At Her Service

by tltmth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Fiction, DomSub, Water Sports, Scatology, .

Desc: Sex Story: A traveling sales rep is paired off with the partner of a lifetime. He is stricken with her and finds that he is willing to do things for her he never would have done, otherwise.

I met Lila at a distributor's meeting. She was absolutely stunning. Lila had light reddish-brown hair that came down to the middle of her back. It was soft as silk and very fine. Lila stood about five feet seven inches tall and was very slender, but extremely well proportioned. She caught my attention immediately.

I walked across the room and introduced myself to her. I said, "Hi, my Chuck is name, I mean, my name is Chuck." I must have turned beet red, I was so embarrassed. But she was very kind and said, "I'm pleased to meet you, Chuck." Then she asked, "Are you new here, too?" I told her that I was in fact new to this company. Then the chairman called the meeting to order and we all took our seats. Fortunately, my seat was next to hers. The meeting was short and sweet, and we were all paired off into teams. My luck was still holding, as Lila and I were put together as a team.

Our first assignment required a four hundred mile drive to another part of the state. I was really looking forward to the long drive with Lila. Lila was the first to speak when we got into my car and started for Southern California. "I was hoping we would get put together." She said. I could hardly control my excitement! "I was, too" I responded.

It was about seven thirty in the evening, as we started our four day trip. We talked, mostly small talk, for the first hundred miles. We were about fifty miles to the nearest town or rest stop when she stated, in a very shaky voice, "I really have to use the toilet." I told her that we were a long way from the nearest facilities, but I would pull over to the side of the road if she liked. She told me to pull over at the first sign of cover. After about a mile I spotted an exit from the freeway where there were several trees and bushes. I pulled off the freeway and parked my car behind some bushes so as to hide Lila from any passing motorists.

Lila started to get out of the car then said "I'm scared. Would you please come with me. I don't want to go out there alone." I quickly got out of my car and escorted her to a secluded clearing. Then she said "I really wasn't scared. I just wanted you to come with me." I told her that I would have come with her anyway, if she had asked me to. Then Lila asked, "Would you do me a very special favor?" I said, "Sure, anything you wish." Then she said, "Be careful what you promise, because I'll hold you to everything!" I said, "Agreed, what would you like me to do?" "I want you to lay down on your back, on the ground." Lila said, then she continued " Then I want you to open your mouth as wide as you can." I lay down and open my mouth and she stepped over me, facing my feet. She took off her panties and put one foot on either side of my head. As she squatted down on my face, she said, "I want you to swallow everything I give you." I started to move and she grabbed my hair and said, "You promised to do anything I wished, and agreed to follow through with everything I asked, remember?" I agreed, then she said, "I wish for you to eat my shit and drink my piss, right now!" With that, she sat on my mouth and started emptying her bowels.

At first I thought I was going to gag. But, somehow, her shit didn't taste offensive. In fact, I actually found myself getting sexually aroused. I ate every last bit of Lila's shit and eagerly awaited her piss. Lila adjusted her position and very slowly pissed into my waiting mouth. I drank every last drop and licked her pussy and ass clean. Then we went back to the car, and drove the rest of the way to our destination.

When we got to our hotel, there was only one room available, and it only had one bed. Lila said, "I'll share the bed with you if, and only if, you continue to be my toilet throughout this trip. I could hardly believe what I was agreeing to, but somehow, I wanted to be her toilet, for the rest of my life.

Lila used me for her toilet several times during the trip, and never once asked. She simply sat on my face and started pissing or shitting. One time, I was sitting on the floor, watching the news on TV, when she stepped in front of me, pressed her ass into my face and just started shitting. I immediately opened my mouth and caught as much as I could. The rest she smeared on my face before she had me lick her ass clean.

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