Coming Home: Reunion - Luke's Story

by Rod Ramsey

Copyright© 2003 by Rod Ramsey

Sex Story: A man returns to the small town he grew up in, determined to find the girl he fell in love with seven years ago.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   .

If you've read Girl Friday's Silver Clit winning story Reunion this is a mirror from Luke's point of view. All Characters are owned by Girl Friday and used by Permission.

I opened the invitation and began to read, "Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Reed request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Susan Anne to Mr. Michael Cunningham Hastings."

That was as far as I needed to read before I knew I would be going home to stay. The hustle and bustle of big city life had taken it's toll and it was time for me to return to my roots. I knew my parents would be happy to make my old room available until I could find a place of my own.

Two months later I hit the road for the drive home, my job and apartment behind me. Thoughts and memories flooding back the closer I got to home.

I resisted the urge to look Cat up as soon as I hit town. I was sure she would be Maid of Honor at Sue's wedding and I didn't want to upset her with my presence before the ceremony. Not for the first time I prayed that she would forgive me for what I had done.

It was an evening wedding, white canopies providing cover in the Reed's huge backyard. Susan made the perfect bride, her beauty only slightly tempered by the vision of Cat, standing by her as she took her vows. I could not pull my eyes away from the sight of Cat, as gorgeous as I remember, the green of her bridesmaid dress matching her eyes.

The reception followed the ceremony. I found trying to catch Cat's eye proving difficult until Pop Reed took her out onto the dance floor. Pop nodded in my direction and Cat glanced my way, a look of shock passed over her face as our eyes connected. I nodded my head in acknowledgement and headed their way. Tapping Pop on the shoulder I asked if I could cut in. With a grin and a wink he handed her over to me.

A spark of electricity flowed through us as I took Cat's hand and pulled her to me. Her body molded to mine like it was made for me, I led her around the dance floor.

"How have you been, Cat?" I asked quietly.

"Fine Luke and you?" she replied with a barely perceptible tremor in her voice.

"That's a long story. You're still just as beautiful as I remember."

The music ended and Cat pulled away from me. I resisted the urge to hold on.

"Thanks for the dance, Luke. It was good seeing you again." she said, turning to walk away.

"Cat, wait." I held her by the elbow, "I need to see you again. We have some things to discuss." I tipped her chin up to look at me, "Please?" Hoping she would let me explain that I never meant to hurt her.

"No, Luke. It's no use digging up the past."

Yes there was. She hadn't left my mind in 7 years.

But I stopped myself. Now isn't the right time or place. I let her go this time, watching her as she made her way across the dance floor and into the house. After she disappeared I made my way to the bar. Picking up two beers I walked down to the barn, remembering the first time I realized Cat was truly lovely.

I've know Cat forever, she was my twin brother, Logan's, best friend all through school. While I concentrated on sports and girls, Logan concentrated on school and playing dirty little tricks.

We were at Sue's house for a graduation party. The big barn perfect for a little carousing and horseplay. As the evening progressed we gathered in a circle playing Truth or Dare. My girlfriend, Chrissy, curled up next to me, resting her head in my lap. I saw Logan looking up toward the loft when his turn came around.

"Hey Luke," he called, "truth or dare?"

"Dare." I replied, expecting to swing from the hay lift rope naked or something equally silly.

Logan was still looking up when he told me my dare, "Climb into the hayloft and spend ten minutes making out with who ever you find up there. I'll give a yell when time's up."

"Hey. That's not fair!" Chrissy said in the whiney voice I was starting to find annoying.

"Sorry Chris, you know the rules." I apologized as I made my way toward the ladder.

"Well, who's up there?" Chrissy demanded of Logan.

"Cat." Logan replied. His voice taking on the smug tone that he got when he had pulled a fast one. Logan never explained why he hated Chrissy so much, but it was well known that Chris had hated Cat ever since Cat had beaten her in a spelling bee way back in third grade.

I climbed into the loft and planted myself in the same pile that Cat had snuggled herself into. Her auburn hair spilling around the hay, framing her face.

"Hey, Cat. Sorry, but a dare's a dare."

"Yeah, I know. Just do it."

I rolled to drape one side over her and brushed her hair back from her face. Leaning down I brushed her lips with my own. A spark seemed to flow through us as our lips touched. This was nothing like kissing Chrissy or any other girl I had dated. I teased and nibbled on her lips, a burning desire building in the pit of my being. My cock surging to life as Cat got into it, gently tracing my lips with her tongue. I groaned, wrapping both arms around Cat and pulled her on top of me. My tongue played games with hers, my hands tangled in hair made of liquid fire that felt like silk. I could feel her body pressing against my hard cock, a sigh escaping my lips. I pulled her ass tighter to me with one hand as I let my other explore her breast, my thumb finding an aroused nipple to play with. She moaned her mouth pressed against mine, our tongues dueling as our bodies squirmed together. I settled back, getting lost in the delightful sensations.

I was just reaching for the snap on Cat's jeans when Logan called, "Time." I reluctantly broke our embrace. Cat rolling to the side, her breath coming in gasps.

"Jesus, Cat. What the hell was that?" I asked, trying to control my own breath. My mind reeling from the fervor of our embrace.

"Like I know? That's never happened to me before." she replied, a look of lost confusion on her face.

"Never?" I asked, reaching to brush back a lock of hair from her face.


"Luke! Get down here!" Chrissy called from the below, anger audible in her voice. Yet I couldn't tear my eyes from Cat's face.

"You had better go, the little woman calls."

"Shit, Cat. If she sees this lump, I'm a dead man." I replied, knowing I would be cut off for the night and wanting to stay with Cat instead.

"Well, I'd offer to help but you need Chrissy's permission first."

I covered my disappointment by grumbling about insensitive females and climbed down the ladder to Chrissy's iron grip. It took all the will I had not to climb back up that ladder and take Cat in front of the whole crowd. Instead I let Chrissy pull me away from the party, requesting rather curtly that I take her home. I didn't realize it at the time, but that was the first real crack in my relationship with Chris.

I must have fallen asleep in the hay, waking stiff and sore in the dark. I made my way back to where the reception was winding down. I thanked Mr. Reed for his hospitality and then asked if he would give me Cat's address. I could see he wanted to say more after he gave it to me, but he changed the subject. I also talked to Susan briefly before she left with Michael, again getting vague answers to my questions. Shortly after that I headed home. Sleep was slow in coming and I found myself waking in the night, visions of Cat spinning in my mind. It was light outside when I next woke. I decided that I would walk the mile or so to Cat's house. Hopefully, the cool morning air would clear my head.

I rang her doorbell then leaning against the rail. The need to explain to her, to beg her forgiveness growing as I stood there. I rubbed my hand along my chin, silently chiding myself for not shaving. Cat opened the door her face immediately taking on a look of displeasure.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, the tone matching her look.

"Morning, Cat. Mind if I come in?" I asked, stepping past her into the hallway. Determined not to leave until she at least heard me out.

"Please do." was her sarcasm laced reply.

"I'm sorry, alright? I've had a rotten night. Do you have any coffee?" I asked, silently begging for her to give me a chance.

"Sure, come on into the kitchen."

She poured me a cup and then sat down across the kitchen table from me. "Now are you going to tell me why you're here? And start with how you found out where I live."

"I asked Pop Reed. Then I talked with Susan for a few minutes before she and Michael left."

"You talked to Susan? About what?" She seemed edgy and for the first time I thought I saw fear cross her face. What was she afraid of? What should've Pop Reed or Susan told me?

"You." I replied, slumping in the comfortable chair.

"What about me?" she asked, anger creeping into her voice.

"I wanted to know how you're doing. Susan told me you aren't seeing anyone, that you haven't in a long time. Why is that Cat?"

"I've been busy. Why is this any business of yours?" She snapped, her tone defiant.

I rubbed my face and smoothed back my hair, containing my growing dismay at her attitude. Wishing she would just talk to me like we used to.

"Catherine, please just drop the attitude and talk to me." I begged, knowing the use of her proper name would let her know I was serious. "Why did you leave me that morning? You could have at least woke me up and said Goodbye."

"Luke, you were headed back to UCLA. I was going back to Penn State. You were still in love with Chrissy. What was the point? It was just a one-time thing between friends. I understood that."

Her words cut like a knife. I fell in love with her that night and now I find that it was nothing more than a one night stand. I sighed, shoving my hands into my back pockets, lost in thought. How to explain to her the truth?

"I was not still in love with Chrissy. If you had stuck around a little longer I would have told you that. I tried to contact you a couple of times, but you never called back. Why?"

"I've already answered that. Luke, what's going on here?" she asked.

I stood up, pacing the kitchen, "Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin? I thought you were experienced. You should have told me you weren't."

"Luke, it wasn't deliberate. It just wasn't important. I wasn't exactly thinking rationally at the time." she gave me a small smile that I'm sure was mirrored by my own.

"Cat, for seven years I've been walking around with you in my head. When I go to sleep at night, I hear your laugh. When I dream, I see the way you looked when I made love to you that night. I wake up in the morning and I can smell your scent, feel your body wrapped up in mine. I'm haunted by the memory of the night we shared together."

She just sat there looking at me, her mouth open. I continued, "When I got Susan's wedding invitation, I knew I had to come here and see you again. I had to find out if what we had was real or just some fantasy I built in my head."

"Luke, I don't know what to say."

"Then don't say anything at all." I replied, my voice hoarse from fear and desire.

Her green eyes locked on mine, searching my face. Without conscious thought I pulled her to her feet. I pulled her unresisting body against mine. Tentatively I brushed her lips with mine, testing her reaction. She still offered no resistance as I placed my mouth firmly on hers. As our lips met the old feelings surged back and I could feel my cock swell. A spark of electricity flowed through us as my tongue slipped between parted lips. Cat moaned, pressing her body to mine. I could feel her nipples harden as they pressed into my chest.

"Oh, Cat." I groaned, bending my head to kiss her neck, feeling the throb of her pulse. She responded by gripping my hair, pulling my lips back to hers. Her mouth hungry for mine, demanding more.

"Momma, Momma, look what Grams got me!"

At the sound of the child's voice, Cat pushed me away. She stepped back to catch a blonde child that flew into her arms. Cat picked the child up, covering her face with kisses as little girl laughter filled the room. Cat buried her face in the child's hair.

I stood in shock, trying to comprehend the scene before me. Cat has a child? With who? When? My hope began to fade as I wondered who the man was in her life. I heard the front door slam and turned to see Cat's mother appear holding a small overnight bag.

"Well, this is a surprise." Mrs. Thompson said, looking from Cat to me, trying to decide what she had interrupted. The tension in the room was palpable. Only the child appeared to be unaffected.

The girl squirmed against her mother. Cat set her on the floor and watched as she walked over to me. Tiny fists on her hips, she threw her head back and looked me over.

"Who are you?" she demanded, in an echo of Cat's earlier tone.

I studied her face carefully, taking in the child's features. Eyes as green as her mother's. The blonde hair. The shape of her nose. High cheekbones reflecting my own.

My child.

I felt a rage like none I had ever known bubble up inside me. Ruthlessly, I shoved it down. Now was not the time. My control didn't extend to my face and I know I glared at Cat before replying, fighting to keep the anger out of my voice, "I'm a friend of your mom's."

"My name's Emma. What's yours?" she said after a moment's hesitation.

I kneeled down to bring my face closer to her's, "My name's Luke. What were you showing your mom?"

Emma's smile lit up the room. She put one hand on my knee and patted her chest with the other. "Grams bought me a new shirt. I picked it out myself."

"It's very pretty."

"Yeah. Are you staying for lunch?" Evidently I had passed the test. Emma's smile glowed, her green eyes sparkling.

My look to Cat let her know that I would expect answers. "I'd love to."

Mrs. Thompson interrupted. "Emma, why don't you take Luke outside and show him your new swing-set? I need to talk to your mom a minute."

Emma took my hand and led me into the back yard, chattering about how much fun her swing-set was. Emma showed me to the swing, asking if I could push her for a few minutes. I consented, taking pleasure in the simple act of play, alowing it to calm my inner turmoil.

Emma's explanation of who had built the swing was Poppy and Uncle Michael; although she was quick to explain that her mom and Aunt Susan had helped. I verified that Poppy was in fact Pop Reed. My inquiry as to her birthday confirmed what I already knew, almost nine months to the day. Emma teased me when I got stuck at the top of her small slide. She cried out with glee as I pushed her higher and higher on the swing. Her infectious laugh soon had me falling in love with her. Cat came out to lay in the hammock, her face relaxed now. I continued to push my daughter on the swing as my mind wandered.

Remembering the one night I spent with her mother brought a smile to my face. It was two years after the truth or dare game. Logan and I were hosting this year's end of summer party, before we headed back to college. Like Susan, we lived on a big farm in the country. Logan had built a huge bonfire to provide light and warmth. I had snuck in some beer and some of the others were getting pretty loud.

I watched Cat as she sat quietly by the fire, her red hair glowing in the firelight. Did she know how I had watched her whenever Chrissy wasn't latched onto my arm. Chrissy had already left to return to school, leaving me the day before saying that we should take a break and see other people. After watching Cat for a while I wandered over and sat down beside her.

"You're pretty quiet tonight. You okay?" I asked, knowing she had been sick.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired. The strep throat really wore me out." she replied.

"Where's Susan? I'm not used to seeing you on your own."

She gave me a dejected smile and explained, "I gave her the strep. We shared a soda before I knew I was sick. She's not happy with me." I had to laugh at that. Those two shared everything, why not an illness too?

"Where's Chrissy? I'm not used to seeing you on your own." Her question catching me off guard. Maybe she did think about me the way I had been thinking of her?

"We're taking a break." I replied, "It hasn't been working for some time now. We've decided to date other people for awhile and see how it goes." Not filling in that it was Chrissy's decision.

She apologized for bringing it up and I laughed it off. Cat tried to get me to join the others but I declined. I could see she was confused by my actions, trying to decide why I was sitting there with her. I almost told her the truth about Chrissy and me, but pride made me keep my mouth shut.

As the fire burned we talked quietly, Cat told me about Penn State and the incredible graphic arts program. I told her about UCLA and the prospect of Stanford Law School. Sitting side by side as the others got drunk and acted like fools. Evidently, the long day had caught up with Cat her eyelids drooping with fatigue. I decided it was time to let Cat get some sleep and pulled her to her feet.

"C'mon. You need to get some sleep."

I started leading her to house. My firm grip on her hand insuring she would follow.

"Luke, wait. What about your parents?" Cat asked.

"They're cool. Chrissy used to stay here all the time." I regretted the words the moment they left my mouth. "Besides, your honor is safe with me."

"Damn, and I was sooo hoping." Her tone was joking, but I don't think she knew how I longed for it not to be. For two years I'd been wanting kiss her again. Spending time with her tonight had made me realize I wanted more than a kiss.

I gave her curious glance and headed into the house. Cat called her parents so they wouldn't worry and followed me upstairs to my room. I rummaged around in the dresser and finding her my favorite UCLA tee shirt.

"Here, you can wear this. Why don't you get changed and I'll turn the bed down for you."

She took the shirt and went to the bathroom to change. I turned down the sheets, folding the heavy bedspread out of the way. Knowing she was still recovering from the Strep, I fetched a glass of water, placing it on the night stand. Cat returned, looking incredible in my shirt. My gaze traveled up her satiny legs, over her small pert breasts and up to her incredible auburn hair. She gave me a shy smile and I turned to leave, planning to crash in Logan's room.

"Luke? Where are you going to sleep?" she asked.

"I'm gonna crash in Logan's room." I explained, turning to face her.

"You don't have to do that. It's a queen-size bed. There's plenty of room. I don't want to kick you out of your own bed." she said, biting her lower lip in a way I found extremely erotic.

I sat down next to her and sighed. I could already feel my cock firming up at the thought, "Cat, I really don't think that's a good idea."

She looked me straight in the eye as she asked, "Why not?"

I had to look away and stare at a spot on the wall, lest I drown in her incredible green eyes. With a tremble in my voice I answered her question. "You're my brother's best friend and I don't think I can trust myself to leave you alone. I still remember the fireworks that went off when I kissed you after graduation. If I join you, I'm going to kiss you again. You and I both know it wouldn't end there."

She slid her hand along my jaw, turning me to face her once more. Her touch setting my skin on fire. Gently she replied, "Then lock the door and come to bed. No strings, no regrets."

What could I say? I'd been wanting this for two years. My cock swelled with anticipation. Without a word I got up and locked the door. Cat sat on the bed watching as I pulled my clothes off. My cock springing free, fully erect as I slipped my boxers off. Cat licked her lips and started to pull the shirt off.

"Let me do it." my voice coming out in a hoarse whisper.

Cat let go of the shirt as I sat on the edge of the bed. I kept my touch gentle, slowly letting my fingers follow the contours of her face. The first kiss was a mere whisper of contact, the spark of passion strong. I gripped her hair gently using it to tip her head back, giving me access to kiss the hollow of her neck. She made a quiet whimper of protest when I broke contact. I slipped my hands under the shirt, exploring her body. Another moan came from her lips as my fingers played across her hard nipples. My palms slid along her supple skin as I lifted the shirt off Cat's body, revealing her awesome features to my gaze. I licked my lips as her breasts came into view. I could hardly contain my passion as I peeled the shirt from her body. It was everything I had imagined and more, the scent of her arousal pulling me deeper into the depths of desire.

"I have never seen anyone more beautiful." I whispered, unable to tear my eyes from her form.

Her reply was to grip my neck and pull me to her, our mouths locked with one another. I groaned with passion as my tongue forced it's way into her mouth, her hands dancing wildly over my body. Her hand found my cock and began to stroke it gently. I trailed kisses down her body to kiss and suck on her breasts, my own hand finding her warm moist slit. She hissed loudly when I touched her clit, her free hand pulling my mouth back to her's. I let my body slide between her spread legs, her wordless plea easy to recognize as she ground against me.

I hesitated, sanity seeping in for a brief second, "Cat, are you protected?"

She nodded and I thrust into her, her legs wrapping around me. I felt her maidenhead give way as I tore through it. 'Oh my God.' flashed through my mind, 'She's not? I'm not her first? Surely she's been with others?'

"Cat?" my voice soft with disbelief. My eyes looking into hers.

"Luke. Please don't stop." she begged.

"Oh Cat." I moaned, slowly beginning to pump my cock into her.

She moaned with soft whimpers as I pressed my pelvis against her. Grinding my body against her clit. I could feel her body tense, her breathing coming in tiny gasps.

"Now Luke. NOW." she cried.

I pounded into her, over and over. Her legs wrapped around me pulling me tight as her climax sent me over the edge.

"Oh God Cat. YES!" I shouted, pounding into her as we climaxed together.

Exhausted and gasping, I collapsed next to her. Pulling her closer and stroking her body as our breathing slowed.

"Cat? Why?" I asked when I had regained my breath and my sanity.

"Because I wanted you." was her reply.

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