Lake Showing

by nonono69

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Girlfriend loses bet and now must antee up for her boyfriend

My, my name is Michelle and I want to tell you what I was forced to do last weekend. I had made a bet with my boyfriend and the looser had to give a day of being a total slave to the other. I thought it would be fun no matter who won or lost. Well, I lost the bet. My boyfriend, Chris, told me to be ready on Saturday as that would be the day I had to be his slave all day long. Well, Chris didn't know it but one of my fantasies was to have somebody control me and make me do things I didn't want to do. In my mind, if somebody made me do it then it wasn't really my doing. I have had many fantasies of somebody forcing me to show my body in public.

Well, I didn't know it at the time buck Chris had something like that already planned for me. He told me Saturday morning to jump in the bath tube. Then he had me close my eyes and promise not to say a word until I got out of the bath. I promised and laid back and closed my eyes. Chris starting washing me all over. When he got to my cunt, he spent a lot of time lathering it up. Next thing I felt was a razor being pulled over my pussy hair. I had normally kept my hair nice and neat but I had never before shaved my cunt. Well he started at the top and slowly worked his way down. Within five minutes I could feel him working his hand over my smooth pussy lips. He had shaved me completely bald. I wanted to open my eyes and look so badly but he made me lay there and wait.

His hands disappeared off me and I didn't feel his presence for about three minutes. Then he was back. He grabbed my finger, had me open my mouth, and he stuck my middle finger into my opened mouth. He then had me suck on my finger for about 5 seconds. Then he grabbed the finger out of my mouth and placed in on my pussy. He had me rub all the moisture around and I had to do this two or three times. By now my pussy was starting to run wet from my own moisture. He grabbed my finger and pushed it deep up into my own cunt. He had me finger fucking myself for a minute, then he pulled my finger out and forced it back into my mouth. I didn't really want to taste my own pussy juice but I was powerless to stop him. I promised he would be the man in control today and that's what I wanted him to do, so I made my mind up. Anything he asks or TELLS me to do, I will do. He whispers in my ear to keep finger fucking myself and then sucking all the juices off my finger. He wants me to do this for about five minutes while he watches.

I must have enjoyed it because the juices never stopped flowing. I was putting on quite a show for Chris. I started enjoying it to tell you the truth. I was pumping and sucking myself and I liked it. Unknown to me, Chris had the vcr camera and his digital camera going. He had set the vcr camera on the sink and it was filming me taste myself. Then he had his handheld digital camera and he was clicking off pictures left and right. After about five minutes Chris had me stop. I wanted to tell him I wouldn't mind continuing as I was really turned on knowing he was watching me do that to myself. But Chris said to stop. He left for a second and I was left sitting there in the tub. I wanted to taste myself a little more as I knew I would have never done it if he hadn't forced me. Chris went and put his cameras in the bedroom then he came in and told me I could stand up and open my eyes.

I looked down for the first time at my shave cunt. It was so smooth and you could make out every detail. That must be why the guys like it so much, it leaves nothing to the imagination. Chris took me into the bedroom and pulled out my small bikini bathing suit. He dressed me in it, pulled out one of his white tee shirts that I liked to wear to bed, and we headed off to the local lake. The local lake gets a little crowded on the weekends. It is a fairly good size lake so there is a lot of area to lie around or go swimming in. It took about 20 minutes to get to the lake. When we got there Chris got out and handed me the T-shirt. Put this on and don't say a word. Whatever happens, your mine today and don't spoil it by trying to weasel out of things. I shook my head ok. I sort of liked Chris is this MASTER mode. I put on the T-shirt and he tells me to turn around. Next thing I feel is his hands on the two strings on the side of my bikini bottoms. He pulls real hard and the bows pull apart. My bottom falls into his hands. He takes my bottoms, walks around to the back of the car, and locks them in the trunk.

I am now standing there in his white T-shirt which is a little bit see thru. His shirt comes about four inches below my pussy. He grabs my hand and starts walking me towards the lake. I am trembling and very nervous. I wonder how much people can see of me and if they can see thru the t-shirt. Chris walks me by a lot of people that are walking around. I am so scared. Then he finally finds a spot and puts the blanket down. He tells me to lie down and put my head towards the water. I somehow get down on the blanket without showing anything (I think) and I do as he says. Now he tells me to turn over on my stomach and close my eyes. I do as he says and my legs are tight together and my shirt is down as far as I could pull it.

Chris whispers in my ear, no matter what happens, act like you are just enjoying the sun. For no reason are you to open your eyes till I tell you. Shake your head if you understand. I shook my head and then closed my eyes. I then feel Chris putting some headphones over my head and he turns on the walkman stereo to a channel that I like. Now my eyes are closed and I can't hear anything. I feel Chris then start to rub on my legs. I can feel him putting suntan lotion over my left leg. He rubs it up and down my leg then he slowly starts to use his hands to push my legs apart. I give a little resistance at first but then I feel him using the extra pressure and I know I have to do what he wants. I know people are walking all around but I don't know where they are at or what they can see.

Chris spreads my legs about a foot apart. He is still applying oil to my left leg. Then I feel him get up and now he is sitting on the other side of me. He starts oiling up my right leg. It doesn't take long before I feel pressure on that leg. He wants me to open it up also. My legs are already open about a foot and I can feel the wind blowing against my cunt. He continues to apply pressure and I bow to his wishes. I relax my right leg and he puts it where he wants it. My feet are about two feet apart now. I feel like I am open for the world to see. After he finishes oiling up my right leg, he puts me into another shock. He grabs my t-shirt bottom and pulls it up until it is just covering the bottom of my ass. If anybody is behind me they are going to see everything.

He lifts my earphones and said he will be sitting behind me and guarding me. I am not to move or open my eyes. I shake my head in agreement. At least he is behind me and watching me. Unknown to me, he has gotten up and walked back up to the car. I am spread out like that for anybody that's walks behind me to see. He has gone to his car to get his two cameras again. As soon as he gets them he sets up the vcr up on the hill overlooking where we are. He turns it on and adjusts the lens. Then presses record and walks away. He starts snapping pictures from all different angles. The funny things is he is not coming back down to where I am at. He is staying up near the hill watching everything.

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