Now Just Try to Relax

by JurisMedicus

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: First stab at erotic stories, so be gentle; Thought I would start off with a little fantasy I had the other day involving some minimal bondage and fun between 2 people who love each other...

"Now just try to relax," she says to me.

I rolled my eyes, though she certainly couldn't see them under the blindfold she had placed on me a few minutes ago...

"And don't roll your eyes!!" she laughed.

Easy for her to say; she wasn't the one naked, blindfolded, and tied to the recliner... on the other hand this situation had some interesting possibilities.

It had started innocently enough: a nice dinner and a bottle of wine in front of the fire, teasing and touching, a nicely wrapped present of a dark green silk chemise. Then a second bottle of wine, some candles, soft jazz in the background, and things started to heat up. One thing led to another, and all of a sudden, here I am. Of course, nothing painful, and a quick twist of my arm and I would be free of these soft ropes... at least I think so. So now what? I hear her padding about the room, her bare feet on the carpet, lighting a few more candles and moving things around that I can't identify, humming softly to herself; so I try to relax and wait here in the dark for what comes next, imagining her in her sexy lingerie... and find myself quite turned on.

Suddenly, I feel her presence next to me, her warm breath on my ear as she whispers, "Are you ready?"

"I think so..." I reply, and as I hear her throaty, sexy laugh in response, I feel a tingle travel all the way down my spine, right down to my... well, you know...

"Well. you certainly look like you're ready." She gently licks my ear. "Now, just enjoy." I feel her fingernails lightly scrape the inside of my calves, moving upward with delicious anticipation. Suddenly, I feel her shift her position, and her very firm breast is at my lips. "Kiss it," she commands, and I do. "Now, use your tongue," and as I lick her breast in ever decreasing circles, I feel her nipple harden and grow. "Now the other one, hard." I hear her breathing speed up as she shifts again so I can reach the other side, licking and nibbling in the the way that I know that she loves so much. Her fingers continue to move upward on my leg slowly, and as I try to inhale her nipple into my throat, I feel her other hand on my neck, pressing me into her chest.

Suddenly, she stops and pulls back, panting gently. "Too fast," she giggles. "If I keep this up, I'm going to have to fuck your brains out way too fast, and I want to make this last a bit longer. And I'm so wet, that you know I could, too," she says, as she sticks her finger in my mouth. I taste her womanly juices on her finger as I suck it deep into my mouth and a little moan of pleasure escapes my lips.

"Oh, you enjoyed that taste, did you?" That sexy laugh again... "Want some more?" I nod quickly.

"Well, here's some more... mmmm... oohh," as she puts her hand under my nose, and I smell her sexiness. I reach out my tongue for another taste, completely turned on by the thought that she just had her hand deep inside of her, caressing herself for me. Now the other hand is in front of me, even wetter than the last one, and as I hear her moaning softly, the realization that she is pleasuring herself and feeding me her juices makes me throb almost painfully.

She must have noticed this, for suddenly I feel her soft hands on my hardness, stroking me with an agonizing slowness, and I writhe in my bindings and moan softly, trying not to explode at the first touch. "Oh no you don't; not yet," as she grips my tightly, almost painfully, at the base, preventing a early end to our fun. "I'm not through with you yet." She stops for a second, and I feel her move around the chair in front of me, and I take the brief respite to try and calm down a bit. But then suddenly I feel her warm firm breasts pressing against my legs, and her hair at my crotch... and scream as she takes me into her icy mouth. "What was that?!?" I yell, as she leaps back, laughing, and I hear her spit the ice out into a glass.

"Just a little contrast for you, my dear," she laughs, "Just something to keep you on your toes." And suddenly feel her hot tongue on me again, flicking across the sensitive part of the head, making me even harder than I thought possible. That is, until she takes me into her mouth again, but this time without the ice, and caresses me with her tongue and lips till I am at the brink again, ready for release. And again she stops... and I feel her climb carefully onto the recliner over me, her knees next to my restrained hands, her breasts softly dragging up my chest, to my neck, then to my lips, and her slick, wet nether lips tracing its way over my knee, up my thigh, and I feel the few closely trimmed hairs touch the tip of my rock hard cock, bringing me one more click closer to bliss...

"Suck my nipples, babe," she says, as she slowly rubs her wetness over the tip of my dick. I do as she says, and she sighs deeply. I can feel the hardness of her clit as she rubs it over me, her juices increasing slowly as I nibble and bite lightly at the tips of her nipples. Suddenly, she stiffens and freezes motionless, and I feel a small flood of wetness coat my cock as she reaches her first orgasm. Oh, god, I want to thrust myself into her so badly, but she has deliberately positioned herself just out of reach for that, but close enough for me to enjoy the fruits of her bliss.

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