My Best Friend

by tltmth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Zoophilia, DomSub, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Water Sports, Scatology, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man buys a horse to keep him from being destroyed, and ends up submitting to the horse's will.

It started as a typical, blistering, summer, in the Arizona desert. I was starting my second summer as a wrangler at a local boarding stables. I had gotten pretty good at handling the horses, in fact, most people would say that I had a special talent for the work. Horses never gave me any trouble, not even the most spirited stallions. It seemed that they instinctively knew that I would never harm them.

About a week into the new season, we got a new stallion. Stretch was sixteen and a half hands tall, very well built, and exceptionally spirited. As soon as he was out of the trailer, he started romping and stomping at everything and everyone around him. Six of the hands ushered him into a corral and closed the gate, and got away from him as fast as they could. "What is all the commotion about?" I ask one of the men. "This horse is crazy!" He began, "Nobody can handle him, so they brought him here to be put down." Put down?!! I could not let them put this beautiful animal down without at least trying to help him. "Why are they going to put him down?" I asked Sam, the ranch boss. Sam said to me, "Nobody has ever been able to get near Stretch. Especially, men. He has stomped and injured two men, and nobody wants to deal with him, so his owner has decided to destroy him."

I thought about what Sam told me about Stretch for the rest of the day. Stretch was the most beautiful Palomino stallion I had ever seen. I had to try something, so I walked over to the corral where Stretch had been confined. As I approached the corral, Stretch seemed to know that I was there to visit him. He came to the gate and pushed his head over the rail toward me. It was then that I saw it. As I looked into Stretch's eyes, I saw a plea. He seemed to say, "Please, help me. I know that you will come to understand me, so, please, help me!!"

I went back to Sam's office and asked if he thought Stretch's owner would sell him. Sam said that he did not know but he would call them and ask. Then he looked at me as if I was crazy and asked, "What would you want with a crazy horse like Stretch?" I told him that he would not understand, but it was something I felt I had to do. A couple of minutes later Sam, with one ear in the phone asked me if I could pay $750.00. I told him that I could, but I would need to borrow a trailer to take Stretch to my home. He agreed to let me use his trailer, and five minutes later I walked stretch into the trailer alone, without incident. Everybody watched in amazement as Stretch just followed me to the trailer and entered, without me even holding his lead rope.

I got Stretch home and took him into my barn. He walked straight over to the wash pad and waited for me to give him a bath. I washed him down and as I got close to his cock, he let it hang out, for me to wash, as well. As I washed his cock and balls, Stretch worked his way toward the wall. I started to walk behind him and he suddenly pinned me against the wall with his ass. He moved his ass up and down until he had forced me down low enough that my face was even with his asshole. He then lifted his tail and pushed back, forcing my face into his ass. I could not move. He was not hurting me, and he kept rubbing his asshole on my lips. After a couple of minutes, I got the hint. He wanted me to eat his asshole out. As I ate his ass out, Stretch knickered and whinnied and farted several very long farts. About fifteen minutes later, he let me up. I was a little overwhelmed, so I sank down and sat on the floor.

It was at this point that I noticed that Stretch had a raging hard-on. As I sat on the floor, Stretch moved so that his giant cock was hanging in front of my face. I did not need any more hints about what he wanted. I lifted the head of his cock to my mouth and licked the drop of pre-cum that was dripping out of his piss hole. It actually tasted good. I took the head of his swollen member into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. I could not get more than the head of his twenty inch tool into my mouth, so as I sucked, I stroked his cock with my hands. Before long, Stretch was shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, I did not want to miss a drop. I had never sucked a cock before. I never considered myself as being gay. I even had a girlfriend who I planned to marry, But I could not resist sucking Stretch's cock. I knew things were going to be very complicated. I wanted to get married, and I wanted to suck Stretch's cock whenever he would let me. I was wondering how I would be able to work things out when I noticed a shadow move over me. It was my girlfriend!! I was totally, busted!!

I was trying to think of something to say when Jessica sat down beside me and hugged me. "I have always loved horses, and have always had fantasies of doing nasty things with them." I couldn't believe what she was saying. Then she continued, "I have also, always wanted to marry a man who would not only allow me to do things with horses, but do these things with horses himself, as well." It was at this point that I realized that Stretch was not acting crazy, like he did whenever anybody but me was near him, Stretch had accepted Jessica, as well. Things were not going to be as complicated as I had thought.

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