by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: She's the Mom from 'Lab Rat'. Like any good mother, she has to treat all three of her sons equally. Happy stroking.

I stood before the full length mirror, naked, admiring myself. I was alone in the house. Thirty nine years old, I stand five foot four, shoulder length jet black hair, 36C breasts, areolas the size of a half dollar, nipples sticking out like pencil erasers, pussy hair shaved back to bikini-friendly. Ever since junior high school, I've been told that I was built like a brick shithouse. I know it's a compliment, but I'll be damned if I know what it actually means. I do know that I never had any trouble getting attention from boys, and later from men. I spent much of my time in high school on my back or on my knees. As my eyes enjoyed the view in the mirror, my pussy began to dampen. My hands pressed my breasts from the side, pushing the nipples out even farther, as my fingers squeezed them, though they were as hard as possible already. My eyes moved to my snatch, my mound and clit, with pink lips peeking out from the remaining hair. I spoke to myself aloud.

"Tana Riley, you look good; you deserve an orgasm now. I wish I could eat myself."

My parents were old country Italians; Tana is short for Gaetana. My husband, Nicolo Riley, Nick for short, was the product of an Irish father, who provided the name of Riley, and an Italian mother, who insisted on Nicolo. Nick is actually my second husband; my first took off a few years ago with some slut of a secretary from his office. Nick and I met at a singles affair at the Italian-American Club, and later wound up working for the same company. Nick's first wife walked out on him about the same time my ex left, leaving Nick was one daughter to finish raising. I've got three sons. One of them, Ron, is in medical school; you've met him before (see Lab Rat, by maryjane.) He's married to Nick's daughter Caroline. The other two are twins, Anthony and Paul, just a year older than Ron. If you're doing the math, yes, the prick and I started young; at least I was young, anyway. He was old enough to have a job and actually support me, so we eventually got married. My parents were delighted that he made an honest woman out of me, and that they didn't have to support the twins. As it turned out, of course, the prick wound up making enough money to keep me in style when he left.

My eyes had feasted enough. Although I didn't close them, they sort of went out of focus as I slid my middle finger into my cunt. My finger moved rapidly, soon joined by a second one. The juice I was pouring out reduced the friction while the speed of my fingers increased it, an incredibly beautiful balance of stimulation of my nerve endings. One thumb rubbed my clit while the other found its way to my mouth; I sucked and I rubbed with abandon.

The front door slammed. "Anybody home?"

"I'm... up here... Ron." Gasping, I kept rubbing my clit as his footsteps came up to the second floor.

"Oh, shit."

"What's... the matter... Son?"

"This is the way I found you when Dad left. Is everything ok with Nick?"

"He's... fine. Your wife... called and said... that she was... horny and... I dropped him... there... straight from... the office."

Ron sat down on my bed. "I'll finish you off; let me eat you."

"Later... baby. I'm so... close... now... AAAIIIEEEEEE."

I turned to Ron with a big grin on my face, and he returned one, his the grin of someone who had just made someone else cum. Which he did, sort of, for he was one of the people I was imagining as I masturbated. Ron's reminder of the first time he had seen me with my own fingers in my cunt had been what sent me over the top. Until that, I probably had another ten or fifteen minutes left. He didn't have to articulate the fact that when he had 'caught' me, the day the prick left with his bitch who liked it up the ass, I had worked myself up so hot that I attacked poor Ron, practically raped him. Of course, once he realized what I had in mind, he went along with it quite willingly.

After that, we fucked regularly. The twins were already out of the house, so we had plenty of opportunity, not only to fuck, but also to fall sleep together. I never did tell either of the twins, but then I never told Ron when I fucked one of them, which was not too often. You think its easy keeping a secret like that from three virile boys who are close in age and also close friends?

I read Ron's story. What the poor kid didn't realize is that I knew all about him and his father doing a threesome with the old secretary's daughter, or that I knew all along that the little bitch liked to take my ex up her back door. How did I know?" The prick told me, that's how; bragged about it, actually. I had already been to see the lawyer when the bastard left. The problem was that my ex used to fuck my ass once in a while. It always hurt, but what the hell. Then it became the only way he wanted to fuck me, and the pain was so great that I just refused to let him touch me unless he would use my mouth or pussy. That may be what drove him to that slut, but I think he would have found some excuse anyway.

"Are you ready for me now, Mom?"

"Let's take a nap together, Stud, ok?"

I had been going with Nick for a while, and I could tell that, while he didn't push it, he wanted to try to go into me the back way. Ron had tried that, until I had told him why I didn't want it, so when I finally decided to try it with Nick, I decided to experiment first with Ron. I didn't know how I would react after all the time and all that tension about it, and I was afraid of turning Nick off right in the middle. It worked out fine, and now Nick and I do it occasionally, and I do it once in a while with Ron.

But at that point I was just plain tired, so we snuggled under the covers. Of course, I had to undress my little baby, and it was such a chore opening the zipper with that big bump in the middle of his pants. Somehow I managed it, and as I pulled his jeans down, that thing he called Mr. Tubesteak popped right up into my face. Well, then I had no choice but to give it a couple of sucks as a reward for him being such a good little boy, only then he got cranky when I stopped.

"Please don't stop, Mom."

"I'm exhausted, Stud. Unless you want to just stick it in me like I was a blow up doll, you'll have to wait." With that, I wriggled my butt up against his lap, spoon style, and closed my eyes. He wasn't tired, and I felt his hands roaming all over my tits and snatch, but I managed to fall asleep. When I woke up, it was to the thrilling sensation of a tongue sliding along my pussy lips. I began to moan.

"Ooh, that's nice, Son. But come up here and kiss me." As I said that, I dragged his head off my pussy and he came along with it, until his mouth was on mine. My lips attacked him, my tongue forcing its way between his teeth. Well, maybe 'forcing' isn't quite the correct word, for the surrendered his mouth without a fight, his own tongue embracing mine in returned passion. We had fucked often enough so that hands were not necessary for insertion; I slowly opened my legs and as Ron lifted his body, his cock positioned itself perfectly and slid right in to the tunnel that had delivered him.

"Fuck me, Ron." I used to be quiet during sex, but Nick had encouraged me to open up, to let him know what I wanted or how much I enjoyed it. Ron's body moved up and down as though he was enrolled, not in medical school but in missionary school. His head bent to allow his tongue to work my nipples, while a finger rubbed my clit in time with the motions of his cock. The walls of my pussy squeezed on him, luxuriating in the feeling of his motion. His hand spread my cheeks and a finger searched for the forbidden opening, but my soft voice stopped him.

"Not today, baby; I'm still sore."

"I'm sorry, Mom."

"That's ok, just keep fucking."

And he did, the stamina of youth driving him on, for hours and hours, ok, maybe ten or fifteen minutes. I knew he was holding himself back, for at the very beginning of my scream, he grunted, letting loose the torrent of white gushy cream that had built up in his balls. The sensation of my own orgasm made it impossible for me to feel the spurts immediately, but I knew that he was unloading into my hungry pussy. As he slowed, I felt the excess cum leaking out of me. I pushed his hips up until he was out of me, then sucked his cock dry. Finally, he sat back on his haunches and watched me scoop his cum out of my cunt and suck it from my fingers. I love that taste.

- - -

We left the house in two cars, Ron to go home for the night and me to go there to pick up Nick. Hopefully he was finished fucking Caroline for the evening.

We guessed wrong. As Ron opened the door from the garage to the house, we could hear Caroline screaming at her father. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my ass." Now that Caroline is pregnant, Nick is allowed to cum into her pussy again, but he does like the back door from time to time. Ron had taught her to like it, occasionally like I did, soon after her father and she moved in with us.

We went to the bedroom to watch. Father and daughter heard us, nodded at us, but didn't stop what they were doing. My husband was pounding away, his balls slapping her ass as his cock drove up through her intestines all the way, it seemed, to her throat. His hands around her played with her now expanding tits, which were getting ready to soon produce milk for the baby, as well as for the rest of the family. Soon Nick roared his orgasm, and then pulled his cock out of her backside. I moved to the foot of the bed to lick the cum dripping out of her, while Ron moved to the head of the bed to kiss his wife passionately.

I woke the next day with a splitting headache and went back to sleep while Nick went to work. He called me at lunchtime to check up on me, that sweet man.

"I'm feeling much better, thanks. Now I'm horny; come home quickly."

"I can't leave now. Why don't you call one of the twins?"

Unable to think of a good reason why I shouldn't, I did. "Paulie, your mother's body needs some attention. Can you help?"

"I'll be right there."

In the time it took for him to get there, I had taken a fast bath. My headache was all gone, my body was powdered; a thin silk robe was all I needed. After all, I didn't expect to wear it for long. My pussy began to leak when I heard his car door slam shut. We kissed when he came in; I could taste the mouthwash he had used to get rid of the damn cigarette smell. Good boy, I thought, as my tongue polished his teeth. Paul and Anthony were by no means identical; I sometimes even wondered if they had different fathers. My pussy was up for grabs in those days; it was certainly possible. The most notable difference, which I didn't learn until after my ex had left me, was in the size of their cocks. Anthony's was healthy, Paul's was huge. Somewhere in his father's background there must have been black blood. My parents had brought me up not to discriminate on the basis of race; they couldn't have expected that their teachings meant that I loved to fuck anybody at all, regardless of color. Only I knew the timing made it impossible for a black man to be Paul's father.

When the prick had left with his slut, Ron was the first replacement cock I found, and since he was living at home then, the most useful. But I had seen his brothers look at my body from time to time, and I sort of felt some sick obligation to let them also have me. It's not difficult for a decent looking woman to seduce her son, and I got them one by one. I swore each to secrecy, including Ron, and I believe to this day that none of them told the others. If they read 'Lab Rat', they knew about Ron, and if they read this story, they'll know about each other. But who knows if they even know about this website? Ron does, but I don't know about his brothers. Actually, I made sure later that they all knew.

As always, when Paul stripped, my eyes focused on his big, beautiful cock. As always, I dropped to my knees to worship it. I held it with one hand while I kissed and licked the underside, then sucked his balls while I slowly jerked him off. My tongue then circled the crown and tried to force its way into his piss slit. All the while, his hands caressed the back of my head. I got up to lay on my back on the bed, my head hanging down over the edge so that he could aim his cock all the way down my throat. I sucked the head as it passed through my mouth to my throat; it's not a comfortable feeling, but it was only a quick bit of foreplay. I wondered how it would feel to have that monster in my ass, but the thought terrified me.

I eased Paul out of my mouth and scooted to the head of the bed, spreading my legs and raising my knees like a ten dollar whore. He moved over me, the fingers of one hand buried in my snatch, and kissed me so lovingly that I no longer felt like a whore, I was a lover. I reached under him to take his cock and slide it inside me; his hand moved out of the way when his cock got to my opening. I continued to hold it as he pumped in me, then added my other hand to massage his balls while the first one jerked him off inside me. He moved slowly, in no rush to cum. I couldn't tell if it was the top of his cock or the side of my fingers rubbing my clit, but the sensation made me spread my legs farther than they were meant to be spread.

"Cum now, Paul, I'm ready." He didn't reply, didn't cum; he just kept pounding it into my cunt. Suddenly he spoke, whispered, really.

"I have to cum, Tana, I have to cum." And as I felt him spurt his little swimmers into me, I went over the top myself, moaning, screaming, sobbing. My arms stretched out in collapsed surrender, my son suspended himself over me, as we touched only by our lips and by his cock in my pussy.

"I said you could fuck me, young man; I didn't say you could call me by my first name."

He collapsed in laughter. "I love you, Mom."

"You'd damn well better love me, after what I let you do to me. Now get your mouth down there and clean out my pussy."

"Yes, Mistress, as you command."

"Maybe I really should become a Dominatrix."

"Never, Mom, you're too sweet."

Nevertheless, he obeyed my command, with pleasure, his tongue inside me scooping out his own cum.

"I love when you let me do that, Tana."

"OK, Paulie, now that we've finished up the usual pleasantries, tell me all about your day."

We made small talk until his cock got hard again, then I took care of him with a fast blowjob.

"Home now, baby, before your wife begins to wonder."

- - -

Since I started fucking the boys, I've always tried to keep the twins about even with each other, though they didn't know that. Only Ron got more, because he had been home with me, and maybe because he was the baby. So two days later, I asked Nick to work late so that I could call Tony. Nick knew all about my activities with the boys; he once said he was jealous because I had three sons to fuck me and he only had one daughter. Unlike with Ron, Nick couldn't be home, because each of the twins thought that no one else knew about our assignations.

"Tony, dear, I have two personal questions."

"What are they, Mom?"

"First, when was the last time you got your rocks off?"

"Four days ago. What's the second question?"

"How fast can you get here?"

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