Rings of Fun

by Lance Hardrock

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Short scene involving some bondage and lots of fun with toys.

When I walk into the house, I sense something is up: the candles are lit. Soft music is playing. My organ starts stirring and stiffening. I know Julie has something planned, but what? Then I see her dressed only in leopard print bra and panties and carrying scarves and Velcro cuffs.

Ooooh, someone is going to be tied up. My organ jumps to full erection at the thought it will be me. Julie approaches and orders me to undress. Oh yea, this is going to be a hot one, I know. My heart speeds up and my breathing comes faster. Her command is barely uttered before I've stripped naked.

"Here, put your gear on while I watch," Julie orders as she hands me The Lasso and Love Leash. I quickly slip the Lasso over my balls and cinch it around my sac. My balls are now presented nicely for Julie's inspection. She cups them and tightens the Lasso just a bit more. "I want to make sure those puppies don't slide up and hide on me," she whispers.

I slip the Love Leash around the base of my throbbing erection and allow her to pull it tight. She does so and pulls on it several times, tightens it one more cog and smiles as she steps back.

Nodding her head, she orders me to bring a dining room chair into the living room. My hard staff bobs up and down as I comply with Julie's wishes. Taking two scarves, Julie quickly ties my legs to the chair legs. Then she imprisons my arms behind the back of the chair and locks my wrists into the cuffs. I'm secured quite well and now have a truly throbbing erection. Julie smiles in approval and I await her next move.

I don't wait for long. She saunters over, swaying her luscious hips and lovely melons in my face. Slowly she sits down on my lap, still wearing the leopard print panties. She pointedly moves my organ so that it is caught between her legs. The Love Leash has caused the veins to stand out and the shaft throbs with hot pumping blood. Julie's panties feel wet against my thighs. She kisses me deeply, our tongues mating in an age-old dance. I become so totally lost in her deep kisses and try to wrap my arms around her, but they are tied. I'm quickly brought back to reality.

Julie breaks our kiss and moves down to my nipples. Gently nuzzling my hair aside, she flicks her tongue across them. I moan at this pleasure and feel juice oozing from the tip of my organ. She continues to kiss and suck on each nipple for a couple of seconds. Julie knows this is driving me frantic with lustful desire. Then she leans back and pinches both nipples very hard. Her nails bite into the skin, but not too deeply. She knows just the right amount of erotic pain to bring me to an even higher peak of pleasure.

I sigh as she stands up. My rod blatantly demands attention with its throbbing. Julie looks at it, lick her lips, but doesn't touch it. Instead, she begins a slow strip tease, weaving and undulating about me. She finally unclasps her bra, but holds the front closed with one hand. Every once in awhile, her hands slip slightly and I catch sight of her tits. I see a sheen on them, soft glistening moisture formed of her heat. I lick my lips, anticipating the taste of her moist flesh.

Then she dances behind the chair. I can't see even with my head turned. I strain to keep her swaying body in view, but eventually, I must give up. I turn to the other side, hoping she'll come back into view. When she does, it is her back I see. The bra is gone and only her bare silky skin is visible down to the panties. My gaze lingers on her curvy ass, but soon continues on down her legs. As Julie turns, holding her breasts in each hand. She slowly unfolds her cupped fingers and reveals her breasts like precious gems.

I catch my breath as I focus on her twin globes. My arousal is almost unbearable. The Love Leash holds me in check, but pre-cum oozes from the tip. I strain against the cuffs as well.

Julie sways and bends forward, sexily shaking her tits in my face. Hooking her thumbs in the panty tops, she slides the leopard-printed, very wet silk panties down her thighs. My tongue hangs out as I see the soft heart shaped patch of hair decorating her mound of Venus. My breath becomes ragged and short; my excitement evident in my thrusting hip motions.

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