that Craig was having very similar thoughts. Ali was easily the best looking girl Craig had ever taken to bed, with the best figure, slimmest waist, cutest bum, pertest boobs, prettiest face, and most amazing eyes. He was in lust, and right at that moment didn't ever want to let her go. Another girl friend had had a prettier pussy, but Ali had the tighter more responsive cunt, and as it squeezed and rippled around his prick, massaging him in a way he'd never felt before, he couldn't help but fall a little in love.

Eventually they both came with long, lingering, orgasms, Craig ejaculating spurt after spurt of his essence deep into his sisters warm and welcoming body as they both cried out in ecstasy. It took them another ten minutes to relax, and both fell into a light slumber, curled tightly around each other.

It was well after ten am when they awoke again.

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