Wife's Lucky Outfit

by nonono69

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slut Wife, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A sporting bet between two rival teams goes the wrong way and one of the wives has to pay the price.

My name is Rob and I want to tell you about what happened to my wife Maricel about two months ago. We are both in our 30's. I'm 33 and my wife is three years younger then me. We live in Sunny California and love the beach. My wife Maricel is hispanic, she has very long black hair, brown eyes, and is about 5'3 and 130 pounds. She is very attractive and has very nice 36c tits that are so soft yet very bouncy. One of her best assets is her nice round ass that really looks great in tight skirts and jeans. As you can see, I'm really hooked on Maricel and every year were married, I just love her even more. She tries hard to please me and we are pretty open about sex.

I'm 5'11, 180 pounds. I stay ver athletic and like to play most sports. I have brown hair and Maricel says one of my best assets is my 7 inch cock. She loves sex as much as I do and we have had a very hot sex life since I first met her. The only thing I had regretted for the last year is that I can't get my wife interested in trying things outside the home. In our home, she's a little sex tiger and everything is great. But when I take her out or talk about maybe adding other people to our games, she freezes up really quick.

I was playing basketball with a bunch of my friends in a local league. We played two nights a week, and tonight my wife was in the stands cheering us on. Our team consisted of Dan, Chris, Joe, Scott and myself. We were pretty good and beat most the teams that played us. But tonight we were loosing and to the team we hated the most. The guys on the other team were really loud and thought they were the best players to ever dribble a basketball. All five of us wanted to beat them very badly. The game went right to the wire but because of a foul, they got one last free throw and beat us.

I didn't know it but the wives of most the other players were sitting just one row behind from my wife. They got into a few heated arguements themselfs. We went to our favorite sports bar after the game was over and drowned our sorrows in a lot of beer. It did seem to work, everybody was having a great time and we all forgot about the close loss to our most hated rivals. Then about two hours after we got there, our rivals and their wives came into the same bar. We couldn't beleive our luck. By now we had been drinking for over two hours and were pretty plastered.

My wife was dressed in a very cute short skirt and to please me she always wears low cut tops, thong panties, and very sexy lacy bra's. And Maricel always keeps her pussy completely shaved for me. I think that is the sexiest look a woman can have. Well, not only was all of us guys drunk, my wife had drank just about as much as we had. It only took about fifteen minutes and we were mixing it up with the other team. All their wives were joining in but I was the only married guy on my team. The verbal war continued for a good 1/2 hour. We were fighting from a very disadvantaged point. We were really drunk. They had only been there about a half hour so they had all their facilities about them.

I don't know who started it but it was probably one of the wives who had been fighting with Maricel. She finally proposed a bet for the next time we played each other. We would each put whatever we wanted the other team to do into an envelope. We would seal each envelope, and give it to the owners of the bar. We knew them very good. And after the next game, whichever team lost, had to open their envelope and do whatever it was that was written inside. It couldn't be anything illegal, but everything else was open to write down. Being drunk, our entire team including Maricel knew we would beat them next time. And we couldn't chicken out. So we took the beat.

Their team huddled in one corner of the bar and all we heard was loud laughing and all the guys and girls high-fiving each other. It took us longer to figure out what we would have them do. I think we were going to make both the guys and their wives streak down the main street out front to get to their cars. We all thought that would be so funny. We wrote up our challange as we knew we were going to win, sealed it in an envelope and gave it to the bartender. He waited till he got the other teams and then told both teams to come here after we play each other again. We knew that was about three weeks away. The only condition the owner had was that he got to participate in whatever happened to the loosing team. After all, he was holding the challanges in his safe for us. Everybody agreed and we all ended up going home.

The next day both me and Maricel woke up with pretty good hangovers. We had actually forgotten about the bet and went about our normal day. First one week, then two weeks passed. Finally it was the week where we would again play our most hated rivals. I got a phone call that day from Scott reminding me of the bet that we had made with the team. We were going to have to play our best if we were going to win and collect on our challange. I just barely remembered the bet. When I hung up the phone, I told Maricel about the bet and she too had completely forgotten about it. That night as she was getting ready to go, she told me for luck she was going to put on my favorite outfit. I heard her in the bathroom for about 30 minutes and when she came out she had her face all made up, she smelled just delicous, and she had reshaved her pussy so it was nice and smooth.

She had me sit on the bed so I could watch what she was wearing for me. She slowly pulled out her red and white lacy teddy that snaps at the crotch and has a little thong back. It also has built in supports that push her soft young tits up and into the perfect position. With my favorite sexy undergarment on, she then grabbed one of her very short skirts and sexy small tops and finished getting dressed. She came over and gave me a good kiss and told me there was no way we could loose with her wearing my LUCKY OUTFIT. I always liked to call it the LUCKY OUTFIT because everytime she wore it, I always got lucky that night. It was a little joke between Maricel and myself.

She turned a lot of heads that night at the game. This time, the wives sitting behind Maricel didn't bother her. Maricel heard a lot of them giggling often and whispering between themselves but she never could catch on what they were talking about. Right before the game started while all the guys and Maricel were standing together, the entire team from the other side along with their wives walked over to where we were. They reminded us of the bet and wanted to make sure we weren't going to chicken out. They made it sound like we weren't going to go thru with it. We all shook hands and everyone promised that whichever team lost, they would take their punishment like good loosers and do whatever the other team had requested.

When the game started, we noticed one new guy on the other team. We didn't know it but he was a real ringer. He only played as good as his team needed him to play. He was playing for a college team and did this favor only after he found out what he would get paid. It seemed everytime their team needed a basket or a really special play, this guy would be there for them. We never caught on and with 20 seconds to go in the game, they were up by four. We tried hard and actually hit another basket but when the game ended, we had lost by two points. Their entire team went crazy and again was high-fiving each others. Their wives ran out and grabbed them all. You would have thought they had just won the super bowl.

Finally they all came over to us and reminded us to be at the bar in about an hour. Our heads were down just a little but we promised them we would be there. It was bad enough to loose, but if we didn't go thru with our promise, everybody would know about it. All our friends knew about the sports bar that we had been going to for over four years now. And the owner was a very good friend of both myself and Maricel. It took us about an hour or so to get to the bar. I had to shower and change clothes. My wife still had her LUCKY OUTFIT on. She kept telling me how sorry she was that our team didn't win. I put on my best loosers face and drove us down to the bar.

When we got there, everybody else was already there. The owner opened up the safe and pulled out the envelope that we would have to open. But he said first, everybody would drink together for two hours. All drinks were "ON THE HOUSE" and after two hours he would close the bar down and the "ENVELOPE" would be opened. We didn't know it but he was also in on everything. The other team had really set things up good because they knew what was in the envelope and they knew with their "RINGER" they were sure to win the game. We all drank for two hours. They made sure to keep our glasses very full. Anything we wanted, just ask for it. And what really amazed me, was the other teams players and wives seemed to start to loosen up and have a good time with us.

It was now 11:00pm and it was time to open the envelope. The owner waited until the last customer left the bar, then he locked the door and turned on some music. He then had everybody walk over to the stage where the band usually played. With everybody sitting in chairs watching his every movement, he opened the envelope and in it was two pieces of paper. The first was for the four single guys on the team, Joe, Chris, Scott and Dan. They had to read their note, then without telling us, do exactly as it said. They read the note and laughed out loud. Is that it? They were laughing and saying how it wasnt so bad. We watched as they were all let out the front door of the bar and they said they would see us tomorrow. We yelled goodnight and noticed how good an attitude they had about whatever it was they had to do.

Now it was Maricel and my turn. The owner read the first part of the note. I was to go into the front part of the bar, and watch 45 minutes of a video that they had recorded for me. I could not move till I watched the entire video and when it was over, I was to come back to where we were now. I also laughed and said this wasn't bad at all. Now my wife had seen our entire team go do their deeds without any hesitation and with smiles on their faces. As I left to go do my payment, I turned to my wife and without even thinking, told her to not give the team a bad face. Do your payment and I'll see you in 45 minutes. I was just assumming that hers would be as easy as ours.

As soon as we left the room and they shut the door, my wife got her news. First they asked her if she was for sure going to do whatever they asked of her. Of course my wife, being the sport she was, told them yes, she would not let her team down. What happened next did so very rapidly and before Maricel really understood what was happening. They led her to a chair on the stage, sat her down, then all of a sudden she couldnt see. A blindfold was on her. Then a small little gag went in her mouth. At the same time hands had hold of her and her hands were held behind the chair. The action was now ready to start. Quickly Maricel felt hands on the buttons on her skirt. And another pair of hands were working on her shirt. Even with her squirming around, the skirt and shirt was off her body in about 20 seconds. Everybody watching just sort of licked their lips when they saw what Maricel had on underneith her outfit. The red and white lacy teddy barely covered her body and it was so thin you could see right thru it. Everybody instantly knew that she shaved her pussy as her lips were easily visable thru the thin material. Of all the nights to dress very slutty, she had to pick this one. This really turned up the heat of the situation as they all now knew she was one hot sex toy.

She heard them say to bring the cameras up and then she heard the clicking as somebody was taking pictures of her. Then within 30 seconds one of the wives noticed the snaps holding Maricel's crotch together. Marcel heard a womans voice tell them to get the movie camera ready. Then she felt hands on her bottoms and a little pressure was applied to the crotch of her outfit. The snaps immediately did their job and let loose. The entire bottom of her outfit was now open and her tight shaved pussy and nicely rounded ass came into view. She heard all the girls laughing and the guys saying how hot she looked. Then she heard the clicking again. She knew they were taking more pictures. Quickly they told Maricel that they were going to remove her mask and gag, but if she said as much as one word, they would put everything back on her and she would have to service every stud in the bar. They asked Maricel to shake her head if she agreed. Very nervously Maricel shook her head up and down.

Immediately the mask was removed and her gag was pulled from her mouth. She started to say something as she looked around at the 12 or 13 people in the room. One of the wives took charge immediately. She got right in Maricel's face and dared her to just say one word. She couldn't wait to put the blindfold and gag back on her and let the BOY's fuck her. Maricel immediately shut her mouth and didnt say a word. She watched as two camera's continued to take pics and movies of her. Her face was in the open and they moved her body around in many positions. Finally they started getting more personal and they guided Maricel's own fingers to her own pussy. Maricel didn't realize it, but her pussy was soaking wet. The wive's seem to be the ones forcing all the action. They kept telling Maricel she was their cum slut tonight and she would do everything they said or they would pass these pictures out to everyone at the bar.

The wives had really thought out the embarrassment that they were going to put Maricel through. They had the four team members of our team waiting outside, and one of the wives went over and opened the locked side door to the bar. When Dan, Chris, Joe, Scott walked back into the bar, they couldn't beleive what they saw. There was Maricel, practically totally nude and rubbing and fingering her cunt while people were taking pictures of her. The wives guided the guys to front row seats and had them stay quiet and watch. As part of Maricel's humilation, they were going to let all my friends watch everything that happened to her. Maaricel looked up finally and thats when she noticed the guys sitting there with large grins on their faces. Maricel had never been so embarrassed in her entire life.

Maricel was drunk and really scared. What if they really did give these pictures out. She just went along with everything for now while she tried to figure a way out of this mess. She was now rubbing her own pussy with the wives and basketball players all watching. The wives told her she had four minutes to cum for them, after that the boy's would get her, unless she did cum like they asked. Maricel couldn't beleive what she was doing there. On display for all these people, and now she had to try hard to cum or she would be fucked by all these guys. Then she kept seeing the bright flashes of the cameras as the wives with them kept taking picture after picture. Maricel didn't really know how long it took her, but she started to feel that rumbling in her stomach and it slowly moved down to her very wet pussy. Then it quickly happened and her whole body shook as she came in front of all these strangers. Her entire body was shaking and her face turned a bright red with embarrassment.

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