Life After Death

by JAX

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: All rooms were fitted with linked smoke and IR motions sensors and I had some key positions fitted with built in CCTV cameras, all wired back to Dad's old ground floor study, now of course mine. I didn't plan it at the time but these cameras were great for spying on my two sisters. Both my sister's rooms had cameras built inside the IR motion detectors that would only turned on when there was movement.

The funeral was a sombre affair, the double deaths of my parents was a blow to my sisters and myself. From then on I was the man of the house with all its responsibilities. The reading of the will only re-affirmed what we already knew; all the family wealth was mine. The visit to the family Stockbroker was a shock though, I knew that dad had sold his business and retired but I wasn't aware of the amount of money that was involved.

"The total assets in trust are just over fifty seven million Pounds," he said.

"Oh!" was all I said, for I was in shock.

"Well after tax and a amount of reinvestment for inflation," he continued, "you should net about one and half a million Pounds annually."

Both my sisters and I had been living on a monthly allowance of one thousand Pounds; I decided to continue it at this amount for my sisters and for me to keep the control of the balance.

I had a meeting with my two younger sisters, when I got home.

"Ok girls, for now I have decided to continue with your allowance at the going rate, but I will review it later in the year," I said. "A lot of money will have to be spent on the house, the roof needs work and I like to install new windows and guttering."

"Oh good," said Jen, she's the oldest of the two, "I was a bit worried that you might have to cut it."

"We'll see how this years goes," I said, "and how the money lasts ok."

My next meeting was with Mrs Todd, who came in to help Mother with the housework.

"Mrs Todd, how would feel if I asked you to come in every day from now on."

"Well Sir, I couldn't do this big house all on my own," she said, "I'll need some help."

"Ok Mrs Todd, one other full time help and you, all right," I agreed. So that was sorted.

My financial prediction was that I would spend about a half a million Pounds a year, leaving me with a million to invest in my own name. Dad's money was all held in trust for tax reasons and therefore couldn't be spent. As it happens we under spent by about a hundred thousand Pounds that first year, so I had the house re-wired, it needed it bad, fuses were blowing all the time also I had a new security system fitted at the same time. All rooms were fitted with linked smoke and IR motions sensors and I had some key positions fitted with built in CCTV cameras, all wired back to Dad's old ground floor study, now of course mine. I didn't plan it at the time but these cameras were great for spying on my two sisters. Both my sister's rooms had cameras built inside the IR motion detectors that would only turned on when there was movement. These cameras were small, completely undetectable even if you took the unit apart. The camera units were contained on a small circuit board and a minute bubble lens. I only became aware of the possibilities one night when I was in my study, setting the alarms for the night, when I switch on the CCTV cameras by mistake. There was Shannon, that's my youngest sister, in all her naked glory, boy how she had grown. I watch as she brushed her long blonde hair and then later getting into her bed, again completely naked, quickly I switched to Jen's room only to find her room in darkness. After that night I regularly watched both sisters. Soon I upgraded their cameras to better quality colour ones and had a new colour monitor installed in my study to replace the smaller black and white unit.

"Can I come in," said Shannon.

"Sure sis," I said, glad that the monitor screens was switched off at the moment.

"You know it's my prom night next month, well I would like a new dress if we can afford it?" Shannon asked.

"So how much is it going to cost me?" I asked with a smile.

"Well there this super dress in town, it's only five hundred Pounds," she enthused.

"Wouldn't be cheaper to rent one?" I asked.

"Well I suppose," she replied her smile still in place.

"Good, then I will pay up to say two hundred for a dress and the limo for the night, Ok," I said.

"Oh thanks big brother," she leapt up and ran around my desk and sat on my lap and kissed me, her large tits squashing up against my arm.

"I must let you have money more often if I get such great kisses from you," I teased.

"How much would I get if I pushed my tits in your face," she giggled

"You're probably get more than you bargain for," I said, "I can only take so much before I snap."

"Goody, next time I need money I know what to do," she giggled again and flounced out of my study. It took many minutes before my hard cock subsided.

The limo arrived dead on seven, Shannon date had turned up a half an hour earlier, and we all were waiting for Shannon to appear. Like a movie star she made her grand entrance down the long staircase. My oh my, what a sight, the new dress was of full length but low enough at the front to show a fair amount of cleavage. To celebrate the occasion I snapped off a couple of pictures with my compact Nikon, firstly with her alone and then with her date.

"Have a lovely evening," I said.

"Thanks big brother," she said giving me a hug and a hard on too.

"She sure has grown up fast," Jen said as we waved them goodbye.

"And big," I smiled, re-arranging my trousers.

"Yeah, wish my boobs were that big," she said. Well I had of course, unknown to her seen hers and although they were a lot smaller than her younger sister, they were in there own way just as beautiful.

"I don't," I said to my oldest sister, "yours are just as beautiful."

"Thanks big brother," she turned and kissed me.

While I was waiting for Shannon to return, I watched Jen use her hairbrush handle to bring herself off, her hips moving against her hand. I kept telling myself that I must move the camera in her room, for the view was not the best, but I hadn't got around to it yet. Just after midnight the front door opened, I turned off the monitor and call out for Shannon.

"How was your evening?" I asked when she entered my study.

"Magical big brother," she said, "I shall remember this night for the rest of my life." She walked over to me and sat on my lap.

"Stop squirming you little minx," I said, my cock getting hard.

"Oh big brother what a big thingie you have," she giggled a little drunkenly.

The effects of her bottom on my lap and the nearness of her large exposed bosom was having an effect.

"Tell me about your evening?" I asked to take my mind of things.

"Well there was this big band, and drinks and all sorts of things," she said.

"Thanks, that tells me everything." I said.

"Well what do you want to know?" she replied, "do you want to know who I snogged or who squeezed my tits?"

"No of course not," I said, "did you get your tits squeezed then?"

"No I didn't," she said, "I thought I leave that for you to do as you paid for my night out, I thought I give you the prize of being the first."

"Thank you sis," I said, "I would consider it a great privilege to be the first to give your luscious tits a good squeeze."

"Go on then," she said closing her eyes and screwing up her face.

"It's not supposed to be unpleasant," I said with a laugh looking at her funny face.

I moved my left hand up to squeeze her tits through her low cut outfit.

"That's nice," she whispered, hugging me tighter.

My hand slipped down the front of her dress and liberated her from the confines of the built in bra. Although quite large, about a C/D cup I imagine, she had the firmness of youth.

"Please big brother, harder," she pleaded.

After some minutes, my hand now moved down over her dress and up her legs towards her knickers. Soon her hips were moving against the movement of my fingers and she came with a loud sigh.

"Oh thanks big brother," she sighed, "that just about completes a perfect evening except for this." She pulled down the top of her dress, exposing herself naked to the waist.

"I don't think this is a good idea sis," I started to say.

"No, no, it's your turn now," she smiled at me.

She slipped off my lap and knelt at my feet. My hard cock was soon exposed and squeezed between her tits.

"That's it big brother, I want you to come all over me," her hands moved her tits around me, I came in seconds.

"There you are, that didn't take long now did it," she smiled up at me.

"You're a very naughty girl," I light heartily scolded her.

"Yes I am," she smiled, "there's no fun in being good." With that she got up and headed for the door. I picked up the Nikon switch it on.

"Shannon." I called. She turned and I took the picture, her dress was still around her waist, her tits naked and proud with my spunk splattered all over them.

"Good night sis," I said.

She wagged her finger at me and said.

"That'll cost you, I don't know what yet but it will, good night big brother."

She giggled causing her tits to jiggle delightfully.

"I can confirm now that you are my big brother," again she giggled, and left me alone with a smile on my face.

After my annual meeting with my accountant, I came home with a new smile on my face. It had been a good year for us, the Trust had increased in value by over 7 1/2 percent and I'll had invested just over a million outside the trust in my own name. This year I could be more generous with my sisters. They were waiting for me in the lounge with expectant looks on their faces.

"Well," said Jen, "how are things, can we afford to eat this year?"

"Yep," I smiled, "we've had a good year," I confirmed.

"Oh goody," jumped up Shannon, the movement of her big boobs distracting me for a moment.

"So are we going to get a raise?" inquired Jen.

"Yeah, big brother," said Shannon with a wicked smile.

"If you two will shut up for a moment," I said, but the smile stayed on my face despite my hard words.

"Because we spent a lot updating the house last year, we don't need to spend so much this year, I see no reason why you two can't have a small rise."

"Oh good," smiled Jen, "how much?"

"Well you both get one thousand a month, right," they both nodded, "I think we can stretch to fifteen hundred."

"What! That's great," shouted Shannon.

"And a new car each too," I finished saying.

"Thanks brother," Jen said giving me a hug. "Yeah big brother," said Shannon, also hugging me. I quickly sat down to hide my erection.

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